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My Interview With Pan Africa Visions About 2013


I was recently interviewed by Pan African Visions regarding our upcoming elections in Kenya. You can read all about the interview here.

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Uhuru and Jubilee Have Confirmed They Don’t Have What It Takes To Lead Our Beloved Country


Mammoth Cord Crowd At Uhuru Park

Let’s assume for a moment that neither Uhuru nor Ruto was facing the serious crimes against humanity they face at the ICC and the question was simply, who is better experienced and ready to run the country from Day One: Cord led by Raila or Jubilee led by Uhuru?

The answer is simply Cord led by Raila as evinced in today’s nominations.

By bungling its nominations as it did, Jubilee confirms it’s not ready to lead the country were voters to make the mistake and elect them.

On the other hand, Cord nearly flawlessly carried out its nomination exercises and only need to redo less than a handful locations when Jubilee has to basically redo the whole thing across the country.

That’s Exhibit A Jubilee is not ready for governing on that basis alone, namely, they cannot even manage to have ballot materials to their polling stations!

Okay, Cord did also fail to deliver voting materials to their respective polling stations but these were far less few compared to the colossal failure by Uhuru and Jubilee.

Again, it’s not perfection we are looking for but relative strengths and leadership ability.

By this measure, Uhuru and Jubilee get a failing grade, Raila and Cord get a passing grade.

They should be handed the responsibility to lead the country come March 5, 2013.

Handing that responsibility to Uhuru will be a disaster for the country because he’ll reverse our gains.

The choice is that clear and let’s hope a majority of Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 clearly see that and cast their votes for the only right coalition and that’s Raila’s Cord.

It’s my prayer that they do.



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Britain Says It Will Have Nothing To Do With Uhuru


In a yet strongest indication of the grave consequences that await our beloved country were voters fooled to vote for the ICC indictees Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto as president and vice-president, or even just the former as president, period, the UK has said it will not have any contacts with Uhuru if he is unfortunately so elected and as long as he remains accused at the ICC of having committed crimes against humanity.

This means, Uhuru and by extension, Kenya will be isolated by the UK and virtually all other countries who honor and respect the rule of law.

Such an isolation will bring the country down to being worse than our neighboring Somalia that has no government system at all, and what I pity because we don’t have to get there at all.

It’s also for precisely this reason, namely, because we don’t have to get there at all, that one can be confident Kenyans going to the polls will do the right thing knowing what the consequences will be if they don’t and reject the candidacy of the ICC suspects Uhuru and RUto and vote for the only best suited person among those vying to be our next president, Prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga.

Each one of us who care about our country even at the very base level should and must do all we can to make sure voters understand what the consequences of electing these ICC indictees will be for our country.

Many do, but equally many others don’t really get it because they have been fooled by the duo to believe there is nothing wrong for the two to vie or be elected, when, in fact, there is everything wrong with both.

Again, let’s hope and pray a majority of Kenyans with good will and love for the country will go to the polls and say NO to these two while saying YES to Raila and Cord.

And now the news story about Britain saying it will have nothing to do with UK, if he is elected as president:

The Standard

Nairobi, January 15, 2013

The United Kingdom envoy to Kenya Christian Turner on Tuesday said his country may not have contact with International Criminal Court suspects should they ascend to power after March 4 elections.

Speaking in Eldoret Turner said the UK does not support any presidential candidate but stated that the UK and most countries do not have contact with ICC indictees.

“Whether or not the position would be for a win, we will cross that bridge when we get there. It is well known the position of my government and others is that we don’t get in contact with the ICC indictees unless it is essential. But it is not a policy specific to Kenya but it is a global policy and we have discussed it with here with the elders,” he said.

He said Kenyans are free to elect the leaders they want but his government shall support the ICC process and observe the Rome Statutes on the ICC suspects should they win.

The remarks by the UK envoy means that the British government may have to review its position with Kenya should the ICC suspects Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and immediate former Eldoret North MP William Ruto win March 4 elections.

The British High Commissioner made the remarks after meeting Kalenjin Elders in Eldoret Town on Tuesday.

“The position of my Government on ICC is very clear. We support the continued collaboration between Kenya and the ICC. The ICC is in the Kenyan Courts. It was the Kenyan parliaments that sent the cases to the ICC and we make no apology to an end to impunity and rule of law and victims of 2008 violence have justice,” Dr Turner said.

The Kalenjin elders led by their chairman Josiah Sang disclosed the elders will support whoever wins as they will remain non partisan.

“We have discussed peace and security and all the other issues and our position is that we will support whoever Kenyans elect as it will reflect the people’s choice. However, we will not support any party during these elections,” said Sang.

Dr Turner said the ICC processes is one way of ending impunity and bring peace in Kenya and it should not be politicized.

Dr Turner who was visiting the Rift Valley for the first time since he was posted to Kenya in June last year to take over from Robert Macaire who has left the British Diplomatic service said his government supports the ICC process but it’s up to Kenyans to elect the leaders of their choice.

“My government’s position is very clear. We support end to impunity and support justice for victims of violence in 2007/2008. And therefore my government supports the ICC but that process is a judicial process not a political process,” Turner said soon after a meeting with Eldoret Diocese Catholic Bishop Rev Cornelius Korir, AIC Bishop Christopher Rutto and his predecessor retired Bishop Thomas Kogo at a closed door meeting yesterday at the cathedral offices.

He said even though two ICC suspects, Kenyatta and Ruto would be vying for Presidency and Deputy President respectively in the March 2013 general elections, British Government does not regret supporting the ICC process.

The process he said should be allowed to proceed as the rule of law must be allowed to take its course irrespective of the outcome.

“It is not for me to say whether those indictees should run or not or who should they run with. That is for Kenya to decide. But we will continue supporting the rule of law. That is vital for Kenya. The rule of law is a very central part of the new Kenya and I don’t think we should make any apology for that,” he explained.

While on a familiarization tour ahead of Party nominations scheduled for Thursday, Turner called for peace and dialogue among the communities living in the Rift valley who bore the brunt of the 2007/08 election related violence.

“Peace and dialogue are very important and we want people from different communities to come together. We are very confident that the upcoming elections will be credible and fair because all of Kenya wishes it to be,” Turner said.

“Peace building is very important in this country and we are asking all people to maintain peace during this election. We want Kenya to pass the test of doing elections well,” Bishop Korir who hosted the High Commissioner said.

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2013 Voter Registration Still Good For Raila/Cord Victories Top Down and Across The Country


Back in September last year, the UK Daily, otherwise known as the Daily Nation run a story noting Uhuru’s TNA had registered the highest number of members and following that story, a netter started a thread on various Kenyan forums with the headline “Attn. Omwenga” in which they were gleeful about the supposed better performance by TNA in member registration.

In response to the netter, I stated,

I posted the following comment at the UK Daily where this story first appeared; for what it’s worth, the story was first brought to my attention by a good friend from Kiambu who I find more fired up and ready to go to bat for Raila than people whose job is to be fired and ready to go to bat for the PM:Not that it’s irrelevant, it’s not the party with the largest number of registered voters that matters but which party has the largest number of voters across the country that does.TNA having 153,000 members all from the former Central, ditto for Martha Karua having 64,644 from same place or Ruto having 108,124 all from Uasin Gishu and so on is really not something to write home about.However, it’s disturbing and is one more good reason why we need a limitation of political parties to less than five because by these statistics, the top 10 parties by registration of members have less than 30% of the total number of the various registered political parties, which means we have hundreds of parties registered but for what?

Let’s hope the new Parliament and President addresses this issue for we certainly don’t need that many parties, not even close to that number.

I have since posted a response to someone commenting on my comment:

Yes I am aware of the constitutional requirements. That only means at Kshs 1000 each (Moi’s # adjusted for inflation), anyone who has lined up their pockets from the public till can easily buy 24,000 votes.So, it doesn’t mean that a party has nationwide appeal or following merely because it has the required minimum number of registered members in each county.

All I am saying is you have to look beyond these numbers to know the real story; are they all from the expected strong-holds or are they from across the nation such as ODM’s are and none of the other parties; at least not in comparative strength and how many of those are genuine and don’t tell me they are simply because they are accepted by IEBC for we know there are documented cases of double registration and illegal registration of people who have not consented to such registration.

That being said, what we all should watch out for is actual registration of new voters and ensuring the integrity of the register role.

A party that is serious about winning must make sure as many of its supporters and target constituencies are registered as possible and actually show up to vote. Failure to tend to this simple age old staple of democracies shall be a sure way for a party to lose elections.

In sum, there is nothing nothing here to get excited about unless you know or have all the data and I am sure the date will confirm what I am saying here and that is all these parties except for ODM have their party rolls completely filled with members from their strong-holds many of whom are double registered or illegally registered.

Besides, what is there exciting about a party having less than 6% of the total number of all registered members of the various types, yet that’s exactly what the TNA numbers represent?

End quote.

A friend and strong supporter of Raila/Cord not too long ago sent an email to me and a few other supporters lamenting that ODM had done very poorly in spearheading the registration of voters this time around, especially in its strongholds compared to TNA.

My response to him was I was equally concerned but remain confident even with the current registration, Raila and Cord is better positioned to win across the country.

Even as I said so, I did wish ODM had done better in boosting registration in its strongholds if anything to provide a comfortable margin of victory.

A few days ago, I received an email from someone at home who very closely follows the goings on there noting the following:

It seems like we were wrong in thinking that Cord had not got its voters to register in large numbers. Apparently many from Nyanza and Western and Ukambani who would normally register in their rural homes – because of the short registration period – took their registration cards in Nairobi; which is why Nairobi registered over 100% of the IEBC’s projected number of voters.

What this means is that for the first time since independence, the Kikuyu voters will be in a minority in the city – the Kikuyu are about 40% of Nairobi voters now, and the Kalenjin have no Nairobi vote to speak of – and only a disastrous quarrel among Cord nominees for Nairobi seats will create any opportunity for them.

This is a very refreshing thought and fact.

It also makes the governorship of Nairobi very interesting–but that’s the subject of another blog in the pipeline.

For now, it’s good to know Cord is in good shape, given the foregoing keen observation by my friend.

The key now for Cord is to simply mobilize and fire up the voters–even those in “enemy” territory to vote for Raila and Cord and no one is better in doing that than Raila.

He is also the better candidate and by far among those vying for the presidency.

This is not just saying it because I strongly support him and Cord; it’s a fact anyone objectively analyzing the candidates must also concur.

Go Raila/Cord, go!

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Raila Flexing Muscle In Mudavadi’s Own Backyard

It is said pictures can sometimes say more than words; well, here below are some doing just that for Raila and Cord team in Luhyaland.

Every one of those faces you see there are saying, “a hah! We know what you’re up-to Mudavadi; can’t fool us no more you [each with their favorite adjective describing him]

The faces also tell you our brothers and sisters from Luhyaland have decided–at least a super-majority of them that Raila is the man and will give him a ringing endorsement come March 4, 2013.

Compare this crowd with those of Mudavadi in the same area who clearly don’t want to be there but are only either because they have been bused there from far distances or simply because they feel sorry for the man.

“I came to see and hear you speak but my vote is for Raila because he’s the best of you all vying; because I don’t believe one thing you are saying and certainly because a vote for you will be throwing away my vote because you have no chance of being elected president!”

Many can be heard saying the same thing silently and some even loudly so.

They are certainly saying the same thing in many a household and everywhere in Luhyaland.

They are in good company wanting to vote for Raila.

They’ll also be on the right side of history.

Its a vote and support they’ll never regret.

And now the pictures:






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Uhuru Admits He and Jubilee Will Not Serve Kenyans



Jubilee alliance has promised Kenyans that if elected, it will form a government that will not serve Kenyans and not fail to misuse them.

Speaking at Jubilee rally in Uhuru Park, Nairobi Kenya, on Saturday afternoon, Uhuru Kenyatta, the Jubilee alliance presidential candidate said that the main goal of Jubilee is to ensure there is no peace, unity and economic development in Kenya.

He spelt out issues that Jubilee government will deal with for instance, making sure he and his running mate, Ruto, don’t see the inside of jail in connection with their ongoing cases at the ICC.

“We will ignore poverty by setting industries that only serve our business interests and whereby the few youth we exploit in hiring them at penitence pay will become a permanent underpaid working class with no chance of escaping poverty,” said Uhuru adding that they will develop plans to loot from the public as never seen before.

Uhuru also stated that they will seek to dis-empower the youth and make sure people from marginalised areas remain so marginalized and have a country of dis-empowered women who will have no chance in anything, not even in the in the smothering of our economy.

On unity of Kenyans, Uhuru pointed out that only those who support his candidacy matter the rest he wouldn’t mind crushing them like little ants.

“We are not all Kenyans of equal measure despite ailing from different types,” he declared.

Uhuru urged Kenyans to remain united and embrace dialogue for peace and unity, which he said means not even saying “ngwe” about his candidature despite the fact he faces serious charges of committing crimes against humanity.

Urging Kenyans not to elect the right leaders, Uhuru told the gathering at Uhuru Park that Kenya does not need visionary leaders who will address issues facing citizens.

He assured that Jubillee will unite all people from key parts of the country to eke out a victory in March and agreed with those who say it’s wrong and unacceptable for him and Ruto to vie, asking, muta do?

On insecurity, he said nothing.

Concering ICC case, the Jubilee flagbearer noted that Kenyans should be left to decide on their leaders and emphasized that he and Ruto will exploit the ICC to the maximum in making sure their supporters are kept in the dark as to what’s really at stake with their candidature.

A confused bunch of people left the rally promising to look for other candidates who present better ideas and vision for the country.

“After hearing Uhuru speak today,” said one, “I told myself never again to let someone fool me the way this two have!”

“I am going to vote for Raila; nimeamua leo, leo, tu!”he emphatically added as he walked away and disappeared into a crowd that was chanting, “Raila, Raila, Raila!!”

***The foregoing is a parody of a Standard Online news story you can read here this is what the writer believes UK would have said were he to be intellectually honest.***


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The Fate of Political Coalitions After Break-Up


In Fate of Political Coalitions After Break-up, published in the Star today, I analyze the history of coalition break-ups in Kenya and conclude once a coalition has broken up, it’s impossible for it to reconstitute itself close where it was before break-up to be of any threat to anyone.

I further conclude the Jubilee alliance having broken up the fastest of any in our history and so soon after its formation, it’s impossible for this alliance of now only Uhuru and Ruto to reconstitute itself to be a threat to Raila or Cord much the same other coalitions before that broke-up never did to their opponents or targets.

I also note several things we can learn from the ongoing jubilee saga:

To begin with, once a coalition has severe internal wrangling that threatens break-up, it cannot survive for much long and if it breaks up, whichever entity or entities survive the break-up cannot reach the level of the coalition’s past glory, neither can the survivors reconstitute and be as effective as the coalition itself before break-up.

When Ford broke-up, what emerged was not even a shadow of its former self. Neither of the succeeding two parties formed came close to reaching the potential the original Ford had and would have easily captured the presidency and defeated Moi had the coalition remained intact.

When Narc disintegrated and dissolved following Kibaki’s defeat during the referendum, Kibaki could only remain and maintain power by taking to the extreme old tactics of political survival, namely, rigging. Even before the ink had dried up, Jubilee is in tatters, Mudavadi having taken the ball and run away from it, claiming he was duped while Uhuru says the devil had him do it. Jubilee’s break-up is the fastest recorded or known in Kenya rivaled only by its formation. Going by our history, it’s unlikely the alliance can reconstitute itself to present a threat to Raila and Cord—the only other horse in this race—close to what the alliance may have been had it not splintered as it has.

More specifically, the Jubilee alliance drama has done three things that would make it virtually impossible to recover from both in terms of the alliance as a whole and from the perspective of each individual key in its formation, viewed objectively.

The Jubilee alliance now constitutes at the top two individuals who have been charged at the International Criminal Court with having been responsible for the mass murders, rapes, mutilations and destruction and loss of property in Kenya following the 2007 elections.

It would have to be only Uhuru, Ruto and their blind followers who do not see there is something wrong with this picture; how can one possibly lead a country they are accused of having committed crimes against humanity, leave alone the practicality of doing that when either locked up or spending all available waking time trying to defend against these charges?

This is a question Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 must ask and wisely and reasonably answer and let’s hope the majority or at least consensus is what anyone utilising common sense would reach.

On an individual level, the players in this Jubilee saga have exposed themselves as to who they really are or what they stand for, if not confirmed it.

Uhuru has confirmed he wants the presidency as a matter of entitlement.

When good people albeit with necessarily Raila in mind approached Uhuru and told him it was unwise to vie for the presidency under the circumstances he finds himself, Uhuru obliged and agreed to sign an MOU to let Mudavadi be the flag bearer of the Jubilee alliance only to renege within hours, claiming this was work of the devil. That reason alone should be enough reason not to be elected as our president.

Uhuru has also by this action alone demonstrated to anyone who has any sense of seeing and hearing that he cannot be taken on his word in print or verbal and like Kibaki before him, anything he promises will be disregarded at the opportune time with the question as the young put it, muta do?

Mudavadi, in the meantime, who has found this out first hand nonetheless doesn’t fare any better. By agreeing to be once again used as a project as he clearly has been, he confirms he is a weak, indecisive leader—and that’s being generous to call him a leader, who would rather have others decide for him his fate and destiny.

When he hurriedly agreed to join Uhuru and Ruto after the two dangled the presidential flag-bearer rather than more carefully weighing the offer and likely identifying the pitfall in which he has now fallen, he confirms he’s naive and not someone who sees beyond tomorrow besides being weak and indecisive.

When Mudavadi seeks to force Uhuru to honor the MOU, the latter obviously doesn’t want to, knowing fully well TNA and now Jubilee is something Uhuru has single-handedly put together with his own money and effort—never mind the source of that wealth—Mudavadi once again confirms his naiveté thinking one can so easily give up an item near and dear to them as such.

When Mudavadi demands that he be given the Jubilee flag-bearer status on a silver platter and without any competition or questions when he bolted ODM whining that the party was undemocratic and dictatorial, he confirms what an hypocrite he is and what we knew all along and that is, the reasons given for bolting out of ODM were a sham in efforts to cover his project status.

If Mudavadi does, in fact, appear on the ballot for president, he may garner a handful of votes beating out the only other contender to register that level of approval and that would be the late Martin Shikuku’s—RIP, 1997 showing at 0.6 per cent of the total votes cast for president that year.

I can go on but you get the idea this man is not fit to be elected president. William Ruto, too, comes out of this Jubilee mess no better than either of these two other men who formed the alliance. For one, Ruto confirms he is a particularly good liar.

We all know the lies confirmed by his colleagues about Raila and saving the Mau forest, not to say anything about the lies that Raila is responsible for Ruto and his co-accused being charged at the Hague.

For a long time—years, in fact, Ruto has been telling his Rift Valley audiences that he is running for president but at the opportune time, he betrays the entire community by accepting to play second fiddle to Uhuru.

If anything, this confirms that the two are in this not for the better good of their respective communities, or country for that matter but to save their own skins.

In other words, they must naively believe they are capable of pulling a rug over Kenyans’ faces and somehow be elected and were that to happen, then they have a free hand to do as they wish with respect to the serious crimes against humanity they face.

That maybe so, but most, especially those going to the polls would beg to differ. In stark contrast to all these other break-ups which have failed to reconstitute or be anything close in effectiveness to their former self, Raila and ODM appear to have bucked the trend.

When Ruto launched his onslaught against Raila and threatened to bring him down along with ODM, the evidence shows Ruto has failed to do this and if anything, Raila has emerged even stronger than he was when all this started.

True, key members of his team from 2007 have left but a closer examination of the reasons for their departure reveals two things:

First, they all left for reasons that have nothing to do with party policies or direction and everything to do with hopes to maximise the benefits of being qusi-high profile anti-Railaists, including money.

Second, even after the departure of these lesser players in ODM, the party still remained strong and the only viable party with support and organisation across the country.

When the Wiper party and others joined ODM to form Cord coalition, what emerges in this is a much stronger and formidable force than what emerged in all other efforts to reconstitute with previous coalitions.

This uniqueness is brought about largely because the fundamentals underlying the formation of ODM have not changed over the years and this is affirmed by the fact that two of its original three founders of the party have joined forces again to continue on the same success they enjoyed when championing reforms for the country during the constitutional review process.

This can only bode well for Cord and even though their success is certain to be a pain for their opponents, it will be a good thing for our beloved country.

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Raila Asks West To Back His Bid, Promises Change


By Peter Atsiaya

The Standard

Prime Minister Raila Odinga has dismissed his opponents in Jubilee Coalition as individuals who would not be trusted with the country’s leadership.

Speaking at Muliro Gardens in Kakamega town on the first day of his three days campaigns in western on Friday Raila said the two principals in the Jubilee were looters who should be ignored.

He said Jubilee presidential candidate and Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto would not live to their slogan Kusema na Kutenda (To say and do).

“Wengine wanatuambia kusema na kutenda…watatenda nini, (They are pledging to deliver on their promises, what will they deliver?” asked Raila amid cheers from the crowd.

The PM revisited the flopped deal between Uhuru and DPM Musalia Mudavadi adding that the move showed the level of dishonesty between Ruto and Uhuru.

Leaders to trust

“You all know what they did to Mudavadi. Are these leaders you can bank on to transform this nation?” posed the PM.

Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula, Cabinet ministers Wycliffe Oparanya, Ababu Namwamba, Henry Kosgey, Paul Otuoma and Fred Gumo, MPs Johnstone Muthama, Cyrus Jirongo, David Were, Sospeter Ojamoong, Richard Onyonka and former Attorney General Amos Wako accompanied Raila. Raila once again condemned MPs for awarding themselves Sh9.3 million send off package.

“I am opposed to the hefty package MPs awarded themselves and I have written to President Kibaki asking him not to assent to the Bill,” he added.

Raila’s tour in the area has heightened political temperature in Western Province as Mudavadi plans to hold a similar rally at the same venue today.

The PM told his supporters from the region to be wary of a scheme by his opponents to divide their votes to deny him presidency.

“My opponents have turned our countries tribal… they are telling you not to vote for me and support one of your own. Such tribal politics are for the past,” he added.

Raila and Kalonzo condemned the Tana Killings and asked the Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to act tough on those behind the merciless killings of innocent people.

Welfare scheme

The PM noted that CORD government would set up the Old People’s Social Security Networks Programme starting from June this year to give money to the elderly every end month.

“Elders aged 65 years and above would be benefitting from this fund because we realised they have been ignored and were living in poverty.

He pointed out that he would restructure the Youth and Women Funds to ensure they change their lives of the beneficiaries. “We would give priority to rights of citizens as stipulated in the constitutions,” he added.

Kalonzo noted that he was happy to join hands with Raila once again to reform the country.

“I was at this grounds last December but you were not as many. I have confirmed that Raila has a lot of following here,” said Kalonzo amid laughter. He added that the Constitution would guide CORD government.

The VP told Kenyans to shun leaders who were out to use them for their selfish gains. “You are aware that our opponents wants to use Kenya to serve their interests and not to serve Kenya. Reject them,” he said.

Jirongo said his alliance with Raila would win the next elections.

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Poll Predicts Raila and Cord Will Win 2013 Elections


A few days ago I blogged that if the then soon to be released numbers by Infotrak and Synovate Ipsos reflect those that have been conducted privately but not published, those not supporting Raila will be having stomach upsets, triple so those who hate Raila.

According to a poll just published by Infotrak, an alliance that brings together Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Trade Minister Moses Wetangula, Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) is the most popular coalition at 49 percent, says the Standard, which analyzed the poll data.

Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta and MP William Ruto’s Jubilee alliance is second in popularity with 40 percent. United Democratic Front led by DPM Musalia Mudavadi comes a distance third with 3 percent in the latest opinion released on Friday.

The data shows the most popular presidential aspirant and their running mates are Raila-Kalonzo at 51 percent followed by Uhuru-Ruto at 39 percent,  Mudavadi 3 percent,  Kenneth-Tuju 3 percent, Karua 0.3 percent and Kiyiapi 0.1 percent.

Cord alliance enjoys the most support in North Eastern region with 85 percent followed by Nyanza region at 82 percent  while Jubilee alliance is leading in Central region at 85 percent followed by Rift Valley at 52 percent.

UDF most support is in Western region at 23 percent.

The poll showed that in regions considered to have swing votes, Coast is likely to remain Cord dominant if they increase impetus in their campaigns in the region. Currently they have 58 percent popularity.

In Rift Valley, Jubilee will likely remain dominant if the alliance increases its’ impetus in campaigns to protect their popularity. Currently it has 52 percent.

I am fairly certain the latest Ipsos Synovate to be published soon will show the same results, if not better for Raila and Cord.

Polling by others (not necessarily only those commissioned by Cord) show an even larger lead by Cord well over the 50% +1 margin and very close to crossing the 25 county margin in Round 1 while it will take somewhat of a miracle for Uhuru to cross the 25 county margin even in Round 2, which I maintain there will be not be Round 2.

Wait for the usual suspects to come out seething, condemning the pollsters as skewed, biased, blah, blah, blah.

Republicans in the US in denial said and did the same thing about polling showing Obama winning against all odds and look who is still crying like babies long after Obama whipped their behinds.

The same is happening in Kenya.

Every poll taken thus far shows Raila is the man, his opponents and haters refuse to believe but no one is foolish enough to think they don’t privately know and are resigned to the fact they can’t do anything to stop Raila from being reelected and sworn as our next president.

I have been urging people for a long time to start practicing saying HE President Raila Amolo Odinga or be prepared to hear those majestic words for a long time to come, beginning March 4, 2013.

Those who dismissed this as wishful thinking, better start doing just that if they haven’t already.

I fully realize there are those whose heads are buried deep on the ground and wish not to hear or see anything positive about Raila and now Cord, but they too shall soon come to realize all that is in vein destiny is taking us all in one direction and that’s where we elect a president and others who have the leadership skills, desire and ability to take our country forward, not backward.

There is only one person who can do that at the top among those with any serious chance of being elected and that’s none other than Raila Amolo Odinga.

That’s a fact anyone looking at the field objectively must agree with or disagree with only if being dishonest.

Again, practicing those words or getting ready to hear them is advised.


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A Call To Heaven


[Phone rings] Hello.

Caller: Yes, can I talk to God?

Heaven: Who is calling?

Caller: Wycliffe here.

Heaven: Wycliffe who?

Caller: Sorry, Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi

Heaven: May I inquire what it is you wish to talk to God about?

Mudavadi: Yes. You see, brother, I am in a big mess. You can say I am suffering immensely from self-inflicted wounds and I need divine intervention to heal the wounds and put my life back to order as it’s in a mess right now.

Heaven: How did you wound yourself?

Mudavadi: I first wounded myself back in 2002 when I was hoodwinked and badly misled by then president Moi to be Uhuru Kenyatta’s running mate. Uhuru and I went down like a tonne of bricks it took years for the wounds to start healing but even before I fully healed, I re-injured myself last April when I left the man who saved me from my last self-inflicted wound Raila. To make it even worse, I reloaded and shot myself again just a few weeks ago when the same Uhuru who had me shooting myself back in 2002 again had me shooting myself this time because I was twice as foolish in naively believing I had a deal with him to take over his money and supporters. So, I am at wits end here and can’t even sleep because I think this time I have really done myself in good I don’t think I’ll survive politically and thus my reason I am calling God for His intervention.

Heaven: Sorry to hear that. You’re not the first one to shoot yourself on the foot neither are you the only one licking self-inflicted wounds. Our switchboard is lit with thousands of calls ahead of you with people who have done the same thing that wish to talk to God but, since yours appear to be the worst among them all, I’ll advance your priority in line and now have you at #20. The other 19 have been waiting on line for weeks.

Just note it may be after March 4, 2013 when God finally gets to talk to you.

Mudavadi: Wait a minute [talking on the other line: what? I have a call from the devil? What does he want?…oh; tell him to hold]

Sir, never mind. I’ll call back later.

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