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Raila’s Message to Mt. Kenya Regarding BBI

Raila and Central Governors(1)

Raila chairs private meeting with Governors from Central

If you haven’t watched or don’t have the time to watch Raila’s interview with KTN’s Tony Gachoka, I have taken the time to provide the following detailed report of what the handshake co-principal said in this wide-ranging interview to Kenyans in general, but more so to our brothers and sisters in Mt. Kenya region.

In sum, this was a message from Raila to Mt. Kenya folk reminding them BBI is not about him, but about the future of our country. Raila also spoke about ridding our society of hatred and instead learning to forgive one another, especially forgiving those who have wronged us much as Mandela forgave De Clerk and other tormenters and ditto as Raila forgave the late Mzee Moi.

It’s a long report so here are key parts of it, the full report follows.

Raila started off by saying people are obsessed with 2022, but Uhuru and he are focused the Big 4 agenda and making sure BBI is thoroughly examined and then a decision made on the way forward.

Kenya is bigger than 2022; the elections of 2022 will be an event that will come and go.
BBI will be there for ages to come once implemented and becomes law.
For those saying Raila is disrupting Jubilee, that’s just not true because he is not a member of the party, he does not attend their meetings and has his own party to run.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila shook hands because they agree on the way forward as a nation, especially in addressing serious problems that have crippled the country for decades.

The BBI Report is 200 pages; nobody is going to read it in the rural areas and thus the need to hold these conferences, followed by rallies in the regions this is being done.

These are all serious issues affecting each respective region and the affected communities are getting the opportunity to air them.

The process must go on to its logical conclusion and that is the next phase after the conferences and rallies end.

It is also the reason Raila says you can’t stop the Reggae.

Raila made a point to emphasize one can’t control what people have to say once given the opportunity to speak. The man with no shortage of humor noted the Latin expression “in vino veritas,” which means “in wine there’s truth” might help explain some of the objectionable things said at some of the rallies.

Raila said he feels sorry about those people who talk about dynasties because they do so out of ignorance as we have no dynasties in the country.

A dynasty means a system where power is handed down to younger generations on hereditary basis, meaning, following a bloodline.

That has never happened in Kenya and there’s no system or basis for it to happen.

Talking about hustlers, Raila said it’s in the public domain that in 1936, Moi was given a cow to take 100 km to sell in order to pay for school fees and he did that—that’s the original hustler, not the chopper hoping hustlers of today dishing looted money.

Moi came from being a teacher to LEGCO, to being president all by dint of his determined efforts and humility.

Now the hustlers are people who have become billionaires within a short period of time and don’t want you to ask how come but we all know how, said Raila.

Raila noted the cancer of corruption is eating at the fabric of the nation and it is something we must cure.

He wants Ruto to be part of this fight against corruption, rather than being against it while running around the country with bags and bags of money as a Christian.

That’s hogwash, declared Raila.

The interview came to a close with Raila noting it would be nice to have Uhuru at the Meru rally but all is good because the president is on board with him going to the region that is his backyard and it is the president who invited him to go there.

And now the FULL report:

Raila started off by saying people are obsessed with 2022, but Uhuru and he are focused the Big 4 agenda and making sure BBI is thoroughly examined and then a decision made on the way forward.

Kenya is bigger than 2022; the elections of 2022 will be an event that will come and go.

BBI will be there for ages to come once implemented and becomes law.

For those saying Raila is disrupting Jubilee, that’s just not true because he is not a member of the party, he does not attend their meetings and has his own party to run.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila shook hands because they agree on the way forward as a nation, especially in addressing serious problems that have crippled the country for decades.

There are those who are opposing BBI for the sake of opposing.

BBI has not even reached a stage of asking what needs to be done with it; right now, it’s simply an opportunity for Kenyans to air their views on it.

This is a broad discussion of the way forward.

The rallies are tail ends; before each rally, leaders from the region hold a conference to discuss and capture information from participants representing stake holders from the region.

That information is then put into a resolution, which is in turn put into an MoU.

Going to the rally is to obtain ownership of the MoU.

The BBI Report is 200 pages; nobody is going to read it in the rural areas and thus the need to hold these conferences, followed by rallies in the regions this is being done.

As for those seeing mischief in the regional approach, there is no such a thing as mischief or anything other than an effective manner to ensure maximum participation by the public in the deliberative process.

Kenya has regions; you cannot bring people from all of them together in one place and say let’s have a conversation.

That’s why a decision was made to hold regional conferences and rallies.

Each community in the region comes with their concerns, which are duly registered.

For example, in Kisii, the issues raised were about revenue sharing in devolved units, governance, and agriculture. In Kakamega, collapsed industries and economic growth topped the list. In Coast, issue of absentee landlord is big, minerals extraction and benefits to local communities is another big issue, ditto several others that were addressed during the conference and rally there.

In Ukambani issues of draught, hunger and agriculture were dominant.

In Narok historic injustices, land (pastoralism) and education were the dominant issues while in Garissa, education and security were dominant.

These are all serious issues affecting each respective region and the affected communities are getting the opportunity to air them.

The process must go on to its logical conclusion and that is the next phase after the conferences and rallies end.

It is also the reason Raila says you can’t stop the Reggae.

Asked if this message is aimed at Ruto, Raila said not so; Ruto is only one of 47 million Kenyans therefore nothing special about him.

This is a song intended to convey the message to all Kenyans BBI is a train moving to a destination and cannot be stopped on the way.

Raila noted Ruto was first for BBI, now he is opposed.

Asked if it was his plan all along to take BBI nationwide, Raila said there was a taskforce that was formed to address 9 points he and the president agreed must be addressed.

These 9 points must be addressed by the people, not just those in the taskforce.

The taskforce did just that by going and collecting views across the country and handed over the report to the president and Raila at the Bomas of Kenya.

Next step after Bomas was to isolate the issues and determine which needed only administrative action, which needed parliamentary action with presidential assent an which ones require amending the constitution.

This is the step we are in, and the conferences and rallies are designed to collect the needed feedback from the people.

The Steering Committee for BBI is holding townhall meetings where those not coming to rallies can go express their views.

Those not going to the forums have the option to go to the rallies.

Before each rally, there is a delegates meeting at a conference for the region to discuss and prepare an MoU with the help of Steering Committee members who attend the conference.

The MoU is prepared from resolutions of the Conference.

The MoU is then handed over to member of the Steering Committee.

The first thing that is done at each rally, is reading of the resolutions.

After reading the resolutions, the question is put to the crowd and the yeas and nays are taken and a declaration made as to who has the winning vote.

People are then given the opportunity to speak about the resolutions and whatever else that is in their minds.

It is important that people air what is bothering them.

Raila made a point to emphasize one can’t control what people have to say once given the opportunity to speak. The man with no shortage of humor noted the Latin expression “in vino veritas,” which means “in wine there’s truth” might help explain some of the objectionable things said at some of the rallies.

Raila expounded on the phenomenon noting someone would say something mean or hurtful to someone they love in a state of drunkenness and when the alcohol is gone from their bodies, they deny having said or seek forgiveness by the one hurt takes that to be the truth regardless of the excuse or apology because they were saying them from their unguarded conscience.

In the rallies’ context, people get excited by cheering crowds to say things that shouldn’t be said in public akin to someone saying things in the state of drunkenness.

Asked how he feels about those calling him and Uhuru as dynasties that must fall, Raila said ignorance is a disease.

Raila said he feels sorry about those people who talk about dynasties because they do so out of ignorance as we have no dynasties in the country.

A dynasty means a system where power is handed down to younger generations on hereditary basis, meaning, following a bloodline.

That has never happened in Kenya and there’s no system or basis for it to happen.

Instead, we have had leaders who have suffered in their quest to liberate our people and take power from those who did not want to give it up.

Jomo Kenyatta was a meter reader before he went to study abroad and later became leader of the struggle for independence.

He was jailed for 9 years.

He did not inherit power from anyone, let alone a family member.

Jaramogi came from a very poor background and struggled to provide for his family.

Raila has fought his own wars trying to liberate the people of Kenya and nothing has been handed down to him from anyone.

Kenyatta died in 1978 when Uhuru was a small boy and he (Uhuru) did not inherit the presidency, which would have been the case were this a dynasty.

Ditto the Odinga family; Raila did not inherit any hereditary power from Jaramogi when the latter died, so there’s no dynastic relationship to speak of other than by the ignorant.

Reminded that none other than DP William Ruto himself has said Uhuru and Raila are dynasties, and that only he is the hustler. Raila said the first hustler in Kenya was Jomo Kenyatta, then Jaramogi and a long list of other true hustlers, including the late former President Mzee Daniel Arap Moi.

Asked if he is afraid of the “Hustler nation,” Raila said he is part and parcel of the hustler nation, if there is one.

This is because he has been fighting for the liberation of the country from the bonds of bad governance, impunity and corruption.

Raila said this without noting the dear price he has paid along the way in this fight, so the interviewer Tony Gachoka asked what makes Raila Odinga not bitter and not wanting to talk about his incarceration.

Gachoka contrasted that to those in the courts seeking compensation for all manner of abuses thy suffered in past regimes.

Raila responded noting fighting for freedoms in the country is not a walk in the park.

There are people who have died fighting.

There are people who have been tortured and died.

Raila said Mandela came out of prison after 27 years and decided to embrace Dr. De Clerk because he decided that was the best way forward.

This is a good example to emulate by those who have been incarcerated like Raila for their involvement in struggles to liberate a country.

Asked why most of Central Kenya does not recognize or care about Raila’s fighting for the freedoms we enjoy today, including them, and instead using Raila to fight Uhuru, Raila said there will always be people who are misguided and bent on pulling people in different directions because of ignorance.

Raila said people have suffered greatly, many to death in 1992, 1997, 2007, 2013 and lately in 2017 all because of bad elections.

Why do people have to die? Pondered Raila.

Yes, Uhuru and Raila had the handshake but we can’t sweep all these atrocities under the carpet; rather, we must find a lasting solution because if you don’t, someone else will do the same thing and result in more bloodshed, destruction of property and deaths.

This is what BBI is intended to do, namely, find a lasting solution to these ills that have been persistent in the country for decades.

For example, we need to end marginalization and exploitation of communities such as the Maas who in Kenya who have suffered historic injustices than their brothers and sisters in Tanzani who feel more included in their country than those in Kenya do about our country.

Asked why there’s a misconception of bad blood between Luos and MT Kenya and Kikuyus specifically, Raila said this misconception is misplaced because Jaramogi stood and fought for Jomo Kenyatta’s release and when given the opportunity to take over and become our country’s leader instead of Kenyatta, Jaramogi declined, saying Kenyatta must be released first and he should be the one leading independent Kenya.

Jaramogi did that knowing Kenyatta was a Kikuyu and that was of no issue or concern.

When Raila said Kibaki tosha in 2002, he, too, knew Kibaki was Kikuyu and this was not of any concern or issue so this talk about bad blood between Luos and Kikuyus is something wholly made up by those who thrive in creating divisions and hatred for nothing.

Raila noted even long before he said Kibaki tosha, he had worked very closely with the late Kenneth Matiba in agitating for reforms back in 1992 and they were both arrested and taken into detention and its after this arrest that Matiba fatally suffered and never to fully recover to the day he died 2 years ago.

When Kibaki was injured, Raila said the campaign must go on and it did with him campaigning as vigorously for Kibaki to the point he earned the nickname “Muthogoria njamba.”
Asked whether he was afraid going to Mt. Kenya region as there are those saying he will not be allowed in the region, Raila brushed such threats off as empty talk, noting he was in Murang’a only last week and he was well received.

The man of parables and riddles said “Ngurumo ya chura haiwezi kuzuia ngombe kunywa maji” (a frog’s ribbiting cannot prevent a cow from drinking water,” meaning in this case all those making noise in Mt. Kenya region about Raila will not prevent him going there.

Raila said he’s muthoniwa going to visit his friends.

So, he is not afraid at all about the visit.

Asked what he talked about with the Mt. Kenya governors who paid him a visit at his offices on Upper Hill, Raila said they discussed issues affecting the Mt. Kenya region, which has about 10 counties, stretching from Nakuru to Tharaka Nthi.

He said the issues that are dominant in the region are education, farming and security

The governors invited him and will welcome him as their guest this Saturday and he looks forward to the visit.

Gachoka noted BBI has been joined by politicians from across the country and Raila noted this was expected as the process is akin to repeated mitosis in biology where a cell subdivides into many. Support for BBI is organically growing and spreading across the country because more and more people now understand what it is.

Many of these are Kenyans who have been wondering how things are ever going to change, having seen circle after circle of the same divisive, bloody and deadly elections and ills that remain unaddressed more than 50 years after independence.

Some of these people were about to give up but now having understood what BBI is all about, they are embracing it as our only solution to all these ills.

For example, some of these people had no opportunity at all to get a job, and if they did, they were denied simply because they come from a tribe that jobs were not availed for that tribe.

This is one of the ills BBI will fix as inclusivity is a big part of the proposed solutions.

Opportunity to do business and security is a big issue, especially in NEP where children are going to school and there are no teachers.

Raila said though not all counties have been visited in this phase of the process, more than 30 counties have already signed on as supporting BBI.

Raila said after Meru, next conferences and rallies will be Nakuru, then Isiolo, then Nyeri, then Eldoret, then finally Nairobi to bring BBI closer to home.

The idea is to cover all parts of the country and be as inclusive as possible.

As to those whining that have a restructured Executive will add to an already bloated government, Raila said the proposal is to have a Prime Minister and 2 deputies with a reduced cabinet so, you’re not adding on the expenditure.

Asked why he believes in people driven process, Raila said because ultimately governance is about people.

You need to know what the people want and what’s going on now is precisely that so when the process is done, the people will get what they want.

Raila spoke of how there was once before another handshake before the current one that shook the political landscape, that one involving Moi.

Raila said the country needed to start constitutional review to change the old constitution which was bad but the government could not get this done alone, neither would the opposition get it done alone so he and Moi agreed to shake hands and work together to get this done, and that is exactly what happened.

What Raila calls the “politics of cooperation” enabled the country to start a constitutional review process with Yash Gal Pal chairing the Committee of Experts that guided us through the process.

Asked if Ruto has a lock on Rift Valley votes no matter what, Raila said he still has many friends in the region working with him on the success of BBI notwithstanding the support Ruto has on account of blood is thicker than water.

He said many of those in Ruto camp are immature and, in a hurry to get to 2022 not understanding we can’t get to 2022 before we have BBI in place.

Raila said he has many friends in the region including governors of several counties such as Elgeyo Marakwet, West Pokot, Narok and Kajiado.

Governors of all these counties are with him and Uhuru in supporting BBI.

Asked if Kikuyus and other “foreigners” in Rift Valley should be concerned or worried were Raila to become president, the AU High Representative for Infrastructure and handshake co-principal said in the heart of hearts, everyone knows there is nothing to be worried or concerned about him becoming president.

He’s a unifier and all he has ever wanted is a progressive Kenya where Kenya can live happily and enjoy these freedoms he and others have sacrificed to achieve.

Gachoka then asked Raila about his relationship with Senator Moses Wetan’gula who he said had once promised to teach Raila a lesson after the handshake, specifically, Gachoka wanted to know whether the two men had forgiven each other.

Raila resonded saying there was nothing to forgive because they never wronged each other and noted the two still talk to each other.

As to the other NASA co-principals, Raila said he has a cordial relationship with Kalonzo

He said Musalia just has certain concerns which he expresses but this is not the right way to express them. He says specifically Musalia seems to have issues with the national debt but he fails to note there was a where control systems collapsed, especially since ICC and put us on the path we’re on but this will be fixed in due time.

Asked about his relationship with Charity N’gilu, Kitui Governor, Raila said the two indeed have a long history working together and this is still the case.

Raila noted Ukambani is behind BBI as all governors from there are on board and so is Kalonzo who has not been in the BBi rallies owing to understandable conflicts of schedule but has sent his message of support and greetings through Raila.

He said he’s working with Mutua and Kibwana alongside Ngilu to make sure BBI maintains the solid support in Ukambani and to see it through implementation.

Raila said same thing is happening in Central where the leaders there led by Governor Ann Waiguru are spearheading efforts to popularize BBI.

So, Mt Kenya is next to come onboard with BBI despite noise makers there.

The BBI brigade is starting with Meru and then eventually Nyeri in making sure the people of Mt. Kenya fully understand what BBI is about.

As the interview was winding down, Gachoka revisited the question of why Raila is not bitter or otherwise staying clear of talking about his suffering and incarceration for fighting for Kenyans.

Raila responded saying life is short; you can’t change the past but you can correct the future. The man who accepted nusu mkate that turned out not to be to bring peace in Kenya in 2008 said harboring hatred and seeking revenge for those who have wronged you doesn’t help but makes things even worse.

When one is in detention for as any period of time, let alone years, it is easy to hate and seek revenge given the opportunity but he doesn’t believe in that, citing the example of Nelson Mandela who was incarcerated for 27 years yet he forgave those who incarcerated and tormented him.

Raila said in the same spirit, he and the Odinga family forgave Moi.

For his turn, Moi attended his (Raila) children’s weddings.

Raila said he visited Moi twice when he was ailing and on one of the occasions, Moi told Raila he still has a cow he had promised Jr at his wedding.

Talking about hustler, Raila said it’s in the public domain that in 1936, Moi was given a cow to take 100 km to sell in order to pay for school fees and he did that—that’s the original hustler, not the chopper hoping hustlers of today dishing looted money.

Moi came from being a teacher to LEGCO, to being president all by dint of his determined efforts and humility.

Now the hustlers are people who have become billionaires within a short period of time and don’t want you to ask how come but we all know how, said Raila.

In the same vein, fact that Gideon is Moi’s son cannot prevent or hinder him from vying for any top office that may be available upon BBI implementation.

Moi retired 18 years ago and is now dead, so this is not the dynasty nonsense Ruto and his supporters have attempted to peddle but have failed to get traction with it because it is a false notion.

Noting Ruto has said he’s ready to fight Raila politically, Gachoka asked Raila whether he is ready to fight Ruto or or whether he fears the man.

Raila responded he doesn’t want to fight people at his age.

He reminded Gachoka and viewers that he recruited and brought Ruto to ODM where he honed his political skills, which he now wants to use to fight Raila but Raila is not interested as he is focused on more important things such as BBI implementation.

Raila noted the cancer of corruption is eating at the fabric of the nation and it is something we must cure.

He wants Ruto to be part of this fight against corruption, rather than being against it while running around the country with bags and bags of money as a Christian.

That’s hogwash, declared Raila.

The interview came to a close with Raila noting it would be nice to have Uhuru at the Meru rally but all is good because the president is on board with him going to the region that is his backyard and it is the president who invited him to go there.

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Time For Someone Other Than A Kikuyu or Kalenjin to Be President of our Beloved Kenya

Kenya Flag3

As I often do, I am posting here my responses to a netter I often engage in a certain Kenyan forum because I believe his views are not unique so others can benefit from mine in response. When I say “You say,” I am quoting the netter, and my responses follow

Thank you for your sober response to my post and, as I always do when I see such (and to your credit is often the case), let me respond in kind as follows:

You say, “I don’t think Kikuyus ever thought they can only vote for a Kikuyu.” I agree and let me be more precise in what I meant to say about this, and many people hold this view: by dint of history and cultural norms, most Kikuyus have always believed and still believe the House of Mumbi must always be at the dinner table, sitting on either end of the table always reserved for mama na baba or guest of honor.

You say, “Right now the only two people mentioned are Raila and Ruto. I believe they are not Kikuyus.” True, but understand this from my metaphor above, which you should also keep in mind when you’re reading this or anything I say about the subject.

You say, “That notion or movement [of only Kikuyus being president] would be a waste of time.” Partially true, when understood by the metaphor above.

You say, “It is non-Kikuyus who held that notion and unfortunately you are among them.” I am sure by now you see what point is meant by this and why your assertion is incorrect or wrong when analyzed from that perspective.

You say, “The confusion is because since 92 when they had a choice, they only voted for Kikuyu candidate. They have had very strong candidates who have been presidential materials.” Being Kikuyu was more of a factor than being a “strong” candidate; in other words, a Kikuyu mannequin would have harvested the same number of votes as did any of those candidates.

You say, “Kibaki and Matiba in 92, Kibaki in 97, Kibaki in 02 and 07, Uhuru in 13 and 17 [had the near unanimous Kikuyu vote because they were “strong” candidates] but, as I note above, being “strong” was only secondary to being Kikuyu in as far as nearly all those who voted cared.

You say, “Today, all Kikuyus to the man agree on letting another person rule and now instead of hearing hallelujah from you and others, I still hear that notion of Kikuyus only supporting Kikuyus.” This is not true. While the general sense among most Kikuyus is the country cannot stand another Kikuyu presidency, there’s a health doze of them who believe otherwise—but let me hasten to add you and I agree they’re an insignificant number.

You say, “Who is that Kikuyu to be voted by Kikuyus in 2022? Wairia or PK? That is news to me.” Take this to the bank: were a Kikuyu to be on the ballot in 2022, he’ll get more votes in Central than all non-serious candidates in the past have gotten across the country—combined!

You say, “Kisiis voted for Nyachae to the man in 02 and you did. Can we say you are a tribalist because you voted for Nyachae?” No, and this is not the issue; if not sure why, read again what I am saying is the point in my post.

You say, “Anyona run but did any serious Kisii vote for him?” No; but they didn’t have to.
You say, “Communities have a way of identifying with a candidate and the leaders play a central role in that decision.” True.
You say, “So if PK rose, and leaders coalesced around him, he will get Kikuyus votes.” My point above.

You say, “For Raila, he needs to compete with Ruto.” He is already.

You say, “Ruto for all his weakness and baggage has known how to reach the Kikuyus and has captured their will.” I don’t know about “capturing their will,” but I’ll give you he figured how to reach Kikuyus (note I am deliberately putting this in the past.”

You say, “The anger from your side is because Mt. KENYA which include Ameru and Embu supports Ruto.” Speaking for myself, and many people I know like me, we are NOT angry at ALL with Ruto having previously gained ground in Central as a serious presidential contender for 2022; in fact, I have said many times here and elsewhere, including my column that if Ruto were to somehow overcome all these forces against him and get elected as president in 2022, I’ll be the first one to congratulate him and will be right there to help him govern.

You say, “Please accept their democrat right to decide on Ruto.” I have never said neither would I that those supporting Ruto have no right to do so; they do.

You say, “Raila is not being rejected because he is Luo but because he has not campaigned and also campaigned against Uhuru.” Partially true and mostly False. There are many who vow they will never accept Raila no matter what and those will never change their views even if Raila moved to central Central and waged daily campaigns from there till the fat lady sings. You’re right Raila has not campaigned in Central nearly as close as Ruto has but that will soon change.

You say, “Uhuru called him a mad man (kimundu Kiguruki) and Kikuyus are asking when that changed.” Hypocrisy is inseparable from politics; were the absence of hypocrisy to be a disqualification for holding office or campaigning for one, there will be no politician holding office, ANWHERE.

You say, “The interests of Mt. Kenya are in Jubilee.” Only until Jubilee merges with the already informally formed super coalition in which case those who you represent or think like you will have the choice to remain or go elsewhere with Ruto.

You say, “They have a stake in that party and not Jubilee otherwise tell me of who is in ODM from there except Kamanda and Waiguru.” You’re stuck in this false belief that this is about Jubilee vz ODM; it is NOT.

You say, “Let Raila find out what Ruto has done to command that massive support.” There’s no “massive” support but there’s support for Ruto in Central which will soon disappear or remain in pockets not enough to overcome the surging tsunami.

You say, “If you think Ruto is not popular there, then be happy because they are only thinking of Ruto and Raila.” 2022 won’t be a popularity contest, rather, who captures 50+1 of the vote, and that man will be none other than the one you know.

You say, “Uhuru is with Raila so this notion that Kikuyus cannot vote for a Luo must be rejected.” Raila has had many Kikuyus who have openly and publicly supported and voted for him, including prominent ones like Sir Charles Njonjo. That was not my point, but I am sure you have seen it by now but, if not, let me make it one more time:
We need a break from yet another Kikuyu or Kalenjin president.

You say, “Ruto is a Kalenjin.”

Exactly my point.

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What Is Uhuru Up-to with BBI and 2022?


For those who follow this blog or column, you’ll know I rarely separate Uhuru and his older brother Raila when it comes to analyzing their moves as they must go in tandem.

However, that’s not to mean the two leaders are in agreement 100%; rather, I am sure either men being the savvy politicians they are, they will be the first ones to admit you always must leave something for yourself just in case things don’t go in the direction you intend, even as you walk in tandem and principally agree on everything that matters.

Right now, there is an open question whether Uhuru would want to be part of the next government come 2022. The prevailing view among most analysists and political observers is, No, Uhuru will retire from politics after 2022 and join other retired presidents younger as he is, compared to the other two Wazees.

What Uhuru decides about this question obviously has a bearing on what happens with Raila’s own prospects in the succession game, even as Uhuru is committed to honor the handshake and her baby, meaning the handshake’s baby, BBI.

A blogger by the name James Ole Mugo posted and posited as follows on his Facebook page:

1. Prime minister – Uhuru (Jubilee party).
2. Deputy prime minister (1) – Musalia (ANC).
3. Deputy prime minister (2) – Gideon (KANU).
4. President – (Raila).
5. Vice president – (Kalonzo Musyoka).

It does make some sense, and I wonder how one person will beat all these guys.

I then shared this post in a Kenya forum and noted as follows:

KM na wengine, this is but one realistic possibility, Mugo’s question is rhetorical, meaning Ruto can’t beat that lineup.

To this, the aforementioned KM responded and I took the liberty to respond to him as follows and I share as I often do for the benefit of others not in that forum:

KM your’e sometimes very good when peddling or spinning Mt. Kenya anti-Raila/anti-Uhuru/pro-Ruto propaganda but you’ve surprised me in how clueless you are with this or either that you know but are doing your best to engage in alternate reality Trump style.

Be as it may, let me enlighten you and others or otherwise rectify your misconceptions:

You say, “This will go no where. First Uhuru will not run. Nobody except a few who think his bid can help them wants him run. Remove his name first.”

The mistake you’re making here or what you don’t know is Uhuru need not run for any office other than leader of a political party to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

I know you will not even think about disagreeing that Uhuru will easily be elected as party leader in the upcoming Jubilee elections so no issue there, meaning, that piece is in place for what needs to be done next in lining up 2022 as I have been alluding to.

You say, “To be prime minister, one must be MP.” No; not necessarily! Although it’s true in most parliamentary systems the prime minister is also an elected MP, this is Kenya we are talking about and hybrid parliamentary system so we can and are likely to have a PM who is simply the leader of the party with the most seats in Parliament or one who heads a coalition that does. wrong!

You say, “Remove those who cannot run for parliamentary seats from the list.” I am sure you now see vying for parliament is irrelevant relative to PM position.

You say, “So Uhuru will run under Jubilee or ODM?“–again, irrelevant in Uhuru becoming PM. Btw, even if it were the case one MUST be MP to be PM, Uhuru can and shall be an MP even if your dreams EVERYONE voted against him in Gatundu. Hell; Uhuru can be sworn MP of ANY constituency in Kenya.

You say, “Kalonzo will be anywhere with Raila.” I think you mean “Kalonzo will NOT be anywhere with Raila” and to that I tell  you it’s also irrelevant though it’s unlikely he would turn down that opportunity. Quite frankly, I wish he turns it down because I know who will easily take it and bring even more into the equation.

You say “Use dump move by Agwambo and Uhuru will not serve him [Kalonzo]. Remove Kalonzo from that list and we can talk then.” Again, Kalonzo being on the list is no big deal; we can remove and replace him with any number of several individuals quite capable of filling the slot and even bringing more to the table than does Kalonzo so this is no biggie at all.

You say, “Ignore Ruto and shock will find out.” On this one, you may be surprised–and I have hinted and even openly said as much: Ruto puts tail between his legs, humbles himself then Uhuru and Raila can accommodate him in the new government structure.

I’ll be all for that but first things first, let him not act as though he has more or bigger balls than all before him who have been cast in the same position, namely, trying to beat a system that doesn’t want them.

You say, “PM post is only promissory deal.” No; PM post is a new position to be recreated in the government and is NOT promised to anyone but a person meeting the qualifications and requirements to hold the office.

You say, “If Raila gives Kalonzo VP post (very very unlikely), Ruto will get Kiunjuri or another Mt. Kenya fellow. The rest is history.” Again, PM position is not a brown bag to be given to anyone willy-nilly. There will be requirements as to who qualifies to get the position and that’s how the position will be given. Of course, the lineup we are talking about is a group of smart, savvy politicians best positioning themselves to grab everything come 2022 and nothing wrong or contradictory about that.

You say, “What makes you think Ruto will not give PM post to Uhuru or Mudavadi?” Again, the PM position is not a brown bag; and even if it were and Ruto gave it to Mudavadi, then Mudavadi will have a choice to make: take Ruto’s or Uhuru’s; only an idiot will take Ruto’s and not the president’s.

You say, “There will be several folks on the ballot, some hoping to get Mt. Kenya votes Raila is assuming will be his via Uhuru.” No; Raila only needs some of the votes in Mt. Kenya, which he’ll get more than before with his younger brother and hanshake partner Mr. UK being a factor; the rest can go to Ruto or whoever and it’ll be irrelevant in the equation.

You say, “So with Kalonzo, Mudavadi running and so out of PM posts and Uhuru not running in Gatundu (no chance, zero, Nada of Uhuru being MP or running on ODM), what options does ODM have?” You are posing a question based on FALSE premises therefore no answer is called for as that answer will also be FALSE.

You say, “So you think BBI will know have all these posts?” Yes

You say, “Aren’t they also going to help Ruto?” Not anywhere near how they will help Kenya and the forces that want to take Kenya in a new direction of inclusivity and definitely away from this false and backward belief only sons of two tribes in Kenya can lead the country as president.

You say, “PM post will go the party with largest members or coalition. So Uhuru will be PM under which party? ODM?” I refer you to what I have said about this above and that is, irrelevant in the final analysis: No need to be MP to be PM and, even it were, Uhuru can be MP of ANY constituency in Kenya of his liking.

You say, “Jubilee elections will be in march. Will then see if Uhuru will be in control of the party.” On this, we are on the same page. When David Murathe resigned from Jubilee, I opined that Jubilee is therefore dead. I then expected an exodus of prominent MPs Aisha Jumwaing Jubilee but that did not come to pass; now, looking back, the strategists advising Uhuru came up with a different plan and I love it.

Murathe spilled it out yesterday but it has yet to reverberate as it will and people will know hii si mchezo (this is no game) even though one can argue it’s one but high stakes.

You say, “He [Uhuru] will either retire in 22 or be forced to retire.” Neither will happen. I can tell you I know someone who speaks to Uhuru very regularly that told me sometime back and in no uncertain terms that Uhuru will NOT seek any office come 2022, and that he will retire and I believed him.

However, much as I know he was telling me the truth as he knew it, even he must be surprised by the recent turn of events on Uhuru’s position it’s likely Uhuru himself changed his mind and now wants to do exactly what Murathe outlined, which I support it 100%.

You say, “Is Raila still interested in a powerful PM post but weak presidency?” I don’t know but personally I wouldn’t mind that being the case.

I’ll address a couple of issues I see related to this last point in my next oped, which has to do with how Uhuru and Raila serving in the same government would be relative to their statuses.


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It’s About Time Uhuru Got Angry–And Started Flexing His Presidential Muscles to Right the Haywire Ship


According to the Star,  President Uhuru Kenyatta greets John Cardinal Njue during the official hand-over ceremony of Mang’u Dispensary Outpatient Block in Kiambu County.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday told off Mt Kenya leaders over politics surrounding the BBI report.

Admitting that his was ‘a bit angry’, Uhuru said people think he knows nothing when he keeps quiet.

Speaking in the Kikuyu dialect, Uhuru appeared to be responding to 57 MPs who met in Embu and took a position on the report on behalf of the region.

He spoke in Gatundu North, Kiambu county, when he presided over the official handover ceremony of Mang’u Dispensary Outpatient Block.

The facility was developed by the Japanese Embassy in Kenya.

The Embu meeting was also attended by Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri, who has now twice been with the MPs before they issue statements that appear to contradict Uhuru.
“They see me silent and think ‘he is just there and knows nothing’. There is nothing I do not know and when the time comes, I know those who speak and they are not those who are speaking now,” the President said.

He added; “Don’t allow people to keep telling you things like you are fools. You’re not foolish. And don’t allow people to make you look stupid to the point they must come and lecture you… that every time they come, it is just lecturing you on what you should do.”

Last week, a section of leaders from the Mt Kenya region agreed that Parliament is the way to implement the BBI proposals as opposed to a referendum.

This comes after the 57 leaders held a two-day retreat in Embu to discuss the way forward on the BBI report.

Some in social media are claiming Uhuru was drunk and that’s why he lashed out.

My response:

This has nothing to do with alcohol or being drunk; rather, Uhuru is doing what some of us have been urging him to do for a very long time and that is, he needs to start acting the boss he is. He has let the disrespect and other undesirables go on too long and we know in some quarters (yours especially), hakuna hata heshimu kidogo and that’s not good for the country–forget about him as an individual.

The country. Our beloved country.

We need a strong, respected and at times feared president. His father was one and I wouldn’t mind his tactics minus the obvious (read: assassinations), Moi perfected the art, Kibaki was coy but stealthy in the exercise of raw power but Uhuru has been hovering in no man’s land for way too long in this tussle soon to be a major skrimish between Raila and Ruto–which is really the only thing goin on in the country it’s about time he starts flexing his muscles na kunyorosha watu bila kuua, maharawe hapa na pale sawa.


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Combating Usual Anti-Raila Rants in Kenyan Forum

Raila and Ruto(4)

Occasionally, I find it befitting to post on my blog comments and things I encounter in other social media in this case some exchanges I had with one or two usual anti-Railaists who I refer to as Neter I and Netter II:

Netter I:

Kieleweke were chased from State house the other day, Uhuru is slowly but surely regaining his senses, now he should focus on the economy

we know raila wanted a referendum to put this country into an election mood not caring how dead the economy is, ameshindwa, soon he will reject the BBI, anyone willing to bet?

My response:

Yours can only be termed as wishful thinking. Kieleweke is as solid as never before and Uhuru is as determined as never before to make sure the handshake is firm and implemented as proposed in BBI. Yes, the very document entrenching the interests of “dynasties” who many of you have been telling us “must fall.”

They’re not only NOT falling, BBI ensures they’ll never fall and none other than Ruto wants counted in and thus the reason he’s mum about BBI doing only what Uhuru and Raila tell him to do lest he’s NOT welcome to the “dynasties” club.

If you didn’t know Kenya ina wenyewe, now you know. I read a very poignant tweet from someone saying Kenyans are so gullible and even stupid they blindly cheer on politicians who only know one thing, taking care of their own interests everyone else be damned yet these very shafted voters throng fields, stadiums and even Bomas to cheer these same people who don’t care much about them.

I see that here and elsewhere which is sad.

Kenya will be a better country when people stop seeing things only from their tribal cocoons or become open minded to know what’s good for the country and not what is good or bad for some real or perceived enemies, which is a very backward phenomenon.

Netter II: BBI was a waste of money. Uhuru aimed at taming Raila/ODM. Now his ninis are barking loud and clear against BBI. They are crying foul because they wanted a parliamentary system which would favor Agwambo. Now there is no Tsunami but war cries. Soon you will see war cries even on this forum.

My response:

If I were you, I would not chest-thump that Raila did not get what he wanted in BBI. We are only at the opening to the public debate stage. Next, referendum question or questions will be drafted to mould the final question or questions in a manner to fully implement the handshake.

I am on record saying I don’t believe a pure parliamentary system can work in Kenya but I am also here to tell you what emerges out of the referendum will NOT be the SAME thing proposed in BBI. I can tell you but won’t why these steps are being taken like this.

Bottom line, speaking for myself, I am very pleased and appreciate Uhuru’s effort to make sure the vision in his handshake with Raila is fully implemented and with BBI out, we’re one step closer to that eventuality.

Netter II:

It will be better to wait and see what will befall ODM. It is standing on wishful thinking that Uhuru will abandon Ruto, get Mt. Kenya support Raila and so wins. If Uhuru is capable of doing that the way Rao can do to votes in his backyard, Raila can win. But dont know where they get the impression that Uhuru will be campaigning for Agwambo or that Mt. Kenya will listen to Uhuru and follow him where he wants to take them.

I am happy to see you accept BBI report and avoid exhibiting anger and despondent the way Senator Olekina and Atwoli have done. I also support BBI 100%. Let us see if ODM will embrace is 100%. That is their baby.

My response:

Your problem is you believe Central is Kenya.

It is NOT.

Raila has won the presidency at least twice without Central support.

He’ll win in a landslide in 2022 with Uhuru and other key Central support.

Btw, and for the record, in 2022, I’ll be supporting whoever the system supports and right now I have good reasons to believe that will be Raila–but also know if for some reason it’s not, he’ll be fully accommodated in the new structure and that was one of my points in my last weekend’s column.

In other words, the dynasties will continue to dominate Kenyan politics and none other than one William Ruto is banging hard on the door to be let in but, unfortunately for him, he can only be let in to eat crumps by the dining table where the main feasting is about to take place.

Or put another way, your man Ruto will not see the inside of State House as president not because I wish or say so, but because the system says so and this I confirmed during my recent visit, not that it’s a secret.

Good to see all of you are focused on the shiny object here (BBI) when those who will decide your president and the future of the country are laughing over drinks, tossing to the malleability of the ever so gullible Kenyan voter, educated or not. Maajabu kweli.

Netter II:

I am “chest thumping” over what they proposed. If they change to something deviating from this document, believe me I will oppose it with my heart. What you can take from me is that whatever Nyongo and for that matter ODM ODM wanted would have seen even Uhuru object to the document.

I 0nly see ODM supporters cry. We are happy with what we are saying. Please allow us us to cheat thump and celebrate for a job well done by BBI.

Any reason ODM refused to speak on the floor in Bomas but now find it objectionable?

I have an answer. They wanted BBI team to craft a document favorable to Raila. Now that didnt happen, they know that winning the presidency will be one hell of difficult task. They would not be crying now because what they wanted is not what Kenyans wanted.

Raila will lose and violence will recur. BBI didnt address that. Atwoli and co think violence would have been curtailed if Raila got a powerful PM posts and several seats for his cronies. So problem is Raila not the constitution.

My response:

Your say, “They wanted BBI team to craft a document favorable to Raila.”

Your obsession as well as others obsession with Raila is unhealthy pls rid yourself of same.

Neither the handshake or BBI is about Raila. I doubt you’ve read it and if that’s the case, pls Google and read the communique conveying the BBI mandate as well as the Gazette notice putting the idea in motion and you’ll understand what BBI is designed to do as it shall.

You and others we know are caught in this “oh it’s about getting Raila to power through the backdoor” as if the man is not capable of getting the presidency through the front door as he has done at least twice–and something we know your’e in TOTAL denial.

Fortunately, some of the key people starting from Uhuru himself who know what happened have changed tune leaving the rest of you still in lalaland believing “Raila will Never be president” which is also a very unhealthy obsession.

Notice when I say Ruto ain’t seeing the inside of State House as president I am only conveying what I know to be the reality from information that’s both public and private.

I have nothing against Ruto’s ambitions to become president and if he beats the system and Raila to win the presidency, I’ll be the first one to congratulate him and offer my help and you’ll see me at State House with a delegation from the US and EU to personally congratulate him and map the way forward for the country with the help of our friends.

I’ll do the same thing for Raila or WHOEVER wins and is sworn as our next president.

So, you ans others can obsess about BBI being about Raila, the rest of us are more focused on what matters to effectuate the handshake and its principals’ vision for a new Kenya.

That’s all that matters and we’re on track to see the fruits from these efforts which only just began with the official launch of BBI.

Netter II:

If it is not for Raila, why are you and others refusing to embrace the BBI report? I only see anger from you and other ODMERS because BBI rejected to propose the system which would have favored Rao.

Let us think of Kenya as a country and remove individuals from it. If Raila wins in 22, I will support 100%. Will you support Ruto if he wins? This is what we want Raila to do. Accept defeat and retire with benefit. I will support his retirement with full benefit.

My response:

You know this but let me say it for the sake of clarity: Never lump me with anyone else when engaging with me. I am my own man. The views I share are mine and need not check or have them comply with anyone else.

Unless your’e hard of hearing, I have said repeatedly I couldn’t care less as to what government system is in place at any given time; in fact, I was quite happy and perfectly willing to maintain the post independence imperial presidency if only we had a human being with compassion for the poor and the masses holding the office.

This debate about parliamentary vz presidential system is nothing but a tribalism and emotionally driven debate which I and others who are not tribal despise and wouldn’t engage in. For progressives like me, all we ever want and ask for is a government that is transparent, accountable and responsive to the common mwanainchi’s needs and one that creates a conducive climate for peace and economic prosperity.

So, NO I am NOT and CANNOT be angry over a document that has NOT even become law; indeed, were it to be passed verbatim on the governance provisions, I’ll be ALL for it and work within the system to do what I know needs and must be done to make this a better Kenya.

All this other nonsense about whether Raila or Ruto is president is a sideshow. Yes, I have repeatedly made the case Raila has been and continues to be a bonafide leader who has won the presidency at least twice and deserves to serve as our president upon yet again winning the presidency, which he can.

But that by no means elevate Raila above country; no one is or should be as clearly many of you make him be the everything: country be dammed as long as Raila is not president which is bizarre to say the least.

If Ruto beats Raila fair and squire, fine; he would have faught a good fight and am sure Raila will concede defeat. If Ruto wins by yet again the system rigging out Raila, that’ll be your country, not ours and it won’t be one anyone would want to live in or visit.

Fortunately, and as much you may prefer that type of environment, the rest of us are saying let’s fix the system so can have normal elections every 5 years or 7 years as the case maybe without violence, bloodshed, destruction of property and deaths.

We’re also in the super majority those who hold this view and we shall prevail over the rest who are clinging to the past where inclusiveness, transparency and openness in elections or even peace are irrelevant and undesirable as long as Raila is not in office as president.

Very backward if you ask me but, again, a view held by a dwindling number which shall soon be rendered completely irrelevant.





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Correcting Misconception About BBI and Its Status


It has been fascinating to see the reactions from even some Kenyans I thought were following this BBI launch more closely and the ignorance or lack of correct information they have demonstrated in their various comments.

One common error I am noticing even from people I would think know better–at least in social media is the belief and people acting as if the BBI report is a done deal only waiting to be voted up in parliament to become law.

Reality is, we’re far from BBI becoming law.

First, there are several proposals in the report that need not even parliament action to implement as the president can effect those changes or new policies utilizing current executive powers.

Second, there are several provisions or proposals in the report that would require parliamentary action and the president’s assent to become law under the normal law making process and those will be handled and proceed accordingly.

However, when it comes to restructuring the government as proposed in the BBI report, that requires a referendum, not just a vote in parliament.

Article 255 of the Constitution provides as follows:

(1) A proposed amendment to this Constitution shall be enacted in accordance with Article 256 or 257, and approved in accordance with clause (2) by a referendum, if the amendment relates to any of the following matters–

(a) the supremacy of this Constitution; (b) the territory of Kenya; (c) the sovereignty of the people; (d) the national values and principles of governance referred to in Article 10 (2) (a) to (d); (e) the Bill of Rights; (f) the term of office of the President; (g) the independence of the Judiciary and the commissions and independent offices to which Chapter Fifteen applies; (h) the functions of Parliament; (i) the objects, principles and structure of devolved government; or (j) the provisions of this Chapter.

Changing the Constitution via the parliament option requires a referendum if the change “relates to” any of the topics listed in Article 255(1) (see above). Although many of these topics are not relevant in this context, meaning, pursuing BBI implementation via a referendum, one or two can no doubt be argued to be relevant.

For example, an argument can be made that changing the democratic system and how the head of government is elected “relates to” democracy — a national value. A change “related to” a national value needs a referendum therefore.

Although I can see a legal case or scenario where a referendum can be avoided to still put into effect what BBI proposes, that would require some serious juggling of the pieces and things lining up so perfectly it’s safe to say the better route under current circumstances, is to put into effect those changes via a referendum.

To get there, the constitution lays out what needs to happen next, which can be a people initiated referendum, or one initiated by parliament. I can’t say for sure as things stand today which direction Uhuru and Raila will go with this; if the objections raised thus far by some in opposition camp can be accommodated and have a referendum bill passed by 2/3 of both houses, then IEBC will conduct a referendum within 90 days of passage for a yes or no public vote on the bill.

If there are not enough votes in Parliament to initiate the bill as modified to make BBI better, then the only other route will be a popular initiative signed by at least one million registered voters and the rest will go as per the rules established in the constitution, much as we had the 2010 passage and promulgation of the new constitution.

So, those celebrating that BBI is in as is you better hold off your horses you may be in for a big surprise when it’s all said and done, BBI won’t be what you think or assume it is.

Conversely, those not too happy with BBI as proposed, especially on the question of government structure, you, too, hold your horses for if there are changes to be made in the proposed structure, I doubt they’ll go all the way to a pure parliamentary system Raila and others said they prefer.

In fact, I can state categorically without any fear of contradiction a pure parliamentary system will NOT be proposed, let alone pass a referendum vote, even if proposed.

Rather, we’ll have more refining and redefining of the hybrid parliamentary/presidential system currently proposed in the BBI report to make the presidency not as dominant or as imperialistic as proposed while giving the Prime Minister office some autonomy and independence, answerable only to the people through their representatives in parliament.

The president can perform perfunctory duties relative to the appointment of the PM but that should be about it.

All that being said, and unfortunately so, how we move forward from here all depends on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s goodwill and those closest to him, working or at least making sure the handshake objectives are intact and remain firm throughout the process. That happens, we have a new Kenya for sure.

It doesn’t, well the same old ugliness, hatred and division shall continue.

As a progressive, I can only hope and pray for the former and am fairly optimistic that’s what we have in the offing going by what has transpired thus far.

God help us!


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BBI is Made Public; Now What? Part II


Uhuru, Raila and Ruto at Bomas to launch BBI implementation

The delay in launching BBI Report has had the precise effect Uhuru and Raila had in mind, given the hostility the report faced even before those running their mouths against it knew what was in it. That’s the very definition of madness or the height of stupidity but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s here is we now have the report and, as usual, only but a few of us have actually read the full document and know what’s in it while the vast majority, including those busy commenting about it have NOT read the document, or even parts of it choosing instead to regurgitate what they’re hearing from those aligned with them (meaning their tribal leaders and talking heads) but not much in terms of their original thinking.

This is a curse not just in Kenyan politics but virtually every country and why it’s hopeless and a mis-normer to talk about “people driven” politics when these “people” are nothing but blind followers of their usually tribal leaders and they would never see anything good for them or their country if it hit their faces but will always buy hook, line and sinker what their tribal and ethnic politicians they blindly follow tell them.

One of the netters I regularly engage for the sake of others said this in response to my earlier exchange with him:

One thing I cannot take away from you is hope. I don’t want to give my opinion because I will be attacked by supporters of nanii. In my opinion, this BBI will do little in changing the voting system. Yani, nothing has changed. It will be as if BBI was not there. It oy helped politicians get more carrots to dangle.

My response:

Your’e not God to give or take away hope so leave that line of thought out of this and let’s engage strictly on politics.

It’s not true, of course, that BBI changes nothing unless you wish to continue to live in denial. Reestablishing the PM position, shifting more resources to counties (though not reducing them as some of us urged), reconstituting IEBC and getting rid of the rot there are all consequential changes but one thing that remains stable and this is ALL that matters, is the system is intact to protect Uhuru’s interests, less so Raila’s and Ruto as an afterthought, if at all.

Someone only a few people would know or recognize but nonetheless very influential in his own right sent me a message on WhatsApp and we find ourselves in agreement as to the nature of what’s unfolding and how it should continue to unfold even though he’s–not exactly a Raila hater but let’s just say one who doesn’t like him.

Our view is if Moraa is content with power sharing deals at the top without caring whether her interests are catered to, then it’s pointless to waste time catering to her let’s all cater to the interests at the top and hope there emerges a leader or two who someday will look to Moraa’s interests.

Meaning, the focus now is BBI full implementation and sealing deals for power sharing through elections which shall be a formality and that’s not a bad thing either.

You can continue with your tribal arithmetic all you can all I am saying is that’s not my focus, never has been and never will.

However, getting to understand and know how 2022 (2021) will be predetermined and enabling that is my focus and am happy to be involved in that regard.

That was my point from earlier.


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BBI Is Made Public; Now What? Part I


Uhuru, Raila and Ruto at Bomas to launch BBI implementation

I will share my oped this weekend what my thoughts are about BBI, which should be no secret to those who have followed what I have penned previously on this subject. For now, I thought I share here what I have elsewhere in Kenya social media for those who haven’t seen it for what it’s worth.

This is precisely one of the options I posited in my weekend column and must say it’s a step in the right direction with the outcome being a way being found to accommodate Raila and Ruto in the next government.

I note with sadness voters won’t be a factor in that equation as at least presidential elections will continue to be predetermined, even after full BBI implementation. In sum, BBI with its flaws is the best we have next to nothing but old status quo.

The new status quo has some opportunities to tilt the trajectory of the country toward the right direction and that’s a good thing so, reluctantly, it’s thumbs up to full BBI implementation.

However, I am also laughing because out of ignorance, the very voters who continue to be rendered irrelevant and shafted in the sharing of political power are cheering on the craftmanship of Uhuru, Raila and Ruto whose personal interests are well taken care of while those of Moraa are largely ignored.

It’s something to laugh at but deeply saddening as well this level of ignorance and how many more decades before people–yes, including those educated beyond high school to see how their understanding of politics and government is constrained by both ignorance and seeing things from a tribal prism which shall always be limiting and rendering them not a free people.

Rather, keeping them as slaves of the politicians who exploit their ignorance to get what they (the politicians) want and not what’s good for them.

I said BBI should never have been about Uhuru, Raila or Ruto because I and others were pushing for certain reforms we now need not because of the ignorance alluded to above but will now push and champion this to be Ururu/Raila and Ruto affair.

The next government will feature all 3 men and prominently so, which means they’ll be the ones laughing last as the ignorant tribalist voter is once again left with an empty bag.

A netter responded:

Can you explain how the BBI will lead to a different voting pattern? How will the three (Uhuru will only feature in campaigns) be accommodated except with the loser becoming the official leader of the opposition?

Other than post of PM which will go to the majority party, are the cabinet posts still limited to 22? The fight will initial be on the running mate so that will influence the voting pattern. I think also smaller parties will try to fight it out hoping to be incorporated in the Govt on a post election coalition.

My response:

No I will not explain that. My point is 2022 will be determined in 2021 with full implementation of BBI. Indeed, the correct year for elections is 2021 and that will be tackled soon but be as it may, the presidential elections will be predetermined and that’s the good news in this for it won’t be Raila or his supporters who’ll be the victim.

Uhuru continues to mature and perfect the game of politics in Kenya when it’s all said and done, he will be way ahead of his father, Moi and Kibaki combined.

Thoroughly enjoying this.


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Panic Among Some In Central As Population Shrinks and Thus Reducing Political Clout and Dominance

Central Province(1)

The Former Central Province Counties

In Shifting Census Numbers To Upset Political Ground the Standard reports on a trend emerging such that the former Central province will no longer have the so-called tyranny of numbers. This trend has caused panic among many but, as I posit below, it shouldn’t worry the rest of us for the reasons I also posit here.

It’s always fascinating to me how Kenya politics mirror US in so many way, including this one: guess who’s in the panic and we’re already seeing the effect here in the US? Yes, white people! This is because it’s predicted they will be in the minority by 2050!

WE are going to be the majority, meaning us non-whites!! However, it’s more accurate to say only racist whites and like minded are bothered by this, namely, caucasians no longer being in the majority, the rest of non-whites are not because they don’t believe in the white supremacy nonsense.

Rather, they believe and hold as true the universal belief among good people we’re all equal in the eyes of God.

Same thing in Kenya; we never used to hear or think about this panic in the former Central province until now when politicians (not the people) from the region have realized the region is shrinking in numbers so they’re are all gang-ho to defeat BBI mistakenly believing that’s the only way to preserve their dominance of politics and presidential elections.

Fortunately, a good portion of the political leadership, starting from the president himself has moved past this tribal thinking and wants us all to have a one Kenya where neither tribe nor negative ethnicity has any place in controling our politics and sharing of national resources, just as most whites in America don’t care and are unconcerned that some day they will be in the minority for they believe racism should play no role in American politics–and that goes both ways.

In other words, whites cannot suddenly become the objects of racism simply because their numeric numbers are reduced to a minority.

The color of our skin or tribal alienage should not and must not dictate who we are and what we believe is right for all of us a nation.

I have read the above linked article carefully and have seen a couple of nuggets in it I’ll develop and pen a future column, which has to do with something we already know and are counting on as part of the existing strategy to implement BBI.

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Bringing Tribalism Down and Other Takes on Uhuru and Raila Efforts to Bring Central Aboard BBI Train

Uhuru and Raila(1)

Uhuru (l) and Raila (r) at a past event

Like racism in America, tribalism will always be with us in Kenya; it’s just how it impacts elections that we’re focused as a laser to cut back significantly and I am confident this time around we’ll be where America was in 2008 when they elected a black man in the country’s history–and probably the only one for quite sometime to come because white domination is real, even among non-racists.

In the same vein, 2022 will see a non-Kikuyu, non-Kalenjin elected as president and the odds on that are Raila.

The election of Raila but this time being sworn as president will crush tribalism but permanently so in our case–but that’s not to say it’ll still not simmer and perhaps re-emerge down the road, much as racism has started to rear its ugly head in America thanks to its chief enablers in the high office.

That being said, let me address your specific false allegation you have made in your post:

[I am in this blog responding to the same netter I usually engage and respond to because he raises arguments, phony as they maybe at times, that others would raise and so my decision to post them here for a wider audience than where they initially appear]

You say, “Problem with your team is that you assume Uhuru will support Raila and that  Kikuyus will be united in supporting whatever Uhuru tells them.

False in your second part, but true in the first part. We know hatred of Raila in some parts of Central is deep and is going to take some heavy lifting on the part of Uhuru to bring a good segment of it to Raila column.

The rest, we’re not writing off but strategically speaking we know we can exclude them in factoring the equations for where we’ll need to be in terms of 50%+1.

Remember, Raila has won at least 2 times, or at least once if you exclude 2013 which no one won but he did so with less than 15% of the vote from Central.

So, the only task ahead is for Uhuru to deliver a respectable portion of the Central electorate and we’re good to go.

That we know he’ll do and you can take that to the bank and cash it, if you care to. I know you don’t as you’d rather stick with what you believe, which is fine.

To be fair, given our country’s history with political deal, I would admit I was one who was urging caution in  wholly embracing the handshake because I believed it could be a trap for Raila.

I created a 5-box matrix scale to measure the authenticity and viability of the handshake and as previously blogged, 3 of those items have thus far checked out with 2 remaining which depend on each other.

One happens, we’re home.

That’s what I am watching for and sooner than later it shall come to pass as to what the entry would be, one way or the other.

The converse, of course, is also possible, which means not exactly a loss or even toss-up as to prospects, but advantage Raila.

You say, “Kikuyu can vote for Raila but it will take more than UK.” Wrong. This assertion is simply a version of disrespect for Uhuru but I am happy to say he’ll shock you all.

The worst competitor in any game, is one disrespected for he or she will teach you a lesson when you least expected and busy counting chickens before they hatch, which is basically your leader is doing ditto the rest of Tangatanga, ati Uhuru hatawashinda.

You’ll all see.

You say, “He must bring everybody on board and work on providing evidence that he will do better than Ruto.” I assume by “He,” you mean Raila but that obviously ignores the fact BOTH Uhuru and Raila are ALREADY working to bring everyone on board and NO, they don’t need to make the case why Raila will be better than Ruto for it is enough we don’t need another Kalenjin president as of mothers from the rest of the communities that sire children haven’t sired a child to be president besides the two communities.

That, folks, is what’s at the core of this and the reason we have the handshake and BBI to implement it.

Let’s not fool ourselves, or pretend that it is not.

You say, “Right now only Mwangi Paul is in ODM and yet I keep on hearing that Kikuyus will vote for ODM.”

Again, you’re looking at things from a tribal prism and what I’ll keep telling you and others is we’re moving the country past that. Many of us have always been there, but we now bring the rest of the country; or at least, a good majority of the country where who you vote for doesn’t count on what tribe you belong.

As a Kisii, I am proud my community as is the case with a few others has always divided its vote and not blindly voting as a black as is the case with many other tribes and this is the model we must apply for the rest of the country.

To be sure, and the reason I am specifically saying I am Kisii, is no one is as naïve as to suggest that we abandon our heritage for the sake of eradicating tribalism; far from it.

We can end tribalism while at the same time preserving our heritages and ethnicity, which is exactly what the handshake and BBI are designed to do.

That being said, the elections of 202 (or 2021) will be won not by ODM, or Jubilee or whatever; rather, the elections will be won by the spirit and a new alliance in the making. That’s all that matters, not individuals, or individual parties.

You can stick with your belief “No Kikuyu will vote for ODM” all you wish, and to that all I can tell you we know even in the past, more than 10% of Kikuyus voted for Raila (CORD and NASA) against all odds so you can’t come from there to ZERO Kikuyus not voting for Raila. That will be going backwards and that we ain’t doing, not when we have the handshake and BBI.

You say, “Also, Kalonzo needs to be courted for Kamba to support Raila again.” Let me just say Raila knows how to get votes and will not be needing advise from you or anyone else besides his team on how to do that.

You say, “ODM peed on their votes when they grabbed all political funds and forgot that Raila got those votes from them too.” This is just a false allegation or ill-informed at best.

No need to go into the weeds on this but let me just inform you and others that ODM has not “grabbed” political funds.

NASA never set a formula to share political funds by its constituent members so each member must look to funds as provided under the Political Parties Act, which gives ODM the upper hand in deciding on how the funds will be shared.

That process is ongoing and no decision has been made to that effect but that doesn’t mean that ODM has “grabbed” the funds.

In due time, the matter will be resolved and I am sure it’s part of ongoing negotiations for new alliances.

You say, “Raila is a very short sighted politician.” False.

You cannot find a more far-seeing politician alive in Kenya today than one Raila Amolo Odinga.

Like father, like son.

Someone once said of Jaramogi he was like a giraffe as he saw far.

Raila has followed suit and not surprisingly so.

You say, “He only thinks only of today does not look at the future.” Again, FALSE.

Read again what I have just said above.

You say, “He has done to MM, Weta, Kalonzo and others what he did to Ruto in 2008.

And what is that?

You say, “Very good, excellent wasting votes.” It’ll be redundant to say false, so, let me just say not true.

At all.

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