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The Death of Belden Ogwoka Nyabuto

Beldin’s Funeral Convoy

I did not know Belden, a 23-year old young Kenyatta University Adventist student from Kisii, Kenya who was also a singer, composer, teacher and choirmaster but I happened to watch his funeral procession (see the link), which caught my attention and am glad I watched it. Belden was driving a car that lost control as he was coming from a funeral and rushing to get to an an afternoon choir session.

I was moved watching the procession, and in particular, the song played as well as some comments I saw in a related video so I decided to share this widely as my way of saying pole (RIP) to his family and also because I was moved by this young man’s character and what he was able to accomplish in his short life.

I am no musician so no idea how to compose music but I have done my best to transcribe the lyrics of the song playin in the funeral procession (see below) to the the best of my ability for the benefit of those who do not speak or understand Swahili and Kisii languages in which the song is sung.

I must say I was moved to near tears in both when I saw the procession and heard this song for the first time and when listening to it again to transcribe it. The Kisii part really got me and the last stance as I am sure it will get anyone who understands the language.

We all get affected by the passing of some of the people we hear they have died that are not relatives or friends. Happens to me from time to time, the most recent one was Herman Cain, but this young man’s death affected me as if he was family.

It is a reminder how life can be fragile and how good people have a way of affecting others no matter how young or old.

By all accounts I have heard heard from some in the throng that came to his funeral, Beldin loved God, was selfless and was always finding ways to encourage his friends who were down or going through difficult times.

In other words, he was being his brother’s keeper as God instructs us all to be in Genesis 4:1-13.

Belden may have died long before he even fully taken off on his life journey, but he lived by this teaching and for this, his legacy will continue to guide many, especially those he knew or touched and certainly those who have witnessed his funeral and heard or seen the accolades that have flowed since his passing.

As a parent, I cannot even begin to imagine the devastation his parents are suffering, let alone everyone else who was friends or knew him.

I pray for you all, and especially his parents and those who loved him for the loss must be painful to bear so may God give you the comfort to cope, knowing as God promises, we shall be reunited with our loved ones gone before us.

And now the translation of the song in video from about 1:00 minute to 6:49 minute; as noted above, I have done my best to transcribe it as singers sometimes swallow words and therefore difficult to know what they said and some words there is just no English translation, and for those, I have in that case used the closest word in meaning:

Swahili part:

We will remember you Belden

We will remember

We will remember our loved one Belden

We will remember you

We will remember you Belden

We will remember you our loved one

Chorus: We will remember you [Solo: Your efforts], we will remember you [Solo: we will remember], we will remember you [Solo: oh, oh oh], our loved one.

Your beautiful voice [Chorus: we will remember]

Your beautiful mercy [Chorus: we will remember]

We will remember [Chorus: we will remember

We will remember

Our loved one.

Kisii part

Death is awful [OMG! I am tearing up!!!]

It has snatched from us a child who was going to save us

A child who we were looking forward and longing for him to wipe our tears; farewell, go well

Your choir will remember you

Your singers will remember you

Your producers will remember you

Our brother Belden

PMs Productions will remember you

Sound King Media will remember you

[Inaudible] Choir will all remember you

Our brother Belden

Star Chorale will remember you (where he was choirmaster and composer)

KU all to remember you (KU is Kenyatta University where Belden was a student)

[Inaudible] singers to remember you

Our brother Belden

We will remember you

You are our own [Choir: we will remember you]

You are one of our singers [Choir: we will remember you]

Your voice [Choir: our loved one]

Song; that song [Chorus: we will remember]

Over coronavirus [Choir: we will remember]

New Solo: [Inaudible] doctors [Choir: we will remember you]

If you give us heart, we will arrive well [Chorus: loved one]

Now you have left us

It is so saddening

[Instruments and wailing by first solo with refrain “we will remember you]

I know I will remember this young man for sure and take his legacy to be a reaffirmation in God, there is nothing but light. Beldine shined because he put God at the center of his life and endeavored to emulate what Jesus modeled for us all.

Many of us are fortunate to have children who live God centered lives and equally endeavor to model what Jesus modeled for us all through teachings and lessons in the Bible. We are thankful and pray for their doing that which God has already put in their paths and to be their brother’s keepers along the way.

We all can and should be our brother’s keeper as Beldin was.

That’s my prayer.


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