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Kethi Kilonzo High Court Case Against IEBC


I am not privy to neither am I in any way involved in Kethi’s case but, based on my understanding of the facts in this case and knowledge, Kethi has the following points I am fairly certain she will prevail in some if not all of them in making her case before the High Court against the obviously compromised and incompetent IEBC:

  1. The issuance of Kethi’s clearance certificate by IEBC was final (the obviously compromised and incompetent body) had no jurisdiction to hear the complaint filed by TNA adba Jubilee Alliance. I put my apt and copyrighted description of this obviously compromised and incompetent body in quotes because it’s not necessary to use or put that language in pleadings or proceedings but fair game to point out the same by other means, as I am sure they will.
  2. The High Court should review the case de novo, meaning, trash the factual finding by the obviously compromised and incompetent IEBC as to whether Kethi is a registered voter and make its own factual findings.
  3. One of those factual findings should be Kethi is a registered voter, even if she fails to prove so on account IEBC has proven it’s compromised and incompetent enough to have had someone simply delete Kethi’s name from all of the many registers IEBC illegally maintains of registered voters.
  4. The argument that Kethi used an expired passport and copy of her ID to register should be first dismissed on the basis the obviously compromised and incompetent IEBC is estopped from making the argument (legally stopped from making the argument because they already accepted the identification docs, flawed as they may have been it’s too late and detrimental to Kethi to argue that now; had they rejected the items when she presented them, she would have had an opportunity to find other forms of acceptable ID; she obviously can’t do that now as registration is closed). Alternatively, the High Court can simply rule as it should that an expired passport is an acceptable form of identification under the Election Law. There is nothing in our Constitution or Election Law that says a passport must be valid in order to qualify as an identification document; in fact, an “identification document” for purposes of Election Law is defined as “a Kenyan national identification card or a Kenyan passport.” Note the absence of “valid” or “unexpired” before the word “passport” which would have to be present in order to make validity of a passport necessary or required to qualify as an identification document. I fully expect Kethi and her lawyers to make this argument and have no doubt the court will agree as it should and must if proper interpretation and application of law means anything. Either ruling will moot the issue.
  5. Whether she voted or where is irrelevant as to the question of whether she is a registered voter.

If the rule of law that started taking hold upon promulgation of the new constitution is still alive, we should expect the High Court to rule in favor of at least some or all of these points, especially #3, which should be sufficient to clear the way for Kethi’s candidacy and election as first elected woman senator representing the people of Makueni.


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Jubilee’s Fortunes In Rift Valley Are Dwindling As Raila and Cord Gains In The Region and Elsewhere


In Jubilee’s Fortunes In Rift Valley Are Dwidling As Raila Gains published yesterday in the Star, I make the indisputable case as to why. With this new turn of events in the area, there is no question Raila is headed to reelection but this time being sworn in as our next president.

I have been urging everyone to start practicing saying His Excellency President Raila Amolo Odinga or get used to hearing those majestic words for years to come, beginning tomorrow.

That’s good counsel based on facts that should be heeded by those who have not.


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Our Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Must Give Us A Break From Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency


Is it fair or right for a country of more than 40 tribes to be led in all of its history by only two communities which exchange presidential leadership?

The answer is clearly a resounding “NO.”

Since independence, Kenya has been led by the Kikuyu, who have dominated presidential leadership and the Kalenjin, who luckily got in between on account of Kenyatta naming Moi as his vice-president, not with a view to one day succeed him, but altogether for different reasons.

Moi just managed—and initially barely so—to cling to the presidency upon Kenyatta’s death.

No one expected Moi to last more than the constitutionally provided 90 days within which a new president was to be elected—or more accurately, selected among the ruling class, elections merely being a rubber-stamping of some kind.

Thanks to the likes of the eminent Briton who never was Sir Charles Njonjo, Moi quickly figured how to entrench himself as president and the rest is history, including the fact he ended up ruling our country more than Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.

Moi was, of course, succeeded by Kibaki, another Kikuyu as our next president.

Interestingly and really the point of this blog, Moi himself preferred another Kikuyu and none other than Kenyatta’s son Uhuru to succeed him.

Thanks to efforts by political giants like Raila, Moi’s Uhuru project was resoundingly rejected by Kenyans who ushered in Kibaki in a euphoric election of 2002 which many believed would lead in transforming the country.

They were wrong as soon after being sworn in as president, Kibaki defaulted to yet another tribalist president stuffing all key government positions with his cronies and other members from his community.

So much so one embassy was staffed by members from his community, one passing by and hearing ordinary day to day chat in the office would be rightly mistaken to believing they were deep in a village from Kibaki’s neighborhood.

With the dominance in presidential leadership, so has been the case in the allocation of resources in the country besides jobs, which clearly and indisputably favor the Kikuyu community.

This is simply neither right nor fair as other communities are left to scramble for crumbles, if at all.

One of the reasons Raila has been mercilessly opposed in the Mount Kenya region is because there are many there who believe presidential leadership belongs there and no one should even bother seeking to yank it from them.

Uhuru, for his part, believes presidential leadership is his birthright.

Both notions are wrong for several reasons.

First, Kenya as in many other countries has never embraced dynastic rule, even though one can argue that the dominance by one community in presidential leadership is no different from a dynastic rule.

Voters must reject this notion of dynastic rule come March 4, 2013.

Second, underlying the thinking among those who hold the view presidential leadership belongs to the Mt. Kenya community is this sense of misguided belief that one community from that area is particularly superior to all others, which is pure nonsense.

It’s actually this kind of thinking that has created hatred and animosity among tribes of all manner in many countries, most notably Rwanda where the 1994 genocide is attributed to this backward superiority based ethnic and tribal divide.

Third, closely related to this backward superiority thinking, is tribalism.

There are those from the Mt. Kenya region who believe that no other tribe other than theirs can lead the country.

This is obviously so wrong and backward there is no need to elaborate as to why other than to say we are all Kenyans and each community has the right as any to have a president elected from within its community.

To say this or that community cannot lead a country is both nonsensical and primitive those holding the view must be ashamed, if they have any shame at all.

Fourth, there are those who argue it’s discriminatory or a form of tribalism to urge Kikuyus to give us a break from yet another presidency from the community.

This is simply not the case; there is nothing discriminatory, divisive or tribalist in making the plea or holding this view.

Indeed, there are many from the very same community who have made the same plea and see nothing wrong with it, which there isn’t.

This is just a question of fundamental fairness to say other communities also must be given the opportunity to lead the nation.

It’s also a question of fatigue; we are simply tired of being led by one community.

This is not even a phenomena confined to Kenya as other countries have much come to the same conclusion as to their own presidential leadership.

In the United States, for example, former president George H Bush was followed a few years later by his son George W Bush as president—this in a country with a population of more than 300 million.

When George H Bush’s other son and former governor of Florida Herbert Bush wanted to run for president in 2012, he was prevailed upon by people who told him it was not a wise move because Americans were simply tired of being led by the Bushes and besides it was akin to trying to create a ruling dynasty, which Americans long rejected.

Hebert Bush heeded the advice and did not vie and rightly so.

Someone should have prevailed on Uhuru not to vie for the same reasons but that would have been an exercise in futility as the man is determined to vie for reasons that go beyond his belief the presidency is his birthright or that the same belongs to his community.

Fifth, the constitution attempts to force this issue of not having one tribe win the presidency merely due to its numeric majority by the strict requirements as to who can be sworn as president, especially in its regional vote requirements but that’s not enough to prevent yet another Kikuyu from being elected as president, at least not this time around, given we have already had two presidents from the community.

It’ll take the wisdom of Kenyans going to the polls on March 4, 2013 to make that happen as it should.

Again, there is nothing tribalistic, divisive or discriminatory in urging our brothers and sisters from the Kikuyu community from giving us a break from yet another presidency; this is just a question of fairness and fatigue anyone objective would have to see it that way.

As others have said before, the election of Raila Odinga as our next president will go a long way in ending tribalism and his harvesting of votes in the former Central province will be key in that outcome.

Thus, those from the region must ask themselves is it in the country’s interest to end tribalism and if so, would they like to be a part of that eventuality which is certain to come, anyway.

On the other hand, the election of Uhuru Kenyatta will be condemnation of the country to dominance of one tribe at the expense of all others, which is unfair, not right and undemocratic notwithstanding its occurring in a democratic process.


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Radio Presenter Joshua arap Sang’s Endorsement of Raila A Big Boost for Raila–An Update

joshua sang

I have been blogging quite a bit on this game changing Ruto’s reconciliation with Raila and Joshua Sang’s endorsement of Raila in other Kenyan blogs and forums I thought I share here some of the blogging:

[To someone suggesting Sang has no votes for Raila]

You missed the point; it’s not the number of votes Sang has that matters, it’s what he said that does and no doubt will move huge number of votes to Raila column.

I know Synovate is coming out with their latest numbers tomorrow but they may have to go back and redo the exercise to reflect movement of votes in RV that’s already occuring thanks to Ruto and Sang signalling to the Kalenjin vote for Uhuru at their own peril.

[To a Raila supporter]


This is what we have been saying all along but nobody believed us.

The Kalenjin are saying enough of the lies now we want the truth about who’s serious about addressing our issues and they are concluding in large numbers that person is not Uhuru but Raila.

The voting will reflect that fact as Raila is reelected but this time sworn as president.

Raila has been saying Mambo Bado but I am not sure people knew what he was talking about; this is just the beginning of many strategic executions in the remaining few days to Election Day to make sure Raila is reelected but this time sworn as our next president–in Round 1, if I may add as a reminder to those who have forgotten we have been saying all along there will not be Round 2.

[To a supporter noting Raila’s masterly of political strategy]

In politics, timing is nearly everything. These things don’t happen in a vacuum; you can assume they have been in the making and many others to follow before Election Day.

A reliable source tells me Infotrak, which is to release its numbers tomorrow has been pondering whether to delay the release and redo the survey to reflect both Ruto’s public reconciliation with Raila and now Sang’s significant and loud declaration of the truth many have known for a long time–it really doesn’t matter because we know these two events and others to follow will in the end be the key defining moments of 2013 elections.

Stay tuned.

[To a UK supporter still believing UK can carry more than 70% of the RV vote]

You can take it to the bank Uhuru would not garner even close to half of what he and others who don’t understand the dynamics of RV have been counting on.

He can walk tall with his head up after he loses if he harvests 30% in RV, which is less and less unlikely.

You have to take these two events of Ruto reconciling with Raila and Sang endorsing Raila to mean even the two have come to accept what has been said openly in the region since Ruto abandoned his presidential bid to play second fiddle to UK–an anathema to most Kalenjins,especially the wazees who drive the votes.

BTW, Raila is not winning the propaganda war; he’s winning the battle of who is best suited to lead our country this time and most Kenyans agree he is. He’s merely winning over those who may have had their doubts, legitimate or not.

The truth and fact to be soon confirmed is this thing won’t even be close and will be over with in Round 1 with Raila and Cord emerging at the top much as was the case in 2007, the difference being this time around Raila will actually be sworn as our next president.

Those majestic words are appropriate to start practicing by those who have been in doubt or having their heads buried deep on the ground–or let them prepare to hear them for a long time to come beginning next week.

[To a Raila non-supporter insinuating Raila cannot get more than a few votes in RV]

No Maryanne, I am not saying that the whole of Rift Valley has now moved with Sang to Cord; I am, however, telling you the two events, Ruto’s reconciliation with Raila and now Sang’s open and loud declaration of the truth about Raila and issues dear and near nearly all Kalenjins, especially the wazees who will determine the vote, are major boosts to Raila’s fortunes in the area it’s impossible for Uhuru to reverse them–even with his reluctant running mate.

Notice how muted Ruto has been lately, going back to late last year and that will tell you something; the man is practically endorsing Raila in his actions, or more importantly, his inaction.

He (Ruto) is not stupid; he’s in fact, a very shrewd politicians who knows how to hedge his bets.

Right now, he’s hedging his bets that Raila is unstoppable and thus how he has not been passionately promoting Uhuru in RV and did not even bother to have URP open offices in Uhuru’s backyard.

If you recall, I blogged some time ago if Ruto were to decline the offer from Raila to rejoin ODM, I would state publicly why he would do so despite what he would and did give as a reason.

I subsequently hinted at it and that’s really what is at play.

But for that, Ruto will be fully Corded today but that’s okay, he’s and will do what he can to make sure the presidency doesn’t go to his running mate and that’s evidence of a smart politician, which he is.

[To someone claiming he had talked to a former Belgut MP about Sang’s endorsement and claims the former MP “laughed his head off” even as they did not finish the conversation]

Had you finished the conversation, you’ll have been shocked the laughter turned into serious and loud wailing; the man is probably desperately trying to reach Raila in continued and uncontrollable sobbing.


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Raila and Ruto Publicly Forgiving Each Other A Good Thing For Both, Especially and Especially For Raila

Raila and Ruto at prayer rally

Raila and Ruto publicly forgave each other at Dr. David Oduor’s prayer rally.

This was a significant act for several reasons.

First, it shows that even among enemies, real or otherwise, forgiveness is possible.

Second, given the history of these two men, and particularly given Ruto’s relentless attacks on Raila largely based on falsehoods, Raila comes out as yet again put country first and himself second by apologizing to Ruto when there was little he really needed to apologize for.

This is akin to a couple agreeing to apologize and let go of an issue they know they are right for the sake of peace, which is nonetheless commendable for the peace is worth it.

Third, Raila and Ruto forgiving each other publicly will have a positive effect on Raila in RV because it’s a way of Ruto signalling to the Kalenjin community Raila is after all not as bad ad he had made or tried to make him come across to those who follow him.

In essence, Ruto is saying to the Kalenjin community vote for Uhuru at your own peril.

This is true notwithstanding the fact Ruto is Uhuru’s running mate because even he deep inside knows a Uhuru presidency does not have much promise for him (Ruto), let alone the Kalenjin community and all Kenyans for that matter.

On the other hand, a Raila presidency does, in fact, have promise for all, including Ruto who will certainly fare better under a Raila presidency than Uhuru Kenyatta’s.

Let’s all commend the two leaders especially Raila for this act of brotherly love.


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Miguna’s Second Book Will Be A Big Flop Much Like The First One For The Fundamentals Are The Same

Miguna in Mombasa

Miguna Miguna is set to launch his second book on Saturday in Nairobi he calls Kidneys for the King; deforming status quo.

Like his first “volcanic” collection of tales small and big that was anything but and flopped as we predicted, this one too shall be a flop for several reasons.

To begin with, Miguna lost his credibility as a truth teller when he promised so much ahead of the publication of his first book only to deliver nothing but a hatchet job on Raila that did no damage to the man even close to what Miguna had hoped.

There is no doubt in any objective person’s mind that the first book Miguna wrote was a vindictive, seething at the mouth shouting of things that were either not true or simply exaggerated with the sole intention to damage Raila while trying to prop up Miguna as the savior of the world, neither of which succeeded.

This attempt did not succeed because Kenyans, save for those who hate or can’t stand Raila are a fair people and know a hatchet job when one is delivered and dismiss accordingly as was in this case.

Not much is remembered about this book other than perhaps that Miguna is bald.

It was noted by astute observers that Miguna could not have possibly had any secrets of the government he could reveal, given his relatively junior position he held as advisor to Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The other reason those predicting Miguna’s failure to deliver on his lofty promise in the first book and now proven right was based on the fact that Miguna basically told us all about what was in the book before it was released, leaving nothing to look forward to in reading the book.

Miguna put the final nail on the coffin when he shamelessly peddled sex stories in the book that have no place in any serious book or narrative.

This writer recalls talking to someone not a supporter of Raila at the time who told him he was not interested in reading the book after what he heard Miguna said in it about these sex stories. This is a view many held who never bothered to buy or read the book other than those prone to salacious and made up slanderous gossip.

For these and many other reasons, not the least of which was the arrogant, chest-thumbing manner in which Miguna conducted himself during the book’s launch, Miguna’s first book was a flop as predicted.

Having exhausted his first 15 minutes of fame, Miguna now seeks a fresh 15 minutes of fame with the publication of his second book.

Again, as noted above, this second book, too shall fail for some of the same reasons the first one failed.

For example, it’s obvious Miguna is still a man with an ax to grind against Raila; he thinks of nothing and dreams of nothing better than to damage Raila for having unceremoniously terminated him.

It should be remembered, however, that even as Miguna was trashing Raila and accusing him of all manner of corruption and incompetence, Miguna actually agreed to return to work for the same man when Raila was prevailed by others to do so.

That act alone shattered any credibility Miguna may have had in “peeling back” the purported mask of Raila.

As noted at the time, the only mask Miguna ended up peeling was his own as a vindictive man who thought too highly of himself than he is or ever will be.

Miguna once again places himself at the highest level of importance he is not in his second book by claiming in the book that he and only he has the evidence to have Raila charged at the Hague but in his warped view, the ICC is not interested in this evidence, which is such a stretch and self-elevation to high importance only Miguna can muster.

It also begs the question; if Miguna is this important a witness and has had this evidence, why did he hold on to it until he was unceremoniously shown the door to bring it up?

Does this not tell you everything you need to know about this man that he is either a big liar or one quite ready and willing to say or do anything so long as he believes it would damage Raila?

The answers are obvious and more so the reason no objective person can ever take Miguna seriously in anything he says about these things, especially as they relate to Raila—the man Miguna is trying to damage but will not succeed.

Besides once again elevating himself to high importance, Miguna also suffers the same credibility problem as in the publication of his first book on grounds he purports to authoritatively speak of things he really knows very little about or has no basis to know more than any average person observing these things.

It is reported in the news that Miguna intends to portray Raila as not being the reformist everyone knows him to be.

The problem is, everyone knows Raila to be the reformist he is and there is nothing only Miguna is privy to that changes that fact and this is true even considering Miguna served as a junior staff at the PM’s office.

There are hundreds of others with access to the same information and access Miguna had but none of them can claim as Miguna has that Raila is not the reformer he is based on that knowledge, access or information.

None because it’s a fact and truth that Raila is a proven reformer unlike any of those vying for the presidency the only thing Miguna can attempt to do, is to smear and tell tales in the hopes they can damage Raila’s image as a reformer.

As in the first instance where Miguna miserably failed to depict Raila as corrupt, so too will this second effort to damage fail to depict Raila as not the reformist he is.

Miguna then tries to depict Raila as having ill-gotten his wealth.

This is laughable besides not being true.

If there is anyone in Kenya who has legitimately gained his wealth and not by looting, it’s Raila Odinga and this is not disputed even among some of his critics.

Finally, but not least, Miguna claims in his new hatchet book that Raila never graduated from intermediate school and that therefore his academic qualification, including his earning his degree as an engineer is somewhat suspect.

The only thing to be said about this nonsensical assertion other than it’s shameless one can go down that far in another man’s schooling history going more than 50 years, is that Raila is an engineer by profession and his academic qualifications meet the constitutionally mandated criteria for one to run for president and that is, he graduated with a degree from a recognized university.

In sum, Miguna’s second book is much ado about nothing and as in the first book, it would be fodder only for those who for whatever reason don’t like Raila therefore a non-factor politically as these people would not have voted for Raila anyway.

Those who support Raila/Cord will continue to do so regardless of what fiction Miguna tells in his so-called book; those very few undecided and even some of those who don’t support Raila/Cord will chose to support Raila because they know this man has suffered a lot all for the sake of our country and these efforts to damage him with these useless books serve no purpose other than the selfish, vindictive quest by the author–if you can call him that; more like a gossip narrator and unfounded allegation peddler than an author.

That being said, let me take this time to encourage Kenyans with no ax to grind with any information about our leaders and the functioning of our government to share freely for the people are empowered if the proper information is shared and not bar gossip, innuendos and other equally unreliable tales this Miguna seems to specialize in notwithstanding the title of these collection of tales small and big.


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A Visit To “Enemy” Territory and Its Good News

kenya map

We spent the whole afternoon today, and by that I mean team Cord, led by Raila in Jubilee territory where we actually have a sizable support as well but must say I was very impressed with how well we were received even by hardcore Jubilee youth.

If this is an indication of what to expect in the days ahead and in particular come March 4, 2013, which it is, then we can all rest assured we shall have a peaceful election this time around where there will not be any hostility or love lost regardless of who wins and more importantly regardless who takes the greatest prize of all–the presidency.

Elections should be about those vying freely campaigning in any part of the country peacefully even in perceived or real “enemy” territories as was the case today.

For those praying for peaceful elections, I join you; for those who the idea hasn’t crossed their mind, I urge them to keep that in mind for we are all Kenyans and should love one another as God commands us to or in the least what basic human decency and comradery demands.

Put another way, there is no need to hate or be so against one or others to the point one sees blood instead of love or in the least brotherhood and sisterhood as we must or ought to.

I have not had time to elaborate on something I thought was rather very revealing and I have blogged about the same previously but be that as it may, it was rather openly and unambiguously stated by the only two horses in the race during yesterdays debate I am sure many of you who watched the debate heard it and probably remain puzzled by it if you are the type who never believes in the impossible.

Today’s campaigning in several villages in Kasarani, Mathare and other adjoining areas wrongly presumed to be “enemy” territory was an affirmation of the paradox.

I pray and wish for more of the same in the days to come through elections such that when it’s all said and done, we can look back and say we have taken a giant leap forward and away from siasa ya kumalizana na ukabila.

May it be so.



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Raila, Uhuru Hold Their Own In Big Debate

Big Debate

The historic debate between and among presidential candidates in Kenya for 2013 elections just ended and a few observations can be made about the debate:

First, the two horses in the race, namely, Raila and Uhuru held their own. There was an expectation that Uhuru would crumble under persistent attack from other candidates but this did not come to pass, namely, Uhuru came under no attack at all. Raila, on the other hand, did not make any mistakes some were afraid he might. Instead, he came across as presidential and handled all the questions with command of the issues, which is all that was expected of him to maintain his front-runner status.

Second, Second Tier candidates Musalia Mudavadi, Martha Karua and Peter Kenneth equally held their grounds with Peter Kenneth emerging as the more credible and worth watching for a future presidency than the rest of the pack in that group. HMK as I call her, or Martha Karua once again demonstrated she is both blessed and cursed in that she’s articulate and can make her case well but comes across as cold and detached from what she’s actually saying. That’s a problem she simply must find a way to deal with if she’s to be promoted from Second Tier to battle in Tier One next time around.

Third, Third Tier candidates Prof. Ole Kiyiapi and Paul Muite really did not hold their own but managed to get off the stage with only Paul Muite making a fool of himself in his shameless efforts to cast the ICC issue in new terms–a line of attack only recently ventured into by Uhuru, namely, that both Kibaki and Raila should be charged at the ICC. Never mind that the ICC OCP concluded there was no evidence to charge the two but in Paul Muite’s mind, they are guilty and therefore should be charged. It wasn’t clear whether Paul Muite is seeking a job as president or one as one of Uhuru’s lawyers but he did a poor job for making a case for either.

Fourth, the ICC issue is clearly key in the 2013 election and may turn out to be the most single important issue, judging by how it was handled in the debate.

Fifth, it was clear even as Uhuru held his own, he still doesn’t understand the ICC issue in all of its connotations and implication not only on his candidature but as to the country as a whole in the unlikely event he is elected.

Sixth, all candidates, tried to give canned responses to the question of how they would deal with the question of tribalism but only Raila had a convincing answer backed with his record on the issue. The rest just danced around the question and provided what you would expect priests and other clerics to give as an answer to this ugly elephant in the middle of our political room.

Finally, but not least, Sixth and last Tier candidate Dida made the case why such candidates should never be allowed in serious debate. I know there are some who would go gaga over his cheap utterances devoid of substance but in the end we want serious issues debated by only the most serious of candidates not individuals like this who clearly only seek 15 minute of fame and you can see how desperately he tried to plant rehearsed lines in the hopes they’ll be remembered tomorrow. They won’t.

One debate down, one more to go and overall the organizers get good grades for pulling this one off without a glitch even though the moderators could do better next time; they didn’t do poorly but there are areas I am sure even they would agree could have been done better.

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My Response To A Netter Grasping At Straws Following An Incident At Raila Homa Bay Rally

odm_lettersThe following is my response to a known Raila vicious critic–if you can call him that–who as expected attempted to milk the Homa Bay rally incident where some people expressed dissatisfaction with recent party nominations there for what it’s worth to Jubilee in which he belongs.

This notwithstanding the fact that Jubilee really had not nominations to speak of compared to Cord which actually conducted otherwise a very successful nomination exercise across the country but people like this individual are as to be expected grasping at straws because they see Raila headed to State House and there is little they can do to stop him other than making noise like this hoping it gets them somewhere.

It won’t.

The whining is in italics, my responses follow directly:

Wow! An admission that there are fissures in ODM?

I did not admit there are fissures in ODM; I acknowledged there are internal family issues Cord must address and it is. When all is said and done, it would be nothing to stop the coalition riding to victory as it’s destined to given what even you knows.

From you?! Kudos!

Thanks as qualified above.

But, too little too late.

Not true; the axiom may apply in all other respects but not in this case.

As much as I admire your tenacity in support for JAKOM/CORD/ODM, you also have to be pragmatic every so often.

Thanks again but I am always a pragmatist.

You can’t be constantly defending the indefensible and expect to be taken seriously Wakili, it is sycophancy and look where it has gotten you guys.

This is a mouthful that contradicts what you have said above and I have thanked you for but all that matters is any objective person knows I am not and will never be a sycophant.

Raila Odinga screwed up, he has been screwing up and you have failed to correct him, for the good people of Homabay to openly revolt against JAKOM that speaks volumes and boy do I feel vindicated.

All what this tells me, is you don’t understand what transpired in Homa Bay. I have blogged about this and noted what happened there is no different from what you can expect in a family or relationship quarrel. Obviously, the people of Homa Bay did not “openly revolt” against Raila; a section of the area expressed their displeasure and frustration, which as I have said is understandable.

In a few days, this will be a thing of the past and you watch and see for it’s pointless and a waste of time to try and tell you why or how.

We warned you umpteen times and each time you keep spinning and deflecting reality, even now- look, you are still spinning and deflecting. 

Call whatever I do as you wish I know what I am doing is consistent with what I know or believe.  

When you claim that the anger was directed at Otieno Kajwang, at whose behest is Otieno Kajwang running? Isn’t it JAKOM? Who cleared his nomination or why didn’t Raila stop it since it was rigged?

You can insinuate all you wish about this the fact remains Raila had nothing to do with the nomination process, which was ably managed by the able Hon. Frankling Bett and his Cord Elections Board team. Hard to believe for some of you, but facts are facts and that’s just one of them.

Wacha kunyoa watu nywele wewe…. JAKOM has taken his voters for granted all these years, especially in LUO Nyanza and the folks have had enough, not anymore.

Raila heard the concerns of the voters in South Nyanza and made a decision to address them directly by curving time out of his busy campaign schedule and holding a rally in the area. That’s what leaders do and if you’re now celebrating this as somehow a victory for Jubilee, then I am afraid I must say you’re demonstrating a dearth of political knowledge.

They are now leading from the front and I admire that so so much about them, they deserve to be respected and treated with dignity- not just as voting robots and statistics. Bravo Luo Nyanza.

I am at a loss at what your excitement here is all about; there were issues raised about some candidates nominations exercise not done to book and this is being addressed. What else did you expect or even more importantly, why are you not equally excited about the far much worse exercises conducted by Jubilee where upwards of 50% were by direct nomination or opposition candidates simply told to keep off?

You also claim that the PM has been in the forefront of championing democracy, Omwenga- are you this deliriously conflicted?

No, never have. I stated a fact.

Reconcile whet you just said in your first three points with this statement, if JAKOM was such democratic leader, why do we have all this dissonance in the party he leads?

Because that’s what happens with all political parties and, as I have noted above, Jubilee had it ten times worse but all of you are excited about Cord because it’s the leading coalition in Kenya and in all likelihood the one to form the next government so we understand the excitement and actually take is as a complement.

Explain that to me  please. Those folks leaving ODM in droves especially after the nominations accuse ODM of being undemocratic and actually an abuser of democracy, who are you fooling?

There are no “folks leaving ODM in droves” other than in your imagination.

Why is JAKOM even campaigning in Nyanza at this late stage of the game?

Because he heard concerns raised by a section of the voters there and did what you’ll expect any leader of his caliber to to and that’s make the time to address their concerns. Had he not done so, the likes of you will be right here condemning him for doing what you now claim he should not have been doing. It’s called hypocrisy and you have no shortage of it as demonstrated by your excitement about Cord nominations minor issues and not Jubilee which strictly speaking did not have nominations to speak of.

The news out today is that the ODM chairman in Migori has defected ODM for JUBILEE, what does that tell you Wakili?


People have lost confidence in JAKOM and it is him and you folks to blame- you are DONE! Finished, kaput! 

You wish that to be the case; it’s not.

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Why Did Uhuru Change His Mind About Mudavadi?

Mudavadi and Uhuru

“If only you knew what I am about to do to you, you wouldn’t be smiling so broadly; I can because I am Uhuru Kenyatta and don’t worry about my side-kick here–he’ll smile or cry as I do. We’re that connected.”

In Why Did Uhuru Change His Mind About Mudavadi?, published in the Star on Saturday, I provide analysis as well as reporting based on my credible sources why Uhuru reneged his deal with Mudavadi last month and made the latter not only appear clueless or naive at best in the art of politics, the Uhuru snub confirmed what I had earlier blogged in Political Eulogy of Musalia Mudavadi and reaffirmed in Mudavadi Has Confirmed Yet Again He’s A Politically Dead Man Walking.

Not to pat myself on the back but simply reminding those unaware, yours truly was the first one to break the news about the now reneged deal between Uhuru and Mudavadi the night before the Kenya media reported on it and to those who ever question my precision in blogging and analysis, the two blogs about Mudavadi above should tell you I don’t take my blogging lightly but provide precision analysis based on facts and information either publicly known or in some cases based on my own sourcing.

The point being, when I say those in denial better get used to saying His Excellency President Raila Amolo Odinga or get used to hearing those majestic words for years to come, I am not joking or saying things for the sake of saying them; I mean that and as I have been proven over and over to be right on these things, this too shall be proven to have been an accurate assessment when Raila is sworn as our next president.

My confidence in saying this is not based on some secret plan I know to install Raila as our president watu wapende wasipende but simply analyzing events as I have throughout the time I have been blogging on this and reaching this conclusion as you can read about elsewhere on my blog.

Now, that’s not to say the work is done or that Raila cruises to the presidency but simply to say barring the very unusual and impossible to predict at this time, Raila is headed to State House as he and Cord start on the final push to get them there.

If what happened in Kisii is any indication, it’s the fact that the hard work is starting to pay dividends Raila and Cord need only make sure there is no mishap along the way for the enemies are lurking to exploit even the slightest of a mishap.

We cannot give them that pleasure.

It also means Raila and Cord must also be vigilant for much as they run a tightly managed campaign, when it clearly sets in for the other side this thing is Raila and Cord’s to lose, never rule our their ability to go for a Hail Mary pass to try and score an undeserved touchdown merely out of desperation.

That, I am confident, Raila and Cord are fully keeping an eye but it behooves all of us who love and/or care about our beloved country to be on a look-out as well and let them know no mischief this time around.

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