Of Comets, the Bible and Space Science

15 Jul


A friend posted this on his Facebook page and has prompted me to pen this blog as this is an area I have interest as a hobby. I am addressing this to my friend but sharing here as a musing:

Brother Sang I thought I am the only one from the villages who loves space stuff!

My intro to what’s in the sky was purely accidental. This happened in college when I was trying to get an “easy A” and to comply with certain UMCP graduation requirements so I thought, “why not Astronomy 101; after all, we’ll be out there each night staring at the stars. How hard can that be to get an A?”

Well, I was wrong about that but I enjoyed our studying the stars and got hooked since. Interestingly, however, as an Adventist, there is this conflict with science and religion, especially when it comes to creation so I veer clear of that, even as I enjoy watching endless shows on space.

In other words, when it comes to anything that contradicts our core beliefs as Adventists, or Christians for that matter, I chose to stay with our beliefs but that doesn’t mean I cannot marvel at the science when it comes to space exploration.

That being said, I think I should take a collection and catch a ride to space (what is the fare again?) and view earth from there; that’s got to be phenomenal if what we see in NASA videos are anything to go by.

On second thought, perhaps not; I have such a fear of heights I may just freak-out and not enjoy the view once up that high!

On third thought may be it wouldn’t be any more frightening than viewing the ground from up in the skies on any long distance flight.

One thing astronomers tell us is how vast space is; our Astronomy professor told us our earth is the size of a golf-ball when compared to other objects in the universe and distances I thought he was joking.

He wasn’t; I don’t think most people even bother or even start to comprehend that, which reminds me of what Winston Churchill once told a curator in London who, after showing him all the art at the museum, inquired of the statesman if he understood everything.

Churchill replied noting it had taken him all his life to understand it was not necessary to understand everything!

But it is sometimes fun trying to understand some of these things such as why are we floating around and not knocking each other off space?

Good questions to ask and seek answers in these home-bound COVID-19 era. My suspicion is peoples’ IQ has gone up a notch since the pandemic hit as more people are reading or watching stuff they otherwise wouldn’t.

As the saying goes, there is a silver-lining in everything, even tragedy.

If you have’t found a gift as takeaway from corona, find it now; it just may be as simple as discovering a new hobby like space watching.


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