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Chief Justice David Maraga and what lies in wait


In CJ David Maraga and what lies in wait…I share my thoughts on what I believe the most important task for the CJ will be as he assumes office as our next and new Chief Justice and how how he handles that task will define his legacy while at the same time offering evidence of whether or not we finally have a truly independent judiciary that can be counted on to render judicial judgments and decisions based on facts and the law.


We are now coming up to the next general election and one can be as sure of two things as sure as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west and these are: (1) there will be election fraud and (2) the losing candidate other than the sitting president will file a petition to challenge the results.

This means, like now retired Chief Justice Willy Mutunga before him, Justice David Maraga will as our new Chief Justice have as the biggest test and therefore definition of his legacy how he handles the surely to come petition challenging the election of president in 2017.

That may be how the former Chief Justice [Willy Mutunga] wishes to be remembered but its more convincing that Mutunga will be remembered as the Chief Justice who presided over the worst decision in our country’s history and one need not be reminded what that decision was.

For more, follow the link above to the column in the Star.

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