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Kethi Kilonzo’s Case and Justice In Kenya Today


There is no doubt in anyone’s mind who’s serious and objective that Justice Isaac Lenaola would have made a superb Chief Justice far much better than Mutunga.

That having not happened, we’re still lucky to have him and a few others like him at the bench for as I have previously stared, it’s justices like Lenaola who’ll save the court from the embarrassing and intellectually shallow decision in the Raila and AfriCog petitions which unavoidably equally badly reflects on the judiciary as a whole in as far as its image as one undergoing reform is concerned.

It’s significant that, while asking the Supreme Court to appoint a panel to hear Kethi Kilonzo’s appeal, Justice Lenaola asked not to be appointed to the panel.

I have my suspicion as to why let me just say it goes to show the justice’s foresight and Solomonic wisdom which augers well with his formidable intellectualism.

Wise move, Justice.

Now, is there any significance to the fact that CJ Mutunga appointed a panel from Jubilee stronghold to hear Kethi’s case?

Let’s all give them the benefit of doubt and condemn them only if they give us reason to remove the doubt.


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