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Hunting Should Be Banned In Africa


I was infuriated reading a news story in the Standard about how TV presenter Melissa Bachman raised ire when she posted on Twitter and Facebook, a photo of her and a mature male lion she allegedly shot and killed.

What would make a sane person get up in the morning even without taking a shower or bath or brushing their teeth as some of these types often appear, and tell themselves, “today, I am going to kill me some animal” and they set out and do just that?

I can understand men as most are instinctively inclined to violence, but a woman?

I don’t get that at all!

What this particular woman, who doesn’t look as unkempt as some of the animal killers you see in the US, for example, is nonetheless despicable.

An equally disgusted wildlife supporter put it best in a post in this animal killer’s Facebook: ‘You didn’t kill a lion, you stood behind a machine and pulled a little trigger, you pathetic, sad excuse of a human.’

I couldn’t agree more or put it any better.

I know I have heard some argument from these animal killers that killing animals is necessary for their preservation but we know as the Standard properly reports that the African lion is considered a vulnerable species as their numbers are rapidly declining due to loss of habitat and conflict with humans.

How, then, can this animal killer be allowed to kill a lion with impunity like this?

Is lion killing legal in South Africa where this occurred and if so, why?

If it were up-to me, I would ban all animal killing in Africa.

And if killing of some of them is necessary as some argue for their preservation, which I doubt as God the maker us all including the animals has a better conservation plan, then let this be done in a controlled manner by special animal police away from the camera and let these animal killers be recruited to be such special police.

The carcases should be orderly disposed and those fit for human consumption should be processed and distributed to the hungry.


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