Senator Ledama Olekina Arrested

25 Feb

Ledama Olekina(1)

Senator Ledama is a friend I have known for a long time and can vouch for him the man is not a tribalist or hater; he’s just articulating Maa issues though a statement he made at the Narok BBI rally is problematic and is what earned him the arrest.

I am sure knowing him that’s not a statement he will repeat but he will and should continue articulating other Maa issues and there’s nothing wrong with that.
The problematic statement is “Maa land belongs to Maa people” and that’s just not true under the Constitution.

Kenyans are free to own property and live anywhere in the country, which my friend also acknowledged in the same speech. The dual issues he is trying to articulate relate to (a) land use where those who buy are not following the law to develop the land bought and (b) exploiting poor land owner sellers, which is a nationwide problem.

Nothing wrong with that.

Let the good senator clarify his sentiments and be let go to fight for Maa issues consistent with the law and spirit of BBI.

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