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Raila Should Select The Certified Reformist Gitobu Imanyara As His Running Mate

The Standard Online in a story I cut and paste below has joined others in speculating that Raila may be zeroing in on the Central Imenti MP and certified reformist Hon. Gitobu Imanyara to be his running mate.

This follows Mr. Imanyara’s joining the influential Friends of Raila (FORA) lobby group where he was immediately appointed as deputy patron, a key position in the group and Raila’s reelection campaign.

I am proudly and enthusiastically calling on Raila to make our good friend Imanyara his running mate and end the speculation because Imanyara is not only a true reformist committed to bringing about change in the country much as Raila is, he provides the best option for regional balance without resorting to tribal based arithmetic which those who believe in it would say Raila must pick someone from RV.

As yours truly has been saying on these blogs, Raila is seeking the presidency based on a 47 County Campaign strategy (47CC), which means he will traverse and harvest votes across the country and regardless of what region or tribe because his goal is not only to get more than the requisite majority to be sworn as president but also to be elected with a commanding majority from across the country so that he can bring about the long overdue transformation of our country he has promised.

Hon. Gitobu Imanyara will be an ideal running mate and Deputy President to help him bring about that transformation.

That does not mean there are not others equally impressive and/or qualified as Imanyara who can take the spot as well; there are and I am sure the PM can toss a coin as between and among them and pick one with the same desired outcome of having a credible running mate who can bring about regional balance and as they and ODM go on to sweep the country at the polls.

The only thing I would say is, if one or another is not picked, especially among those others whose names have been recently mentioned as potential picks for running mate such as Henry Kosgey, let them not let that be a reason to slow down or hold back their support because there are many other ways they can contribute and impact in the transformation of the country working with Raila, if Kenyans give him the nod again as they did before but was prevented from being sworn as president.

Indeed, with the selection of Imanyara and the ongoing and steady regaining of lost ground in RV, this election maybe a repeat of 2007 must all of its ugliness, namely, Raila and ODM yet again sweeping the country.

This is because more and more Kenyans are saying enough of mambo ya ukabila, corruption and impunity.

They are also demanding that the constitution be fully implemented and none other than Raila of those out there with a serious shot at the presidency can make the case they can even come remotely close to Raila in fully implementing the constitution while at the same waging and winning a serious fight against corruption and ending impunity.


For the Standard story on Raila and Imanyara, go Standard Online


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