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30 Oct

Yours truly

More than 8 years ago, I decided to start my own blog I called Uchambuzi Tanaka now this Current Affairs About Kenya. I initially only had a few subscribers. Over time, and without any promotion whatsoever, the blog today passed more than 3,000 subscribers, many who I know to be Who’s Who in Kenyan political scene.

At some time along the way analytics told me I had penned an estimated 1 million words but I didn’t believe, even though now looking back I can see how that is possible. This is particularly so when initially I used to churn 3000 to 5000 word blogs on a very regular basis! Several of my readers complained so I am now to a manageable blog size requiring only a few minutes read.

My intention all along has been to condense some of these into a few ebooks and I hope to do so in due course, God willing.

I appreciate each and everyone of you and will put the pen down only when the mission is accomplished, and that is helping in making sure we have a united country and one devoid of the hate and tribalism we’ve witnessed and lived with in the past.

Thank God and thank Uhuru and Raila, this may soon be a thing of the past, namely, the hatred and division, at least having neither as dominant and decisive factors in how we conduct our affairs, especially elections.

Indeed, we owe the two men a ton of gratitude for the handshake and BBI that it bore, now let’s join them in making sure what the BBI taskforce puts forth as their proposals is fully implemented. I have more to say about this in my column this weekend.

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