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Limuru 2B A Smashing Success And More Is To Come

As an answer to Gema and speaking loudly to what changes are afoot in the Mt. Kenya region, Ngunjiri Wambugu and other progressive organizers, including retired Bishop Gitari, Paul Muite, Hassan Omar and others held a successful meeting in Limuru that has sent shock-waves among those who still backwardly believe that ukabila and other divisive tactics is the way to go in seeking the presidency in Kenya.

It is not for Kenyans are tired of it and want leaders who will unite, not divide the country.

Congratulations to the organizers and a toast to the success of Limuru 2B with more to come.

This group has set the pace, let others follow or be left behind only to come to grips when the reality hits this is the only way to go in the new Kenya, namely, ukabila free politics or at least one where ukabila remains the province of the few still stuck in the past.

Peace, Unity and Truth


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Posted by on June 1, 2012 in Politics


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