Sobering Thought About Coronavirus

06 Apr


It is my last day of self-quarantine after return from travel and all through this time, I have limited my time of watching news to a bare few minutes at the beginning and end of the day because there’s simply too much and overwhelming information and, worse, misleading, wrong, erroneous and even lying from places you would not expect such as the White House.

A certain person who shall remain nameless has been busy trashing institutions and career professionals such that even CDC scientists who the public should have 100% trust in what they’re saying are finding themselves weary of the man with the big cane and what he may do should the cross or contradict him, which is wrong and a condemnable disservice to the nation. But that’s for another day.

For now, a sobering thought: scientists are saying 96% chance #coronavirus came from bat, which transmitted to farm animals then to human; if original bat is not found, chances are it is still out there continuing to transmit the virus.

Worse, there are hundreds of thousands of “intermediate hosts,” meaning the animals that the bat transmitted to such that even if we get rid of the virus, there’s still a chance the virus could reemerge.

The solution is to find the original transmitter bat or original source for the virus, a daunting task made only worse with existing travel and other restrictions.

It’s times where only prayer offers hope and comfort that all shall be well albeit after losses in lives, livelihoods and other things people are accustomed to and even taken for granted. So hear us God.

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