Insult and Disrespect Uhuru at Your Own Peril

13 May


Every leader in any country, even one deemed to be the most feeble over time hardens and becomes shrewd to sustain themselves in power.

To insult, disrespect and belittle a president is moronic and has a price to pay for those who do so, especially anyone in a position of power linked to the leader.

This tweet by one Ken Odero is illustrative of this point:

“Jubilee Tangatanga wing assumes that Uhuru is a fool, and it’s Raila who is behind his latest purge. No. Uhuru became president with ICC hanging on his shoulders. Became president 2nd time with the worst record ever. That is not a fools fete. #UkweliUsemwe That man is ruthless!”

Uhuru was deemed to be a weak, disinterested president when vying for the presidency, and even long after he was sworn as president for the first time in 2013 but even as Ruto himself is now finding out, he and others greatly underestimated Uhuru; the man from Sugoi had no idea Uhuru can take the ax to him as he has.

Had he known, he would have played his cards differently.

And even then, he would still have had a rough time and serious obstacles to overcome to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta as all men in his position before him found out, except the late Moi who found a way to avoid all the pitfalls to succeed Uhuru’s father.

Ruto instead took advantage of what he deemed to be Uhuru’s weaknesses to chart ostensibly his own path to State House but this has backfired massively.

Indeed, Ruto’s actions and those of his foot soldiers in the frontlines delivering madharau have all along had a price tag to pay, and that time is now as they are rudely finding out.

Na mambo bado, as the popular expression goes, meaning, more of this purging or paying the price is to come.

It will therefore surprise no one that all but the most diehard loyalists in Rift Valley and some pockets of Central will soon troop back to Uhuru and seek forgiveness for straying or keeping mum when the insults were being hurled.

The sins will be forgiven unless unforgivable.

It is also the reason Ruto’s loyalists in Parliament cannot now save him from impeachment and removal as Deputy President.

Usicheze na serikali; learn to live to fight another day or, better yet, from the inside as Raila is currently doing–and no one has tried harder to beat the system but failed.


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