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Remembering Hon. John Michuki

Standard Online

I was very saddened to hear about the passing of Hon. Michuki. In a comment posted on Standard Online, I noted the following: “Now passes on a man who embodied all that is great in public service and the ingenuity of leadership for the benefit of a nation without putting ego or self first. The Bible tells us all have sinned but in the passing of this great man, let’s remember him for the great things he did in life and contributions to our country’s continued struggle to find home to itself. May he rest in peace.”

As we remember him, I recall the last time I saw him was in New York last year and sitting next to him at a dinner involving others as well and after glancing at the menu briefly, he looked at me, grinning and asked that I suggest what he should have.

Now, here is this Mzee giving me this heavy responsibility but I happily obliged albeit nervously so, wondering if he would take one bite and send me scrambling to fetch him nyama choma.

Fortunately, he liked it and as we left after that long dinner, he invited me to visit him when next in Nairobi. Unfortunately, that did not materialize as he was out of the country when I next came to Nairobi but was planning to do so the next time; a meeting which sadly now will not be.

As I have seen someone say elsewhere on the Internet, he will be remembered for many good and bad things but I will always remember him for the good things.

My heartfelt condolences to his family and again may he RIP.


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