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Too Late for Uhuru to Compensate Kisii IDPs


My Star column this weekend:

Barely a week before the November 8 election in the United States, Hillary Clinton suddenly realised a number of states that were previously safely in the Democratic Party basket could no longer be counted on.

This was a period she was facing an onslaught from her then opponent Donald Trump, with his appeal to American nativism, waging a campaign entirely based on lies and false promises.

One of these states was Michigan, where Hillary was forced to make a last-minute campaign appearance a day before the poll. As things would turn out, her appearance was too little too late to make any difference.

Had Clinton known the majority of voters in this usually friendly state for Democrats were ready to abandon the Democrats’ camp and vote Republican, she would have gone there much earlier in her campaigns: She didn’t. As a result, she paid dearly by losing in the state, which contributed to her losing the election.

President Uhuru Kenyatta faces the same situation and, therefore, will lose for exactly the same reason: That is waiting until it’s too late to address the needs of the voters in a county where he must get the same or more votes than he received in 2013, if he is to win on August 8. He has, however, done the opposite.

We’re talking about the county of Kisii. Like all Kenyans, voters in the Gusii region expected the President to deliver on his grandiose promises made ahead of the 2013 election.

Like a section of Kenyans, Gusii voters are disappointed that President Uhuru and his government have failed to deliver on these promises, and they’re too smart to be fooled with the gimmickry engaged in, trying to fool voters about what the government has done or is about to do.

We’re all too familiar with the many Kibaki-Raila era initiated or planned projects that Uhuru has been going around the country taking credit for as Jubilee when, in fact, they’re not: They’re only implementing what was placed in the pipeline by the Kibaki-Raila administration and even there, the poor pace of implementation is overshadowed by the wanton corruption bedeviling each of these projects.

The voters in Gusii are angry at the President for ignoring the needs of all IDPs from the area much as he ignored IDPs from other areas all these years in power — favouring those from his community and those from Deputy President William Ruto’s backyard, who were prioritised in the compensation plan. This is both indefensible and shameful.

Like Clinton, Uhuru has realised at the very last minute that the Gusii IDPs he has ignored all this time needed his attention, and he rushed there to give them long overdue compensation.

As was the case for Clinton, this, too, will be proven to be too little, too late for a number of reasons.

​First, Uhuru made the announcement no different than President Daniel Moi’s famous roadside giveaways intended to buy votes, which Kibaki perfected. But in Uhuru’s case, he’s not owed a thank you, let alone votes for doing something the government was obligated to do years ago.

Second, the fact Uhuru and Ruto made sure only IDPs from “their people” were compensated handsomely and timely compared to this last-minute scramble to get votes is another reason the duo must be booted from office not just by Gusii voters, but by all who care about our oneness as a nation bila ukabila (without tribalism) and related vices such as this, where those who rig themselves into government use the same institution to only benefit their tribes.

Third, there’s no justification whatsoever why IDPs from Central and the Rift Valley can be given nearly double what the IDPs in Gusii are being promised or given.

Last but not least, change is long overdue and the way to express one’s anger against those in elective office, who don’t respect you or don’t care about your needs as an individual or as a group, is to boot them out of office, notwithstanding these last-minute Hail Marys.

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Jubilee Has Unwittingly Made Joho Popular

Hassan Joho1

In Jubilee Has Unwittingly Made Joho Popular, I make the case why.

And now the oped in its entirety:

Ask anyone, other than a Donald Trump sycophant or hapless partisan Republican, and they will tell you that the 46th US President is the most ill-prepared to occupy that office.

His bungling of the first major Executive Order, and, most recently, the spectacular failure of the “repeal and replace” Obamacare, are just but two examples that show why it’s a bad idea to elect anyone to high office with such dearth of knowledge and hapless leadership skills.

That doesn’t mean the man is uneducated: He did obtain an undergraduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania before his father gave him money and sent him off to real the estate investment business, where he did quite well.

The point here is that, as a leader, there is no correlation between education and performance or success in business for that matter. Just as you have dimwits who plough their way to high office at the expense of well-educated leaders, who can’t match their ill-gotten wealth they use to get power. You end up having well-educated individuals trying to outdo the dimwits in their incompetence in managing the affairs of the big office.

On the other hand, history is replete with examples of individuals, who had only minimal education or were otherwise poorly educated but went on to accomplish great things in life. B ut, to be sure, those are obviously exceptions than the norm, which leads to the question, why did the framers of our 2010 Constitution introduce academic requirements for holding public office?

The answer was obviously an attempt to prevent rich but illiterate people from dominating elective politics as they had since Independence Unfortunately, this has led to the increase of fake academic certificates by politicians, using them to gain office, without necessarily changing the overall quality of leadership.

Jubilee is now attempting to use the education requirement, in a classic holier-than-thou caes unlike anything we have ever seen before, to try and undermine Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

It is using every state machine simply because the man dared to challenge President Uhuru Kenyatta, and his failure to provide leadership not just for the Coast people, but everywhere else across the country.

One of the fronts Jubilee is attacking Joho on is using the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, an agency previously mostly known for investigating though not resolving serious crimes, to validate the bogus claim that Joho presented fake documents for admission to university and to get other certificates of higher learning.

The governor confirmed to this writer and others that his academic credentials are not fake and dismissed the fake documents talk about him tas a desperate move by Jubilee to cripple him politically.

What they don’t know is that in doing so, his popularity in Coast soars and now, thanks to this onslaught, suddenly the making of a force to reckon with not just in Coast, but across the country.

Put in another way, Jubilee is going to these extremes to counter Joho’s growing influence and his standing up against the President, not because it’s a wise strategy, but because they’re not used to dealing with a fearless person who doesn’t crumble at the unleashing of state machine against him, or one who’s ironclad against all forms of bribery directed at him to abandon his vision and people-centered politics.

Joho is not alone in this for we have had a number of fearless leaders in this country, who have challenged and in the end won against the powers that be, starting from the man Joho calls his mentor, Opposition chief Raila Odinga.

“I am ready to be punished politically,” declared Joho in the face of all this intimidation.

That’s the making of a force to reckon with and none other than Jubilee takes a lion’s share of this good news that seals the fate of Jubilee in Coast and, indeed, the rest of the country. Other leaders will certainly be inspired and do what the Mombasa governor has done, and that’s telling Jubilee, your days are numbered!

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