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The Sacking of Balala Is A Non-Issue and Those Trying To Make It One Are Simply Off

Retired veteran journalist Mohamed Warsama shared the following SMS he says he sent to Hons. Anyang Nyong’o, Hassan Joho, Kalembe and others expressing his apparent displeasure with the removal of Balala from the cabinet and not appointing someone else from Mombasa to replace him:

“This is no longer a partisan issue. It is an issue affecting the whole Mombasa Community. We must stand as One People for our rights, not beg for them. If all other big towns have Ministers in the Cabinet, it goes without saying Mombasa also must have its share of Cabinet jobs. The era of standing with a cap in hand and begging for crumbs from the table is gone for good. Raila’s action will strengthen MRC’s  hand  in its campaign for Pwani Sio Kenya!”

In response to Mohamed, I said as follows:

We need to move Kenya from where appointments to the Cabinet and other key positions are made on account of connections with the appointing authority or on account of tribe or community as is the case now to where appointments are made on account of merit, period.

The constitution provides for regional, not town or city balance.

By your formula, each “big town” must be represented in the cabinet. What about small towns? Are the citizens who live in those towns not Kenyans whose interests should also be represented in the cabinet?

This is a slippery slope argument you really should abandon.

I expect you and all of us to call for appointments based on merit and fitting the requirements under Chapter Six of the constitution for if you start going the road of seeking appointments based on any other criteria, you will be taking our country back to where we have been and should never return to.

Also, I know its hard for some but try and separate church from politics. I like what the former Chief Kadhi Sheikh Hammad Muhammad Kassim said some time ago to Muslims and that is, “choose leaders who would champion the interests of the community…Let us vote in leaders who have our interests at heart.”

This is obviously counsel that applies to all Kenyans, not just Muslims.

Let us chose leader who would champion our collective interests, not their own interests or the interests of a few.

That is the criteria and I hope you and all others can join in pushing it as opposed to others which promote nothing but division and/or hatred.

As for the sacking of Balala, it was long overdue.

No party leader can tolerate a person who constantly badmouths him or her and shows no loyalty even to the party itself for as long as Raila did.

Balala is now whining about the sacking which he must be a moron of the decade if he didn’t see it coming yet he is moronically invoking his religion and other nonsense to try and paint Raila in bad light and try to gain sympathy.

Sometimes one really wonders how dumb some of these politicians can be or do they think Kenyans are so dumb as not to see their shameless idiocy?

The following responses in the Standard Online where Balala’s shameless whining is reported say it all:

On Wednesday March 28, 2012, 12:48 PM , Elizabeth Langat, Kenya wrote:
By his own words & actions he quit ODM long ago, that makes him the one betrayed Raila & ODM. Parties are like families, they have heads. When one starts disrespecting the head (& family) while benefiting from it, how long should he be tolerated? If he had any integrity/principles as claimed he would have left long ago without casting aspersions. His are mere infantile tantrums 
2. On Wednesday March 28, 2012, 12:43 PM , Wamiti Jemedari., United States wrote:
So Mr. Balala you needed the post that much that you are now crying and whining after all the show-off and chest thumping? Whoever said that you know the importance of something when you lose was right. 
3. On Wednesday March 28, 2012, 12:36 PM , Hassani, Kenya wrote:
Hon.Balala please do not drag Muslims into your predicament. We are tired of selfish leaders like you misusing Islam for your own financial benefits. You did not involve us when signing so do not involve us now that you are jobless. 
4. On Wednesday March 28, 2012, 12:34 PM , Peter Otieno, Kenya wrote:
I thought the pact with moslems was valid as long as Balala was in ODM. Raila has no obligations to non-ODM MPs that Balala was before being sacked. It’s Balala who sacked himself by leaving ODM, and making noise about it. if anything is he the only moslem?, and what proportion are moslem voters of Arab origin at the coast? 
5. On Wednesday March 28, 2012, 12:31 PM , Mag Piny, Uganda wrote:
Just wait for next elections mweshimiwa. No need for bickering. 
6. On Wednesday March 28, 2012, 12:27 PM , Sylvan, Kenya wrote:
“…………prompting the leaders of his faith to prevail upon him to sacrifice his presidential ambition in 2007 and support the PM”. Deep down you know your presidential ambition is not a threat to anyone.




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The So-Called G7 in Kenya Is a Band of Wannabes and Johnny Come Latelies

The so-called G7 who are all over the media in Kenya with stories of how they have reconstituted themselves (from KKK) to block Raila is nothing but a band of wannabes and Johnny Come Latelies. The seven are Uhuru (their apparent flag-bearer), Ruto (VP candidate), Kalonzo, Balala, Magara, Wamalwa and Dualle.  Regardless of how they repackage themselves, the band will not win the hearts of Kenyans to win the presidency simply because of how they are going about this.

Moi tried to ram Uhuru down our throats but we repelled him. While Uhuru has every right to contest the presidency, he ultimately must answer three basic questions voters will have in mind (informed as they will be this time around beyond the last time he was defeated) and these are: (1) What has he done since he was last defeated to show he now deserves being elected president–he can’t say being named as one of the ICC PEV suspect qualifies in any way (2) What has he done to demonstrate ability to unite the country which is badly needed than Raila has done or will do? and (3) What has he done at the national, even local level to show he is a better leader than Raila? If he were to be honest, Uhuru will readily agree he falls short compared to Raila in all these measures and more.

The same questions may be asked of Ruto but that is to elevate him to comparison with Raila when there is nothing serious to compare between the two; Raila in this context is the father with a son who thinks he is mature enough to take over as head of the family simply because he now knows how to pee on his own.

As for Kalonzo Musyoka, he is such an open book; pick any chapter and you’ll know everything you need to know about him so much so even this so-called G7 recognizes this and thus the reason they have relegated him to clerical duties in Parliament in their imaginary take-over of the State House. True to his form, Kalonzo has obviously accepted the role for anything thrown his way is good enough.

Balala and Magara names are nominally known at the national level thanks to their mentor, Raila. Once openly Raila loyalists the one thing they have in common with Ruto, a former Raila supporter himself and Moi loyalist is they all three know how to fake loyalty and jump ship when its in their selfish interest to abandon the Captain. In other words, they don’t stand for anything other than for themselves.

The trio and the rest of the band, Wamalwa and Dualle combined are so light weight politically, one can easily dismiss them as irrelevant but it’s tribal politics we are talking about so even giving them credit for their efforts to milk Option A in their playbook, ukabila, to stop Raila, their efforts will still fall short because even factoring in tribalism, Raila is still the preferred candidate precisely because he is the only one running for president who has demonstratively proven he can transcend tribalism and claim national victory as he did in 07.

Ruto goes around bragging that he delivered Rift Valley for Raila in 07 but even he admitted in the Waki Report he was irrelevant in Raila’s carrying the Rift Valley in 07 and so will he be in 2012 when Raila carries the region again.

In sum, to the extent this so called G7 rise above their petty tribal politics and engage Raila in a serious campaign for the presidency, the better for the country as Raila would certainly emerge as an even better and stronger leader for no serious presidential candidate ever takes anything for granted, save Moi and his UK project.

Raila is a serious presidential candidate and he cannot be more different from the likes of Moi and Uhuru in seeking the presidency as he believes in making the case and resonating with the ordinary folks and Kenyans as a whole not running around telling people I and so and so are going to be your president and vice president whether you like it or not, which is quite frankly, dumb. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.


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