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Kenyan Somali Elite Have Squandered Their Goodwill

IEBC-Boundaries_HassanIn Kenyan Somali Elite Have Squandered Their Goodwill published in the Star today, I point out this obvious development thanks to the likes of Isaac Hassan, namely that contrary to the bill of goods we were sold and not without some good faith and or justification by some of those who helped in the sale the now bogus notion that the Somali elite were different and could be trusted to manage our elections with neutrality and adherence to the constitution and law.

Hassan has no doubt proven proven Kenyan Somali elite are no different from those from other communities when it comes to incompetence, corruptibility and absence of neutrality, transparency and fairness in voting and ditto for everything else for that matter.


Hassan in conducting an election that was a photocopy of the bungled 2007 elections has removed any lingering doubt that the Kenyan Somali community is different from any other when it comes to matters tribal.

The notion that picking someone from that community would bring neutrality and fairness in the electoral process was therefore, in hindsight, a sham. A very good one for that matter.

No sooner had Hassan been appointed than the wheels of injustice started rolling and along with that disappeared any chance that we could have credible elections.

The tell-tale signs were there and many, including this writer, warned that the IEBC was compromised but we were assured by none other than Raila himself that all was well and that IBEC will follow through with good elections.

It’s one assurance one can be sure Raila would like to take back.

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