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My Response To A Netter Grasping At Straws Following An Incident At Raila Homa Bay Rally

odm_lettersThe following is my response to a known Raila vicious critic–if you can call him that–who as expected attempted to milk the Homa Bay rally incident where some people expressed dissatisfaction with recent party nominations there for what it’s worth to Jubilee in which he belongs.

This notwithstanding the fact that Jubilee really had not nominations to speak of compared to Cord which actually conducted otherwise a very successful nomination exercise across the country but people like this individual are as to be expected grasping at straws because they see Raila headed to State House and there is little they can do to stop him other than making noise like this hoping it gets them somewhere.

It won’t.

The whining is in italics, my responses follow directly:

Wow! An admission that there are fissures in ODM?

I did not admit there are fissures in ODM; I acknowledged there are internal family issues Cord must address and it is. When all is said and done, it would be nothing to stop the coalition riding to victory as it’s destined to given what even you knows.

From you?! Kudos!

Thanks as qualified above.

But, too little too late.

Not true; the axiom may apply in all other respects but not in this case.

As much as I admire your tenacity in support for JAKOM/CORD/ODM, you also have to be pragmatic every so often.

Thanks again but I am always a pragmatist.

You can’t be constantly defending the indefensible and expect to be taken seriously Wakili, it is sycophancy and look where it has gotten you guys.

This is a mouthful that contradicts what you have said above and I have thanked you for but all that matters is any objective person knows I am not and will never be a sycophant.

Raila Odinga screwed up, he has been screwing up and you have failed to correct him, for the good people of Homabay to openly revolt against JAKOM that speaks volumes and boy do I feel vindicated.

All what this tells me, is you don’t understand what transpired in Homa Bay. I have blogged about this and noted what happened there is no different from what you can expect in a family or relationship quarrel. Obviously, the people of Homa Bay did not “openly revolt” against Raila; a section of the area expressed their displeasure and frustration, which as I have said is understandable.

In a few days, this will be a thing of the past and you watch and see for it’s pointless and a waste of time to try and tell you why or how.

We warned you umpteen times and each time you keep spinning and deflecting reality, even now- look, you are still spinning and deflecting. 

Call whatever I do as you wish I know what I am doing is consistent with what I know or believe.  

When you claim that the anger was directed at Otieno Kajwang, at whose behest is Otieno Kajwang running? Isn’t it JAKOM? Who cleared his nomination or why didn’t Raila stop it since it was rigged?

You can insinuate all you wish about this the fact remains Raila had nothing to do with the nomination process, which was ably managed by the able Hon. Frankling Bett and his Cord Elections Board team. Hard to believe for some of you, but facts are facts and that’s just one of them.

Wacha kunyoa watu nywele wewe…. JAKOM has taken his voters for granted all these years, especially in LUO Nyanza and the folks have had enough, not anymore.

Raila heard the concerns of the voters in South Nyanza and made a decision to address them directly by curving time out of his busy campaign schedule and holding a rally in the area. That’s what leaders do and if you’re now celebrating this as somehow a victory for Jubilee, then I am afraid I must say you’re demonstrating a dearth of political knowledge.

They are now leading from the front and I admire that so so much about them, they deserve to be respected and treated with dignity- not just as voting robots and statistics. Bravo Luo Nyanza.

I am at a loss at what your excitement here is all about; there were issues raised about some candidates nominations exercise not done to book and this is being addressed. What else did you expect or even more importantly, why are you not equally excited about the far much worse exercises conducted by Jubilee where upwards of 50% were by direct nomination or opposition candidates simply told to keep off?

You also claim that the PM has been in the forefront of championing democracy, Omwenga- are you this deliriously conflicted?

No, never have. I stated a fact.

Reconcile whet you just said in your first three points with this statement, if JAKOM was such democratic leader, why do we have all this dissonance in the party he leads?

Because that’s what happens with all political parties and, as I have noted above, Jubilee had it ten times worse but all of you are excited about Cord because it’s the leading coalition in Kenya and in all likelihood the one to form the next government so we understand the excitement and actually take is as a complement.

Explain that to me  please. Those folks leaving ODM in droves especially after the nominations accuse ODM of being undemocratic and actually an abuser of democracy, who are you fooling?

There are no “folks leaving ODM in droves” other than in your imagination.

Why is JAKOM even campaigning in Nyanza at this late stage of the game?

Because he heard concerns raised by a section of the voters there and did what you’ll expect any leader of his caliber to to and that’s make the time to address their concerns. Had he not done so, the likes of you will be right here condemning him for doing what you now claim he should not have been doing. It’s called hypocrisy and you have no shortage of it as demonstrated by your excitement about Cord nominations minor issues and not Jubilee which strictly speaking did not have nominations to speak of.

The news out today is that the ODM chairman in Migori has defected ODM for JUBILEE, what does that tell you Wakili?


People have lost confidence in JAKOM and it is him and you folks to blame- you are DONE! Finished, kaput! 

You wish that to be the case; it’s not.

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Uhuruto Mini Documentary Part I


Sometimes saying less says more than enough.

Let’s pray for God’s intervention that what is feared in the documentary does not come to pass and that Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 have the wisdom to make the right decision and vote for Raila and Cord as it’s the only team to save our country from certain thrust to the past dark days of the very maladies we are desperately trying to get away from and have made some progress.

We simply cannot afford to go in reverse just because two individuals facing serious crimes against humanity of murder, maiming, rape, loss of property and the displacement of more than 600,000 people callously insist they must be elected president and vice president as though Kenya ni yao.

We can do better and we must do better for the sake of our beloved country.

There isn’t any one person or group of person more important than our country.

Do not be fooled for a second that this is about democracy.

It’s not.

It’s all about two individuals trying everything the can–and let’s hope we have seen the worst, to burrow their way into State House and no doubt try to flip the middle finger to the ICC and the world community for that matter much to the great and immeasurable suffering of our people unlike anything we have in the past.

That’s the truth even their hardcore supporters know and would privately admit.

The only thing standing in the way of implementing such madness and treacherous plans are the good people of our beloved country with a sense of patriotism and at least some minimal care for her and her future.

Again, may their wisdom prevail in the majority come March 4, 2013.


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Jubilee Has Confirmed Not Ready For Leadership


In Jubilee Has Confirmed It’s Not Ready For Leadership published in the Star today, I make the case why this is so and urge Kenyans to reject the coalition, especially its flag-bearer Uhuru Kenyatta who is not only less qualified than Prime Minister Raila Odinga who seeks reelection but this time be sworn as president, Uhuru’s facing the serious crimes against humanity he faces alone disqualifies him from being elected president.

I know there are those whose heads are buried deep on the ground and refuse to see, hear or accept the reality of this but in the end, I am confident a majority of those going to the polls on March 4, 2013 do and will do the right and only right thing by voting Raila in as our next president while giving a nod to as many Cord candidates from governor all the way down enough to give Raila a working majority to effectively govern and take our country where we should have been a long time ago in peace, progress and prosperity.

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Official Launch of Raila’s Presidential Bid


The Raila Odinga Presidential Campaign Secretariat wishes to announce that the eagerly-awaited official launch of Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s presidential candidature under the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD)ticket will be held on Wednesday, 30th January, 2013, at the Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

On the same day, prior to the launch, Mr Odinga accompanied by his running mate, Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, and CORD principal, Minister Moses Wetangula and other coalition luminaries; is scheduled to hand in his nomination papers to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) at Anniversary Towers.

Monday, 28th January, 2013, will be another big day for CORD, when the coalition launches its harmonized manifesto. The ceremony is scheduled to be held at the Kenyatta International Conference Centre (KICC) from 11.00am.

You are kindly invited to cover these landmark events.


TEL: 020 2712496/97/98
CELL: 0711 649 066/0733 766 204

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The Kibaki Succession Game: Unfolding Truth and Other Revelations–An Update


[You think I should tosha you?] Hmmmmm; let me see…would be nice, but no thanks; I have this in the bag.

In The Kibaki Succession Game: Unfolding Truth and Other Revelations Part IV, I penned in June last year, I noted the following:

The schemers have put the overall price tag for their invidious scheme to retain control of the presidency at 9 billion, 900 million, with 6 billion of that already pledged by one individual who is key in KSG.

The rest is to come from—guess where?

The tax-payers.

Supporters who have for a long time been strategically placed in various ministries, starting from Treasury are under instructions to start stealing and piling in a fund to finance this scheme.

It is feared that the theft has long since started and is underway.

The rest of the money will come from a list of about 100 individuals who are each tasked to raise 100 million each.

Other plans include maximizing the use of tribalism and other divisive tactics to deny Raila the vote not to forget the good-old massive rigging.

End quote.

A couple of months later, the Standard in a story titled Kibaki Administration Pays Out Billions As Election Nears confirmed this to be, indeed, the case underway consistent with what was reported in that blog.

In updating my initial blog on this, I noted I was sure the Kibaki/UK people were saying, mta do?

My initial reporting of this was further vindicated by the Star in Uhuru To Spend 10 billion in Campaign where Jubilee in efforts to show to what extent its willing to go to buy its way into State House, leaked its budget to the media.

That my sourcing is credible, therefore, cannot be doubted.

The same source I relied in my initial blogging on this now tells me even though it’s all along been the plan and, in fact, the case that public funds and resources have made their way to the Uhuru campaign, all is not well with this strategy.

In fact, the source tells me there is an altogether new strategy I’ll disclose in Kibaki Succession Game: Unfolding Truths and Other Revelations Part VI coming soon.

Heads Up: Raila and Cord will like the strategy much as that sounds oxymoronic or a contradiction of terms.

The schemers may have had no choice but to nonetheless go this direction, even though a case could be made otherwise or either that someone is seriously trying to have Raila elected from within the schemers.

Cannot rule that out and am mulling whether to posit as to why for fear of jinxing a good thing coming Raila’s way if, indeed, that’s the case.


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What Republicans In the US, Beyonce and Raila Have In Common–Or Not

Politically, there is hardly anything Republicans in the US have in common with Beyonce and Raila.

However, Beyonce and Raila have at least one thing in common and that is, they are the recipients of unwarranted whining and baseless criticism, always in the case of Raila, and at least once in the case of Beyonce as noted below in the name of politics and no one is better at dishing out both politically than the Republicans in the US who often remind me of anti-Railaists and opponents in Kenya.

Indeed, many of the strategies and tactics pursued by anti-Railaists and opponents mirror those of the Republicans in the US who are in equal measure if not more mirrored by the Tories of the United Kingdom and vice-versa as between the latter two.

What Republicans and Tories are good at, is incessant whining and are quite frankly possessed with a penchant to whine, complain and criticize even where there is nothing to whine about or criticize all because they incredibly want people to believe they are the know it all and their opponents or those associated with them, including their supporters can’t ever do anything right.

Take President Barrack Obama, for example; there is a Right Wing Nuts (RWN) radio and television industry that came to be during Clinton years but has since boomed with Obama’s coming to power and is entirely predicated on the general proposition that Democrats are there to take away people’s guns and give the store to the less fortunate at the expense of those who have made it, which is entirely false and specifically that Obama does not deserve to be president because he’s black–something this RWN media doesn’t forget to subliminally remind their audiences daily.

Just the other day when Obama was inaugurated for the second time, no soon had these RRWs recovered from severe stomach upsets from watching the beautifully done ceremony did they start whining at how terrible Obama’s speech was and when later on a British paper twitted that Beyonce, perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the universe–our wives aside (do you think I am stupid? I’ll be in the dog-house for days if I didn’t make this qualification)–anyway, the paper twits that Beyonce lipsynced her own rendition of the National Anthem, which she did so flawlessly and now the Republicans want her hanged for lipsyncing the song!

What a bunch of whiners!

This had me thinking and the reason for this blog:

Republicans, just like those who hate or don’t support Raila, can never find anything good even in something as beautiful as the beautiful Beyonce who beautifully sings the national anthem, much the same way Raila haters and those who don’t support him can’t ever find anything good in all the good he does and continues to do.

What a shame.

Can these people not get over the dislike or hate and start appreciating the good things in others they so irrationally refuse to appreciate–publicly anyway?

Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, Beyonce continues to be beautiful and beautifully performing, Obama is doing his thing and Raila no doubt will continue to do the same when sworn as our next president.

Such is life; enjoy while you can by doing what’s good not just for yourself but for others as well, including country while appreciating the good in others or chose to be miserable by refusing to do either and soon or later discover all that was for naught.

For me, I am doing the former; what about you?

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William Oduol of Siaya Cord Gubernortorial Nominee Elections Fame Endorses Raila Odinga

“Raila comes with a track record. Raila has worked hard to liberate Kenya; to create democratic space. To ensure that impunity is a thing of the past and many, many other [accomplishments] around brand Raila Amolo Odinga.” William Oduol.

There is nothing to add to this excellent assessment of Raila by the very man at the center of the Siaya nomination fracas Raila enemies are trying to exploit for their ill-motivated quest to “stop” Raila from being reelected but this time sworn as our next president.

I take this opportunity to thank Mr. Oduol for his objectivity and separation of Raila from the rest of whatever happened in Siaya of which clearly Raila had nothing to do with it for if he had, you would expect this gentleman to be screaming from the top of mountains that he did.

Now, the nomination exercise is over, Cord family get out there and promote those who have been nominated, especially those at the top and let the tsunami known as ODM and now Cord once again unleash it’s power and force of influence and appeal across the country as we saw in 2007.

Do not be distracted by those against change and lovers of status quo whose sole mission is to throw the country in reverse gear by trying to “stop” Raila in his rightful and much desired ascendency to the presidency.

They shall fail much as they have in the past and their failure will be a victory not just for Raila and Cord but the country as a whole for only Raila and Cord can lead us to where we should have been a long time ago and that’s a country that respects the rule of law and rich in democracy, peace and prosperity.

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Recipe For Most Peaceful And Model Elections In Kenya


Call me an optimist and I am but I would want to believe there are far more Kenyans that love our country and would want to see us all coexist in peace than those who don’t or who could care less.

I would also want to believe there is an even smaller number of those who would proactively plan, sponsor or actively engage in creating chaos and a general sense of insecurity in the country.

However, as we all know, and tragically learned from the events following 2007 elections, it doesn’t take much to put the whole country up in flames and lose everything we have thus far attained, not just from independence but, more importantly, the gains we have made since promulgation of the new constitution that we obviously need to and must build on for a better future.

It is said history often repeats itself.

When it comes to elections in Kenya, there are several predictable things we can say happen each general election circle, taking 2007 out as an anomaly to the extent it applies to one of these unfortunately, “musts” described more broadly.

First, there is a tendency for increased stoking up of tribal tensions in key hotspots and these can be loosely defined as areas where “strangers” are perceived to occupy land that the “locals” consider to be theirs and wrongly taken from them decades back.

Second, these tensions often escalate to violence climaxing at actual election time. The year 2007 was the anomaly in this increased tensions and violence to the extent the violence was unprecedented and beyond what anyone other than, perhaps, the perpetrators knew Kenyans were capable of; before 2007, these are barbaric acts most believed were only possible in other countries but not in Kenya.

Third, there is always widespread rigging and one can count on it happening again the question is, to what extent; again, here 2007 was an exception and an anomaly to the extent the rigging was so flagrant and unprecedented, hardly anyone other than those who rigged knew was possible.

Given this history, what must be done we at least don’t see anything even remotely close to a repeat of 2007?

To begin with, how about taking this pledge previously published in the Standard:

  1. I promise to put my interests and those of my family first in all decisions I make and see to it that those interests are met through the labor of my hard work supplemented by others only to the extent they are a means to meet my objectives and this includes decisions I make about who to vote for in the upcoming general elections.
  2. I promise to only vote for and elect leaders who put the country first, and their interests of those of their cronies second or last.
  3. I promise not to vote for anyone solely on the basis they come from my tribe or ethnic group and, conversely, I promise not to withhold my vote from anyone solely because they are from any particular community.
  4. I promise not to vote for any politician who seeks to divide our country or gain office by divisive and tribal tactics but, conversely, I promise to vote only for those candidates who seek to unite our country and have a proven record for doing so.
  5. I promise to be fair and open minded in evaluating candidates to vote for and base my decision not on the basis of misinformation, lies and distortions but on the basis of known facts, leadership ability, integrity and their stated positions on the issues that I care about.
  6. I promise to constantly remind myself that I don’t know better than the next person who knows best and in the event I don’t, I pray that God gives me the wisdom and/or ability to know better.
  7. I promise to be considerate of the interests of my fellow Kenyans even as I pursue mine to the maximum extent possible.
  8. I promise not to be a hypocrite and if I am, may God make it possible for all to see through my words and deeds, including those appearing in print or on computer screens as a result of my fingers typing at the direction of my wicked mind.
  9. I promise not to hate anyone or wish them ill just for who they are and even if they have wronged me, I promise to find ways to forgive them as God instructs us all to do and that is, to love one another.
  10. I promise to do my part in bringing about change in our country, including keeping these promises, or even running for public office myself, which should be a good start.

If all or most Kenyans keep all of these promises, and remain faithful to the end, then it wouldn’t matter who emerges at the top as the winner and is sworn as our next president for that person would be governing a country united and ready to match forward as never before–more than even the euphoria of 2002.

That’s the Kenya we should all desire.

That’s the Kenya we must have in short order.

The only one stopping us, is us.

Very soon there will be a lot of heated discussions, especially in the social media.

Here are a few things to keep in mind and the bit we each do, we shall have taken great steps in ensuring a peaceful election unlike any before, other than, perhaps 2002, if not better:

  1. Avoid any references to tribes that in the view of any person with ordinary sensibilities from that community will be offended by such reference
  2. Be on a look-out and reject enemies of peace who may want to exploit tribalism for their selfish benefit or at the behest of others with same selfish intentions neither both of which are harmful to our country, especially the latter who can create great havoc by being paid a few hundred shillings.
  3. Engage in robust debate but stay away from hate speech as defined by the National Cohesion and Integration Commision
  4. Avoid use of language that tends to excite people into hostilities, including the use of foul, insulting and other unacceptable language to people of ordinary sensibilities
  5. Remember, in the end we each have a responsibility about what happens to our beloved country and what her future shall be; do your best and always do the right thing, viewed from the perspective of what does it benefit the country as a whole, not your individual selfish or misguided needs.

That’s my hope and prayer.


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My Interview With Pan Africa Visions About 2013


I was recently interviewed by Pan African Visions regarding our upcoming elections in Kenya. You can read all about the interview here.

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Uhuru and Jubilee Have Confirmed They Don’t Have What It Takes To Lead Our Beloved Country


Mammoth Cord Crowd At Uhuru Park

Let’s assume for a moment that neither Uhuru nor Ruto was facing the serious crimes against humanity they face at the ICC and the question was simply, who is better experienced and ready to run the country from Day One: Cord led by Raila or Jubilee led by Uhuru?

The answer is simply Cord led by Raila as evinced in today’s nominations.

By bungling its nominations as it did, Jubilee confirms it’s not ready to lead the country were voters to make the mistake and elect them.

On the other hand, Cord nearly flawlessly carried out its nomination exercises and only need to redo less than a handful locations when Jubilee has to basically redo the whole thing across the country.

That’s Exhibit A Jubilee is not ready for governing on that basis alone, namely, they cannot even manage to have ballot materials to their polling stations!

Okay, Cord did also fail to deliver voting materials to their respective polling stations but these were far less few compared to the colossal failure by Uhuru and Jubilee.

Again, it’s not perfection we are looking for but relative strengths and leadership ability.

By this measure, Uhuru and Jubilee get a failing grade, Raila and Cord get a passing grade.

They should be handed the responsibility to lead the country come March 5, 2013.

Handing that responsibility to Uhuru will be a disaster for the country because he’ll reverse our gains.

The choice is that clear and let’s hope a majority of Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 clearly see that and cast their votes for the only right coalition and that’s Raila’s Cord.

It’s my prayer that they do.



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