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Public Service Musing: Beware of Scammers!

Computer Virus Scam(1)

Well, the scammers nearly got me today!!! I am always very careful not to open any attachments I don’t know the sender or clicking on links while browsing.

I must have let my guard down today because I followed a news story link to a site I regularly read but, as in the case for most of them, I do not follow other suggested stories at the end of the story I am reading, which are typically not from the same source so I don’t bother–except today.

Today, I let my guard down and clicked on another suggested story–and believe it or not, it is a story I ordinarily would not even find interesting to read as it was supposedly about someone dying from taking a selfie from a rooftop!

People dying from doing moronic things such as that I have no time to find out even what happened–and it’s amazing how many really dumb and moronic things people do for who knows what–some downright suicidal!

Anyway, the moment I clicked on the link, my computer screen was filled with a page bearing what looked like a legitimate Microsoft page with an auto voice message saying my computer has been locked due to something about a virus and that to unlock it, I must call the number provided and the message warned not to turn off the computer or restart! I checked the number and determined it was not Microsoft so I immediately knew I am dealing with scams I have only heard or seen on Youtube!

I didn’t quite panic but I took a deep breath and said, “what should I do now?”

Of course, calling brother Claude, who is an expert on these things is what first came to mind as always but, before doing that, I decided to turn off the computer despite the stupid warning; after all, I save important or work related documents on cloud so no worries there.

I restarted the computer but the same stupid page warning was on!

I did this 3 times to the same effect, but I noticed everything else was working such as Word, Outlook email, etc. The only thing I couldn’t do is close the browser.

That’s when I decided to ask Google and he told me to go to Task Manager and tap “End Task” which the blogger suggested should fix the problem.

And it did! Phew!!!

I was fortunate but in reading about this, and from what I know from previously, the way these scammers work, is they scare you into either giving them your password and other personal data or in other cases they ask that you pay, usually $200 for an individual (more for businesses) to “fix” the problem and create a firewall to protect your computer–never mind that you already have one, especially if your computer is new with the latest security features.

Anyway, back to being very, very, careful on what attachments to open and what links to follow I suggest you do the same!

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