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My Response and Thoughts On Land Policy Reform and IDP Resettlement II

As I sit here reading and reflecting on this issue on this Sabbath Day, I am seeing three solutions to this highly charged, thorny and complex issue of land and IDPs in Kenya: First, the IDPs should be resettled to the very places from where they were chased or run away from and do so for as many of them as can prove they actually did live and had a livelihood there. A new law should be passed to facilitate this, thus, if you were previously homeless but are now comfortably living in an IDP’s home and operating another IDPs kiosk as your own, it is time to get back to being homeless or finding another solution to your previous problems.

Second, if IDPs must be resettled elsewhere, then a law to provide for such resettlement must be passed to include among other things, making resettled IDPs under it ineligible to vote in those areas until at least after the next election circle or after there has been a complete re-examination of our land policy to ensure equity and fairness for as close to all as possible, whichever occurs first.

Three, a special land reform assembly must be constituted to address the question of land policy reform. This assembly should be comprised of elected leaders from each tribal area (and this is about the only time you’ll hear me suggest tribal consideration as a factor), so an assembly of approximately 40 members with an eminent non-Kenyan as its President (Kofi Annan or someone similar comes to mind) with a deputy elected by a super-majority of the members.

Parliament shall implement whatever recommendations the Special Assembly on Land Reform comes up with without delay, debate or amendment.

Maoni yangu tu.

Peace, Love and Unity.

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My Response and Thoughts on Land Policy and IDP Resettlement

I have said this so many times, my lips are tired.

I have typed this so many times, my fingers are tired and sore.

But I do it again here because it is important I say this to you, if you have never heard me or anyone say it.

This so much bent anger on land and IDP resettlement is not going to take us as a country anywhere; but anger or no anger, it’s is extremely naive to say one tribe will cling to power no matter what.

What we need in Kenya now and to the future, is all Kenyans to learn to love and live with each other in peace despite the wrongs of the past, which cannot all be cured.

PEV happened. Rwanda, from where hails my wife, had over 20% of its population, close to 1 million people hacked and butchered to death in 94 in less than 90 days.

Yes, over 1000 Kenyans lost their lives; Kenyans, not Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Kisiis, etc. The moment we accept this as the proper description, the far more we’ll go in this.

Yes, over 300,000 Kenyans are still in camps having fled their homes during the violence, again, these are Kenyans, not Kikuyus, Kalenjins, Kisiis, etc; just Kenyans.

But in context, this is not a problem we as Kenyans cannot resolve, if we are governed and guided by the principles of love for one another, which we are capable of.

Or to put it differently, the IDP issue is a symptom of an even larger problem we are not addressing which has to ultimately be addressed to bring all this to a close

And that is, Land Policy Reform. Hailing from Gusii as I do, I have over the years seen generational curving up of land parcels consistent with custom literally to pieces.

I told someone a long time ago that this land is going to be chopped into pieces people will start chopping themselves into pieces over it and its already happening.

So, my brother, take a deep breath, let’s come together and find common ground to address this complex issue without calling others haters when they call you the same.

Unfortunately, I do not see anything being done about this until after the elections which, if people rise above tribalism and elect a president based on leadership ability,

Then there is nothing we cannot tackle successfully as a nation, including land issues as long as those who lose accept and join with the winners to do just that.

This is not an impossible dream or wish; it’s quite the contrary very easy to achieve if people just learn to love one another and drop the hate, which is not a trait.

In the same vein, I have made the case and will continue to make the case on this blog and elsewhere that PEV does not belong in the Hague; let’s bring it back home.

And deal with it effectively and permanently.

More about this soon.

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