Deconstructing BBI Central Kenya Narrative Part I

27 Oct

Uhuru and Raila(3)

There are many who have their guns in the ready to shoot down BBI report simply because they have assumed and concluded implementation of the report will benefit Raila therefore it must be opposed on that ground alone. This is a myopic and backward view and to set the record straight, I had this exchange with a netter espousing the same ill-informed view:

In response to BBI taskforce issuing a press-release announcing readiness to present the report to the president without mentioning Raila’s name in the press-release, many took that to be this report has nothing to do with Raila when, obviously, it took the handshake to create the taskforce.

Be that as it may, Raila haters were already celebrating with one netter saying the following:

They made us think BBI was a Raila-Uhuru baby. Raila even told us what he wants on it. Uhuru kept quiet on the content, but Rao run his mouth all through. It looked like a Raila project. This made other side upset.

Let us wait for content to see if they embraced what Raila wanted or came up with an independent outfit. Rao should have shut up the hell. Let us give them time. We will know if it is a Raila product or a Kenyan one. Problem for Rao is his mouth.

My response:

BBI is the product of the handshake. I know like Trump and his cult-like supporters here in the US, truth and facts mean nothing to Ruto and his Tangatanga supporters.

That being the case, we await what the BBI Task Force is proposing on the way forward.

Your problem and like-minded who hate Raila is you see everything from the “if Raila likes it, then it’s bad for the country,” which is flawed logic for several obvious reasons but let me just give you two:

First, the definition of “country” by Raila haters is “Central Kenya,” which is obviously false and not the case at all Kenya belongs to ALL of us, from every corner of the country to the other and even in Central, only the backward looking or stuck are incapable of realizing Kenya belongs to ALL of us. Raila haters in Central are the minority those who love, like or at least have no qualms for the man to be finally sworn as president are in the majority, even super majority truth be told.

Second, Raila is someone who has sacrificed a lot and more than anyone alive today anyone other than a hater would know he has the country at heart and therefore if he says this is good for the country, chances are it is and most people including yours truly would rather back him up than back those opposed to the idea merely because it has Raila’s blessing or name attached to it.

That level of simplistic personalized approach to resolving complex issues that determine the fate of our country do not belong in any modern society but we know there are always going to be haters who would tie everything to their love or hate for an individual but they’ll see dust as the rest of the country moves on with building bridges even though welcome to come along.

Netter’s response:

It is Raila who made everyone think he was controlling. If he kept quiet, like UK, all would be fine. Let us be patient and see whether they will adopt what Kenyans wanted or what Raila told us they will do. I will be the first one to support it once Raila’s footprints are not visible.

My response:

Raila obviously never “made everyone think he was controlling” this is just another falsehood you all believe with no basis in reality.

Both Uhuru and Raila have been consistent that they will wait to hear and see what the BBI taskforce recommend and hit the ground running to promote same.

Any statements made by Raila in the interim are only made in that spirit.

Let me break this down for you; if Uhuru and Raila want anything in the report, neither of them is going to publicly blab about it as they have their men and women in the BBI taskforce they can call and give instructions but whatever that is, it will be done through consensus in the report and that’s the essence of this report.

It will be naivety of the highest order for one to think this report will not have anything neither men want.

When you say, “Let us be patient and see whether they will adopt what Kenyans wanted or what Raila told us they will do. I will be the first one to support it once Raila’s footprints are not visible,” all you are doing is affirming is what I stated in my previous post, namely, you’re stuck with personalizing this exercise to Raila when that’s counter-productive and irrelevant in the final analysis because the BBI proposals will be adopted and implemented mpende msipende (like it or not).

Netter’s response:

Probably I would see it same way if someone focuses on Jubilee. Let us wait and see.

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  1. evanswanyande

    October 29, 2019 at 6:50 AM

    Good work


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