BBI is Made Public; Now What? Part II

27 Nov

Uhuru, Raila and Ruto at Bomas to launch BBI implementation

The delay in launching BBI Report has had the precise effect Uhuru and Raila had in mind, given the hostility the report faced even before those running their mouths against it knew what was in it. That’s the very definition of madness or the height of stupidity but that’s neither here nor there.

What’s here is we now have the report and, as usual, only but a few of us have actually read the full document and know what’s in it while the vast majority, including those busy commenting about it have NOT read the document, or even parts of it choosing instead to regurgitate what they’re hearing from those aligned with them (meaning their tribal leaders and talking heads) but not much in terms of their original thinking.

This is a curse not just in Kenyan politics but virtually every country and why it’s hopeless and a mis-normer to talk about “people driven” politics when these “people” are nothing but blind followers of their usually tribal leaders and they would never see anything good for them or their country if it hit their faces but will always buy hook, line and sinker what their tribal and ethnic politicians they blindly follow tell them.

One of the netters I regularly engage for the sake of others said this in response to my earlier exchange with him:

One thing I cannot take away from you is hope. I don’t want to give my opinion because I will be attacked by supporters of nanii. In my opinion, this BBI will do little in changing the voting system. Yani, nothing has changed. It will be as if BBI was not there. It oy helped politicians get more carrots to dangle.

My response:

Your’e not God to give or take away hope so leave that line of thought out of this and let’s engage strictly on politics.

It’s not true, of course, that BBI changes nothing unless you wish to continue to live in denial. Reestablishing the PM position, shifting more resources to counties (though not reducing them as some of us urged), reconstituting IEBC and getting rid of the rot there are all consequential changes but one thing that remains stable and this is ALL that matters, is the system is intact to protect Uhuru’s interests, less so Raila’s and Ruto as an afterthought, if at all.

Someone only a few people would know or recognize but nonetheless very influential in his own right sent me a message on WhatsApp and we find ourselves in agreement as to the nature of what’s unfolding and how it should continue to unfold even though he’s–not exactly a Raila hater but let’s just say one who doesn’t like him.

Our view is if Moraa is content with power sharing deals at the top without caring whether her interests are catered to, then it’s pointless to waste time catering to her let’s all cater to the interests at the top and hope there emerges a leader or two who someday will look to Moraa’s interests.

Meaning, the focus now is BBI full implementation and sealing deals for power sharing through elections which shall be a formality and that’s not a bad thing either.

You can continue with your tribal arithmetic all you can all I am saying is that’s not my focus, never has been and never will.

However, getting to understand and know how 2022 (2021) will be predetermined and enabling that is my focus and am happy to be involved in that regard.

That was my point from earlier.


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