Rebutting Sentiments Expressed by William Kabogo, former Kiambu Governor Regarding Uhuru Kenyatta

05 May

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Someone commenting on a FB post shared ostensibly words of wisdom or advise from the “former governor of Kiambu” as the individual posting described him, not sure why he didn’t name him as William Kabogo, someone I would say is an old friend though we haven’t communicated in years says.

Kabogo apparently gave a tv interview, which the person summarized on the FB post as below in italics. My responses follow as to each accordingly:

1. Kenya is not in good condition for political fight, Uhuru must accept the truth.

False premise, therefore false conclusion. The argument assumes that a country must be in “good condition” for there to be political fight, which is false. Political fights take place in BOTH good and bad time; in good times because there’s someone who believes they can do better, in bad times for obvious reasons but falling back to the same principle, namely, someone who believes they can do better, and an expectation of same from their followers.

2. Power does not come from the state! but from Kenyans, My brother Uhuru must understand that.

This is generally the case in advanced democracies such as the United States and the EU where the rule of law, the absence of electoral misconduct and accountability are firmly rooted in their systems to ,make it possible for the people to freely exercise their franchise. That’s not the case in Africa, certainly not in Kenya. Libya and Egypt have also proven this “power rests with the people” is a farce.

Truth is, it takes the cooperation of the state leading the people to a more utopian state and that’s what the state is doing in this case, namely, establishing an environment it can co-exist with the people less disconcerted or ready to take up arms and fight in a bloody civil war as nearly became the case in 2008 and less so in 2017 with economic sabotage and cessation being the threat in the latter case.

3. 2017 I was rejected by Kiambu voters, then I accept and respected their choice.

This is how it should be in true and mature democracies but we know that’s not the case in Kenya, especially at presidential level, which are ALWAYS rigged in favor of the incumbent, or someone the system prefers, except in 2002, which was an aberration under circumstances not likely to repeat again.

No need to go into the weeds here on this but, as I have previously said, had Kibaki not been a Kikuyu and it was someone else pitted against Uhuru at that time, Uhuru would have been declared president in 2002. Take that to the bank. This is the situation BBI is designed to fix, namely, having presidential elections whose outcome is open, fair and transparent, even though I can say without fear of contradiction were Ruto to win the popular vote, he will be rigged out no different than Raila was at least in 2007 and 2017.

4. I want to advice my brother Uhuru, it’s majority role not minority, He should give a good environment to majority.

Again, false. The only time we have had majority decide the presidency in Kenya was in 2002. We may see the same outcome in 2020 but only if BBI is implemented as envisioned by Uhuru and Raila, otherwise, it’s status quo, meaning, the system will continue to approve who becomes president regardless of what the majority thinks, says or does, including voting.

5. If there are thieves in this country they should be in jail, starting with the real land grabber who own 0.5 of the country not the fake one.

Kabogo is obviously here referring to land owned by the Kenyatta family. This notion that the Kenyatta family should surrender stolen or grabbed land from their patriarch’s days is a non-starter. Again, not to go into the weeds on this, let me just note a couple of things, one practical, one legal. The practical is it goes without saying it’s the definition of an exercise in futility to expect the government to go after the president’s property for obvious reasons: the president has enough powers to make sure that does not happen.

That’s true in Kenya and everywhere else. Can a new president go after land illegally acquired by a former president? Of course; that’s why incumbents fight to make sure their successor is someone who would protect their interests. It is also why given the bad blood now between Uhuru and Ruto, the latter will not see the inside of State House as president as Uhuru would fear precisely what Kabogo is suggesting here and so will make sure that does not happen.

The legal reason why this may not happen, namely, repossessing land from Kenyatta family is what is known as “statute of limitations.” The statute of limitations law provides in the case of Kenya, that one cannot seek to recover land if 12 years have passed since the person had a right to recover that land. under the law. There are exceptions that may be applicable, but the Kenyattas have enough money and other incentives (read: power) to make sure judgment is in their favor. In sum, forget about Kenyatta land ever reverting to the public. Now, Ruto, is a different story as none of the foregoing apply in his case.

6. The government should give solution not suggestions and propaganda, if Ruto is the Kenyans solution just give him space.

Not sure what Kabogo means by that but it is true as a general proposition that the government should give solutions and not suggestions or propaganda. We know Ruto is NOT the solution because at the core of what BBI intends to resolve, is this revolving of the presidency between two tribes in a country of more than 40 tribes.

This must come to an end and, to their credit, Uhuru and the system agree and so it shall be. We’ll have a president other than a Kikuyu or Kale for the first time, and that is a good thing. Equally important, we will have peaceful presidential election devoid of destruction of property, violence and deaths because BBI is designed to have a negotiated and agreed to line-up to take over, power come 2022.

7. We must accept Ruto has75% support from Kenyans and we must respect the majority.


The majority of Kenya want a government that works to their benefit, one that reflects the country in its composition, and one formed after peaceful elections devoid of destruction of property, violence and deaths, which is exactly what BBI is designed to deliver.

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