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Trump Is A Danger to Our National Security and November Stakes Couldn’t Be Any Greater


On any given day prior to Trumpianism descending on this country, this incredibly sourced story by the New York Times would have had the subject president packing and out of White House as president.

We are in the accidental 4-year presidency of the accidental President Donald J Trump so the story lands to a cacophony of noises that constitute the Trump presidency and in a sea of drama and antics involving Trump the press and social media can hardly catch-up, let alone dwell on any for any length of time before moving to the next drama.

Some of these dramas are delivering real harm to the country that may be irreparable, while others are pointing to something more gloomy, if not worse such as Trump’s announcement that he is going to Kenosha [to incite violence].

It’s a long article but here is the short of it: Then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein prevented David Mueller from investigating Trump and his personal connections in Russia, including women that were deemed by leaders in the Intelligence Community to be a threat to national security.

Indeed, this was the basis for appointing Special Counsel David Mueller to investigate but it is now coming out that Mueller was, in fact, hamstrung and not allowed to fully investigate Trump.

It therefore may still be the case that Trump is compromised as was previously suspected and his open adoration of Putin, his peddling Putin’s talking points on Russia’s intervention in US elections in 2016 and in direct contradiction of our own US intelligence services, his refusal to take any action against Russia for their offering bounties to kill American soldiers all point to Trump being compromised.

Again, no other president serving at anytime before Trump would have survived such a suspicion without a full-blown investigation and likely being hounded out of office by it, even if not much was established, especially if voters were given the opportunity to be heard as will be the case come this November.

However, these are strange times, indeed, not just because of the pandemic that is still raging on, but Trumpianism which predates it.

Trump’s cult-like followers may not give a hoot and would be just fine even if Trump outright gave away American top secrets to the Russians but my belief is there are sound, rational independent minded Republicans and others who are not Democrats that will say this is where a line is crossed beyond which they cannot be behind Trump.

Those are the voters who shall help make a difference come November 3rd.

The good news is they are there and coming out publicly in increasing numbers and their influence is already being felt, at least in helping those sitting on the fence to come to grips as to how crucial this election is unlike all others before.

Some of the groups organizing these voters and channeling their financial and strategic assistance to the Biden/Harris campaign include:

The Lincoln Project

Bush W Alumni for Biden

Republican Voters Against Trump

The people behind each one of these groups are American patriots putting country first, not party and certainly not the cult leader many are wont to do for no rational reason other than their own, myopic reasons and those who offer appointment of judges, moving US embassy to Jerusalem and the like are just as lethal to the health of the nation as are these cult-followers who have no reason at all other than sheer admiration of the man—something we’re accustomed to see among cults and despotic regimes such as North Korea.

These are the people that must be defeated come November 3rd lest they fully usher in a dictatorship no less despotic than that of Kim Jung Un.

Think about it this way:

When Trump was impeached by the House, his enablers in the Senate aka Republican senators gave him a pass that has emboldened him to engage in even more lawlessness and abuse of office than he had previously this time affirmatively using his enormous office to thwart effort to end the pandemic, leading to now nearly 200,000 deaths, many who no doubt would be alive but for Trump’s failed efforts to lead in combating the pandemic, when he is not busy undermining other’s efforts, including his own government’s experts.

It is said every election is crucial.

This election is more crucial than all others before.

It will be an election to determine whether we have an America as we used to know it before Trump burst into the national picture as the accidental president he is, or one we will not recognize, let alone want to live under its totalitarianism that’s certain to ensue were people not to wake up and stop this man.

My faith and belief is the alliance of Democrats, Independents and Republicans who still hold dear American ideals that are under assault will combine forces to defeat Trump.

The stakes couldn’t be greater for those who truly love and appreciate the uniqueness of this country that has at least for decades striven to be a better union and made great strides in that direction until Trump burst into the scene riding on racism to stir and rubble up it ugliness she was so desperately trying to put in the long past.

These dark forces must be beaten back to wherever they resided before the accidental 4-year age of Trump.

This is our moment to do just that so, register to vote, if you have not and, more importantly, VOTE!

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Trump is Down, But Not Out!


If you are like millions of others who want the Trump nightmare over like yesterday, you feel good about where things stand right now, given Biden is ahead in all polls, including comfortably so in key battleground states.

You also have a sick feeling, knowing what happened in 2016. 

As I have been saying and continue to say, the dynamics are significantly different enough to avoid a repeat. For one, Biden does not have the baggage Hillary had that dragged the ticket down.

Second, Trump now has a record that confirms all the fears and concerns many of us had and shouted to hoarseness only to be drowned by the cacophony of racist noises that ultimately made a difference.

Third, there’s COVID-19 which is still raging. The irony here is had Trump properly and effectively handled response to the pandemic instead of dismissing it and undermining his own government’s experts, he could have easily rode on the success to victory.

He did not and that may be the single most important reason he becomes a failed one term president, worse than any in history.

That being said, it’s important to note Trump is counting on three things to pull off an upset worse from our perspective (those who want him out) than the one he pulled off in 2016:

1. Success in tagging Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris embrace leftist policies, and won’t stand up to the violent excesses of the far left, which is the messaging the campaign is pushing hard and helps explain why Trump is doing even better in some battleground states.

2. Rousing white working class voters who did not vote in 2016 to come out and vote in large numbers come November 3rd.

3. A leveling or beginning to level curve on coronavirus spread by election night, which Trump has a few unethical and even illegal tricks to pull, including announcing availability of unproven vaccine worse than he has already done with hydroxychloroquine and recently plasma treatment both of which are gimmicks.  

Biden’s task is to strategically counter each one of this and I know I speak for everyone who wants this embarrassment of a president booted out of office to say nothing should be left to chance.

Let’s all do everything we can to help make sure #BidenHarris is elected and, most importantly, register to vote, if not yet registered and VOTE!

As one voter nicely summed this on Twitter: Never count Trump out. Never underestimate him. Never let your guard down. We need to keep fighting until the very end. November is still far away.

Far away indeed November is; let’s keep fighting to the very end.

Never count him out. Never underestimate him. Never let your guard down. We need to keep fighting until the very end. November is still far away.

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