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Mau Evictions: President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila’s Time to Shine, DP William Ruto’s To Dim

The Star reports that Rift Valley MPs Accuse Uhuru of Using Differences with Ruto to Oppress Settlers The MPs – Ronald Tonui (Bomet Central), Dominic Koskei (Sotik) and Joseph Ruto (Kuresoi South) alongside Segemian MCA Wesley Koech said Uhuru would order a stop to planned evictions if he had the people’s interests at heart.

A bit of history:

In Jomo Kenyatta’s time, they wouldn’t even dare.

In Daniel Arap Moi’s time, they would have been guests at Nyayo House and if they lived to tell their story, it won’t be about Mau forests kukimia tu

In Mwai Kibaki’s time, they will be pinning this on Raila, even though it’s the very Kibaki’s government that ordered the evictions.

In President Uhuru Kenyatta’s time, this is what they are doing in total disrespect of the president.

What is he going to do about it?

We await but let’s just say the evictions are or must go forward as this is not about these MPs, their benefactors or their gimmicks over such a crucial national interest matter.

We have confidence the president and the government will do the right thing this time and ignore all the noise makers who are shortsighted, to say the least, and do that which is right, not just in this critical matter, but all others, which there is a slew of them to right the ship and put the county on the right track for a future that’s stark contrast of her dark past.

That’s what a visionary leader does and, to succeed, he or she must ignore those driven only by greed, opportunism, narrow-mindedness and the here and now, not the future of our beloved country.

That’s the leader we have slowly emerging but steadily so in Uhuru, much to the surprise and chagrin of many and should solidify both his image and legacy, which are at a cross-roads at this moment.

Which direction Uhuru takes us going forward, in the next few moths will define both, especially how he and Raila handle the BBI proposals when they are made public and the process of adopting them into the law of the land starts.

On this, we are also confident Uhuru will deliver.

Why wouldn’t he with Raila by his side, courtesy of the #handshake?

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Dishonest And/Or Misleading CNN Headlines and Shoddy Reporting About Elections in Kenya

Kenya Flag3

CNN Interview with John Kerry, Co-Chair of Carter Center Observer Group

This is why people hate and others simply don’t trust the media; what the CNN headline in the link above is blurting out is not what the former US Secretary said as co-Chair of the kCenter for Democracy observer group in Kenya monitoring the elections which were held there on Tusday.

Worse, the headline is contradicted by the video clip in the story in which Kerry said the elections were free and peaceful and that IEBC, the body charged with the responsibility to conduct elections in Kenya, did a good job, which is true and we’re here talking about the mechanics and logistics of conducting elections such as making sure polling stations are opened in time, there are sufficient ballots in each location, people are orderly in line, etc.

However; nowhere in that clip or elsewhere has Kerry said the elections were not rigged!

Neither does Kerry address anything in substance about what Raila said, including his claim the IEBC system was rigged–obviously contrary to what the headline blurts.

From what I can tell, either a very careless and shoddy reporter filed this report or a dishonest reporter did question is, neither of which is good for an organization such as CNN, question is why the dishonesty?

If it’s not dishonesty, then its inexcusable shoddiness that has caused anxiety and sent rumor mongers on overdrive peddling lies that Kerry said there’s no rigging and some even gone further to peddle the lie that Kerry has endorsed Uhuru, something he couldn’t do and cannot do regardless before the results are officially announced on then only if the entire observation team from the US agrees with the endorsement if Uhuru wins but will do exactly the same thing if Raila wins.

Instead, what he said is what we all know and have been saying and that is, even though the voting was peaceful and credible, it now remains to be seen whether the counting, tallying and announcement of the presidential election is equally credible.

The diplomat he is, Kerry also said the same thing one had to expect him to say and that is, if there’s evidence of rigging, including evidence the results announced don’t reflect votes legitimately cast, counted and reported from each polling station, let the aggrieved (he did not mention Raila by name) go to Court and present the evidence.

That’s a far cry from what the headline screams CNN must be called out for this misleading and shoddy reporting.

I have copied their Newsroom this post I encourage you to do the same thing or let them know in your own words.

Bottom line is, we won’t know anything about the outcome of this election and which direction things go until two things happen: (1) IEBC announces the presidential results and (2) the international groups make public their findings if they agree or disagree with the IEBC decision.

If the results are Raila won, he’s our next president.

If the results are Uhuru won, then what Raila and NASA do and their prospects of success will largely be influenced by what the observer groups say; if the observer groups agree Uhuru won–even with an acknowledgement of some stealing, then it really doesn’t matter what Raila and NASA do.

If, on the other hand, the observer group disagrees with IEBC and tables its own evidence of massive rigging, which corroborates Raila and NASA’s evidence, then Raila will head to Court with very high prospects of prevailing this time.

More on this if time allows

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My Thoughts and Analysis of Where Things Stand Today with Elections 2017 and Potential Outcome

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Forms 34A & B’s are currently being scrutinized at the National Tallying Center.

The way I see it, there are 3 outcomes I see out of Bomas of which only 1 is good for Raila and a second only partially good:

(1) All 34A&B’s are genuine and the tally gives Raila a win above the threshold of 50%+1 (2) Some of the 34A & B’s are not genuine and the tally gives Uhuru a win above the requisite 50%+1 but those come from places where we didn’t have agents or are “inconsequential” in the larger scope of things and (3) significant number of 34A & B’s are outright fraudulent and tilt the scales in favor of Uhuru.

IEBC declares Raila winner in the first scenario but declares Uhuru in the second and third scenarios.

Raila petitions the Supreme Court in both cases (2&3) loses in #2 and gets relief in 3 only if the evidence is clear and inescapable IEBC has perpetuated a fraud in declaring winner based on fraudulent Form A&Bs but this will largely depend on how significant the “significant” number is, how widespread and whether Raila had agents in those areas. If it’s significant and widespread but Raila didn’t have agents there, the Court will dismiss the petition and Uhuru will be sworn as president.

If they find otherwise, the petition will be granted and Raila will be president.

If there’s outbreak of violence following dismissal of Raila’s petition, then we’ll have a situation akin to 2008 where Uhuru is forced or voluntarily reaches out to NASA to negotiate a deal and form a coalition government but this option will depend on on how widespread, violent and deadly the uprising is.

A credible source in Jubilee tells me there’s already a pre-determined number of destruction of property and deaths Jubilee will let happen before coming to the table to negotiate a coalition government.

The same source also tells me key string pullers in Jubilee have no interest and are adamant about one thing should this be the case, namely, being forced to form a coalition government and that is, Raila cannot be part of that government; they would only take Mudavadi and Kalonzo.

Which one of these options comes to pass? We’ll know at the conclusion of the Bomas exercise which should be later today or tomorrow for sure.

One thing the country can breath a sigh of relief is we’ve avoided the “ICC written all over its face option” I reported Uhuruto were grappling with so the wiser men and women prevailed on that leading to where we are today.

This reaffirms what some of us have known all along and that is, Uhuruto know no presidency is worth being hauled to ICC; good for them, good for the country.

The other two options I posted yesterday are in play and one is reflected in the above 3 potential outcomes.

Let’s continue praying for peace in the country.

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The Presidential Tally IEBC Is Announcing Is A Sham Engineered by Jubilee Chefs and Schemers

Kenya Flag3
IEBC is purporting to announce presidential results but what they’ve put out there is nothing but a sham.
In sum, Uhuru, who rigged himself into office with the help of Kibaki, and his henchmen used murdered IEBC ICT Manager’s password to access the voter system upon which they altered data resulting in manipulated results from all 47 counties.
We have evidence of this and have shared with those who must have it as we make the case Uhuru cannot be allowed to abuse voters rights like this and expect to rule over them kwa kivua.
The presidential results IEBC is purporting to announce are a total facade and not based at all on what happened at the polls.
The real numbers, based on real voters who stood in line for hours and voted are Raila garnered 8,452,134 while Uhuru received 7,846,528.
These numbers do not reflect more than 1 million votes Raila and NASA were denied owing to systemic and deliberate disenfranchising of voters during the registration process of which we have evidence and no, those morons calling for me to table the evidence are too thick to realize this is no place for such we have and will present the evidence to those who must have it.
The whole thing is one giant fraud unlike anything we’ve seen in the country and worse than 2007 rigging which nearly plunged the country into a civil war.
Deliberations are under way on the next course of action but Raila has rejected the results and is calling for Kenyans to stand for their rights.
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Why Raila Is The Man for the Job, Not Uhuru


In my column this weekend Why Raila Is The Man For The Job, Not Uhuru, I make the case why:

The 2016 presidential race in the US pitted two opponents the country loathed equally, but had to choose one since the independent candidates stood no chance.

Hard to believe, even as these two candidates were so loathed, each had loyal supporters inseparable from them, such that Donald Trump boasted he could shoot someone on the streets of New York and not lose a single vote.

We have the same paradox in Kenya, where much as Raila Odinga is loved across the country, he has diehard critics who hate him. In the same vein, much as Uhuru Kenyatta has utterly failed as President, he has supporters who praise him, and cannot wait to hear he has rigged himself back to power.

It’s hard to know in concrete numbers how much support each has, and all the major pollsters are dismissed as bought and paid for, so their numbers don’t tell us much.

It’s clear, however, Jubilee is losing ground in a number of counties they were hoping to capture and that’s why they’ve been camping there. But their efforts have been met with great resistance, owing to the better job NASA has done reminding voters who’s responsible for their suffering.

That’s the case NASA is making.

Jubilee, on its part, keeps launching and relaunching old projects and pointing to them as their success stories, when they’re not busy siphoning to themselves and their cronies funds intended for these very initiatives. There’s another reason why the Tyranny of Numbers this time favours NASA and not UhuRuto besides the record they cannot defend, and that is NASA’s change message and, more specifically, its believable message of hope and change. The simple question is, who would 50%+1 of voters going to the poll on 8/8 believe?

The odds are it’ll be Raila, owing to one overriding reason — it is far more believable Raila and NASA can deliver on the things they say they want to do, than it is believing Uhuru because Jubilee have a record of failure against which they will be judged.

Rather, the task for both sides is to make sure as near to 100 per cent of their supporters get out and vote.

With people suffering from hunger and poverty, that task will be far much easier for NASA and, were that to be the case and the majority of those genuinely voting vote for Raila, Uhuru will be defeated. In this case, he should do the honourable thing and accept the verdict of the people and join the following leaders in Africa, who lost and stepped down:

President John Mahama of Ghana; President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria; Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal and Joyce Banda of Malawi.

That’s the class of former presidents Uhuru should want to be associated with, not those dragged from office kicking and screaming such as Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast and Yahya Jammeh of Gambia, among other strongmen of yesteryear who ruled their oppressed masses with an iron fist, and have only the endless suffering of their people and deaths as their legacy.

It’s an easy decision and we hope and pray that voters show up and vote in masses for Raila because failure to do so would be giving Jubilee an opening to rig. Voting in masses for Raila will deny Jubilee the opportunity to do so.

May we have a fair and peaceful election, and may the candidate who garners the makority of the majority of the votes genuinely cast be sworn as our next President.

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NASA Statement on Raid on NASA Offices in Nairobi Friday Evening And Appeal to All Regarding Voting


Will repeat this till the last vote is cast: Let not this or any other provocation by Jubilee discourage or deter anyone from doing the only thing that’s going to send Uhuru packing come Tuesday and that is, if you’re a registered voter, just show up and vote on Tuesday; if you’re not registered, take or encourage at least 1 person to vote better yet, take or encourage as many registered voters as you can to go vote on Tuesday for Raila and NASA and let’s all sit back and watch history being made when Raila is sworn as our next president, ushering in a new era of leadership and governance unlike anything we’ve seen in the past to be continued in 2022 when Raila hands the baton to Kalonzo Musyoka.

The tyranny of numbers is in our favor but that will mean nothing if everyone registered to vote or as near 100% of the registered voters don’t show up to vote in all corners of the country where Raila and NASA have support be it massively as in the case of our strongholds or even deep in Central where the support is scant but every vote count and will definitely count this time around for reasons we can disclose after Raila is elected but this time sworn as our next president.

We pray for peaceful, open and transparent elections come Tuesday.


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Thanking Members of Congress for their Concern for Kenya and Holding Peaceful Elections


Our thanks and appreciation of Representative Eliot L. Engel, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs; Rep. Christopher H. Smith, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations; and Rep. Karen Bass, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations for introducing a resolution urging the Government of Kenya and Kenya’s political parties to respect democratic principles and hold credible, peaceful, and transparent elections [on Tuesday].

The resolution passed.

For Immediate Release
July 17, 2017


Engel Press Office 202-226-9103
Jeff Beck (Smith) 202-225-3765
Zach Seidl (Bass) 202-225-7084


WASHINGTON—Representative Eliot L. Engel, Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs; Rep. Christopher H. Smith, Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations; and Rep. Karen Bass, Ranking Member of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations, have introduced a resolution urging the Government of Kenya and Kenya’s political parties to respect democratic principles and hold credible, peaceful, and transparent elections next month (H.Res.449).

“The United States has long encouraged Kenya’s democratic consolidation, and I commend our Ambassador to Kenya, Bob Godec, for his work on this issue the past five years. However, with Kenya’s elections less than a month away, I’m concerned by reports of delays in preparation and the fact that there may be insufficient time to test critical voting equipment. These types of delays contribute to an environment in which the credibility of the polls could be at question,” said Rep. Engel. “We’re introducing this resolution because we consider Kenya a key strategic partner for the United States and because the potential for these elections to have far-reaching implications across the continent.”

“Kenya has had two consecutive national elections–2007 and 2013–each of which has been marked by questionable results and violent aftermaths. We call on the ruling party, opposition parties and the election commission to work to ensure that the election this August is transparent. This will enable the people to participate in a free and fair process that allows them to have confidence in the accuracy of the results.” said Rep. Smith.

“As Kenya sets to hold its presidential elections next month, it is important that Congress stresses the necessity of transparent, free and fair procedure for the Kenyan government and election officials. These elections present an opportunity for Kenya to work responsibly to mitigate violence and they also offer the country a chance to serve as an example for others in the region. I’m proud to support this important resolution and urge my colleagues to do so as well.” said Rep. Karen Bass.


Kenya is a key partner for the United States – both to promote regional security and as a hub for humanitarian assistance, finance, and transportation. Kenya will hold general elections on August 8, 2017. In light of Kenya’s recent history of contentious elections, this resolution urges the country to hold credible, peaceful, free and fair elections, and calls upon Kenyan citizens to resolve any disputes through the legal system. This resolution also supports the assistance provided by the State Department and USAID for election-related preparations, as the United States is the largest bilateral donor to Kenya’s electoral process. In addition, this resolution encourages the role that Kenyan civil society organizations have played to ensure a peaceful pre- and post-election environment and by providing critical early warning and response measures to mitigate election-related violence.

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Good News Regarding 2017 Elections in Kenya

Kenya Flag3

I learned something this evening leading me to believe we’ll have peaceful elections on Tuesday and the winner will be sworn as our next president.

The odds of that not happening are slim to none if Jubilee has the same information, which I believe they do.

Note when I say Jubilee, there’s a recognition the alliance is divided into 3 factions lets call them JA, JB and JC. This is more or less the same thing we had with the Kanu A and Kanu B factions back in the day. Same concept, different players except some of the characters are the same.

JA is UK hardcore. This is the group that wants Uhuru and Jubilee back in power at any price and by all means, including violence the international community can tolerate and believe it or not, they have put a number of deaths and value of destruction of property that would entail. That comes from a credible source I have no reason to believe she made that up, unless she’s being fed disinformation by her own source, which is entirely possible but I doubt.

JB are the rational moderates among whom you’ll find many from the business community. While this group prefers Uhuru and Jubilee over Raila and NASA, they wouldn’t mind Raila serving as president. In fact, some of them are publicly against him but privately assure him they’re be right there backing him up if he’s sworn as president, which is ironical because by then he wouldn’t need them but the converse is not true.

JC is the dreamy Team Ruto22 or RX22. This faction’s only agenda is to figure how to have Ruto elected president in 2022 election of Uhuru is secondary. In fact, it would better for them if Uhuru loses than having Uhuru in place to anoint someone who those who make it possible, i.e., JA want and that won’t be Ruto.

Then there’s the JCAMS who are the freelancers in Jubilee who owe no particular allegiance to any of the groups and freely associate with all of them but among them are your classic chameleons and thus the acronym.

An interesting question is where is Uhuru in all of this and my hunch is in none of them. Uhuru will do and side with the group he feels compelled at the moment and depending on the circumstances but don’t confuse that for being a JCAM as the motives are different and born out of necessity.

Thus, if on Tuesday certain conditions are in place, which Uhuru would know correspond to the information I am referring to, he’ll cut loose and not do as JB would want and that’s why this is good news because I believe those conditions will be present.

If they’re not present, Uhuru will be our next president even with the help of some rigging and I’ll be the first one to accept the fact key here is the presence of these conditions not the absence of rigging.

However, and not to be misinterpreted or misunderstood, I feel strongly that those conditions would be present and therefore the reason I believe we’ll have fair, transparent and peaceful elections.

So, people, go vote come Tuesday. If you can’t because you’re not registered, take someone who’s registered to vote or provide fare. If you can’t do either on the ground, reach out to family and friends by any and all means possible.

Let my hunch and believe based on this information come to pass by the grace of God.

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IEBC Suspected Mischief with Printed Ballots


Math and numbers is something I try to avoid as much as possible but I rely on those gifted in the field unless it’s basic Math.

Someone has done and shared the following analysis regarding mischief likely afoot in connection with the number of printed ballots IEBC says are on the way for the elections:

Copied….Is this how peace loving Kenyans are being fooled? Take a moment and go through this keenly….

I know l may not be that good in mathematics but the little l know can help me kuhesabu pesa na vitu kama kura za baba. Now, let’s all take a moment and zoom in our microscope to what IEBC presented to Kenyans today (through their twitter handle) about the printed ballot papers which will arrive in the country on 31st and 1st.

They said 20,818,000 ( about 20.8 million) ballot papers which include 1% will be in Kenya in the next few hours / days. The additional 1% they said will cater for spoilt ballots before voting.

Now, down to maths…

Total number of registered voters – 19,611,423

Total number of ballot papers printed by IEBC -19,611,423 +1%

Which comes to 101% x 19,611,423 = 19,807,537.23

Rounded off to 19,807,537.

Now, They printed 20,818,00 and said that’s inclusive of 1%.

1% of what? l want to believe they talked about 1% of total registered voters. Ama?
What is 1% of 19,611,423?

19,611,423 x 1 / 100 = 196,114

1% of 19,611,423 is 196,114

Look at this keenly….

The difference of IEBC figure of printed ballot papers and the total number of registered voters is :

20,818,000 – 19,611,423 =


Is that the 1% of registered voters we were told?

Let’s see the difference:

1,206,577 – 196,114 =


So, it’s clear we have a mysterious 1,010,462 extra votes coz 1% of total number of registered voters is just 196,114. Ama mimi ndio sijui hii hesabu?

What explanation can peace loving Kenyans get about the 1 million plus extra votes if the 1% of total number of registered voters is just 196,114?

Baba tuko macho hadi nane nane. Onge ringo wan kodgi nyaka giko.

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NASA Statement on Evidence of Rigging Plot and Scheming By Uhuru and Jubilee

Praying for our beloved country and for God to open the eyes and hearts of those in denial or perfectly willing to accept Uhuru and Jubilee’s wicked plans to yet again rig elections so they can cling to power and continue to loot with predictable outcome and that is bloodshed, destruction of property and death unlike anything we suffered in 2008.
Full NASA Press Release on this:
WE have called you today to alert you to one of the gravest developments in the history of our country. We have received damning information and concrete evidence of an audacious plan that the Jubilee administration and the top military commanders have put in place to use force to subvert next month’s election with a rigged outcome.
The plan is to hand over power to Uhuru Kenyatta by completely illicit and unconstitutional means. Every aspect of the elaborate democratic polling system that has been put in place over the last four years will be undermined and a military operation conducted to deliver the presidency to Uhuru.
Jubilee has clearly recognized – and been so informed by NSIS – that it is headed for defeat after a disastrous four years in which the vast majority of Kenyans have suffered unprecedented deprivation and hardships. But determined to stay in power, it has enlisted what is referred in documents which detail the anti-democratic plot to use loyal officers by “tribe” and who “regime friendly” to subvert this election.
The plans include cutting of power and water and then militarily isolating settlements such as Mathare and Kibra on election day, possibly on the pretext of containing the spread of the cholera.
We are presenting here the evidence of the mobilization, coordination going on to have the military install Uhuru as president in August.
The documents indicate that very large numbers of officers and soldiers will be participating in the plot. Also included will 226 new soldiers, being trained at Mariakani Barracks to be deployed on this mission. The new soldiers don’t have networks in the military. Because they are new, they will readily take any orders, and at the same time cannot be identified, nor can they communicate with other soldiers who might not be privy to the plot and would opposed to it.
The soldiers are being trained on how to cut off power and water in Kibera and Mathare slums and keep people out of city centre.
They are planning to transport ballot papers to rural areas, code named Special Transit Goods or STG.
They will register telephone lines in the names of dead soldiers.
They are tasking engineers to provide military points of contact in central Kenya region.
Those military contacts are provided in a letter, numbered 4, as follows:
1.   The overall military contact person for Central Region is given as Col J.A Ouda of tel 0727944027.
2.   For Kiambu County is Lt. Col VN Mburu o number 0724600594.
3.   Muranga is under Maj VM Gitonga tel 0727713155.
4.   Kirinyaga is under PN Njenga 0726007555.
5.   Nyeri is under Lt Col. Masai tel 0722 917591
Central Kenya is crucial to this operation, which will drive out NASA agents in order to announce near 100 % votes for Uhuru.
They are developing both air and land emergency evacuation and humanitarian support.
To actualize these goals, a meeting is going on today whose theme is”Pro-activity in mission planning and delivery.” The entire meeting is devoted to issues dealing with the election which the military has no legal right to be involved in.
The agenda items include “Election Scenarios and Legal Implications.” There is also a sinister references to “Command Experiences in Amisom – Strengths and Weaknesses.” Amisom refers to the AU mission in Somalia under which our armed forces have obtained their only real experience in fierce war and combat.
The military is specifically being asked to deliver election to jubilee.
The soldiers being deployed are required to be Regime Friendly (RF) an from the correct tribe (TB).
A team of 1+12, meaning command and 12 fighters are the ones to be given lines to be registered in the names of dead soldiers.
They will have power line termination tools and Power Saw.
On completion of the tasks, these soldiers will be deployed on special missions probably outside the country to ensure they cut contacts and their accounts credited with money.
These soldiers are to be supplied with equipment spelt out in document number 6. The equipment includes:
1.   Land Cruiser closed-signal Frequency Jammers.
2.   Electric Shock flexible baton.
3.   Stun gun
4.   Hammers
5.   Power saw
6.   Metal steel cutters
7.   50 riot clubs and whips to each.
For some time now, we have been saying that President Uhuru Kenyatta is planning to overthrow the constitution and use the military to rig himself back in office after realizing he has lost the August elections. We underestimated the scope of that dastardly threat which we have now revealed.
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