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Costly SGR and It’s Fall-Out, Kagame’s Take


From a reliable source:

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has poured cold water on Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), calling it “a big sham and a rip-off.”

Speaking at the sidelines of an international seminar at Kigali, Kagame said it was “extremely disturbing” that Kenya’s ruling Jubilee Regime would escalate the costs of the SGR to astronomical levels so as to fleece Kenyan taxpayers of their sweat “for the benefit of a few people at the top.”

“They are now trying to excite Kenyans with the refurbished trains that weres used in China in 1950s, running on diesel engines. Terrible!” Kagame said. Tanzania’s SGR is four times longer than Kenya’s but only two times as expensive.

My not literal but nonetheless brother-in-law has a point here and my view is this is something Kenya must address, after tackling government restructuring.

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way and I can see several here that can bear fruit to everyone’s satisfaction.

Everyone, that is, except the gluttonous cartels.

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