Trump Squandered Opportunity to “Pivot” and Become the Leader He Has Never Been

09 Sep


After posting news about the latest book on Trump dropping bombshells about the man, someone responded saying “[Trump] was not voted in based on good character or astitute (sic) leadership credentials and these revelations won’t affect his core base.”

Let me whisper here something many of us know and would like to keep to ourselves by way of responding to that comment: nobody cares about Trump’s cult-like core base that he bragged he can shoot and kill someone and they’ll still adore and support him.

What we were concerned with after Trump shocked everyone, including himself losing the popular vote but being sworn as president in 2016, is that he would abandon his racist and mad stances to “pivot” and go on to win a second term more traditionally.

Going into late last year, however, that had not happened but he had proven plenty he was and still is the very inept and unfit person to be president he proves each day that goes by.

We therefore felt good as we went through the primaries, worried only that the Democratic Party doesn’t buckle and be divided in choosing its flag bearer and leave the party damaged to hand Trump an undeserved victory.

Thank God things went smoothly and Joe Biden emerged and remained the frontrunner and now the flagbearer.

Then in the midst of that Democratic primary came the pandemic which I will confess I told people I talk to about this that this was a second chance for Trump to “pivot” and show leadership no different than George W did following 911 and ride that to a second term much as W did.

Never happened and won’t happen in the less than 60 days left to election day, with early voting already underway.

I can’t say thank God for that but Trump’s inept and total failure to provide leadership during this pandemic is the last nail that nailed completely shut his political coffin, with all other nails being his now proven record of failure after failure, when he was not busy dividing the country, shredding norms, attacking institutions and abusing his office, complete with giving Putin a pass unlike what any other president would have done–and that is to say nothing about Putin having helped in his election in 2016 and is still trying in 2020 to no avail.

Trump’s defeat will be as historic as his accidental election as president because it will prevent the United States from crumbling and ceasing to be a world superpower and leader as Biden’s election means a mostly United States, but Trump’s reelection means an end to America as we knew it and one going full throttle to one led by a lawless dictator no less harmful than Putin or Kim Jung un.

Indeed, Biden’s victory will mean the country as well as the rest of the world breathing a sigh of relief and returning to a better place to live when this nightmare leaves the White House.

In sum, Trump’s base and those who voted for him can dismiss all these character flaws and still vote for him but this time around he will see dust for two reasons:

First, Democrats have a far much better candidate who has not only united the party, he has love and support from Never Trumpers and other Republicans actively campaigning for Biden as opposed to simply not voting for Trump and

Second, a large number of those who held their noses and voted for Trump have now confirmed the very things we were saying about his unfitness to be president and inability to lead and, included in that, is his now confirmed attacks on the military he no doubt hates more than he already had out there in the public as to his disdain for people who serve or have served and sacrificed for the country.

Barring the extraordinary, Biden is our next president and what a good riddance shall that be of this nightmare, along with the swamp the man his secretary of state never denied calling a moron brought to Washington, starting from the man himself and members of his family, especially his son-in-law that is doing damage to the country than people know.

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