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Kibaki Is About To Flip Us All The Finger Again

According to the Standard Online, the deadline for appointing commissioners of the new and revamped national anti-graft body, EACC, has passed without the appointments being made because the principals cannot agree on who should head the body between two top candidates shortlisted for the chairmanship.

The two are said to be former Law Society of Kenya chairman who also served in the KACC Advisory Board, Erick Okong’o Omogeni, and Mumo Matemu who is a former commissioner at the Kenya Revenue Authority and chaired the Task Force on dual citizenship.

According to the paper, Kibaki wants Prof Matemu to take over EACC, while the PM prefers Mr Omogeni to head the body.

During the vetting process, Omogeni scored the highest at 81.7 points, followed by Matemu with 78.4 points.

Mogeni should therefore in my view be appointed as chairman of the body if merit means anything.

I cannot see any overriding interest to overlook the fact that Mogeni came up on top after shortlisting and interview other than Kibaki yet again trying to muscle his way into getting something he should not good only for his personal and narrow political interests not in the national interest.

Indeed, I find it interesting when the Standard says that “sources familiar with the standoff say the two leaders would compromise by way of one being allowed to pick the chairman and the other the deputy.”

That’s not a compromise unless Kibaki relents and lets Raila have his choice; having it the other way around would not be a compromise but yet again another flip of the finger at all of us by Kibaki as he did with the appointment of Prof. Githu Muigai as our AG. See my blog The Meaning of Kibaki’s Appointment of Githu Muigai As Attorney General for more about how Kibaki flipped us the middle finger.

Let us hope not again.

Peace, Unity and Progress


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