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Wisdom Primarily for Married Couples


Not exactly politics but I thought I share this musing a friend of the subject shared.

A man packs his belongings after a hotel stay during a business trip and heads home. In unpacking his bags, his wife finds an unused packet of condoms.

Without saying anything to her husband, the wife places the condoms on his side of bed nightstand.

The husband sees them and, puzzled, asks his wife why she thought after all these years of marriage (15) it was necessary to use condoms, and also given she had tubal ligation after the birth of their second child.

The wife did not say much other than to say she appreciated the man was being safe when “sleeping around” but the marriage was over as far as she was concerned. Confused and puzzled at the same time, the man prodded his wife to explain what the heck she was talking about as he had no clue.

“I found those in your bag when I was unpacking!” she yelled back at him.

The man, as best and as calmly as he could, tried to explain to the wife he had no idea how that could be because he never procured the condoms and neither did he pack them.

She could hear none of it but instead berated the man and long story short, the marriage was irreparably damaged from that moment on as the man simply retreated and, to make matters worse, the wife, who was convinced her husband was “sleeping around,” started her own affair with another man.

The husband found out about the affair and the couple with now 2 teenage children, divorced.

The condom package was in one of the hotel drawers the husband had put his personals and he unknowingly had them packed along with his stuff when he was packing to leave the hotel.

The man had not previously cheated on his wife; at least he so maintains, and neither did he do so even after the ugly confrontation about the condoms.

Only the wife did following that incident, and based on her now obviously mistaken belief and all this from an innocent act of the man unknowingly packing the pack of condoms.

Moral of the story: Don’t rush to conclusions even when you think you have all the evidence; there just could be an innocent explanation just as this one.

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The Venerable Charles Njonjo’s Gift to Uhuru in 2002 and Its Historic Meaning Then and Now


Always humbled to know former AG Charles Njonjo or “Sir Charles” as he’s iconically referred to is one of those notables who follow and read my blog or column.

Indeed, some many years ago when I started penning the column, I was informed by the Star the former AG’s personal office staff had made an inquiry in his behalf as to my contact information and noted he was interested in meeting with yours truly.

Although he thought I was in Kenya, he was informed I am based in the US and in time, a meeting was arranged and I met him in Nairobi on my next trip there.

From first lunch meeting at Nairobi Club and others that would follow since, all I can say is the man is every bit the iconic and historic figure we have always known him to be. It is an honor and privilege to know him I just hope he would have agreed for yours truly to pen his memoirs but this is something he has resisted over the decades and it’s doubtful he would change his mind about it now.

When you hear the expression “if walls can talk,” well, this is one “wall” if it talks we would know a whole lot more about the Jomo Kenyatta and early Moi era than we now know and will completely come to understand why things happened the way they did.

We will also come to more fully understand why Mzee Njonjo decided to support Raila in his presidential quest against Uhuru’s bid. tells a story about a symbolic gift Njonjo gave to Uhuru back in 2002 when Uhuru was trying to be president for the first time, in-experienced as he was and virtually against everyone’s expectation other than Moi who was fronting him.

According to the story, the late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta’s close aide Duncan Ndegwa, in his memoir Walking in Kenyatta’s Struggle, narrated that on the day that the embattled Uhuru was commemorating the 24th anniversary of his father’s demise during the 2002 presidential campaign, Kenyatta’s trusted aide Charles Njonjo came to him with an unlikely gift.

It was a cap Kenyatta senior used to wear matching Jaramogi’s in the early years of their friendship but took it off and never to wear it again after the acrimonious fall-out between the two.

Ndegwa stated that there was a general surprise amongst some individuals present at the commemoration who were old enough to recognize the cap since it had not been seen in public for 36 straight years since Kenyatta had taken it off.

The reason for why Njonjo gave Uhuru the cap, it is believed, was a call it was time to build bridges between Uhuru and then rebel Raila Odinga to rekindle the relationship that their fathers had and lost.

That never really happened back then (2002) but it has certainly happened and still happening now following the handshake that took place on March 9, 2018.

We appreciate people like Sir Charles Njonjo from Central Kenya who have long known, and others will soon know the only way forward with a one and united Kenya, is to bury the past woes and open a new book of togetherness and love for one another as brothers and sisters, all equal under the eyes of God.

This is what the handshake is all about and ditto BBI which is intended to implement the vision behind the handshake and in tandem with what Sir Charles and like minded also had in mind those many years ago.

It’s befitting that this vision comes to fruition in their lifetime, even as the future generation reaps the benefit.


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BBI Implementation is Not an Option

Kenya Flag3

As I often say, even as I blog and pen columns, there are certain things I would not say other than to those who need to know. There are also things I keep in confidence from the same, shared only on need to know basis. Chief among those, is strategy, which is also strategic to share but only after the fact as I am doing here but in other cases as a strategy in by itself. Go figure.

When you read tomorrow’s column, you’ll see a reference to “Nuclear Option.” This is a strategy I shared with the powers that be and I have alluded to it before in one of my blogs.  I know for sure no one ever thought about it in 2017 and, had Baba followed through with it, it would have created an earthquake and shook up things more than the handshake has.

However, I am happy it’s the handshake we’re dealing with, not that other option for it had and still has its complications–and NO, we’re not talking about going into the bushes.

Rather, a sophisticated, yet practical solution to rigging through legal channels and if certain people who should know hadn’t even thought about it, then for sure nobody else knows or has thought about it to this point.

I say this because the option can be used as I posit in my column to implement BBI, if the headwinds against it are too strong propelled by forces of those who would want to derail the process for their own, selfish and insatiable thirst for power.

So, as we get ready to battle on this important task, this is still an option I see as viable and I know Tangatanga has no clue what it is.

My suggestion is let them think twice about their false belief they can take-on and defeat Uhuru, Raila and the system because I am fairly confident if push comes to shove, the president and BBI supporters can rally to have the Nuclear Option adopted and put into effect to implement BBI and the country will be better off for that.

Yes, many disgruntled but nothing anywhere near the masses who for decades have suffered violence, destruction of property and deaths of loved ones all in the evil BBI is specifically intended to jettison.

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Deconstructing BBI Central Kenya Narrative Part II

Uhuru and Raila(3)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga shre a light hearted moment at the foot steps of Harambee House after their meeting where they resolved to work together and unite the country after the long protracted elections. March 9, 2017. Photo/Jack Owuor

According to the Star, Mt Kenya MPs have indicated that they will oppose the parliamentary system of governance should the BBI report propose so.

The more than 30 legislators who addressed a press conference in Parliament buildings on Thursday, said they will reject a proposal to either elect a Prime Minister or President in Parliament.

“Our people are underrepresented. What we want is one man one vote, ” Ndaragua MP Jeremiah Kioni said.

They said that inclusivity in the government will play a big role but it should be able to address leadership, representation, resource, allocation and the structure of the gThe legislators who included senators and MPs said they will hold a meeting after Building Bridges Initiative has released its findings where they will give their take.

Following this news, I had the following exchange with a netter:


These [MPs] are not few. Uhuru needs to do something. Mambo bado.

Remember even some Luo mps realized that Moi did kifunga macho to them. An MP in Lamu representing 10k voters will have same weight with one in Siaya with 150k voters. Those folks will decide who rules.

Parliamentary system will see battle line drawn and may see even unexpected quarters gang….eg Duale for it and am MP from Nyanza tell Raila hell no.

My response:

I am not privy as to what the strategy to make sure BBI passes is, but I can put two and two together and tell you I see two different paths to that end, even one involving NO referendum. I am therefore not concerned about what these MPs say or do because we know ALL of them are thinking their own jobs and EATING first and how BBI will affect that. As a progressive, that is the least of my concern and our task is educate and inform the public as we are to be focused on what matters.

What matters is amending the constitution to address the BBI core issues, which are: (a) Ethnic antagonism and competition b) Lack of a national ethos c) Inclusivity and devolution d) Divisive elections e) Safety and security f) Corruption g) Shared prosperity h) Responsibilities and rights. Nearly all of these can be done legislatively and by Executive Orders and I know there’s one path ALL of them can be done without need to amend the constitution and therefore NO need for a referendum but let’s first wait and see the report.

Netter’s response:

True about 2007 and Hague. Raila rejected the results. Ruto was his lieutenant and Uhuru was working for Kibaki. Kibaki and Raila should have been hauled in Hague also. Ruto and Uhuru were not running for office then. Tell us who behind the violence in subsequent elections and why? He claimed elections were stolen?

If Raila didnt run during these elections and condemned related elections, we would not be talking changing the system of Govt. Ruto was not with Raila when violence broke out in 13, and 17. Who was in charge? Raila. Uhuru and Raila are focused on all violence happening every time Raila losses. Those seats are make him get accommodated. They think he will get a seat so shut the hell up. What if we change the constitution, Ruto wins the presidency and Jubilee is majority as in today’s case but he appoints Duale and Kiunjuri as DP and prime ministers, Khalalwe and Kibutha as DPM, and Jumwa in powerful ministry, then gets others supporting him from Luo, Kisii, Meru, Maasailands and all over Kenya since PM will be from majority party? He will meet their requirements but Raila will be out.

So if Ruto appoints a Migori MP or let say one in Jubilee as DPM as long as he is Luo, will that make Raila happy? So assuming we have current situation, who would have been PM? Duale or Kidiki? Since no Luo MP is in Jibilee, how do they get one without nominations? Raila will reject the results and violence will be there.

The system of Govt is not the problem. Just make Raila accept results and nobody will fight.

On Mt. Kenya, let us see if Uhuru will make it. He will run against elected leaders and with Raila on his side, he wont make unless they address representation issue. The posts of PM and deputy PM are accepted in Kenya but how you get them is the issue. One man one vote will have to be the mode of electing leaders. Hio short cut being made for Raila to assume power will be rejected. Wacha RV and other leaders speak and Uhuru may have to forget RV abd Mt. Kenya

But UK will be well received in Nyanza.

My response:

I will not indulge you or anyone opening wounds of 2007 as far as I am concerned, that’s now history and I am happy in the role I played in ending Uhuru’s ICC case.

However, that doesn’t mean we simply forget what happened, or what happened in 2017; rather, we only keep that in mind as it informs our way forward in making sure it does not happen again. This is all what this is about, namely, ensuring future elections are peaceful and the country remains united and not divided along tribal lines. You obviously believe this is about Raila but so be it. We know what it is about and those who matter and will make it happen know.

I am talking about the powers that be notwithstanding what those stuck in the past wish to do because they just don’t have what it takes to stop the momentum we have to bring about lasting change to fix these ailments for the good of our beloved country.

You can dismiss Uhuru now as useless and a Luo who now belongs to Nyanza all that tells us is how much you hate Raila but that’s alright; it’s your prerogative.

All I know is thanks to the humble Uhuru Kenyatta, Uhuru Will Atone for the Sins of His Father and Usher in New Era for us mpende msipende (like it or not).



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Deconstructing BBI Central Kenya Narrative Part I

Uhuru and Raila(3)

There are many who have their guns in the ready to shoot down BBI report simply because they have assumed and concluded implementation of the report will benefit Raila therefore it must be opposed on that ground alone. This is a myopic and backward view and to set the record straight, I had this exchange with a netter espousing the same ill-informed view:

In response to BBI taskforce issuing a press-release announcing readiness to present the report to the president without mentioning Raila’s name in the press-release, many took that to be this report has nothing to do with Raila when, obviously, it took the handshake to create the taskforce.

Be that as it may, Raila haters were already celebrating with one netter saying the following:

They made us think BBI was a Raila-Uhuru baby. Raila even told us what he wants on it. Uhuru kept quiet on the content, but Rao run his mouth all through. It looked like a Raila project. This made other side upset.

Let us wait for content to see if they embraced what Raila wanted or came up with an independent outfit. Rao should have shut up the hell. Let us give them time. We will know if it is a Raila product or a Kenyan one. Problem for Rao is his mouth.

My response:

BBI is the product of the handshake. I know like Trump and his cult-like supporters here in the US, truth and facts mean nothing to Ruto and his Tangatanga supporters.

That being the case, we await what the BBI Task Force is proposing on the way forward.

Your problem and like-minded who hate Raila is you see everything from the “if Raila likes it, then it’s bad for the country,” which is flawed logic for several obvious reasons but let me just give you two:

First, the definition of “country” by Raila haters is “Central Kenya,” which is obviously false and not the case at all Kenya belongs to ALL of us, from every corner of the country to the other and even in Central, only the backward looking or stuck are incapable of realizing Kenya belongs to ALL of us. Raila haters in Central are the minority those who love, like or at least have no qualms for the man to be finally sworn as president are in the majority, even super majority truth be told.

Second, Raila is someone who has sacrificed a lot and more than anyone alive today anyone other than a hater would know he has the country at heart and therefore if he says this is good for the country, chances are it is and most people including yours truly would rather back him up than back those opposed to the idea merely because it has Raila’s blessing or name attached to it.

That level of simplistic personalized approach to resolving complex issues that determine the fate of our country do not belong in any modern society but we know there are always going to be haters who would tie everything to their love or hate for an individual but they’ll see dust as the rest of the country moves on with building bridges even though welcome to come along.

Netter’s response:

It is Raila who made everyone think he was controlling. If he kept quiet, like UK, all would be fine. Let us be patient and see whether they will adopt what Kenyans wanted or what Raila told us they will do. I will be the first one to support it once Raila’s footprints are not visible.

My response:

Raila obviously never “made everyone think he was controlling” this is just another falsehood you all believe with no basis in reality.

Both Uhuru and Raila have been consistent that they will wait to hear and see what the BBI taskforce recommend and hit the ground running to promote same.

Any statements made by Raila in the interim are only made in that spirit.

Let me break this down for you; if Uhuru and Raila want anything in the report, neither of them is going to publicly blab about it as they have their men and women in the BBI taskforce they can call and give instructions but whatever that is, it will be done through consensus in the report and that’s the essence of this report.

It will be naivety of the highest order for one to think this report will not have anything neither men want.

When you say, “Let us be patient and see whether they will adopt what Kenyans wanted or what Raila told us they will do. I will be the first one to support it once Raila’s footprints are not visible,” all you are doing is affirming is what I stated in my previous post, namely, you’re stuck with personalizing this exercise to Raila when that’s counter-productive and irrelevant in the final analysis because the BBI proposals will be adopted and implemented mpende msipende (like it or not).

Netter’s response:

Probably I would see it same way if someone focuses on Jubilee. Let us wait and see.

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The Truth About Central and 2022 Politics

Central Province(1)

The Former Central Province Counties

A forum member shared this piece The Rebels Within: The Politics of Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga in Central Kenya in which the author basically makes the case Uhuru is toothless in Central and that therefore he will be of no consequence as to Ruto’s quest to succeed him, which the author says is all but investable that Ruto will succeed in this. The writer attributes this to Kikuyu tycoons blaming Uhuru for loss of business, especially in Nairobi owing to bad economy and failing to prevent Sonko from becoming governor and so they’re backing Ruto just so to teach Uhuru a lesson, or so goes the theory.

The writer also posits that having contributed to Raila hatred in Central, Uhuru cannot make the about turn he has and now expect people in Central Raila is not the devil reincarnate as he (Uhuru) and others depicted him all these years.

The following are my thoughts as I shared them with the netter who shared the link:

The piece is clearly and obviously sponsored by Raila haters from Central who are hiding behind Ruto to spew their hatred and he’s letting them because it benefits him. Not surprising but the desperate false message being peddled that Ruto has more and bigger balls than both Uhuru and Ruto to take the presidency come 2022 is just laughable.

He doesn’t have such; just tiny, small ones that will soon run out of gas.

Responding to another netter on the same topic, the netter posting this link said,

I wish you read the article. You would understand why Ruto has gained grounds in Central. He is not an angel but the best alternative to them. Uhuru is giving another alternative which does not seem as enticing as Rutos.

He only needs to let them know who he prefers. Ruto is there and has a lineup. Folks assume and think Raila is the other option. So it is a choice btw Ruto and Raila. If you think they will vote for Raila because UK wants them to, wait to 22. They may be making a wrong choice but I dont think UK will have an easy ride.

Problems in Central are being blamed on UK. He is where Moi is with Kalenjin nation. He can only use your friends Kamanda and Ngunjiri. How is Kieleweke doing in general. Taps seems dry now.

To this, I responded,

I read the entire article. The author is advancing the same Raila hate and badmouthing I have heard for years, including the one I have blogged about by–yes, a wealthy Kikuyu then friend and business associate who did not know I am friends with Raila and used to call him names whenever our conversation went around to him but I never bothered to correct or tell him off because the relationship was about business, not politics.

Until he saw me on TV next to Raila in one of the interviews at Pentagon (just before 2007 elections) and that was the end of our business relationship!

It is also obvious the brown bag recipient/writer is someone from Murang’a who it’s of course no secret hate the fact they are always overshadowed by your brothers from Nyeri and Kiambu.

On this one, he has a point but it’s not a problem or issue unique to your 3 counties, Raila has been dealing with, and continues to battle fault lines between and among Luhyas and Kambas who must remain on his camp but obviously Mudavadi is constantly spoiling for him, and Kalonzo never sure not uncharacteristic of him.

In case anyone missed it, this is why I support Owalo in Kibra even though it remains the case the seat is ODM’s to lose.

To this, the netter responded,

I can see you read it unlike [the other netter]. Dauti Kahura writes well and is a known journalist. Unfortunately he spoke the truth and never expected you to agree with him.

That was expected. Unfortunately Uhuru is facing that heat. It is not that they hate Raila. The problem is not Raila bit Uhuru. Folks speak negatively about UK.

Today he can get more votes in Luo Nyanza than in the whole Mt. Kenya region. Hana support Toyota. Their hatred for Uhuru and Kahura said so is seeing rise of Ruto. Alternative onge as Luos say….no alternative.

To this I responded,

You’re dug in, so am I and the truth shall set us free: I am telling you and will keep telling you the issue in Central is NOT Uhuru, but Raila hatred. We know even Uhuru rode on that hatred to the presidency but that’s alright; he has since come to terms with reality and that is, you cannot deny people their franchise just because you must cling to power no matter what, or because some people have been programmed to hate Luos and moronically keep swearing that Raila will “NEVER” be president with the only sin he has committed is being born a Luo, and to Jaramogi, a family that has been antagonistic with Kikuyus since independence.

Fortunately, Uhuru and like minded leaders from Central, including Her Majesty Governor Anne Waiguru have shaken the ugly monkey off their backs and will now lead to a new Kenya where such hatred of a man has no place in our politics.

Notice the difference in someone like me who supports Raila, but I DO NOT HATE RUTO; in fact, I am on record saying where Ruto to be pitted against Matiang’i for the presidency, I will support Ruto!

Also, to repeat what I highlighted in a recent column, we know resistance to Raila in Central is stiff, mostly based on historic hatred but the handshake shook things and the peripherally hating folk have been jarred loose and are happily singing our tune Raila deserves his chance to serve as president he has been denied for so long and more are joining the choir.

We know we won’t get all of you [the netter is a Kikuyu]; just enough to respectably say we have done well in the region and build on that to make this a more united republic.

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BBI Will Be Implemented One Way or Another

BBI Team

BBI Task Force with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Handshake Co-Principal Raila Odinga

I am not responding to what is or is not in the BBI for the simple reason the report is not official and it’s not wise to waste time commenting on what is supposedly reported to be in it for that could be a trial balloon or spin.

I know at least two individuals in the BBI task force but not once have I even bothered to pry from any of them what’s in the report. Like any concerned Kenyan, however, I have shared to one of them my thoughts and that’s what the task force has been doing, namely, gathering views and input from Kenyans.

We should know any moment from now what is in the report and most of us are ready to push for implementation of the report because we know and have confidence the task force has done the needful to give us a workable and acceptable document.

Btw, it is entirely possible BBI may make proposals that sidestep the constitutional provisions for a referendum, meaning, effecting its proposals without a referendum and I can see how that can be accomplished while staying within letter and spirit of the handshake. Let me just say it involves the Supreme Court.

In 2017, I wrote a paper recommending what I called our own “Nuclear Option” following the nullification of the August presidential election, and as Raila was struggling with the question of whither to participate in the runoff or not.

I made the case he should definitely not boycott the runoff election and offered the Nuclear Option as a solution were he to participate and be rigged out yet again.

My proposal was only shared with NASA principals and a couple other individuals including Orengo and the feedback I received was very positive as to its originality and groundbreaking but in the end Raila opted to boycott the runoff election nonetheless.

It’s amazing what God allows us to see thinking outside the box during a crisis and I recall vividly how that idea came to me literally out of nowhere as I was sitting there thinking hard what we could or should do in the face of this yet again in your face rigging with no assurance the same wouldn’t be done again in the runoff and then I saw the Nuclear Option so clearly and it still remain valid and can be effected were it to be put into play after another in your face rigged elections.

Fortunately, however, we don’t have to worry about that now as BBI is designed to fix this electoral theft once and for all.

I am mentioning it here only because that option involved or required the Supreme Court to rule in its favor and I knew we had the votes for that–strictly by how the Court voted to nullify the elections, ditto this one way I see BBI implementation without a referendum. I may lay what that is in my column this weekend, if BBI is not made public before then, otherwise, we’re ready to roll with what’s in the report.

With Uhuru and Raila ready to hit the road to promote the report, and given the goodwill among all Kenyans of reason and not driven by divisive and brown bag money politics, successful implementation of the BBI report is assured.

Do your part in making that a reality or, if you’re one of those clogged with impermissible reasons to do the right thing, well, we hope you’ll join us in the celebration of our success in implementing BBI as this change is inevitable and it will benefit ALL Kenyans, whether you support the report or not.


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