My Tweets on Goings On in Kenya Right Now Besides COVID-19 and Where We are Headed Politically

18 Jun

Ruto and Raila(3)

I tweeted a storm this morning expressing my wish and prayer for Raila and Ruto to bury the hatchet and join hands in delivering the final liberation in the country. I am posting these tweets here for those who have not seen them, and for convenience this being my own recordation of history as it pertains to our beloved Kenya.

1/30 After this purging in #Jubilee, we will still have Jubilee A (#Raila loving) & Jubilee B (Raila hating), question is, how will that affect 2022? Uhuru @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #Ruto2022

2/30 Unless Uhuru backs @RailaOdinga, there will be three serious contenders for the presidency in 2022: Raila, @WilliamsRuto and Kalonzo, and Kalonzo will be backed by Uhuru and the system in that scenario. @skmusyoka @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #Raila#Ruto2022

3/30 In a race involving @RailaOdinga, @WilliamsRuto and #Kalonzo, there will not be 50%+1 majority winner but race will be close enough to rigout everyone in favor of @skmusyoka just like 2013 when a run-off was thwarted by rigging @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

4/30 The outcome will be same even if either @RailaOdinga or @WilliamsRuto emerge victorious in votes cast as @skmusyoka would have caused enough bleeding of votes for either men nationwide to make him come close enough to be rigged in. @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

5/30 It is clear to me while Uhuru wants to back @RailaOdinga for 2022, there are many in the system who do not want that and their position is key in where this is headed. But they also do not want @WilliamsRuto.@skmusyoka @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

6/30 This is why Gideon and Kalonzo have been roped into Jubilee, or more specifically, Jubilee B (those in the party and in the system that do not want either @RailaOdinga or @WilliamsRuto to succeed Uhuru aka Raila and Ruto haters) @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

7/30 Ironically, there is a small but influential group Jubilee C that does not want #Uhuru to remain in office beyond 2022. The group wants both @RailaOdinga and Uhuru to retire in 2022, but they also do not want #Ruto. @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

8/30 The system is undeterred in making sure its preference is who is sworn as our next president to succeed regardless of what happens at the polls Uhuru @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

9/30 Any presidency made possible by the system running interference as they always have will leave bitterness in many and would as usual result in violence, destruction of property and deaths. @RailaOdinga @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

10/30 Given the system is willing to yet again shove down our throats a candidate they prefer other than winner at the ballot, it would behoove @RailaOdinga and #Ruto to bury the hatchet & work hand and glove to defeat them @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

11/30 Do not think they will not do that, namely, thuggishly rig again; they can and would even do so with glee because they are not afraid of you. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

12/30 They are unafraid of you because they know most of you are keyboard warriors who will never join hoi polloi in the streets eating teargas and being killed. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

13/30 The system is, however, afraid of Raila—or at least the man gives them pause, and to a lesser extent, Ruto, who is proving to be a handful to contain, even as they are trying to finish him. @RailaOdinga @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

14/30 That is why #Raila and #Ruto combining forces yet again will present a juggernaut force bigger and more formidable than the system itself; bigger, and more formidable than what we had in 2002 and what Cord had in 2007 @RailaOdinga @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

15/30 In other words, were the two men to join forces, we shall have intensity of 2002 combined with the “you had your chance but blew it” attitude of 2007 that saw Kibaki sent home but was retained by the system. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

16/30 Just as it was impossible for the system to rig in Uhuru back in 2002, it will be twice as impossible for them to do so in a #RailaRuto victory at the polls this time around compared to 2007. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

17/30 They can only succeed if Raila and Ruto are vying separately in which case the system would have no problem rigging either one of them, which would be comical as that would only have to be Raila, if he does not garner 50%+1 in the first round. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

18/30 This is because we know the system does not want Ruto, at all, but if they must choose between Raila and Ruto, they will prefer Raila. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @edwinsifuna @HonOscarSudi @OliverMathenge #RailaRuto2020

19/30 Again, only problem is there is Jubilee C that does not want either men neither do they want Uhuru to remain in office beyond 2022, notwithstanding yet others in the system that prefers he does. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

20/30 The solution to all this that leaves the country ahead, not stuck in the past with forced leadership at the top, anger and worse is for #Raila and #Ruto to bury the hatchet and join hands in defeating the system. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2020

21/30 Nothing stops @RailaOdinga and @WilliamsRuto from joining hands other than pride, and that is never, ever a good thing to deny yourself and others the benefit of burying the hatchet and reaping the fruits for the sake of good for all. @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

22/30 For #Ruto, it may be wanting to get to State House in a hurry that prevents him to join hands with @RailaOdinga; but that, too, is shortsighted given the larger good that can be derived taking everything into consideration. @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

23/30 @RailaOdinga has waited for more than 40 years to be sworn as president (he has won at least once), #Ruto can wait a mere 7 years, knowing #Raila will serve one term as he has always said he would. @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @HonOscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

24/30 Let the duo vie together in 2022 and even though it won’t be Cord again, the dynamics are there to make the team even greater and more unbwogable than Cord was in 2007. @RailaOdinga @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

25/30 This is only scenario that heals and unites the nation, while dismantling the entrenched system that has more say than your vote at the ballot, like it or not—until the system is crippled or dismantled. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

26/30 #BBI is designed to do this, but don’t count on it b/c, if @RailaOdinga, #Ruto Kalonzo vie, the system will rig Kalonzo in with mtadu attitude and there’s nothing mtado beyond being teargassed and killed of which there will be less clamor for that in 2022. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

27/30 Yes, we need #BBI and it shall come to pass as the new law of the land, but at the rate the country is divided we’ll need more to have its ideals realized. @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

28/30 Let Ruto decamp from Jubilee to United Green Party (UGP), join forces to pass BBI and thereafter form an alliance with Raila to defeat the system come 2022 as they will enjoy a tsunami of support as did Kibaki in 2002 and more than they enjoyed in 2007. #RailaRuto2022

29/30 So, brothers and sisters, let us all push for this and let’s make it happen; we can do it! @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @OliverMathenge @OscarSudi #RailaRuto2022

30/30 This is my prayer. #Uhuru @RailaOdinga @WilliamsRuto @edwinsifuna @OscarSudi @OliverMathenge #RailaRuto2022

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