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Miguna Miguna Disappoints In Book Launch: An Interview With the Controversial Former Raila Aide

Lots of crying in store by disapointed Raila haters and enemies

Lots of crying in store for Raila haters and enemies in likely flop of Miguna book

Sunday, July 15, 2012, Nairobi, Kenya

The much talked about controversial book by Miguna Miguna was launched last night at the Intercontinental Hotel and to say the event was anti-climactic would be the understatement of the year.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga having declined Miguna’s invitation to be the guest of honor, attendees were treated to a relatively unknown Raila basher from the Lake region going by the screen name “Janeko.”

Asked about his choice of this Janeko to be the guest of honor, Miguna said he was the only one he could find to accept his invitation, everyone else in their right mind having turned him down, including many other Raila bashers who did not want to have the dubious distinction of having presided over the launching of a book that is likely—let’s say not exactly a must read for the likely next president of the Republic of Kenya and Miguna’s target for revenge in the book.

Once the event was gaveled to order, the MC, Jett Koinage urged the audience to “sit tight” and get ready to devour the juiciest stuff about Raila not even in the book from the chief blender himself.

As warm up, various lesser known or hardly known Raila haters and enemies took to the mike to condemn Raila for still being such an ubwogable character in Kenyan politics long after he demolished KANU.

They blamed Raila for everything that’s wrong in the country an average Kenyan in the audience would have been confused in being led to believe Kenyatta had nothing to do with what ails the country; Moi had nothing to do with it; Kibaki has nothing to do with it and the entire political class has had nothing to do with it but only Raila is to be blamed for all that has been wrong in the country since independence!

They would also be very confused how this makes sense sense given the fact that Raila sacrificed his life and paid dearly for his quest for reforms and freedom in the country.

Surely, this cannot be but has it stopped those bent on “stopping” Raila from peddling the lie?

Not at all.

Janeko then took the mike and basically recycled the same old “Raila is evil” mantra without adding anything new to the lie but went on to “guarantee” that Raila is now finished thanks to this “brilliant expose” that everyone else knows to be nothing but mostly gossip and a collection of imaginary tales.

If the attendees at the event were “sitting tight” during the warm up and talk by the guest of honor, they were sitting on the edge of their seats by the time Miguna took the mike to “really spill the beans” or at least spill whatever was left with what little he may have had in the pot, having practically spilled whatever there was ahead of the book launch.

To the dismay of the captive audience at the InterCon, however, Miguna completely failed to deliver anything more “juicier” than he already has by way of smearing Raila when it was his turn to smear.

Instead, Miguna talked about he, himself and him!

The audience collectively yawned and sometimes very severely and restlessly so.

“I am totally disappointed,” wailed Kamale, a well known critic of the PM, at a popular Kenyan forum known as Jukwaa, adding, “I came here fully expecting Miguna to tell us where the skeletons are and all I get is there are skeletons all over the government!”

Equally disappointed is Mwalam Kuu, another Raila critic who was at the verge of tears having traveled all the way from up-country to hear first-hand Miguna tearing Raila down only to find someone talking about himself and how important he is to the country!

The disappointment was palpable and universal.

“I have been biting my nails to the point of bleeding next to my computer in the hopes someone at the event will tweet breaking news about Miguna’s latest juicy gossip,” said David Ochagi, a Raila hater and blogger in the US, “I mean, if this is the best Miguna can do, then *&^% him!”

We caught up with Miguna at the airport this morning as he was headed to self-imposed political exile and sought some answers to questions in people’s minds which he not surprisingly attempted to answer:

Reporter: How did the book launch go last night?

Miguna: Oh, very well; very well, indeed.

Reporter: That’s not the feedback we are getting. Everyone we have talked to who was at the launch says even the drinks offered were stale. They said you merely talked about yourself and others merely recycled same old rants and raves about Raila. Why such a discrepancy?

Miguna: Well, first of all, this book is really about me. I don’t understand why people can’t get such a simple concept. I am describing to you my life experience and in particular what I saw and lived through while in good books with the PM. If I have trashed Raila in the book, then that’s good for me because I must vent my anger with the man for having thrown me under the bus for no reason other than the fact everyone was calling for my head.

Reporter: It is said you were sacked for insubordination and boisterousness. Are you saying the PM had no reason to fire you?

Miguna: Yes. I was too important to be sacked. I sacrificed a lot to get that job the only way Raila would have avoided my vengeful wrath is sacking all those others who wanted me out of there.

Reporter: You are not the first neither are you going to be the last person to be sacked as a political aide; why have you made it appear as if yours is a unique situation that must be treated differently?

Miguna: I have already answered that question.

Reporter: Sorry; my bad. You are too important to be sacked…exactly how so? What makes you more important than those others before you, including even those with much higher positions and status such as permanent secretaries and ministers who have been sacked for any number of reasons, including at the whim of the hiring authority?

Miguna: I don’t have an answer to that so ask your next question.

Reporter: Okay. From what you have made public and what we have been able to glean from perusing the book, you appear to disclose information that may or may not be confidential but one you learned while serving as an officer of the government in therefore violation of the Public Officer Ethics Act; does that bother you at all or are you concerned about the consequences of such violation?

Miguna: [Laughing] No; not at all. I am no longer in government! The punishment for violating that law at worst is being sacked and I have been sacked already!

Reporter: Okay; what about allegations you make about individuals including Raila that turn out to be verifiably false and defamatory; are you concerned about being sued by those who may be harmed by such smears and defamation?

Miguna: No. I am not because I don’t think Raila would lower himself to sue me; besides, most of the stuff I have said about him is what I googled or bar gossip I have heard over the years we have all heard to no end and nothing really new to anyone who even mildly follows these things. As for the Carolis and Orengos and others I have singularly picked out for my vengeful ax, well; let them bring it on. I have taken the time to be clever in how I besmirch them I doubt they can succeed in making a case of defamation against me or my publisher.

Reporter: Are you sure you are not going to regret this level of false confidence?

Miguna: Well; I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. Right now, my mission is to finish Raila politically and if others are finished along with him, then those will merely be collateral damage.

Reporter: And what if you don’t succeed in your mission; what if despite all of this Raila is still reelected as president, would you then deem yourself a failure and having expended so much energy and time in pursuit of a cause that does you more harm than good?

Miguna: Not really. I have collected a good upfront fee for my book and expect some loyalties in the future and even if the book bombs, I have accomplished the most rewarding of all things I could do and that is, avenge my sacking by casting Raila in the most negative manner I could without crossing the line over to outright lying or defamation.

Reporter: But there are outright lies you have told even in the bits of teases that have been “serialized” by the Daily Nation otherwise known as the UK Daily. For example, you have told two different versions of how Raila was introduced to some businessman which name two different people as being the ones who introduced Raila to the man; obviously, even in fiction, if one is true, the other one has to be a lie; which one is which and how many accounts like this do you have in the book?

Miguna: Well, this is the job of the editors. I can’t be responsible for their failure to catch whoppers like that.

Reporter: What about your political future. Many objective observers say you cannot be hired even by Raila haters and enemies because you are basically a walking time-bomb ready to go off anytime you deem wronged; does that bother you?

Miguna: Wacha, wacha, wewe! I know nobody would hire me now that’s why I will go to the people directly and seek their vote as an MP. That’s all I really ever wanted. I am sure they will reward me for my effort to stop Raila from being elected and, besides, Kibaki is retiring and I’ll be competitive there—and who knows, Kibaki himself may endorse me!

Reporter: Wait a minute, are you saying you intend to contest Kibaki’s parliamentary seat?

Miguna: Precisely; I have as much chance of capturing that seat if not more than anywhere else in the country, including my own backyard where I am no more welcome than a skunk at a picnic.

Reporter: Interesting. Now, you are quoted as saying that you “continued to challenge the merchants of impunity, again and again” while at the PM’s office and that you “considered it part of your job to protect public interest” and further that this made you “a derided and feared figure in the corridors of power,” which you claim is the price you were prepared to pay. Several questions about this: First, when was the first time you challenged impunity and specifically against who and how exactly did you do that?

Miguna: Ah…ah I don’t recall the first time but it was after I went to work for the PM.

Reporter: I take that as a non-answer. What about corruption; when was the first time you confronted corruption at the PM’s office, what exactly did you do about it and who were the culprits.

Miguna: Well, I have said that there was this one time I had a meeting with the PM and Caroli and when the PM asked Caroli whether it was true he telephoned the NCPB managing director from his office phone and with that—bam, I confirmed that both Raila and Caroli were privy to the maize scandal.

Reporter: Leaving aside the question of whether being “privy” to a corrupt deal is being a part of it, did you then go to the anti-corruption agency or resign in protest or in any way publicly express your displeasure with this suspicion and confirmation of yours?

Miguna: No. I didn’t see a need to.

Reporter: But you say you considered it part of your job to protect the public interest and yet here you are basically admitting that you were part of a cover-up of major corruption?

Miguna: Well, ahhh…I did confront corruption and I have said many of these things I regret not having done something about it before being sacked.

Reporter: Oh…

Miguna: I have also said I should have known and appreciated, once you start sliding down that moral and legal slippery rope, you can’t apply any brakes until you reach the bottom.

Reporter: So, the “bottom” was your being sacked; had you not been sacked, you’ll still be sliding down that moral and legal slippery rope and happily working and prepared to die for the PM?

Miguna: [Visibly angry] Well, watch it, pal. You back me up to a corner too much I may not have any choice but land a few of this on you [raising his clenched fist]; have you not read what I did to the yingling of an MP by the name Isaac Ruto?

Reporter: Wow! Take it easy. I am just asking questions everyone else wants to know but if this is starting to get into your skin, I suggest we take a break–now!

To be continued.

***The foregoing is a predictive and futuristic reporting and interview that may or may not unfold as predicted.***


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Uhuru and Ruto Must Now Suspend Their Presidential Ambitions

Were an intelligent being from space to land in Kenya and given rapid fire introduction to politics or political representation in particular, the first question they will ask is why would an individual charged with serious crimes against humanity even be contemplating to run for office?

They will not even need to know what the Constitution says about qualifications for holding public office, let alone vying for the presidency.

God’s naturally given common sense would have to lead them to conclude it makes no sense for someone accused of crimes against humanity to at the same time demand to represent the same people he is accused of having been responsible for the murder, rape and displacement of their loved ones.

Yet, since confirmation of serious charges of crimes against humanity against them earlier this year, Uhuru and Ruto have been behaving as if these charges are a mere nuisance to be brushed aside.

Indeed, right after the confirmation of charges, the duo embarked on extremely reckless and highly charged “prayer rallies” which had nothing to do with prayer but a blatant effort to incite and plant seeds of discord to further divide the country or even stoke violence.

Their actions were condemned by peace loving Kenyans, including the Civil Society one can assume the suspects heard an earful from the ICC they wisely heeded and toned down the rhetoric.

Granted, after confirmation of the charges, the duo and the other remaining suspects lodged an appeal challenging the ICC’s subject matter jurisdiction over the cases against the now Ocampo-4.

One can therefore assume on probably bad legal counsel from their attorneys, the duo were given the advice they should carry on with their political activities as if the confirmation of charges had not occurred simply because of the pending appeal.

Fortunately or unfortunately for the duo, the Appeals Chamber has now unanimously dismissed the appeal, meaning the last hurdle to start trial of the cases against the remaining suspects has been passed.

There is nothing now short of a small miracle will stop the cases from going to trial at the ICC.

This means in simple, practical terms that Uhuru and Ruto must now stop pretending that everything is hanky dory and instead get serious in mounting a defense against these serious charges they face.

It will be the height of arrogance and self-elevation to a level of importance unparalleled in history to demand that the duo should nonetheless be allowed to vie for the presidency notwithstanding these serious charges they each face.

There are those who argue, and these two suspects obviously believe in the same and that is, their being barred from vying is a windfall for Raila and his own presidential ambitions.

That’s nonsense.

Raila’s prospects for being reelected as president actually significantly improve, almost like day and night if the two are allowed to vie and that’s a fact only those who don’t understand Kenyan politics may doubt.

Uhuru and Ruto should out of respect of the PEV victims and the unity of our country simply recognize they are in a bad jam they should not drag the rest of the country into their woes.

That does not mean they are guilty or that they should be banished.

Far from it.

As the leaders they claim to be, the duo should simply focus on defending themselves against these serious charges and let the rest of the country focus on electing new leaders.

If the two are found not guilty, there will be plenty of time ahead to seek whatever office they fancy and with such an acquittal, it may just be a walk to any of the offices they chose to pursue save for the presidency they still must individually make the case they have the leadership qualities needed to occupy that office.

The presidency is not a birthright for anyone.

Neither is it an office one must seek regardless of what the constitution says.

The constitution sets the minimum criteria and qualifications one must have to be eligible to vie for office, which means one can apply a higher standard and disqualify themselves if necessary.

There is no more apt case for such self-disqualification than in this involving Uhuru and Ruto and their quest for the presidency.

Both men must rise above politics and put country first and if they do so, there is only one right decision they must reach consistent with anyone with more than deminimis moral values and that is, removing themselves from among those vying for the presidency.

It will not be the end of the world if they did so and neither will it be the end of them or Kenya.


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Is Kenya Ready for Muslim President?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and/or is enjoying the holidays.

I am on vacation and all my communication devices are held in quarantine from me unless I beg and am given permission from my kids to check and reply to important emails but have had a few minutes to read an exchange between and among several bloggers on Kenya forum discussing the purported presidential candidacy of Hon. Abdurkadir Mohamed, MP for Mandera and chimed in my views which I share here as well.

Addressing the combatants, I noted the following:.

In sum, all of you have jumped the gun.

While it is perfectly normal and, indeed, common for anyone to declare an interest in running for the presidency, including those everyone knows are a joke, I would not start asking the deeper philosophical and practical question whether being a Muslim is or is not helpful in running for president in Kenya.

As an analyst, I try to start my analysis on simple questions and leave the harder questions to tackle at the appropriate time.

At this juncture, there are several things I would like to know and evaluate before reaching my conclusions as whether Hon. Abdikadir Mohamed is a viable candidate:

First, I would like to know which party has nominated him or will nominate him and whether that party is in full compliance with the Political Parties Act of 2011. If he has not been nominated, I would like to know who else seeks the nomination from that party and what prospects he has of winning the nomination. If the MP is nominated by a brief-case party that stands no chance of being cleared by IEBC to run, that’s the end of my inquiry and whether or not Abdikadir is a Christian or Muslim or neither is irrelevant.

Second, if Abdikadir is nominated, then the next thing I would like to know is what system does he have in place or could have in place to harvest votes across the country to meet the constitutional requirement of 50% +1 of votes cast and carrying at least 24 counties in the country. This is another way of saying is Mr. Abdikadir a traditional candidate or one like others I have heard saying they have some magic to win the presidency rather than going through the traditional means other than strict adherence to tribalism, which I am on record saying we may finally break free from in 2012, if Raila wins the presidency with his 47-County vote harvesting strategy and I am not here saying no other candidate can achieve this; just that of all those running, he is the one I am most confident he will.

Third, if the MP does not have a system in place to harvest votes across the country or if the MP is pursuing a non-traditional path to the presidency, then I would seriously want to know whether he is a front for other interests, separate and part from the question of whether he is vying under a serious party in which case I would like to know what those interests are and whether they are good for the country. If my conclusion is the MP is a front and is vying at the behest of others whose interests are divisive or otherwise not good for the country, that’s the end of my inquiry and would not support him on that ground alone and it would not matter whether he is a Christian or Muslim or even an atheist.

Fourth, if Abdikadir is nominated by a serious party, is not a front for anyone, and shows me he has the system in place to harvest votes across the country, then I would like to know the MP stacks up against the rest of the field in leadership qualities, utilizing the criteria I have articulated in my blog The Minimum Qualities, Attributes and Skills Our Next President In Kenya Must Possess. One of the qualities I have noted in my suggested QAS, is religion.

It does not matter to me what religion one belongs to but I do vehemently oppose having a sworn or declared atheist from being elected as president for reasons I have previously stated in my many blogs on this subject.

Applying this simple analysis for everyone would help avoid premature discussion of volatile issues we can debate until we all go blue or whatever unnatural color brought about by such exercise in futility because the truth is, nobody knows to what extent are Kenyans ready to elect a Muslim as our president.

If a Muslim candidate emerges and convinces the country sufficiently to be elected president in accordance to our constitution, we should all rally behind him or her and help him govern much like anyone else.

Fifth, a country only has one leader at the top and for this reason alone, there are many reasons why who is elected to that office must be evaluated differently than who is elected or appointed to less important offices and even those who seek that office, must respect that fact and not necessarily put themselves out there as candidates merely because they meet the constitutional requirements to run for the office.

There are many jokers who say they are interested in the office and let me not mention names even though I am thinking about the likes of Bifwoli but they will be the first ones to tell you they are not serious, if they were to be honest.

Others are serious but have never even read the relevant provisions of the constitution to determine whether they, in fact, qualify to run.

There is a reason why everyone who qualifies to run for president do not.

Finally, but not least, let’s be smart about how we debate these issues.

A key in healthy debate, is starting from a premise worth debating.

What I see here, is a false premise that Abdikadir is running for president when even he himself has not publicly stated so.

If and when he does, let’s analyze his presidential run as I have outlined above.

If and when he runs, there shall be many questions he will have to answer, including how as a Muslim, he will reconcile leading a nation that is so heavily Christian or non-Muslim more in the same vein I or anyone else would have to justify to voters in a heavily Muslim or non-Christian country that I can lead them despite my being a Christian.

Citing the constitution, i.e., saying I’ll rule in accordance to the constitution is not an option for reasons I don’t have to get into, not the least of which is it’s acceptable naivete that a true leader always governs within the four corners of the law–that’s a myth I’ll expose some day.

Peace, Unity and I Have Nothing Against the Muslim Religion


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This Is It for Raila, UK and Ruto

This is it.

In his dying days, Michael Jackson (MJ) had a vision, and was actually working on it. He aptly named it “This Is It.”

MJ was to do tour like no other and finally leave the stage while at the top.

Well, unbeknownst to him, the tour would never come to fruition as his days on earth were counting faster than he could do the show.

This Is It, may also be an apt name for the show three of our politicians are about to perform:

The Rt. Honorable Raila Amolo Odinga (Raila or RAO), son of Jaramogi, is set to run for the third and likely final time as presidential candidate.

The Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta (UK), is likely to run for the second and final time.

Hon. Wiliam Samoei Ruto, is likely to kiss his political career goodbye for at least several years, unless he plays his cards right.

Each of these politicians has a must do to survive politically in 2012 but their fortunes and misfortunes are different from one another, even though there are some parallels.

By all accounts, Raila remains the most popular politician in the country and his party, ODM, remains the most organized and active across the country.

However, this by no means he has the presidency all but sealed and delivered; quite the contrary, he has his work cut out for him, especially given everyone else is basically trying to go for his jugular.

The main challenge ahead for Raila, is containing or minimizing what damage Ruto’s departure brings to his fate.

Having survived the initial onslaught from Ruto with what some of his then allies conceded later were lies and distortions designed and perpetuated by Ruto in efforts to topple Raila, and especially having survived the greatest days of uncertainty in this onslaught when Kibaki seemed to cozy up with Ruto, one can say Raila has survived the worst of his fall-out with Ruto.

The question now for him is can he turn the fall-out into an advantage and given how things have started to turn around for Raila in Rift Valley—not by accident but by his own efforts, it is Ruto who now finds himself in the precarious and unenviable position of nearly becoming politically irrelevant.

The latest reports show growing opposition to Ruto in RV, even from within UDM, the party Ruto illegally took over, according to its former Chairman, General (Rtd.) Koech who is in court in efforts to stop what he and others say is an illegal takeover.

The irony of it is, Ruto may fight so hard to wrestle control of this party from Koech and succeed in doing so, only to face even more defined rebellion from within, splintering the party to the point of irrelevancy or the party itself may nominate someone else than Ruto it deems better suited to vie for the presidency.

Raila cannot be but happy with how fortunes have turned against Ruto and this is to say nothing about ICC, which in the end could be the proverbial last nail on Ruto’s political coffin but I doubt as I have argued before Ruto is not likely to be convicted, based on my own legal analysis of the case.

Were Ruto to be smart about all of this, he would swallow his pride and not let his ego drive him into political irrelevancy by making amends with Raila and returning to ODM.

Time is running out on him to make any move to return to ODM, however.

The more Raila makes gains in RV, the less relevant Ruto becomes and soon it would be past a point even Raila could care to have him on board.

UK on the other hand, is an interesting politician.

The man is a victim of his own upringing.

As a privileged child and son of our first president, UK has never had to fight for anything.

Everything has always been presented to him on a silver platter.

Unfortunately, however, the presidency cannot be something to be presented on a silver platter.

Former president Daniel arap Moi attempted to present the presidency to UK on a silver platter but Kenyans led by Raila wisely rejected the move.

Being the son of our first president is only second worse to being a Kikuyu running for president in 2012.

Nothing turns people’s stomachs, including many Kikuyus themselves than the idea of another Kikuyu presidency; not again, at least not this soon.

In sum, it’s Raila and Ruto, not UK who must make a performance of their lives, come 2012.

Raila has the edge, though.

The serious politician he is, he is also blessed with endless vitenda wilis much as entertaining as MJ’s This Is It.

Peace, Unity and This Is It for Raila, UK and Ruto



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Noose Is Tighetening On Ruto; Countdown To My Last Plea To Him

This is a blog I posted at a Kenyan board a few days ago but am migrating it here for archival purposes. Please treat as read if you read the other one…

I don’t by any means mean the ICC noose but the noose on Ruto’s political life in Kenya which, if doesn’t heed my counsel I have repeatedly given him to make amends with Raila and return to ODM as urged in my five part series on him on this blog, Ruto will be all but be politically dead-at least for five years.

I have maintained from the very beginning and after a complete legal analysis of Ruto’s case in that Ruto will walk from the Hague and that none of the Ocampo Six will ever see the inside of jail for these crimes they are alleged to have committed.

I have said recently that I have yet to pen my final part on Ruto in which I offer my final plea for him to return to ODM as his only way to save his political life–and yes this despite everyone’s believe his ego is too large to do that, but political prudence sometimes demands that one forgets about his ego or swallows his pride for long term survival and this may be just the case for Ruto.

The writing is on the wall for his impending political doom unless he reverses course and returns to ODM.

Case in point, consider this: It is actually possible Ruto cannot even get the nomination to be the flag-bearer for UDM, the party he claims to be his now. Why? Because he is about to have a taste of his own medicine and even more devastatingly so courtesy of a growing rebellion within the party he now claims to own.

That’s his problem No. 1.

He cannot play second fiddle to anyone, including UK.

That’s his problem No. 2

“Kalenjins have realised the falsehoods Ruto used to spread about Raila were not about the community, but himself,” says General Koech the Chairman of UDM in my view, even though Ruto claims to have ousted him.

That’s his problem No. 3.

The Standard says “All is not well in Ruto Camp” and details why, which is basically scratching the surface.

That’s his problem No. 4

Raila and ODM are steadily regaining ground in RV.

That’s his problem No. 5.

I can go on but you get my drift.

ICC aside–which in my analysis is a non-issue and, incidentally, in the unlikely event my analysis on it is wrong and Ruto is, in fact, snagged by ICC, more so the reason he should hurry up and return to ODM–in any case, ICC aside, given the foregoing, and other considerations he obviously knows, Ruto is better off returning to ODM than going full-speed with blinds on towards a cliff.


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Ruto’s Continued Clinging To ODM IS Disingenuous and Highly Dishonest

I posted the following comment at another forum several of my readers there have asked me to post it here for easy reference so here we go:


I agree with you Ruto’s refusal to resign from ODM and seek fresh mandate from Eldoret North voters is utter dishonesty of the highest order.

The problem is not that Ruto cannot be re-elected as MP, he can, even though he will have a stiff challenge.

That’s not his problem; the problem and the reason he has not left is, all ODM MPs allied to him will be equally forced to resign and more than half of them will not see the inside of Parliament again other than perhaps securing work as aides and even then they may not even qualify to be considered.

Yet, you see him chest-thumbing on how great and influential he is in RV.

He is not.

It’ll be a miracle if he delivers even more than 50% of his own constituency, let alone the entire region where at best he may deliver 40% and the rest remains loyal to ODM, give or take 5 or so for other losing candidates.

That’s all Raila needs to win in a landslide and on the first ballot.

Peace, Unity and Ruto Will Be Politically Irrelevant Soon If He Does Not Rethink.


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My Cash Is Not Clean, Declares William Ruto

According to the Nairobi Star, Eldoret North MP William Ruto yesterday said he has enough wealth to fully finance his 2012 presidential campaigns. Ruto said he has nothing to hide except how he got his money because people have questioned the source of his wealth and how he finances his campaigns. Ruto is conservatively estimated to be worth several billions of shillings. “I cannot account for every coin that I have” says he, adding, “my wealth declaration forms are available for scrutiny” and good luck if you think that is going to show you how I got my wealth.

I have paid mortgage since 1996 for the properties I have used to hide the source of my wealth, sometimes two or three mortgages just so I can say I am your average rich person paying mortgage like any middle class Kenyan. These records that would tell you nothing about how I initially got my wealth are available from the financial institutions and banks. I have without much pain or labor bought shares in companies including many I have created to cover the trail of my money and others I have built up from scratch through my sheer had work and determination to tap into the reservoir then known as Daniel arap Moi’s Reservoir for Unlimited Wealth (Reservoir). The story of my rise from near poverty as many university graduates with no jobs to dipping into the Reservoir and kissing poverty goodbye is well known and documented,” said Ruto on his Facebook page.

Ruto, the probable United Democratic Movement presidential candidate, said he can show how he legally acquired every property and business he owns today and dared anyone with contrary information to take him to court. Asked how dipping in the Reservoir worked and how one could prove it in court, Ruto laughed, saying, “that’s for whoever that is to figure out; I doubt they will but, hey, why should I stop them,” he added to more laughter.

Ruto wondered why questions were now being raised about his wealth yet in 2007 he helped to raise “half of the fund” for the ODM party and its presidential candidate Raila Odinga.  Asked what evidence he has to show that he raised the amount of money he says he did for ODM in 2007 or how much of that was used for his own campaign, Ruto demurred. “You are now asking me the kind of questions I really can’t answer and remain true to my objective here, which is to befuddle, confuse and mislead” Ruto confessed.

“I sold chicken at railway crossing near my home as a child. I built my father a house using my university boom. I paid fees for my siblings. God has been kind to me and through hard work and determination, I have something,” Ruto said. In other words, he said, “I, too, come from a humble background and unlike you and virtually everyone else in the country except the few of us, I have only made it to where I am not because God has not been kind to me, but because of the Reservoir and other public tills we have been blessed to have access to and exploit.”

“If I had acquired anything illegally I’ll surely be rotting in jail but thanks to the rotten judiciary we have had over the decades, it has never been possible to get to the bottom of cases where wealth has been alleged to have been acquired illegally and through corruption as is my case and I doubt that would happen anyway in the new system try as my ‘friends’ can because I have had more than ample time to hide my money trail besides converting much of it to legitimate businesses” he said.

Many people believe erroneously that you must be poor merely because your parents were. Some say ridiculously that there are people who were born to be poor. That is the gospel according to the devil,” said the MP.

All you need is the right connections and access to the source to dip into and you are set for life as I did with the Reservoir, Ruto advised.

In April, Ruto, Joshua Kulei and others were acquitted of defrauding the Kenya Pipeline Company out of Sh272 million in a land purchase deal. The state claimed that Ruto fraudulently obtained Sh96 million from the KPC in 2001 claiming that he was in a position to sell 1.745 hectares of land belonging to the Ministry of Natural Resources situated in Ngong Forest. Ruto is competing for a presidential ticket with wealthy Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, whose riches were recently estimated by Forbes at $500 million (Sh45 billion).

Other possible PNU Alliance opponents include Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Saboti MP Eugene Wamalwa who are not considered wealthy. The PNU chairman Prof George Saitoti has said he hopes to stand in 2012 and will seek the alliance’s presidential ticket. Saitoti is thought to be wealthy as is ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Yesterday Ruto, a former minister in both the Moi and Kibaki governments, explained that he took several mortgages from Housing Finance Company of Kenya to finance acquisition of his real estate assets. He said his palatial home in Karen and flats in Ongata Rongai were backed by HFCK. He says he has repaid a loan from the Bunge Sacco to acquire a house in Elgon View in Eldoret.

His apartments on Jogoo Road in Nairobi cost him about Sh60 million to build in the 1990s when he was associated with, and worked closely with Moi, he says. Amaco Insurance has a turnover of hundreds of millions of shillings annually and is one of Ruto’s most successful businesses. Ruto owns an uncompleted hotel near Wilson Airport in Nairobi. He owns Sugoi home and farm in Eldoret. The MP is also said to have invested in the transport industry.

Yesterday, the chairman of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, Isaack Hassan said the commission has now been empowered to monitor campaign funding including investigating the origin of such money. Hassan said the commission may hire its own personnel for the job or outsource it to an independent company.

Apart from the Elections Act 2011 and the Political Parties Act 2011, a new Campaign Finance bill is currently being fine tuned by the Constitution Implementation Commission, the Justice ministry and the Attorney General’s office. The bill will cap how much money a politician can spend in an election and block the use of public money from parastatals and elsewhere.

Ruto was born at Kamagut village, Uasin Gishu District in December 1966. He went to Eldoret’s Wareng High School for his O levels before proceeding to Kapsabet Boys High School for A levels. He graduated in 1990 with a BSc Botany and Zoology from the University of Nairobi. At university, Ruto was elected the leader of the University Christian Union Choir. He met his mentor President Moi when the choir was occasionally called upon to entertain the Head of State. He was briefly a teacher after leaving college before going into business and politics.

In the 1992 election, Ruto joined the notorious campaign team Youth for Kanu 92. He was first elected to Parliament in 1997 on a Kanu ticket. He became Home Affairs minister in August 2002 but lost the post after the December 2002 election when Kanu was defeated by the Narc coalition. He later joined ODM and became a member of Raila’s Pentagon team. Before the December 27, 2007 election, Ruto sought the ODM presidential nomination but miserably lost to Raila. He was appointed Agriculture minister in the coalition government in 2008.

In February 2009, Ruto survived a censure motion in Parliament over the maize scam. He was later moved to the Higher Education ministry only to be suspended months later for suspicion of corruption. Ruto has since fallen out with Raila and is now popularizing the UDM in the run-up to next year’s general election. “I am determined to run for President because I am a proven hustler and understand what it takes to succeed as one,” Ruto said, adding, “if I am lucky as to somehow find my way to State House as president, something I know is probably only a dream, I would seriously try and give a real chance to the ordinary Kenyan to be something. This election we will prove that even the children of paupers can be something in Kenya if they are given the opportunity,” said Ruto yesterday.

***The foregoing is a parody of a news story appearing in the Nairobi Star


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