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New K24 Show Hosted By Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange: Ladies and Gentlemen. K24 has been accused of being an Uhuru Kenyatta mouthpiece. I reject this accusation as I strongly as one can. K24 is about examining political issues of the day and what our leaders from across the board are saying or doing about them.

K24 is impartial and balanced in its programming and its not our policy to slant coverage in favor of any one person or any tribe for that matter.

Today, we are launching a new program “Face the Nation” a show like no other you have seen (other than the Bench) bringing you issues you want addressed as our viewers and to kick us off, our first show is about the 47th County, Nairobi, what issues the county faces and who should be elected as governor to tackle them.

Our guests are two Kikuyus vying for governorship of Nairobi County and the Chairman of SONU, who happens to be a Luo but we have him here to fend off any charges we are an anti-Luo joint–never mind I won’t be asking him much as I showcase our preferred candidate for the office and more so my good friend KK.

End Intro.


Another good idea by Jeff Koinange and perfect to accomplish the stations known objective. I’ll be curious to know, though, why he picked the title of the show identical to CBS’ Face the Nation of the US but that’s neither here nor there.

In substance, a good first show as the show, did, in fact, address pertinent issues affecting Nairobi County that its first governor must tackle upon being sworn and with no time to waste.

Beyond that, it remains to be seen what JK has in store for us in terms of his agenda and invited guests and analysts/ commentators.

It will be a great show if JK were to be a disinterested host interested only on the issues and not the promotion of the individuals he parades through the show or their allies–a feat I would nominate him for every possible prestigious journalism award–even the Nobel Prize, why not; for that would be a feat that would defy everything we know including the not so-hidden agenda of K24!

I can think of 5 good business reasons and 3 political reasons why it would be in K24’s interest to have such an objective show as opposed to a predictable and slanted one as yours truly suspects this one will likely turn out to be if the tell tales tell us anything.

***The Intro is a parody***


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