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Trump Dishonors the Late John Lewis

John Lewis

According to the Hill, President Donald Trump was not planning to visit the Capitol to honor the late civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). “I won’t be going, no,” Trump said before departing the White House for a trip to North Carolina when asked if he planned to visit the Capitol either Monday or Tuesday to pay his respects to Lewis.

For those who don’t follow American politics, Lewis is a civil rights icon who emerged as a key figure of the civil rights movement, having survived a brutal beating by Alabama state troopers during the 1965 march from Selma, Ala., to Montgomery that has become known as “Bloody Sunday.” He died at the age of 80 on July 17 after a months-long battle with cancer.

Reading this story about Trump’s decision not to honor John Lewis by visiting the body as it lays in state at the Capitol, my fingers just started typing the following:

Why Mr. President? “Well, I am doing these amazing things to my white people I don’t wish to offend them by appearing to honor a civil rights icon like John was. I mean, he was the best civil rights champion this country ever had.”

“I can’t attend his viewing to honor him. They love me. I said to myself, why go honor John when I can stay away and have all these adoration from my admirers who love that. They were going to come to the convention in their millions but the China virus has stopped us but we can have millions in attendance.”

But, Sir, the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena can only hold a capacity of 15,000 people? Where will the millions be, especially now that you have been forced to cancel the event?

“I didn’t say millions; I said thousands…[inauble] that’s you fake media saying that. I didn’t say it.” [Several reporters audibly sigh in disbelief]

“I am loved by everyone but you’re not going to report that because you hate me” the president goes on, adding, “I have 96% percent approval among Republicans.”

Sir, you’re citing a poll from months ago and one taken before it became obvious you’re incapable of leading in combating the pandemic…

“No I am the pandemic president; I mean I am fighting this pandemic better than George Washington ever did and better than all generals have in the whole world.”

[Room of press empties out but the president continues on rambling, talking directly to the only one camera remaining–One TV, even Fox News clears out as they can’t take the lies anymore]

Oh, and this was about the legendary John Lewis, even though you can’t tell from the rumbling of the master of dissonance. May the great John Lewis rest in peace.

P.S. The foregoing is a parody, for those who didn’t figure it out.

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Trump’s Days In Office Are Numbered

Biden President
I have beautiful places and wildlife screen savers that refresh every day on my various devices. I love them all except once in a long while when I see one that’s neither nor as beautiful. In even more rare occasions, I see one that is awful that I don’t like at all.
I just saw one such but I quickly reminded myself it’s only there for today, tomorrow there will be a fresh one, which I’ll enjoy seeing as usual, even when not as beautiful or pleasing as some of the best I have seen.
Guess why the man his secretary of state never denied calling a moron came to mind as I thought about that?
You’re right!
He’s awful and sullying the presidency with selling beans from the Oval Office and all but, like this screensaver I don’t like, he’ll not be there tomorrow and a more pleasing successor will be come January.
I know there are those who would look at same screensaver I find unattractive and marvel at how beautiful it is, but most of them will have nothing else to compare it to, not the slew of the most amazing and beautiful ones before and to follow.
They are in the minority compared to those who know and would prefer the more beautiful screenshots and if given the opportunity, will advance past this not so attractive one and get to the next which is certain to be more beautiful.
We cannot advance November 3rd, but as sure as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, that day will surely come soon and for those God has blessed to make it there, let’s cast our vote that day and even if it is the last thing we do in life, it will make a world of a difference for good or worse of this country; good if you vote for Biden, worse if you vote for the other alternative.

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Voter Suppression Work in Progress, COVID-19 Numbers Suppression Coming Soon

Trump Lies(1)

In perilous times, facts, expertise, and truth are indispensable. President Trump’s flagrant disregard for the truth and his self-aggrandizing exaggerations, specious misstatements, and bald-faced lies have been rigorously documented and debunked since the first day of his presidency by The Washington Post’s Fact Checker staff.

Tomes will be written about the Trump and the disregard of truth by this man whose secretary of state never denied calling a moron. The Washington Post is doing its part tracking and exposing the untruths and lies in the book above and more to come as these are daily occurrences until this man is soon booted out of office.

Don’t get me wrong; the lies won’t stop even after the man whose Chief of Staff also called an idiot is booted out of office, but they won’t be as harmful as they are now.

I have captioned my blog as above because I see a correlation between what Republicans have always done when it comes to voting, namely, making sure blacks and other minorities who support Democrats do not have access to the ballot and the announcement the other day that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will be bypassed henceforth in reporting from hospitals across the country on COVID-19 related data, including number of cases reported and deaths.

As for COVID-19, the data being published daily in the media,, including number of deaths from the virus daily is a reminder of how Trump has not only totally failed in providing any leadership to deal with the deadly virus, he is unbelievably actively undermining efforts by the government’s own scientists to combat the pandemic.

As a solution for the latter, namely, evidence of his failures represented by the numbers going the wrong direction for dealing with the pandemic, Trump has ordered that hospitals now send their data to Health and Human Services Department (HHS) under control of his appointee instead of CDC where such data has always been sent until now when Trump wants to hide it from the public if he could (but he can’t) so the next best thing is to make it difficult if not impossible to access it–and that’s what he is doing here.

Reason: so HHS can cook the numbers or at least make it difficult, if not impossible for media to readily and immediately access the data as it’s made available by the hospitals.

Unless this is stopped through court action, reporters will now have to work double or triple harder to access the data and when they do and accurately report, Trump will dismiss it as “fake news,” his moronic or cult-like followers will buy hook, line and sinker and he lives to tell another lie the next day.

That’s his MO.

Fortunately, more and more rational voters who bought this in 2016 have come to their senses and are saying enough of the nonsense as is reflected in current polling.

It’s not over until the proverbial fat lady sings so, keep alert, remain active, and get ready to vote in November to bring an end to this madness.

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A Speech Trump Could Have Given and Rode To Victory in November But He did Not So Hello Defeat


During a national crisis, we look to our national leaders to provide direction in how to respond. If it is an international crisis such as this pandemic, we still look to our national leaders to provide direction and to also assure a nation all shall be well, despite the crisis

Good leaders do this as second nature; bad or incompetent leaders never do this at all, namely, never provide leadership on how to cope with the crisis, let alone assuring a nation all shall be well despite the crisis.

In the case of the United State, President Donald Trump has not only failed to provide leadership in combating the pandemic that is coronavirus, he has basically punted and instead opted to make things worse by undermining the government’s own experts and what they are saying needs to be done to curb spreading of the pandemic and ultimately make it manageable as any other common disease.

Ironically, providing leadership in combating this pandemic may just be as simple as giving an edifying and inspiring speech for people to (a) understand the seriousness and gravity of the situation and (b) know and understand what their responsibilities are in combating the pandemic.

Trump has failed on both counts.

He has not made it abundantly clear we’re dealing with a major health crisis the country and the world has not seen since the 1918 influenza pandemic caused by H1N1 virus.

Instead, Trump has done the opposite, variously dismissing the pandemic as somewhat of a nuisance wrecking havoc to “his” economy that will “soon” magically go away, even as the number of infections and deaths keep climbing, now more than 138,000 deaths in the US alone and counting.

Worse, when CDC offered specific guidelines to be followed before reopening the economy, Trump and his minions contradicted and undermined the agency in egging on Trump’s cult-like supporters to demand that states reopen “NOW” and not in accordance with CDC’s rational guidelines.

As part of this obviously counter-intuitive and moronic demands, Trump is fully engaged in doublespeak by on the one hand saying he and the country’s renowned expert and head of infectious diseases Dr. Fauci “get along very well,” his minions obviously taking cue from his criticism of the good doctor have gone further in trashing the doctor just because he is telling the truth about what the situation is and what needs to be done.

As I tweeted earlier, coronavirus is Trump’s Iran hostage crisis for Jimmy Carter only he Trump has done nothing about it other than making the pandemic worse in its devastation and deaths for which he shall pay at the polls in November ten times as bad as Carter did.

As evidence of how horribly Trump has mangled and failed to provide leadership in combating COVID-19, the following is a speech not by a fellow G-7 world leader–all of whom have given their own stellar speeches and rallied to effectively combat the deadly virus; no, this is a speech by one of the presidents from the “shithole” countries, namely, Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda:

Ugandan President’s address to his nation.

Uganda President KAGUTA MUSEVENI warns against people misbehaving during this COVID-19 period, “God has a lot of work, He has the whole world to look after. He cannot just be here in Uganda looking after idiots…”.

Below is his reported statement.

“In a war situation, nobody asks anyone to stay indoors. You stay indoors by choice. In fact, if you have a basement, you hide there for as long as hostilities persist.

During a war, you don’t insist on your freedom. You willingly give it up in exchange for survival.

During a war, you don’t complain of hunger. You bear hunger and pray that you live to eat again

During a war, you don’t argue about opening your business. You close your shop (if you have the time), and run for your life. You pray to outlive the war so that you can return to your business (that’s if it has not been looted or destroyed by mortar fire).

During a war, you are thankful to God for seeing another day in the land of the living.

During a war, you don’t worry about your children not going to school. You pray that the government does not forcefully enlist them as soldiers to be trained in the school premises now turned military depot.

The world is currently in a state of war. A war without guns and bullets. A war without human soldiers. A war without borders. A war without cease-fire agreements. A war without a war room. A war without sacred zones.

The army in this war is without mercy. It is without any milk of human kindness. It is indiscriminate – it has no respect for children, women, or places of worship. This army is not interested in spoils of war. It has no intention of regime change. It is not concerned about the rich mineral resources underneath the earth. It is not even interested in religious, ethnic or ideological hegemony. Its ambition has nothing to do with racial superiority. It is an invisible, fleetfooted, and ruthlessly effective army.

Its only agenda is a harvest of death. It is only satiated after turning the world into one big death field. Its capacity to achieve its aim is not in doubt. Without ground, amphibious and aeriel machines, it has bases in almost every country of the world. Its movement is not governed by any war convention or protocol. In short, it is a law unto itself. It is Coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19 (because it announced its destructive presence and intention in the year of our Lord 2019)

Thankfully, this army has a weakness and it can be defeated. It only requires our collective action, discipline and forbearance. COVID-19 cannot survive social and physical distancing. It only thrives when you confront it. It loves to be confronted. It capitulates in the face of collective social and physical distancing. It bows before good personal hygiene. It is helpless when you take your destiny in your own hands by keeping them sanitized as often as possible.

This is not a time to cry about bread and butter like spoilt children. After all, the Holy book tells us that man shall not live by bread alone. Let’s obey and follow the instructions of the authorities. Let’s flatten the COVID-19 curve. Let’s exercise patience. Let’s be our brothers’ keeper. In no time, we shall regain our freedom, enterprise and socializing.”

In the midst of EMERGENCY, we practice urgency of service and the urgency of love for others✨
God bless us all

👏👏👏, the best and most intelligent public speech ever made during Covid-19. 🎩 off to him. SALUTE a great leader.

Now, had Trump given a speech even remotely close to this one by Museveni and coupled that with providing support to states to combat the pandemic, the curve would have likely flattened a long time ago, the number of deaths significantly avoided and Trump would be cruising to victory come November.

He did not and he cannot as it’s too late now so it’s off to defeat he goes!

That, however, requires you to do two things: (1) register to vote, if you haven’t (2) vote in November for the only person who can right this ship and that is Joe Biden.

Of course, you’ll need to be alive then so, do the least and that is to keep safe and do as the experts say we do: wear a mask and exercise social distancing.

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Of Comets, the Bible and Space Science


A friend posted this on his Facebook page and has prompted me to pen this blog as this is an area I have interest as a hobby. I am addressing this to my friend but sharing here as a musing:

Brother Sang I thought I am the only one from the villages who loves space stuff!

My intro to what’s in the sky was purely accidental. This happened in college when I was trying to get an “easy A” and to comply with certain UMCP graduation requirements so I thought, “why not Astronomy 101; after all, we’ll be out there each night staring at the stars. How hard can that be to get an A?”

Well, I was wrong about that but I enjoyed our studying the stars and got hooked since. Interestingly, however, as an Adventist, there is this conflict with science and religion, especially when it comes to creation so I veer clear of that, even as I enjoy watching endless shows on space.

In other words, when it comes to anything that contradicts our core beliefs as Adventists, or Christians for that matter, I chose to stay with our beliefs but that doesn’t mean I cannot marvel at the science when it comes to space exploration.

That being said, I think I should take a collection and catch a ride to space (what is the fare again?) and view earth from there; that’s got to be phenomenal if what we see in NASA videos are anything to go by.

On second thought, perhaps not; I have such a fear of heights I may just freak-out and not enjoy the view once up that high!

On third thought may be it wouldn’t be any more frightening than viewing the ground from up in the skies on any long distance flight.

One thing astronomers tell us is how vast space is; our Astronomy professor told us our earth is the size of a golf-ball when compared to other objects in the universe and distances I thought he was joking.

He wasn’t; I don’t think most people even bother or even start to comprehend that, which reminds me of what Winston Churchill once told a curator in London who, after showing him all the art at the museum, inquired of the statesman if he understood everything.

Churchill replied noting it had taken him all his life to understand it was not necessary to understand everything!

But it is sometimes fun trying to understand some of these things such as why are we floating around and not knocking each other off space?

Good questions to ask and seek answers in these home-bound COVID-19 era. My suspicion is peoples’ IQ has gone up a notch since the pandemic hit as more people are reading or watching stuff they otherwise wouldn’t.

As the saying goes, there is a silver-lining in everything, even tragedy.

If you have’t found a gift as takeaway from corona, find it now; it just may be as simple as discovering a new hobby like space watching.


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Ruto Cannot Make Up with Uhuru, But Can with Raila–Response to Online Column Comments

Ruto and Raila(3)

In response to my Star column this weekend Ruto Cannot Make Up With Uhuru, But Can with Raila, several comments have been made in various platforms the column appears but I have decided to post a detailed response here to one that appears in the Star itself for the benefit of those who may have the same mistaken beliefs or notions.

The comments are addressed to the individual who posted the comment so I am addressing my response to him or her (their identity is hidden):

You say, “At least you acknowledge he cannot win on his own.”

I did but I am sure not for the same reasons you have in mind. My position is it is possible the system can yet again thuggishly rig-out Raila or Ruto, something they cannot dare do if the two are working together—and that’s my point for the whole argument.

You seem to think Raila cannot win on his own at the ballot and that’s just not true for he can and will, were he to vie with or without Ruto’s backing.

You say, “Still, if the ‘system’ is so powerful, notwithstanding the false claim that it ‘loosened the noose on democracy’ in 2002, why did the same ‘system’ fail to assert and impose Kibaki’s disputed election victory in 2007

It is not false that the system loosened the noose on democracy in 2002; as I have told others in denial about this or simply not aware, the system considered 2002 as an inhouse dispute as to who should have the presidency so it did NOT matter to them diddly-squat who as to between Kibaki and Uhuru got the presidency; however, were Raila to be the opposition candidate, we would have had Uhuru as president in 2002, not when the system gave it to him in 2013.

That being said, I am also on record having said neither Uhuru nor Raila won the requisite 50%+1 in 2013 and had a re-run been ordered as it should have, Uhuru would have won clean against Raila. Uhuru came so close to Raila’s margins they decided to rig him in in Round I, rather than wait to win clean in Round II.

Those are facts and I know because I was there and knew exactly what happened or what was happening in both camps. For those who follow my blog, this is the election I had a meeting with now Jubilee Vice-Chairman David Murathe the Friday before that Monday’s election and what he told me has always shaped how I analyze Jubilee politics.

You say, “[the system failed] to impose Mudavadi, its preferred candidate, in 2012.”

No need to do a mademoni analysis here suffice to say the system did not fail in anything to do with Mudavadi, who they briefly toyed with having him vie instead of Uhuru but decided to stay with the latter.

Had they stayed with Mudavadi, Raila would have won a landslide bigger than 2007, making it impossible to rig him out for fear of ICC.

Again, they rigged him out against Uhuru because they were close enough.

You say, “the system failed] to assert and impose Uhuru’s August 2017 election which was nullified??

These are things I have written a dozen legal memorandum about shared privately with those shared with and will publish in my memoirs but, in a nutshell, the reason the system did not dare ignore the Supreme Court’s historic decision is something I and anyone who follows these things closely knows or should know.

Suffice to say there was no chance in hell they were going to take that risk and thus what we had as the outcome.

You say, “The FACTS simply don’t support your bogus ‘system’ argument.

I am sure you’ve seen by now there is nothing bogus about what I say regarding the system; if not, you’re in denial in which case I cannot help any further.

You say, “The ‘system’ can’t stand up to People power.

Oh yes they do and always have except in 2002, which I say they heeded to popular vote because the victor was someone they did not mind at all taking over from Moi. In 2007, 2013 and 2017, they give “people power” the middle finger and will do so again with glee in 2022, unless things unfold a certain way, including possibly the scenario I describe in the column.

You say, “…and the winner in 2022 will be the one with the largest coalition of tribal support, simple as that, as it has always been.”

You’re making my point; coalitions win and have won at least 3 times in recent times but only once (2002) did their candidate get sworn in as president.

The only coalition that will beat the system hands-down this time around is one of Raila backed by Ruto.

Raila backed by Uhuru can also win with a split of Gema vote but even in that scenario, the system can still rig in someone else who most certainly will be in the running if the two gentlemen vie separately, unless the system is united in backing Raila.

In the latter case, Raila is sworn as president regardless of what happens at the polls.

Ruto, of course, is out of the question and if he vies and Raila vies, the system’s candidate will be our next president—unless the vote is so overwhelming for one as to not to try and rig, which is doubtful as this will be a three-way race and murky enough for them to steal yet again.

For the avoidance of doubt, if Raila choses not to vie and joins Uhuru in backing someone else, that someone else will win in a landslide and the system cannot do anything wapende wasipende.

In this scenario, the candidate, of course, cannot be a Kikuyu and neither can he be from RV; who that will be is something I believe nobody knows at this time as each player is playing their Option A cards.

Note I am being specific in saying the compromise candidate cannot be a Kikuyu, leaving open the possibility it can be someone other than a Kikuyu from Mt Kenya region with Raila’s blessing.

Again, this is Option C for Raila and not an option for Ruto, unless the candidate is Raila, in which case he (Raila) won’t be a compromise but a practical candidate to serve the tripartite interests (Uhuru, the System–though reluctantly and Ruto).

Right now we are where all parties are playing their Option A cards, and each side is hiding their ace cards though Raila may put his on the table very soon and upend things yet again unless some people decide to play nice.

Uhuru is not in that equation and will be just fine how the cards are played out one way or another and if given a choice between backing Raila or Ruto, he will no question back Raila but we are not there yet.

That, my fellow Kenyans, is what is at stake even as I am typing this so expect a lot of movement of these Chess pieces for a winning strategy to emerge notwithstanding BBI, which everyone can use to their advantage.

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Wear A Mask; It’s the Common Sense Thing To Do


Just before COVID-19 picked up steam, a business colleague of mine were away on travel and arrived in Kenya the day before things got progressively worse and the government declared mandatory quarantine of 14 days for everyone arriving in the country from that day on.

We were not subject to the mandatory quarantine, but we nonetheless self-quarantined for that period and cut short our trip to return to the US as we were told we may not be able to leave once all flights in and out of the country were stopped as they are and this happened the day after we departed. 

The usually busy hotel we stayed, had about 10 guests by the time we were checking out and interestingly, we all became like family as we kept running into each other at all eating times. 

Of even more interest, most of the remaining guests were Chinese and a couple had recently arrived from China so suddenly we found ourselves wondering, did they have the virus? Are we exposed? 

There was no way of knowing so we did all the necessary and as advised by medical experts: wash hands, sanitize, sanitize everything from door knobs to literally anything you can touch and so on.

We were, however, not wearing masks as this had not become obvious and essential as it is now. We knew we would have to wear them on the way back but since we were in self-quarantine and taking the other precautions, we figured it was not necessary.

On the day before we left, I had a chat with the Chinese gentleman and he told me what China was doing to contain the virus, especially in Wuhan province where the virus originated. What he told me was also what we had seen and read in the news and that is, military style operations where residents were literally locked in their residences with exit doors and gates welded shut!

“That’s how you contain and get rid of the virus,” my now new friend told me, adding, “but this can only be done in a country like China; in your country [meaning the US] that is not possible!”

What he was saying, and he was right, is the very unfettered freedoms and rights American enjoy will be the reason the virus cannot be contained and will unnecessarily kill people as it is.

Yes, you have the right and can demand to roam free in the streets and other public places without wearing a mask as the new leader of this “live or die free” is encouraging the unthinking and blindly following to do, but you have no right to infect others with the disease or in further spreading it.

Wear a mask when you are in public, especially in confined places where you cannot socially distance yourself!

If you’d rather die than wear a mask, then just commit suicide.

I know it is imprudent to say that but it makes more sense than refusing to wear a mask for no good reason other than perhaps because Trump says don’t do it, which makes it even less sensical and verges on the absurd and moronic of which we know there is no shortage but this is about life and death.

I know some are pointing to the Bible to say wearing of masks is not necessary as God will protect you but such is what is unjustifiably imprudent; you cannot shoot yourself in the head and expect God to stop you from dying.

Besides, especially in consideration of those most vulnerable such as older people and those with medical conditions, God clearly instructs us all in Mathew 22:39 to love and care for them as we love and care for ourselves.

Again, it may just be the case one doesn’t care about themselves to the extent they would want to wander around without masks, but that’s when you hold them accountable by voting out the accidental president who is encouraging this deadly behavior!

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Uhuru’s Break-up with Ruto Is Irreversible

Uhuru and Ruto(1)

In politics, optics are as important as substance so anyone is free to interpret optics as they fancy it’s a question of how most people see it.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto showed up at today’s Madaraka Day celebrations donning matching or nearly matching suits, shoes, red ties and masks which had some Kenyans excited, especially on social media wondering if the two have reconciled and returned to their earlier days bromance where they were also wearing matching shirts and ties to project their joined at the hip brotherly love.

An interesting question to ask nonetheless is whether the donning of this matching attire was meant to be a statement or coincidental? That’s something none of us can tell or know for sure, but given nothing is coincidental in politics, at least not of this level of detail, one can assume there was some coordination to convey a message, leaving the further question, what message?

If history is anything to go by, wiser counsel is to not assume much from this because, two politicians laughing and high fiving each other today does not mean they will do so tomorrow if their interests diverge.

Indeed, even forgetting about history for a moment and just look at what has happened to Ruto in the past few weeks, the political whupping he has received and the damage is irreversible at this point.

Right now and to the foreseeable future, there’s nothing Ruto can do to reverse course on which his political demise is on for at least 2022 politics.

It is said anything is possible in politics but that’s an overstatement as the requisite conditions and circumstances must be right for that to be the case.

While Ruto can throw in the towel in as far as succeeding Uhuru goes, and seek whatever crumps the system may throw his way come 2022, fact is the man from Sugoi is politically finished and his ambition for 2022 came crashing when all his backers in the Senate abandoned and did not even bother to put up a fight against the purge that took place there.

Others have wobbled and shown signs or even outright told friends they will not be there for Ruto if the choice came to between backing him or doing as Uhuru wishes.

Indeed, according to one number cruncher I know who is privy to an analysis that has been done as to who is likely to vote for who and why on the question of impeaching Ruto, if a motion to that effect is brought in the national assembly, and if the ongoing Jubilee negotiations with national leaders for a grand coalition holds, Uhuru is short between 8 and 15 votes of the 233 needed to impeach Ruto, if he opts to go this route.

That’s a number that Uhuru can whip and have their votes within minutes.

According to the same source, the votes are there to remove Ruto in the Senate–and by a large margin.

Wachana na impeachment kwa sasa; that’s the mother of all battles but there is smaller though significant battle to be fought and won and that is continued purging of Ruto loyalists this time at the National Assembly where efforts to save Duale appear to have failed and now he’s facing the chop.

I said the other day only Murathe can save Duale from being axed but I have changed my mind and now say Murathe has punted because someone else wants Duale out more than Murathe wants him in.

My new thinking is partially informed by recent reporting that it is now up-to Uhuru who really doesn’t care one way or another to decide whether Duale stays as majority leader or is out.

The irony of ironies as I see it is this:

If Ruto is spared the humiliation of removal from office by impeachment (which I advised against in my weekend oped) to politically live to fight another day for the presidency (2027 or 2032), then he must agree to (a) the purging that is next to take place at the National Assembly, including removal of Duale as majority leader and (b) not to whine at all about several CSs deemed loyal to him that will soon be shown the exit door to make room for the new government of national unity in formation.

In my belief, what you saw today is quintessentially a part of that amicable divorce if Ruto can live up-to his end of this lowly bargain that leaves him an empty suit wandering around the walls of power with absolutely nothing to do but pass time.

Interestingly, and relevant for this matching attire excitement, Ruto’s problems lie not with Uhuru, but the very system that put them together in the first place, and later in office without the votes required under the constitution.

That system calls the shots, not Uhuru.

Unfortunately for Ruto, his calculations and schemes at the expense of Uhuru has alienated him from the man such that even he has come around to let the system have its way without him trying to stop them or make it harder.

I have personally met and chatted with Uhuru twice and the last time was at a prominent Kenyan politician’s home just after passage of the 2010 constitution. On both occasions, I was very impressed how articulate and charming the man was and not for a moment did I think I was talking to this person the media depicted as a clueless someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

That man, I surmised then, and remain so convinced today, is shrewd, intelligent, knows what he is doing and underrate him at your own peril.

Ruto underrated him at his peril and that peril is the music he is facing right now, with more to come down the road.

I also know the man rewards loyalty like no other; meaning, had Ruto remained loyal through and through to him without undercutting and remaining quiet as his foot soldiers insulted and disrespected him, Ruto would been in exactly the same situation Raila was with Kibaki through elections: someone his coalition partner and the system did not want to see the inside of State House as president but waited to election day to say so loudly and clearly.

In other words, yes, had Ruto remained loyal to Uhuru, he would have gone to 2022 as a leading presidential candidate to succeed Uhuru and even probably carried the day in votes but only to be rigged out by the system because they just cannot have the man in office as president.

For many, many reasons not the least of which is their fear he will finish them, especially those who have let it known from the very beginning he sits where he sits as a matter of convenience for them, not some self-made hustler prowess he does not tire to project though rendered useless by recent events with more to come.

So, my take is there is no bromance here it is likely Uhuru has given Ruto a nice send-off from State House as the man may not even be there as DP come next Madaraka Day, or even Jamhuri Day unless he lives through the pain of political austerity measures Uhuru and the system have tailor made for him.


Since posting this blog, Uhuru had a Jubilee PG meeting and Duale’s job was saved. Here is what I posted elsewhere as an update:

I have been saying for a long time the only person who would have saved Duale’s job as majority leader is David #Murathe as #Uhuru did not care either way if #Duale remained. I changed my mind and said it was now a toss up between Murathe and one other significant person who wanted Duale gone. As it was reported in the media, it was Uhuru to decide which of the two men will have their way.

It turns out Murathe has and now Duale must do as Murathe (read: the system) tells him to do and will only be happy to do so. This is also why it was easy for Uhuru to lean in Murathe’s direction because Duale has never once insulted or disrespected him and neither has he failed to push through the president’s agenda as told. In other words, he keeps his job in part because he has been clever in not offending the hands the fed him.



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Removal of Senator Ledama Olekina from CPAIC

Ledama Olekina(1)

The exchange below occurred elsewhere but am cutting and pasting here for easy reference, and for those of you who have not seen it to peruse it.

As usual, the exchange is with a blogger KM. I am SO.



“Please advise your buddy to comb his hair first so that he can comb Agwambo,” said KM sharing a video of Senator Ledama Olekina, a friend I have known for many years, in which the senator was breathing fire about efforts to remove him from the Chairmanship of CPAIC, a powerful senate committee he maintains he was properly elected to.

His party bigwigs don’t think so and the have denied him the opportunity to serve as chairman on grounds he went around them and got elected using their rival party votes, which is against party policy and therefore a disloyal move.

Nothing parties hate than disloyalty and the party, ODM, did not waste any time to register its displeasure by removing Ledama as a member of the committee, which the party has total and unfettered authority to do, which in turn therefore means Ledama cannot be chairman of the committee.

To the comment by KM, I responded,

As I have previously said, Ledama is making a mistake but I can also tell you it is an intentional mistake. Those who have been following this closely have a good idea or know why and thus my message to my good friend to re-think and politically live to fight another day over things that matter to him and the Maa community.

Being chair of CPAC this year is not one of those but, again, we have a good idea or know why he has chosen to pick and fall on this otherwise meaningless fight.

As I also previously said, his fall from ODM and even joining TangaTanga will not have any effect on what lies ahead for Uhuru/Raila and BBI.

Now, I have said I and others close to Raila and ODM inner circle know why Ledama is doing this to himself but he very much gave a big hint in this clip and his interview the other day I believe KTN when he says he is young and can wait to rise again 20 years after ostensibly the current crop of leaders are gone or elderly as to continue having him pay the price for what he is about to do, but even then he is mistaken.

Yes, the short-term rewards may be great for him for taking this move–or at least so he believes but politically it is a loser proposition as it is impossible for him to outshine whoever now emerges as the Maa kingpin, something he was close to achieving.

KM responded, and then I dissected his response as follows:

KM, I know you’re speaking from lack of inside knowledge while I know what that is but can’t divulge more than I am saying but let me say this in response to your comments now in as carefully as I can without disclosing what I know that need not be public:

You say, “Who said one can only become a Maa Kingpin via ODM?”

Not me. Read again what I said and how I put it and you should conclude the point I am making is whoever becomes the Maa kingpin for 2022 will be there for his life therefore Ledama can only hope he demises before then for him to have another chance at becoming the kingpin. His best chance was now.

You say, “That is where Raila goes wrong. He assumed he would get Kalenjin votes without Ruto but see what happened.”

While I agree with you Raila made a mistake in not courting and keeping Ruto for 2013 as I privately urged him and publicly blogged for months and months, the situation here is different therefore it is not making the same mistake regarding courting and keeping the Maa community vote.

You say “Raila needs Ledema more than Ledema needs Raila.”

False. While Ledama was certainly a rising star in Maa community and ODM, were he to exit ODM, Raila and Co will easily groom someone else, especially if reading from the same page with Uhuru.

You say, “It is such arrogance and being out of reality that will see Raila age and leave without ever sleeping in state house.”

This is just angry rhetoric so let me not bother to respond.

You say, “If his thinking is the same as yours I feel sorry for Raila.”

Your feeling sorry for Raila means he is doing something right; it’s inversed psychology I often laugh when I see it because we are all guilty of same at one point or another.

You say, “You court votes, not pee on them.”

True but no one is peeing on any votes here.

You say, “For heavens sake, he does not need Ongeri who may only give him money.”

You are assuming ODM moved to deny Ledama the position of Chairman because of Ongeri as all of you have been led to believe; however, that is is technically correct, but there is an overriding reason which we know why ODM removed Ledama from CPAIC.

You say, “Problem with Raila is that he looks at pockets and wallets and knows Ongeri will give him money which Ladema lacks.”

ALL politicians look for people with money to support them and if they can also bring votes, so much the better.

You say, ” That is being greedy.”

Obviously false, given the fact I have stated above.

You say, “It will cost him votes.”

It will cost Raila some votes but the gains are greater than those votes.

You say, “Hope he is not hoping to raise money through bribery as has been the case in the past.”

This is a false smear you are throwing out with no evidence but not surprising and no need to address it either beyond this.

He had no rebuttal; he could not possibly have one!


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Some in Central May Not Be Ready for Other than Kikuyu or Kale President, But Time Is Nigh

As I occasionally do, I am cutting and pasting here my exchanges with one or two bloggers I usually engage on matters relating to Kenyan politics for both easy reference, and for you to peruse if you have not seen the posts elsewhere.

This exchange is by someone I refer to as KM, previously a diehard Uhuru supporter but now calls the man names and is all in for Ruto because he hates Raila and does not care for the handshake between Uhuru and Raila. He denies he does not hate Raila or Luos but what he says betrays that, except I would not say he hates Luos as whole as other tribalists from his region do.

This exchange was from May 10, 2020:

SO (that is how I am referred to)

Citing a blog touting Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria as Ruto’s running mate for 2022, the blogger noted:

Kiambu, Gatundu roots. Kuria is popular but Bill ought to seek a deputy from elsewhere. May be Kiunjuri but Meru, Muranga, Kirinyaga or Embu would be his best pick. Raila likely to get Waiguru or PK

All you need to remember is that on the ballot Uhuru will not appear anywhere. It will be Raila vs Ruto. Only a liar and somebody outvof their minds can tell you that today Raila can beat Ruto in Mt. Kenya. It will be a hard sell in Mt. Kenya and Wanjohi knows that. I would bet my votes on that area if I were Agwambo

My response:

KM it doesn’t matter who Ruto picks as his running mate; the outcome for 2022 is going to be pre-determined and unless he throws in the towel and seeks crumbs in the new government as I posited in my last week’s oped, the man from Sugoi won’t be in that government.

Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro is quoted in the article saying this:

“Whether tyrants and dictators like it or not, Moses Kuria is the incontestable Mt Kenya spokesperson and deputy president of the Republic of Kenya from 2022. If dynasties want power or cling to power, they can use KPLC power or battery power. We’re Africans and Africa is our business.”

I saw this yesterday on his Twitter and responded to him as follows:

You Ruto diehards are drunk with something but when you sober up, you’ll realize and appreciate even in this day and age long past assassinations, daring, disrespecting and insulting a president has its price to pay.

His response,


All you need to remember is that on the ballot Uhuru will not appear anywhere. It will be Raila vs Ruto. Only a liar and somebody out of their minds can tell you that today Raila can beat Ruto in Mt. Kenya. It will be a hard sell in Mt. Kenya and Wanjohi knows that. I would bet my votes on that area if I were Agwambo

My response:

KM I am resigned to repeat this to no end but here we go: Raila won the presidency outright in 2007 and 2017 without the Kikuyu vote, which is really what we are talking about here.

He will do so again in 2022 except this time with a bigger margin than what he received in those two years. It is therefore irrelevant by what margin Ruto gets the Kikuyu vote, the rest of the country will be voting for change and the change will be spear-headed by Uhuru himself and others from Central (read the system) who know and agree enough is enough with this rotation of the presidency between two tribes.

Attached is a screen shot of a message from a successful and influential Kikuyu businessman who was initially critical of my penning what he termed “40 vz 2” oped but he changed his mind and agreed with my position, after I explained in more detail than what I wrote in the one piece, including sharing with him my Open Letter to HE President Emilio Mwai Kibaki, EGH, MP and Out Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Needs To Give Us a Break from Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency both of which I penned prior to 2013 elections.

I told the gentleman in this case, we need a break from yet again another Kale presidency. He finally agreed and attached is his reply to that effect and my response. I am obviously withholding his identity but all I can say is, it is great to have men and women of his stature to see things our way, and the Kenyan way for that matter.

His response,

That is in your imagination. Only valid argument is for 2007. Let us see how far Wanjohi will be able to him. You will still say he won in 22 when he goes back to Uhuru for a second fake swearing. He will need majority of Mt. Kenya. Also reduce Kamva votes on his tally and will understand why ODMers are desparate to get UK support. Unfortunately, Mt. Kenya region is giving Wanjohi the middle finger.

My response,

Whether it’s in my imagination or not is irrelevant; I am saying what I am, based on what I know and I am not alone in with that knowledge or view.

You obviously are basing yours entirely on the false belief that Mt. Kenya is Kenya when it is not. I’ll give you that a vast population of Kikuyus in Central will vote against Raila (and therefore benefit Ruto) simply because of their hatred of Raila and some in RV will do so for their misplaced fear of being evicted from there were Ruto to lose as he will but neither of that is going to stop Uhuru and Raila as well as the system in ensuring BBI implementation is a reality.

The ONLY way that dynamic changes, is if Uhuru reneges on the handshake and puts his weight and therefore that of the system behind someone else. That someone else will be the preside and what you can take to the bank is that someone else WON’T be Ruto.

I am all for that and even warming up to the idea of having my old friend CS Matiang’i being the compromise candidate.


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