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Claims Hydroxychloroquine Works; Does It?


I have a Greek-American business associate and friend who is 70 yrs old and he and I hardly ever talk about anything other than business.

This morning he called me, which was unusual because we only talk in the afternoon and from the get-go, he was very animated, which was uncharacteristic of him, especially that early in the morning.

My friend was so excited talking and as proof, I have a headache because he was talking so loud and breathlessly so for almost 30 minutes nonstop! Worse, I was in the middle of something and usually I would have told him I will call him back, but I couldn’t in this case as he was just too animated to even find space to say that!

And what was he telling me?

1, that hydroxychloroquine works; 2, all these companies that are racing to find a vaccine don’t want the public to know, 3, Dr. Fauci and others are in it to make money, 4, that this is why Trump has tried to have people take the medicine and (e) as proof the medicine works, friends of his who are a married couple and same age as him (70) had COVID-19 symptoms; they called a doctor who is also a relative and asked what they should do, he said to take hydroxychloroquine but their family doctor told them not to take the medicine.

The wife listened to the first doctor and took the medicine, the husband took the family doctor’s advise and refused to take the medicine.

He died but the wife survived and has recovered.

Now, some of the things my friend was telling me about vaccine race being a race to make a killing I have heard, ditto Dr. Fauci being part of that but I have tended to dismiss all as conspiracy theories not based in any reality.

I have also stayed away from following with any detail all this bombardment with information regarding COVID-19, preferring to just do as the experts say to keep myself and our family safe–and yes, that includes wearing a mask and social distancing.

In fact, my suspicion is even long after COVID-19 is gone, people will not want to be touchy-touchy and breathing and sneezing ovyo ovyo (randomly) in others’ faces!

Be that as it may, my friend was so adamant that I must spread the word about hydroxychloroquine to save lives at least those of family and friends and the way he is breathlessly telling me this, I said I better share this just in case!

He also shared a link to this video by Dr. Zelenko that he insisted I must watch but told him I would have to watch it later as I was and still am very busy.

That being said, FDA cautions against use of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for COVID-19 outside of the hospital setting or a clinical trial due to risk of heart rhythm problems

Disclaimer: I am in no way endorsing or saying hydroxychloroquine is a cure to COVID-19 or that anyone should take it; just sharing the information my friend has asked that I share and as usual, always consult your doctor before taking any medicine.

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