Onslaught Against DP William Ruto Is In High Gear

12 May


I am starting to feel sorry for Deputy President William Ruto; the hustler is poised to lose a lot, lot more than I previously thought possible. To be sure, Ruto is a good man, it is just he became too aggressive in his quest for the presidency and along the way did things that simply alarmed a lot of people, wondering what he would be like were he to become president.

This is the primary reason most people oppose his quest for the presidency, besides the fact we do not need yet another rotation of the presidency between Kikuyus and Kalenjin; as HM Governor Ann Waiguru reminded everyone sometime ago, it is time a son or daughter of mothers in other parts of Kenya had the opportunity to lead the country.

This is a reasonable sentiment everyone aught to be able to agree and it was the subject of my Open Letter to HE President Emilio Mwai Kibaki penned almost 8 years ago and Our Brothers and Sisters From Kikuyuland Give Us A Break From Yet Another Kikuyu Presidency penned a year letter but all to no avail.

Let’s hope this is the time this message fully resonates with everyone, especially those at the controls and I feel very good this will, in fact, be the case.

Notwithstanding how I feel about the man from Sugoi, and having stated why I and others are opposed to his presidency, the writing on the wall is he is poised to suffer major loses in the hands of the system of a kind many of us did not think was possible.

For example, I did not think, and I have previously said Ruto could be removed from office via impeachment as I believed he had impeachment proof majority in Parliament but I have just in the last few days seen the contours of how Ruto can be impeached and removed from office.

Nobody has told me this but my own surmise putting two and two together is they’re putting pressure on Ruto to both exit Jubilee and resign from government, or else they simply impeach and remove him.

That’s got to be plan.

That being said, Ruto may be forced out but he will certainly give someone a run for their money come 2022, and nightmares for those not fleeing the country if he somehow makes it as president though highly unlikely.

This is also why crossed the Rubicon yesterday, it is impossible to see how Uhuru and the system reverses course to embrace even a remote prospect for Uhuru to seek the presidency; they just won’t take that risk.

There is more, but that is it for now.

Stay tuned.

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