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Why Voters Should Send Uhuru Packing


In my Star oped this week Why Voters Should Send Uhuru Packing, I offer some of the reasons why Uhuru will be a one-term president.


But it wasn’t long after they were sworn in before UhuRuto obviated what many already knew: Their priority number one was to use state resources to thwart and ultimately succeed in walking away from the ICC without convictions, as they eventually did.

So much that for the first two years of the Uhuru presidency, all the focus was on leaving the ICC, when they were not busy filling every possible position in government with their tribesmen and women. They reserved the best positions for their cronies and hangers-on, who in turn made sure they successfully engaged in massive corruption.

And that’s a shame, reason and fact number one that this is a failed government.

To be sure, some of us — and to the chagrin of those with whom we have been in the opposition trenches — rooted for the duo’s success for, after all, we only have one President and one administration at a time and we have, as a country, needs that must be met.

Instead of capitalising on that goodwill and delivering on their promises for the sake of our country, President Kenyatta and Deputy President Ruto squandered it all and, even worse, allowed their cronies to engage in even more corruption, worse than this country has ever endured, which is reason and fact number two why this is a failed government.

There’s not enough time or space here to analyse all the failures of the Jubilee government based strictly on the promises made in their manifesto. They have failed to deliver on those promises, let alone even try, while pretending to launch “new” projects when in reality, they were put in the pipeline by none other than the person who gives them the most shivers.

Suffice it to say, however, that Jubilee has failed to deliver on promises ranging from providing transformational leadership, when they’ve given us worse, to making Kenya safe when, as one blogger put it, “The police have all the weapons and vehicles they need to arrive at a place where it is easy to trample on the rights of the common citizens but not to protect themselves from sporadic al Shabaab attacks and bandits in places such as Suguta Valley and Kapedo.”

From empowering the youth, where the massive looting at NYS tells you all you need to know, to providing food security where, as this same blogger puts it, “people are still dying of hunger in 21st Century Kenya and of all places in Tiaty constituency, where Jubilee reaped 51, 000 votes out of a possible 22,000.”
From a healthy Kenya, in which the doctors’ strike tells you all you need to know to, last but not least, tribalism, which is now worse than ever before.

These are just but a few facts and reasons why the Jubilee government has failed, and which the majority of the voters going to the polls must have in mind in sweeping them out of office come August 8.

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Jubilee Learns Votes Count When Not Stolen


In A Lesson for Jubilee In Vote Counting, I point out in President Uhuru Kenyatta’s defeat in his efforts to have Ambassador Amina Mohamed’s elected as Chairperson of the African Union, Jubilee has learned votes count when not stolen or rigged.


President Donald Trump of the United States has been in office only a few days and thus far he has not disappointed in what many expect of his presidency; total unpredictability and winging of heavy presidential decisions such that the outcome is as wacky and head-scratching as any can be.

Not wanting to have any part of it, Sally Yates, Acting Attorney General and a holdover from the Obama administration, refused to defend President Trump’s controversial order banning entry or reentry of travelers from a number of predominantly Muslim countries.

Trump promptly sacked her and hired a new acting AG who promptly pledged his allegiance to Trump and promised to enforce and defend whatever Trump feels like inflicting on the United States and the rest of the world for that matter.

The latter is plausible but it cannot be the case one can shamelessly defend the indefensible, especially when that which they defend is clearly proscribed under the Constitution and other international laws, norms and practices.

Yet, that’s what this new US AG must do until he’s replaced with his more permanent replacement who awaits confirmation and one who by his prior statements and actions, will be thrilled to defend his master and the new administration’s policies in courts which, going by what’s happened thus far, that’s all he will be doing and nothing else, given the lawsuits already filed to challenge Trump’s actions and the endless ones to follow.

There’s a parallel between this development involving the two acting AGs in the United States and what has happened in our own Ambassador Amina Mohamed.

There’s no question the one and only binding force that brought now President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto together back in 2012, was their facing ICC charges and, more specifically, their mutual interest in being elected so they can use the state machinery to altogether avoid their trials or otherwise to simply thwart the ICC Prosecutors as they successfully did.

It was with that in mind that Uhuru appointed Amina Mohamed, an accomplished lawyer and diplomat even by then.

Up until the ICC cases were dismissed against Uhuru and less so Ruto’s case, Amina spent most of her waking time trying to find ways to get rid of this monkey on the duo’s backs.

Indeed, one can say this was Ambassador Amina’s sole task but, to be fair, one can say she did manage to squeeze in a few other tasks here and there until these cases were dismissed but even in these other work, at the core was a common purpose of getting rid of the cases.

When that task was accomplished, President Uhuru saw it fit to put forth Amina’s name for consideration as AU Chairperson.

For strictly utilitarian reasons, this was a good move but one which begs the philosophical question was Amina’s work for the benefit of the country such that she deserved being rewarded by African leaders as AU’s next Chairperson or for the benefit of two individuals who found themselves hauled before the ICC to answer some very serious charges?

Quite surprisingly, African leaders concluded it was the latter and therefore refused to give the plum job she sought and now Jubilee has tasted the second loss except this time the loss is sustained as it will be come August on account of the power of un-interfered with and unrigged vote.

On the other hand, if, like Yates, Amina had refused to work to dismiss the ICC cases on principle that it was contrary to her role as AG, Uhuru, like Trump, would have fired her promptly but, like Yates, she would be well regarded in history for having stood for the right thing when it came to remaining obedient to the calling of our Constitution.







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Jubilee Election Law Evidence of Rigging


In Jubilee Election Law Evidence of Rigging, I make the case the recent shameless ramming through of new election laws was illadvised and backward.


Japan sits in one of the most earthquake prone regions in the world so after many decades of research, the country now also has the most advanced earthquake early warning system that already prevented widespread injury and saved thousands of lives.

In other words, when the Japanese realized Mother Nature is never going to give them a break from these disastrous earthquakes, they did not throw up their hands in exasperation and say there was nothing they could do; rather, they went to work devising not just early warning technologies but also better building codes to deal with the menace.

Earthquakes are to Japan what rigging is to Kenya so, like the Japanese, the opposition must study the warning signs of rigging and devise ways to counter it as effectively as the Japanese have done to earthquakes.

Jubilee MPs just shamelessly rammed through amendments to the Election Law that are designed to give their party legally sanctioned opportunities to rig.

So, the better response has to be first and foremost the opposition coming together and then formulating a strategy to defeat Jubilee much as was the case in 2002 when the opposition united to defeat Uhuru then who was considered Moi’s project to extend his presidency.

There’s a simple formula for this to be done; reward Raila for his life-long quest to make Kenya a better country by making him the flagbearer for the opposition much as the person he toshad was in 2002 but edge an agreement in stone that his will be a negotiated one term presidency and hand over the mantle to his successor in 2022 who will be nominated by ballot in the new coalition primary election or whoever can convince the other leaders in opposition to endorse him or her.

If that is done, no amount of rigging will keep Jubilee in power beyond 2017.

Saying no amount of rigging will keep Jubilee in power beyond 2017 recognizes in that assessment the presumption that the newly minted Chief Justice David Maraga and a majority of his colleagues like Justice Lenaola who have always demonstrated their soundness in judgment based on fact and law, not emotions or inappropriate influence, will do the right thing and refuse to validate rigged elections where there’s glaring evidence of same presented.

The shameless ramming through of these undemocratic and backward amendments is Exhibit A of that evidence.

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Women In Politics Is Not End of Chivarly


In Women In Politics Not End To Chivalry, make the case just because a woman decides to enter the political arena to vie for public office does not mean that’s the end to chivalry in as far as she is concerned.

Rather, women in politics yes must undergo the normal rough and tumble of political life but in the end they are still women deserving of greater sensitivity and respect than one would expect from one male politician to another.


As father of two teenage girls and a young lad, I have always known before any of them freely breathed on earth how to treat a woman or what to expect from a man is not something a father has to lecture his children about but something he simply has to teach them by example in how he treats their mother; if he ever says anything worth noting about the subject, it’s simply to reinforce the right message he has otherwise conveyed.

On the other hand, there’s the proverbial counsel to young women that if they want to know how a man would treat them in marriage, they first must observe and learn how the man treats his mother.

Thus, where one is raised in a family where the father treats his wife with respect, is never abusive and takes care of the family in every respect, then one can expect a young man emerging from such a household doing the same thing to the women in his life, especially one he takes as his pride.

However, marrying into a good family and having a perfect husband—well, as nearly a perfect husband as one can have is not all a woman would want; rather, the modern woman wants more than just bearing and raising children.

Not too long ago, we witnessed the manifestation of this notion on public TV when a woman candidate for governor was subjected to public humiliation and smear unlike any of her counterparts have ever received in Kenya leading to the question, does one need to be this much uncouth in bringing down his opponent and more so a woman?

The answer is obviously no; one can be critical of a female candidate without getting into the salacious and utterly irrelevant details of the kind we saw valid or not.

Meanwhile, when Mrs. Pasaris was savagely attacked by one of the wishful gubernatorial candidates, one Miguna Miguna, those who like this type of savagery cheered him and were all giddy oblivious of the fact they were cheering their own uncouthness and stupidity.

This is what’s wrong with our politics in Kenya where grown men and women are willing to readily accept mediocrity, incompetence and abhorrent corruption simply because the culprits are fellow tribesmen or those aligned with their tribal party much the same way they cheered Miguna.

Nobody is suggesting that women should be stuffed into positions they don’t want or nominated to legislative office they cannot get elected on their own; rather, where one is qualified to vie as Mrs. Pasaris is, there should be unanimous condemnation of those who would malign and smear a candidate just because she’s a woman.

We should judge and elect our office holders based on their leadership ability and vision not all this other nonsense such as name calling and smearing which has reached toxic levels in the country and doubly so when mixed with tribalism.

We can and must do better.


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Termination of ICC Case Against H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta Good For Our Beloved Country


Termination of the ICC case against H.E. President Uhuru Kenyatta is good for the country for a number of reasons that I have previously articulated as documented below in a series of articles published by the Star.

Now that this chapter of our history is closed, we can focus on the next one and that’s all of us pulling together to make sure there’s continued peace and progress in the country.

I recall just the other day having a conversation on an EK flight from Dubai to Nairobi with someone I met in Business Class who happens to know me very well and I know of him very well even though we had not previously met in person.[An earlier version of this blog stated this happened on a KQ flight from Entebbe to Nairobi but that’s an entirely different conversation with someone else to be the subject of another blog for another day but I have corrected this one for historical accuracy].

What impressed me most is he and his friends who were traveling together and I had a very engaging conversation but none of us cared to know what our tribe or political affiliation was even though by our physical outlook you can eliminate one belonging to this or that tribe (read: not African but Kenyan) but it’s how the conversation occurred and the new friendship that matters.

This can be replicated regardless of tribe or ethnicity or circumstances for that matter and that’s what we all as Kenyans should strive for and that’s being open minded and willing to accept and engage those we don’t readily know for it may turn out it’s someone like this friend had we proceeded without engaging each other, we would never have known we were on the same flight and literally neighbors across the aisle.

Interestingly, this gentleman who I met on the Emirates flight knows very well and is known very well by one of my most vicious haters on these Internets (GW Bush word, not mine)–something we didn’t even waste a second to discuss because it’s not worth it as serious businessmen like this gentleman and adults for that matter know only morons and otherwise not fully mentally grown adults would engage in that kind of vile hatred and attacks of others for no reason–not even political motivation should ever have one stoop that low in expression of the level of vicious hatred and name calling yours truly has been subjected to but nonetheless forgives the tormentors.

Now, if only we can all forgive and move our country forward that would be the greatest gift we can give our beloved country for the benefit of one and all, including those who will be there after we’re all long gone.

And now, a reminder of the reasons why dropping of the ICC cases against our president is good for the country follow the links or if unable google same:

Bring ICC Cases Back Home

The Truth About ICC Cases

Why Uhuru Should Skip ICC Trials

Pursuing ICC Cases Is Counter-Productive

ICC Not Solution To Poll Violence

Raila and Cord Should Support ICC Deferral

Justice For Poll Violence Lies In Kenya

Options Beyond Denial of ICC Deferral

ICC Termination Not Impunity

Why Kenya Is Determined To Stop ICC Cases

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Case ICC Trial Can Now Begin

Why President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Case Won’t Stand

Termination is not vindication of those of us who have been maintaining this position from the very beginning of this [fill the blank what suits you], it’s an affirmation sometimes the right thing is hidden from others until it’s very transparent and no longer opaque.

Peace, Unity and Truth


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Raila and CORD Likely To Support Deferral of ICC


According to the Daily Nation every indication is Raila will lead CORD in supporting Kenya’s latest effort for a deferral of the ICC cases.

This is good development and now we can focus on finding a local solution some of us have been advocating to be compensation for the victims and establishing of a tribunal to among other things bring about truth and reconciliation.

The argument this has not been done before is irrelevant as the question is what can we do from where we are without making things worse or maintaining status quo at best, which means usual politics of destruction.

We’ve got to get past that and set our country on a path of economic and political development and progress that’s eluded us for decades and this is the time to get it right.

Politics shall be for another day.

2017 but what we do today will have a bearing as to that exercise.

Again, Raila and CORD will make the right move in supporting ICC deferral and push for a local solution which I am sure the other side will readily accommodate for the benefit of all.

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Raila and CORD Should Support ICC Deferral


According to the Standard,  former Prime Minister and Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) co-principal Raila Odinga will Tuesday lead emergency talks involving opposition MPs over the ICC.

There is no doubt at the center of these discussions will be the question what position should CORD take relative to the question of whether the ICC process should go forward on the track it’s on or should it be terminated and/or deferred as Uhuru and his deputy and more so Uhuru now seeks.

I am fairly confident the former PM will be under great pressure to call for continuation and conclusion of the ICC process at the Hague but wiser counsel would be for him to lead CORD into taking the position CORD supports termination and/or deferral of the cases as well as finding a local solution that can bring about closure to this tragic chapter of our country’s history.

That will be the right call given all the circumstances and certainly the best in the interest of the country’s unity going forward.

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