Wear A Mask; It’s the Common Sense Thing To Do

01 Jul


Just before COVID-19 picked up steam, a business colleague of mine were away on travel and arrived in Kenya the day before things got progressively worse and the government declared mandatory quarantine of 14 days for everyone arriving in the country from that day on.

We were not subject to the mandatory quarantine, but we nonetheless self-quarantined for that period and cut short our trip to return to the US as we were told we may not be able to leave once all flights in and out of the country were stopped as they are and this happened the day after we departed. 

The usually busy hotel we stayed, had about 10 guests by the time we were checking out and interestingly, we all became like family as we kept running into each other at all eating times. 

Of even more interest, most of the remaining guests were Chinese and a couple had recently arrived from China so suddenly we found ourselves wondering, did they have the virus? Are we exposed? 

There was no way of knowing so we did all the necessary and as advised by medical experts: wash hands, sanitize, sanitize everything from door knobs to literally anything you can touch and so on.

We were, however, not wearing masks as this had not become obvious and essential as it is now. We knew we would have to wear them on the way back but since we were in self-quarantine and taking the other precautions, we figured it was not necessary.

On the day before we left, I had a chat with the Chinese gentleman and he told me what China was doing to contain the virus, especially in Wuhan province where the virus originated. What he told me was also what we had seen and read in the news and that is, military style operations where residents were literally locked in their residences with exit doors and gates welded shut!

“That’s how you contain and get rid of the virus,” my now new friend told me, adding, “but this can only be done in a country like China; in your country [meaning the US] that is not possible!”

What he was saying, and he was right, is the very unfettered freedoms and rights American enjoy will be the reason the virus cannot be contained and will unnecessarily kill people as it is.

Yes, you have the right and can demand to roam free in the streets and other public places without wearing a mask as the new leader of this “live or die free” is encouraging the unthinking and blindly following to do, but you have no right to infect others with the disease or in further spreading it.

Wear a mask when you are in public, especially in confined places where you cannot socially distance yourself!

If you’d rather die than wear a mask, then just commit suicide.

I know it is imprudent to say that but it makes more sense than refusing to wear a mask for no good reason other than perhaps because Trump says don’t do it, which makes it even less sensical and verges on the absurd and moronic of which we know there is no shortage but this is about life and death.

I know some are pointing to the Bible to say wearing of masks is not necessary as God will protect you but such is what is unjustifiably imprudent; you cannot shoot yourself in the head and expect God to stop you from dying.

Besides, especially in consideration of those most vulnerable such as older people and those with medical conditions, God clearly instructs us all in Mathew 22:39 to love and care for them as we love and care for ourselves.

Again, it may just be the case one doesn’t care about themselves to the extent they would want to wander around without masks, but that’s when you hold them accountable by voting out the accidental president who is encouraging this deadly behavior!

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