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All Is Not Well With Siaya Nominations For Governor

odm_lettersI earlier blogged about Oburu Odinga being confirmed as ODM candidate for governor, based on information received from a reliable source. In that blog I stated the source told me he/sh is confident there was no rigging in the nomination process and that Bett postponing formal confirmation of who won is in tandem with ODM procedures that should not be interpreted to mean there was any irregularity in the voting.

A different and more reliable source (yes, even in reliable sources there are different layers of reliability from impeccable to less reliable, the latter being those you always have to watch for being spinned or used for their own individual needs:-)–anyway, the more reliable source tells me there is reason to believe the Siaya poll was not a text book exercise and the big wigs of the Cord coalition are even as I pen this blog discussing the Siaya poll and will decide the best way forward.

I mentioned to my friend and source for this update I’ll later on this evening attend an Obama pre-inauguration event what should I tell some of my friends I am to meet there if they ask me what’s going on with Siaya, he/she with an assuring tone told me to tell them “not to worry; everything is going to be fine.”

This source is as reliable as any can be short of hearing from the horse’s mouth so I must say that’s the case.

My take on this: ODM victory is at hand please let no one among you mess it up; much as there is no one single person is more important than country, no one single person is more important than the coalition, including the flag-bearer who has simply been given the nod to lead the coalition of the willing much as he will be given the nod to lead the country of both the willing and unwilling.

The unwilling in the country have no choice once Raila is sworn as our duly elected president but we can’t afford to have the unwilling or disgruntled in Cord neither is it wise to create conditions under which they sprout.

The latter can easily be avoided altogether by doing the right thing.

It’s that simple.

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Dr. Oburu Odinga To Be Confirmed As Cord Candidate for Siaya Governor


I have it from a reliable source privy to the goings on in Cord and in particular what happened in Siaya yesterday during the nomination process and can sum it up this way: There was no confirmed rigging in Siaya as has been alleged.

Cord National Electoral Committee led by the able Hon. Franklin Bett has strict guidelines that must be followed before nominee results are submitted to the IEBC.

Pursuant to those guidelines, Cord has delayed announcing who won the Siaya county ODM nominations for governor and the source emphasized that in by itself is not an admission that the there was anything irregular in the voting; the delay is simply to verify that the results are accurate.

The source tells me ODM had in place a rigging proof nominations system to ensure there was no chance of rigging and, more importantly, as the source also emphasized, to make it easy to expose or discover such rigging.

The source could not divulge the details of this system for obvious reasons but all he could tell me is based on that, he/she is confident there was no rigging in Siaya as alleged and accordingly Cord NEC will, indeed, confirm that Dr. Oburu Odinga is the winner.

I asked my source whether we can really have a “rigging proof” system in Kenya, let alone anywhere else and his/her response was, “it was not possible for the kind of rigging alleged to have taken place. There is no evidence of that.”

I also asked my source whether it’s true that William Oduol is a TNA plant his/her response was he/she did not think so but is of the view Jubilee has tried to exploit his candidacy but thus far has been unsuccessful.

Based on all of this, I would simply urge our loyal brigade not to not be distracted by all the noise making about Siaya while the truth is Cord had nearly flawless nominations nationwide while Jubilee has imploded with its monumental nationwide failure in its nominations!

And that’s not to say anything about the record direct nominations Jubilee has had, shoving down Jubilee member throats candidates they don’t want much as Moi tried to shove down our throats a Uhuru presidency we did not want, and still don’t want.

Members in the Jubilee corner may be hapless and have no choice but swallow those candidates shoved down their throats but voters going to the polls on March 4, 2013 will reject a number of them, beginning with those at the top.

The irony in all of this is, going by the noise in the social media and news coverage on the ground you would think we somehow returned to single party era where Cord is the only party in Kenya.

That’s actually not a bad thing because, strictly speaking, Cord is the only true national coalition.

The rest are tribal outfits more or less as now documented by how they performed in the nominations.

May the best and truly national coalition win.


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