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I am originally and ultimately from Kenya. Upon graduation from Rutgers, the State University School of Law, Newark, I embarked on a private legal career as an attorney at my own firm and after more than 10 years of active practice in the Washington, DC area, I moved on to international business consulting assisting business people and investors interested or doing business in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. I enjoy reading and writing--or more precisely, blogging and when time allows, I like taking my family out on nature excursions. My Pet Peeve: Things that move slowly without a good reason.

Elections Should Be Held in 2021, Not 2022


Our next elections in Kenya should be in August 2021, not August 2022, if the Constitution is to be interpreted correctly.

Pls take interest, follow and support this case challenging the prevailing belief that our next elections in Kenya should be in 2022. I’ll provide updates for those who are not able to closely follow.

Constitutional law arguments aside, it is imperative that we hold our next elections as soon as possible to avoid a more prolonged period of campaign mode to succeed #Uhuru that we are already in.

It was bad enough succession politics had paralyzed things before #COVID-19 but resumption of paralysis owing to succession politics for another 2 years will make recovery from the pandemic difficult, if not impossible.

If elections are held next year, then there will be a one-two punch: implement #BBI and go into elections in less than 1 year–that will go a long way to help in the recovery from #Corona while setting us on a path to political rejuvination as well. #KenyaElections2021 #BuildingBridges, #BBI #Jubilee,

Election Date(1)

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The Wailing of A Kikuyu Voter


This piece is not for the lackadaisical reader but is worth the read so, take time and read it through as it’s an analysis I have decided to do from an article I disclose below and I believe strongly the message needs to beard by all who care about our beloved country; heck, even if you don’t care, just read it and you’ll be glad you did. If not, well, it’s corona time so likely not much else to do with all the available time:-)


In the lead-up to the 2017 presidential elections, Njuguna and I had had many heated discussions on who Kenyans should elect as president. That time he told me, “Uhuru ni gaitu ga guicirira…mukuigwa uguo…” (Uhuru is ours by birth and blood…you can lump it if you don’t like it).

Iguthua ndogoria, itikinyagira nyeki,” said my friend, a matatu driver to me. Translated metaphorically, it means a limping shepherd leads his flock astray. Literally it means, a leader who lacks foresight cannot lead his people to greener pastures. Essentially, he becomes a burden to his people.

My matatu driver friend said that in some parts of Kiambu County, where he grew up and still lives, he knows of families that have been rendered jobless. Even with their meagre incomes, at least they could afford to buy food. “Now that meagre pay is not forthcoming. How do you expect these people to survive? Still, the president talks of ‘my fellow Kenyans’. No muhaka ticiria uhoro wa muturire witu wa hau kabere.” We must seriously think of how lives will be in the future.

“For me, I already have”, said the driver. “I’ve thought long and hard and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll never again participate in electoral politics. What’s the point? Uhuru and his band of politicians can spend millions of shillings cheating our mothers with branded lesos [kitenge-like wrapping cloth, popular with women], caps and T-Shirts, yet he cannot find money to buy the same women masks.

“The Kenyatta family runs the biggest milk production company in this part of the world, but it cannot, even for one day, say it will subsidise the price of milk so that poor people can afford it. That is the same milk they get from those poor farmers in Mt Kenya region.”

“But look what happened? Kikuyus hitched their wagon on a fading horse, a wild horse that didn’t, in the first place, know where it was headed and how it was heading wherever it was heading. Yet we Kikuyus couldn’t stop to ask these important questions because we were consumed by ethnic jingoism. We were all in a tribally induced trance…now we’re all paying for it. I’ve thought about these things: cooked up presidential elections, tribal voting, about Uhuru, politicians, why people are suffering, and now coronavirus and I can tell you we’re living in apocalyptic times.”

“The Kikuyu people are bewitched,” mused Njuguna. “How do you explain the fact that one family has been able to control the thinking of an entire group for so long?” I asked him whether he had been bewitched during the 2013 and 2017 elections. He said yes. “How else can I explain my total conviction in Uhuru’s presidency without wanting to brook any contrary opinion? My sister being stuck in China is the last straw that broke the camel’s back. We are through with Uhuru…”

If there is one thing coronavirus ought to teach us, said my friend, is that we Kenyans need to think long and hard about the future of the country: “What do we want for ourselves? What kind of leaders do we desire? How do we right the political wrongs we’ve made? Talking specifically to my fellow Kikuyus: How do we unchain ourselves from the Kenyatta family servitude? This will be critical if the Kikuyu people in the coming years hope to be part of the struggle to liberate the country from the shackles of predatory politics.”

These are the words of a Kikuyu voter identified only by the name Njuguna in an article appearing in the Elephant and titled …Is the Love Between Uhuru and the Kikuyus Over?

I have read many articles, watched news, listened to talking heads on TV shows in Kenya and know since the handshake, there has been a drumbeat of anti-Uhuru rhetoric, which started right after the handshake with Raila and the criticism started off as expressions of confusion regarding the handshake—and understandably so as no one expected the handshake to mild criticism and in no time, the unleashing of whining and complaining that morphed into outright insults and even daring of Uhuru to silence those leading in these unprecedented attacks on a president of Kenya.

In this one piece, Dauti Kahura, its author has captured nearly all of the collective case made against Uhuru and Jubilee.

It is also the reason I have extensively quoted the article more than I would usually do in any of my blogs or writings.

I have captioned the heading as wailing of a Kikuyu voter, but I may as well captioned it as the confessions of a Kikuyu voter.

This is because what this Kikuyu voter has said in behalf of all Kikuyus is something many of us non-Kikuyus have known for decades and said as much but all to deaf ears and this can be summed up as follows:

First, tribalism is the disease that is eating out our core.
Second, even though voting is always along tribal lines, Kikuyus alone cannot win the presidency in Kenya as that is an impossibility constitutionally but, even with some gobbled up coalition to rope in another big tribe like the Kalenjin as was the case in 2013, they still cannot win the presidency without the help of vifaranga vya komputa.

Third, even as Kikuyus have voted for their own for president to the man and woman (give or take about 10% who voted for Raila at all relevant elections), most of them have never benefitted from having so voted as only the rich among them benefit, alongside those have connections with them and in some negligent numbers relative to the total population, some hoi polloi who may get some trickle down benefits such as their kith and kin through nepotistic employment.

Fourth, even with full knowledge of the fact they NEVER benefit from having gaitu ga guicirira (birth and blood), the Kikuyus, lured by lofty speeches at rallies, campaign paraphernalia and a reminder of their “superior” status as “nyumba kubwa” (the entitled ones), once again turn up in large numbers to vote for their “own” only to repeat the same circle of continuing to live in the same miserable conditions to no end.

Fifth, it took the government’s inability to bring home a relative stuck in Wahun, China for this Kikuyu voter to say enough is enough. “My sister being stuck in China is the last straw that broke the camel’s back,” he said. Well, a most voters who voted in October 2017 had reached the same conclusion and voted for change that never saw the light of day. Ditto in 2013. It took this Kikuyu voter’s sister being stuck in China to feel the pain all these other voters have felt all these years.

Now that this Kikuyu voter, and all those from the region have seen the light, what next?
Obviously hating Uhuru and calling him names is not it.

However, recognizing all these failures and shortcomings the country has lived with through all these decades, it is time to find solutions, not more whining and complaining about it.

We start by an admission as this Kikuyu voter has that most of you have been brainwashed to believe in tribalism, which is a myopic and backward belief that only serves the interests of those who whip you into buying the crap.

We start by finding common ground as a nation, regardless of tribe in finding a formula that works for us to pull through not just this pandemic, but in all future social, political and, economic challenges.

We start by fixing the government so that voter say counts in an election.

We start by de-coupling tribe from government so that being in government is not determined or decided by what tribe you belong.

We start by making sure those in government are held accountable to what they do or do not do.

We start by demanding and having elected leaders who are not in office to line their pockets at the expense of those they are supposed to represent.

We start by demanding that parts of our constitution such as Chapter 6 on integrity are not just empty words.

We start by accepting the reality you cannot do the same things over and over but expect a different result.

These things can all be done at the same time, starting with implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Only then we can have a Kenya we can ALL be proud of and, more importantly, a Kenya that works for ALL of us, not just for the few who continually empty our coffers for their selfish benefit and enjoyment at the expense of everyone else they live with nothing to even survive on.

May God bless our country and open our eyes and hearts to see this is what is at stake.

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Duale Survives, But No Work To Do


Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale survived the purge being undertaken by President Uhuru Kenyatta in the ongoing Jubilee party leadership changes. I earlier said the following about Duale’s surviving and put it like this:

I have been saying for a long time the only person who would have saved Duale’s job as majority leader is David Murathe as Uhuru did not care either way if Duale remained.

I subsequently changed my mind and said it was a toss up between Murathe and one other significant person who wanted Duale gone. As it was reported in the media, it was Uhuru to decide which of the two men will have their way.

It turns out Uhuru sided with Murathe to keep Duale in the leadership position therefore Duale now must do as Murathe (read: the system) tells him to do and will only be happy to do so. Uhuru will just sit and watch but, as always, he reaps and enjoys the fruits of the system’s labors with no sweat.

This is also why it was easy for Uhuru to lean in Murathe’s direction because Duale has never once insulted or disrespected him and neither has he failed to push through the president’s agenda as told.

In other words, he keeps his job in part because he has been clever in not offending the hands the fed him.

In other words, he keeps his job in part because he has been clever in not offending the hands the fed him.

Here’s what I said in sharing this story on Twitter:

Duale’s job was saved because (1) unlike others, he never insulted or disrespected #Uhuru (2) he did as told by Uhuru in carrying out his agenda in Parliament even as he was nibbling from #Ruto and (3) because he had #Murathe on his side.

I also said because of Duale’s dalliance with Ruto, he is no longer trusted by many in Uhuru’s camp, though he continues to enjoy the friendship and support of Murathe, who as I said was instrumental in saving him.

However, given the complications raised with this dalliance with Ruto, I posited that Duale keeps his job but he’ll be told what to do and must deliver without wavering lest the axe still comes down on him.

What is emerging now is Uhuru and those advising him have a better plan and that is, to yank all agenda management responsibilities from Duale as Majority Leader and give those to someone more trusted in a new position to be created to manage the affairs of the coalition in formation.

Indeed, it is believed the Secretariat for the new coalition is already in place so this will be a liaison position held by an MP Uhuru and the coalition trusts to move their collective agenda.

That being the case, Duale will have the title but no work to do than more than any ordinary MP does, if at all; not even as chairman of a committee.

This is brilliant as its akin to killing two birds with one stone: keep Duale supporters happy, including family and constituents while making sure he has zero opportunity to undermine or frustrate Uhuru and coalition agenda.

The icing on the cake is he’ll be completely powerless and incapable of helping Ruto as they most certainly plotted previously.

Which begs the question, why would Ruto fight so hard to keep Duale in this powerful position if he cannot help him?

The answer is simple: Ruto is in the dark about the impending coalition arrangement and, in particular, these plans to neuter the position of majority leader to render it powerless, much like the DP’s own office has been reduced to an as needed assistant to the president, not the lofty nearly co-president responsibilities and autonomy he previously enjoyed.

That’s Kenya for you but I must admit I am liking it only to the extent we fix the system to allow these three things that are crucial for all of us progressives:

  1. Ending rotation of the presidency between two tribes
  2. Ending violence, destruction of property and deaths that follow each general election circle that are always disputed since independence save for once in 2002.
  3. Ensuring inclusivity and putting an end to nepotism and tribalism in government hiring and tendering usually favoring those from the tribes that have swapped the presidency to near exclusion of all others.

This is the primary reason I and others oppose the presidency of Ruto in 2022 for we must break this rotation of the presidency between two tribes.

I will have no issue and would even support him if he vied in 2027, and God willing unless the president who succeeds Uhuru does such a fantastic job such that it would be imprudent not to support him or her for re-election.

In other words, nothing personal here; Ruto is a good man who simply finds himself at the wrong place and at the wrong time, never mind that he hustled to get here as he often claims–but propelled by the system is more like it.

That very system has now rejected him for their own reasons, those of us who want to see the breaking of this rotation of the presidency are simply beneficiaries of the rejection and that is alright as country is larger than an individual.


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What You Need To Know About the Rarely Used Insurrection Act Trump is Threatening to Invoke

Minneapolis Police Death Washington Protest

The Insurrection Act of 1807 is a United States federal law that empowers the president of the United States to deploy military troops within the United States in specific circumstances, such as to suppress civil disorder, insurrection and rebellion.

The man whose secretary of state never denied calling a moron says he will invoke the law and send the military to US cities where there are demonstrations and riots “if a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their residents.”

The question is, can he do this?

To be sure, and throughout the history of this country, this law is rarely used and the last time it was invoked was back in in 1992 to quell the Los Angeles riots after the acquittal of four white police officers in the merciless beating of Rodney King, a black man.

Before that, the act was used in 1989 during widespread looting in St. Croix, Virgin Islands, after Hurricane Hugo.

So, technically, yes, he can but not as easily as he makes it sound. As I conclude below, certainly not under these circumstances.

Another question is whether the president can do this on his own, without the request of the affected state or states and here legal experts say he can.

However, there is a presumption (and this is my surmise on this) that the president taking this action is doing so for proper, safety and law and order related reasons, not to wag the dog or to impress his base on what a strongman he is or can be, or to distract from his other failures such as disastrous response to a pandemic that is still ravaging the country.

Otherwise, if there is no basis to invoke the act and one does so for these nefarious or bogus reasons, namely, to impress his base or for personal political gain, then that is clearly abuse of office and some can argue an impeachable offense.

My view on this is #GeorgeFloyd demonstrations have made their point let the action now focus on making sure the anger is converted to votes in November and let’s root out those in elective office that have been enablers of all things bad for the country, starting with the presidency and on down.

This will (a) deny the man opportunity to invoke this law and (b) make sure we need not worry about shameless and reckless shenanigans and antics like this after November.

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Uhuru’s Break-up with Ruto Is Irreversible

Uhuru and Ruto(1)

In politics, optics are as important as substance so anyone is free to interpret optics as they fancy it’s a question of how most people see it.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto showed up at today’s Madaraka Day celebrations donning matching or nearly matching suits, shoes, red ties and masks which had some Kenyans excited, especially on social media wondering if the two have reconciled and returned to their earlier days bromance where they were also wearing matching shirts and ties to project their joined at the hip brotherly love.

An interesting question to ask nonetheless is whether the donning of this matching attire was meant to be a statement or coincidental? That’s something none of us can tell or know for sure, but given nothing is coincidental in politics, at least not of this level of detail, one can assume there was some coordination to convey a message, leaving the further question, what message?

If history is anything to go by, wiser counsel is to not assume much from this because, two politicians laughing and high fiving each other today does not mean they will do so tomorrow if their interests diverge.

Indeed, even forgetting about history for a moment and just look at what has happened to Ruto in the past few weeks, the political whupping he has received and the damage is irreversible at this point.

Right now and to the foreseeable future, there’s nothing Ruto can do to reverse course on which his political demise is on for at least 2022 politics.

It is said anything is possible in politics but that’s an overstatement as the requisite conditions and circumstances must be right for that to be the case.

While Ruto can throw in the towel in as far as succeeding Uhuru goes, and seek whatever crumps the system may throw his way come 2022, fact is the man from Sugoi is politically finished and his ambition for 2022 came crashing when all his backers in the Senate abandoned and did not even bother to put up a fight against the purge that took place there.

Others have wobbled and shown signs or even outright told friends they will not be there for Ruto if the choice came to between backing him or doing as Uhuru wishes.

Indeed, according to one number cruncher I know who is privy to an analysis that has been done as to who is likely to vote for who and why on the question of impeaching Ruto, if a motion to that effect is brought in the national assembly, and if the ongoing Jubilee negotiations with national leaders for a grand coalition holds, Uhuru is short between 8 and 15 votes of the 233 needed to impeach Ruto, if he opts to go this route.

That’s a number that Uhuru can whip and have their votes within minutes.

According to the same source, the votes are there to remove Ruto in the Senate–and by a large margin.

Wachana na impeachment kwa sasa; that’s the mother of all battles but there is smaller though significant battle to be fought and won and that is continued purging of Ruto loyalists this time at the National Assembly where efforts to save Duale appear to have failed and now he’s facing the chop.

I said the other day only Murathe can save Duale from being axed but I have changed my mind and now say Murathe has punted because someone else wants Duale out more than Murathe wants him in.

My new thinking is partially informed by recent reporting that it is now up-to Uhuru who really doesn’t care one way or another to decide whether Duale stays as majority leader or is out.

The irony of ironies as I see it is this:

If Ruto is spared the humiliation of removal from office by impeachment (which I advised against in my weekend oped) to politically live to fight another day for the presidency (2027 or 2032), then he must agree to (a) the purging that is next to take place at the National Assembly, including removal of Duale as majority leader and (b) not to whine at all about several CSs deemed loyal to him that will soon be shown the exit door to make room for the new government of national unity in formation.

In my belief, what you saw today is quintessentially a part of that amicable divorce if Ruto can live up-to his end of this lowly bargain that leaves him an empty suit wandering around the walls of power with absolutely nothing to do but pass time.

Interestingly, and relevant for this matching attire excitement, Ruto’s problems lie not with Uhuru, but the very system that put them together in the first place, and later in office without the votes required under the constitution.

That system calls the shots, not Uhuru.

Unfortunately for Ruto, his calculations and schemes at the expense of Uhuru has alienated him from the man such that even he has come around to let the system have its way without him trying to stop them or make it harder.

I have personally met and chatted with Uhuru twice and the last time was at a prominent Kenyan politician’s home just after passage of the 2010 constitution. On both occasions, I was very impressed how articulate and charming the man was and not for a moment did I think I was talking to this person the media depicted as a clueless someone born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

That man, I surmised then, and remain so convinced today, is shrewd, intelligent, knows what he is doing and underrate him at your own peril.

Ruto underrated him at his peril and that peril is the music he is facing right now, with more to come down the road.

I also know the man rewards loyalty like no other; meaning, had Ruto remained loyal through and through to him without undercutting and remaining quiet as his foot soldiers insulted and disrespected him, Ruto would been in exactly the same situation Raila was with Kibaki through elections: someone his coalition partner and the system did not want to see the inside of State House as president but waited to election day to say so loudly and clearly.

In other words, yes, had Ruto remained loyal to Uhuru, he would have gone to 2022 as a leading presidential candidate to succeed Uhuru and even probably carried the day in votes but only to be rigged out by the system because they just cannot have the man in office as president.

For many, many reasons not the least of which is their fear he will finish them, especially those who have let it known from the very beginning he sits where he sits as a matter of convenience for them, not some self-made hustler prowess he does not tire to project though rendered useless by recent events with more to come.

So, my take is there is no bromance here it is likely Uhuru has given Ruto a nice send-off from State House as the man may not even be there as DP come next Madaraka Day, or even Jamhuri Day unless he lives through the pain of political austerity measures Uhuru and the system have tailor made for him.


Since posting this blog, Uhuru had a Jubilee PG meeting and Duale’s job was saved. Here is what I posted elsewhere as an update:

I have been saying for a long time the only person who would have saved Duale’s job as majority leader is David #Murathe as #Uhuru did not care either way if #Duale remained. I changed my mind and said it was now a toss up between Murathe and one other significant person who wanted Duale gone. As it was reported in the media, it was Uhuru to decide which of the two men will have their way.

It turns out Murathe has and now Duale must do as Murathe (read: the system) tells him to do and will only be happy to do so. This is also why it was easy for Uhuru to lean in Murathe’s direction because Duale has never once insulted or disrespected him and neither has he failed to push through the president’s agenda as told. In other words, he keeps his job in part because he has been clever in not offending the hands the fed him.



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Impeaching Deputy President William Ruto

Ruto(3)This is no longer noise in some opposition circles but every indication now is we are headed to a showdown in Parliament to test if Ruto has the votes to block or defeat his impeachment.

The first salvo is fired by bringing up a motion in the National Assembly supported by one-third of all members, or 116 MPs. A motion to impeach Ruto has been drafted and is currently supported by 106 members (see below).

It is curious the draft motion is circulating with only 106 members as one would think the movant would want to have the requisite one-third of the members before having it leaked for public consumption or support but I am sure they have their reasons, probably believing they only need 96 votes, which is theoretically possible but I doubt that’s the reason.

Be that as it may, impeachment showdown is looming and those baying for Ruto’s impeachment and removal can smell victory and thus this escalation in the efforts.

The motion, if brought up in the National Assembly will require two-thirds approval by all members to proceed to the Senate where the impeachment must be upheld by two-thirds majority there as well.

Not an easy task in both cases, to say the least, but it is also entirely possible, especially given recent developments that show Ruto does not have the numbers in supporters we thought he has in Parliament.

DP Impeach Motion(1)

DP Impeach Motion(2)

DP Impeach Motion(3)

DP Impeach Motion(4)


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The Day I Almost Perished Near Mombasa

Mtito Andei(1)

And then there are many Kenyans from those times who remember how the Presidential Escort Motorcade would travel at high speed on the Nakuru-Nairobi Highway in the 1980s and the 1990s, either from Nakuru to Nairobi or vice versa. Nakuru-Nairobi/Nairobi-Nakuru is two hours by road, but the Presidential Escort normally did Nakuru-Nairobi/Nairobi-Nakuru in about 75 minutes, normally on Uncle Dan’s instructions because there was always something that needed to be done, somewhere that he needed to be.

I read this in a long post by Michael Mundia Kamau, who I enjoy reading his historical pieces and nostalgic photos he shares on his Facebook page and reading this prompted me to share the following from my memoir (work in progress) regarding presidential motorcades.

[I describe in my memoir, the first and second time I was in a presidential motorcade though it would be more accurate to call it a Prime Ministerial motorcade as this was when Raila was Prime Minister and on those two occasions I joined him, in his limousine, on a tour to Mt. Kenya region, including a visit to Dedan Kihika Kiman’s home in Njambini where I met for the first time and chitchatted with Maina Njenga, and another time when I was in a separate vehicle on a motorcade with the then PM to Nyayo Stadium to attend a friendly soccer match between Kenya and Uganda]

Here is something this post reminded me I can share now, and it has to do with the 2013 general elections.

It was not a motorcade but, being driven in an official campaign vehicle for ODM during the 2013 elections campaign. In the 2007 general elections, I was ODM’s Supervising Agent for Rift Valley [more on that in the memoirs]. In 2013, I worked with someone who is now a senior officer in the Deputy Prime Minister’s office, as the Advance Team for countrywide ODM campaign rallies.

Our primary responsibility was to arrive at the next rally venue, usually a day before where we would meet with local leaders to flesh-out any issues that may be there and to supervise logistics for the rallies, such as sitting arrangements, facilitating PA systems, liaising with the media and so on.

Although sometimes we would stay for the rally, often we would leave as soon as Raila and his entourage arrive to dash to the next venue to do the same advance work, especially if the rallies were close by. On occasion, we would spend overnight and travel early the next morning for the next rally.

Our driver in the high-end SUV must have been plucked from the Presidential Escort unit because his driving skills were breathtaking—literally! The man could put his foot to the pedal unlike anyone I knew or seen and yet, he was able to drive us all those times crisscrossing the country without even as coming close to having an accident.

In hindsight, I know it was only God who protected us because the speeds we were doing on these treacherous Kenyan roads were such that it was simply by God’s intervention we never got involved in any accident.

The man drove so fast, and so dangerously overtook other vehicles I would close my eyes and try to go to sleep so as not to see things flying by such as big buses and lorries he was whizzing by as if he was on a suicidal mission.

The senior government official I was riding and working with and I sat in the back and the driver and security detail sat in the front but. Being a senior government official used to being driven at these speeds, my friend expressed no concern neither did he seem to be bothered at all.

Because of this, I also did bother saying anything for some time, but I did once bring it up confessing to him I was petrified at the speed we were being driven.

That day, he told the driver to slow down and it also happened to be the day we were to drive from Nakuru Afraha Stadium in the late afternoon headed to Mombasa where the next rally was to be held. The driver was determined to get us there in a flush and I overheard him say as much to the security detail, prompting me to say something to my colleague as I couldn’t bear the scare anymore.

[I recount in my memoirs how on this trip, we were joined by an OCPD we gave a ride to Nairobi who engaged in talk with my partner on fascinating “inner government” stories but I fell asleep much of the way though I had already promised not to disclose anything I heard the two talk about, and I wouldn’t—fascinating as what little I had was].

It turns out the driver was not plucked from the Presidential Escort, but he previously drove matatus before being recruited to become a government driver.

No wonder!

I have these recollections under the above titled chapter for a reason and I may or may not share details about this trip and day I nearly perished in a road accident on the way to Mombasa, being driven in a rental car and the near miss accident occurred just before getting to our destination.

It was a terrifying experience I am debating whether to even recount but will decide if to do so and how much of it I would share, as it also involves a plot by someone who must have wanted yours truly dead.

Some things are better off forgotten and that is my current inclination.

Read more in my memoirs I hope to publish before the next elections.


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Insult and Disrespect Uhuru at Your Own Peril


Every leader in any country, even one deemed to be the most feeble over time hardens and becomes shrewd to sustain themselves in power.

To insult, disrespect and belittle a president is moronic and has a price to pay for those who do so, especially anyone in a position of power linked to the leader.

This tweet by one Ken Odero is illustrative of this point:

“Jubilee Tangatanga wing assumes that Uhuru is a fool, and it’s Raila who is behind his latest purge. No. Uhuru became president with ICC hanging on his shoulders. Became president 2nd time with the worst record ever. That is not a fools fete. #UkweliUsemwe That man is ruthless!”

Uhuru was deemed to be a weak, disinterested president when vying for the presidency, and even long after he was sworn as president for the first time in 2013 but even as Ruto himself is now finding out, he and others greatly underestimated Uhuru; the man from Sugoi had no idea Uhuru can take the ax to him as he has.

Had he known, he would have played his cards differently.

And even then, he would still have had a rough time and serious obstacles to overcome to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta as all men in his position before him found out, except the late Moi who found a way to avoid all the pitfalls to succeed Uhuru’s father.

Ruto instead took advantage of what he deemed to be Uhuru’s weaknesses to chart ostensibly his own path to State House but this has backfired massively.

Indeed, Ruto’s actions and those of his foot soldiers in the frontlines delivering madharau have all along had a price tag to pay, and that time is now as they are rudely finding out.

Na mambo bado, as the popular expression goes, meaning, more of this purging or paying the price is to come.

It will therefore surprise no one that all but the most diehard loyalists in Rift Valley and some pockets of Central will soon troop back to Uhuru and seek forgiveness for straying or keeping mum when the insults were being hurled.

The sins will be forgiven unless unforgivable.

It is also the reason Ruto’s loyalists in Parliament cannot now save him from impeachment and removal as Deputy President.

Usicheze na serikali; learn to live to fight another day or, better yet, from the inside as Raila is currently doing–and no one has tried harder to beat the system but failed.


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Onslaught Against DP William Ruto Is In High Gear


I am starting to feel sorry for Deputy President William Ruto; the hustler is poised to lose a lot, lot more than I previously thought possible. To be sure, Ruto is a good man, it is just he became too aggressive in his quest for the presidency and along the way did things that simply alarmed a lot of people, wondering what he would be like were he to become president.

This is the primary reason most people oppose his quest for the presidency, besides the fact we do not need yet another rotation of the presidency between Kikuyus and Kalenjin; as HM Governor Ann Waiguru reminded everyone sometime ago, it is time a son or daughter of mothers in other parts of Kenya had the opportunity to lead the country.

This is a reasonable sentiment everyone aught to be able to agree and it was the subject of my Open Letter to HE President Emilio Mwai Kibaki penned almost 8 years ago and Our Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Give Us A Break From Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency penned a year letter but all to no avail.

Let’s hope this is the time this message fully resonates with everyone, especially those at the controls and I feel very good this will, in fact, be the case.

Notwithstanding how I feel about the man from Sugoi, and having stated why I and others are opposed to his presidency, the writing on the wall is he is poised to suffer major loses in the hands of the system of a kind many of us did not think was possible.

For example, I did not think, and I have previously said Ruto could be removed from office via impeachment as I believed he had impeachment proof majority in Parliament but I have just in the last few days seen the contours of how Ruto can be impeached and removed from office.

Nobody has told me this but my own surmise putting two and two together is they’re putting pressure on Ruto to both exit Jubilee and resign from government, or else they simply impeach and remove him.

That’s got to be plan.

That being said, Ruto may be forced out but he will certainly give someone a run for their money come 2022, and nightmares for those not fleeing the country if he somehow makes it as president though highly unlikely.

This is also why crossed the Rubicon yesterday, it is impossible to see how Uhuru and the system reverses course to embrace even a remote prospect for Uhuru to seek the presidency; they just won’t take that risk.

There is more, but that is it for now.

Stay tuned.

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Removal of Senator Ledama Olekina from CPAIC

Ledama Olekina(1)

The exchange below occurred elsewhere but am cutting and pasting here for easy reference, and for those of you who have not seen it to peruse it.

As usual, the exchange is with a blogger KM. I am SO.



“Please advise your buddy to comb his hair first so that he can comb Agwambo,” said KM sharing a video of Senator Ledama Olekina, a friend I have known for many years, in which the senator was breathing fire about efforts to remove him from the Chairmanship of CPAIC, a powerful senate committee he maintains he was properly elected to.

His party bigwigs don’t think so and the have denied him the opportunity to serve as chairman on grounds he went around them and got elected using their rival party votes, which is against party policy and therefore a disloyal move.

Nothing parties hate than disloyalty and the party, ODM, did not waste any time to register its displeasure by removing Ledama as a member of the committee, which the party has total and unfettered authority to do, which in turn therefore means Ledama cannot be chairman of the committee.

To the comment by KM, I responded,

As I have previously said, Ledama is making a mistake but I can also tell you it is an intentional mistake. Those who have been following this closely have a good idea or know why and thus my message to my good friend to re-think and politically live to fight another day over things that matter to him and the Maa community.

Being chair of CPAC this year is not one of those but, again, we have a good idea or know why he has chosen to pick and fall on this otherwise meaningless fight.

As I also previously said, his fall from ODM and even joining TangaTanga will not have any effect on what lies ahead for Uhuru/Raila and BBI.

Now, I have said I and others close to Raila and ODM inner circle know why Ledama is doing this to himself but he very much gave a big hint in this clip and his interview the other day I believe KTN when he says he is young and can wait to rise again 20 years after ostensibly the current crop of leaders are gone or elderly as to continue having him pay the price for what he is about to do, but even then he is mistaken.

Yes, the short-term rewards may be great for him for taking this move–or at least so he believes but politically it is a loser proposition as it is impossible for him to outshine whoever now emerges as the Maa kingpin, something he was close to achieving.

KM responded, and then I dissected his response as follows:

KM, I know you’re speaking from lack of inside knowledge while I know what that is but can’t divulge more than I am saying but let me say this in response to your comments now in as carefully as I can without disclosing what I know that need not be public:

You say, “Who said one can only become a Maa Kingpin via ODM?”

Not me. Read again what I said and how I put it and you should conclude the point I am making is whoever becomes the Maa kingpin for 2022 will be there for his life therefore Ledama can only hope he demises before then for him to have another chance at becoming the kingpin. His best chance was now.

You say, “That is where Raila goes wrong. He assumed he would get Kalenjin votes without Ruto but see what happened.”

While I agree with you Raila made a mistake in not courting and keeping Ruto for 2013 as I privately urged him and publicly blogged for months and months, the situation here is different therefore it is not making the same mistake regarding courting and keeping the Maa community vote.

You say “Raila needs Ledema more than Ledema needs Raila.”

False. While Ledama was certainly a rising star in Maa community and ODM, were he to exit ODM, Raila and Co will easily groom someone else, especially if reading from the same page with Uhuru.

You say, “It is such arrogance and being out of reality that will see Raila age and leave without ever sleeping in state house.”

This is just angry rhetoric so let me not bother to respond.

You say, “If his thinking is the same as yours I feel sorry for Raila.”

Your feeling sorry for Raila means he is doing something right; it’s inversed psychology I often laugh when I see it because we are all guilty of same at one point or another.

You say, “You court votes, not pee on them.”

True but no one is peeing on any votes here.

You say, “For heavens sake, he does not need Ongeri who may only give him money.”

You are assuming ODM moved to deny Ledama the position of Chairman because of Ongeri as all of you have been led to believe; however, that is is technically correct, but there is an overriding reason which we know why ODM removed Ledama from CPAIC.

You say, “Problem with Raila is that he looks at pockets and wallets and knows Ongeri will give him money which Ladema lacks.”

ALL politicians look for people with money to support them and if they can also bring votes, so much the better.

You say, ” That is being greedy.”

Obviously false, given the fact I have stated above.

You say, “It will cost him votes.”

It will cost Raila some votes but the gains are greater than those votes.

You say, “Hope he is not hoping to raise money through bribery as has been the case in the past.”

This is a false smear you are throwing out with no evidence but not surprising and no need to address it either beyond this.

He had no rebuttal; he could not possibly have one!


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