The Truth About Central and 2022 Politics

21 Oct
Central Province(1)

The Former Central Province Counties

A forum member shared this piece The Rebels Within: The Politics of Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga in Central Kenya in which the author basically makes the case Uhuru is toothless in Central and that therefore he will be of no consequence as to Ruto’s quest to succeed him, which the author says is all but investable that Ruto will succeed in this. The writer attributes this to Kikuyu tycoons blaming Uhuru for loss of business, especially in Nairobi owing to bad economy and failing to prevent Sonko from becoming governor and so they’re backing Ruto just so to teach Uhuru a lesson, or so goes the theory.

The writer also posits that having contributed to Raila hatred in Central, Uhuru cannot make the about turn he has and now expect people in Central Raila is not the devil reincarnate as he (Uhuru) and others depicted him all these years.

The following are my thoughts as I shared them with the netter who shared the link:

The piece is clearly and obviously sponsored by Raila haters from Central who are hiding behind Ruto to spew their hatred and he’s letting them because it benefits him. Not surprising but the desperate false message being peddled that Ruto has more and bigger balls than both Uhuru and Ruto to take the presidency come 2022 is just laughable.

He doesn’t have such; just tiny, small ones that will soon run out of gas.

Responding to another netter on the same topic, the netter posting this link said,

I wish you read the article. You would understand why Ruto has gained grounds in Central. He is not an angel but the best alternative to them. Uhuru is giving another alternative which does not seem as enticing as Rutos.

He only needs to let them know who he prefers. Ruto is there and has a lineup. Folks assume and think Raila is the other option. So it is a choice btw Ruto and Raila. If you think they will vote for Raila because UK wants them to, wait to 22. They may be making a wrong choice but I dont think UK will have an easy ride.

Problems in Central are being blamed on UK. He is where Moi is with Kalenjin nation. He can only use your friends Kamanda and Ngunjiri. How is Kieleweke doing in general. Taps seems dry now.

To this, I responded,

I read the entire article. The author is advancing the same Raila hate and badmouthing I have heard for years, including the one I have blogged about by–yes, a wealthy Kikuyu then friend and business associate who did not know I am friends with Raila and used to call him names whenever our conversation went around to him but I never bothered to correct or tell him off because the relationship was about business, not politics.

Until he saw me on TV next to Raila in one of the interviews at Pentagon (just before 2007 elections) and that was the end of our business relationship!

It is also obvious the brown bag recipient/writer is someone from Murang’a who it’s of course no secret hate the fact they are always overshadowed by your brothers from Nyeri and Kiambu.

On this one, he has a point but it’s not a problem or issue unique to your 3 counties, Raila has been dealing with, and continues to battle fault lines between and among Luhyas and Kambas who must remain on his camp but obviously Mudavadi is constantly spoiling for him, and Kalonzo never sure not uncharacteristic of him.

In case anyone missed it, this is why I support Owalo in Kibra even though it remains the case the seat is ODM’s to lose.

To this, the netter responded,

I can see you read it unlike [the other netter]. Dauti Kahura writes well and is a known journalist. Unfortunately he spoke the truth and never expected you to agree with him.

That was expected. Unfortunately Uhuru is facing that heat. It is not that they hate Raila. The problem is not Raila bit Uhuru. Folks speak negatively about UK.

Today he can get more votes in Luo Nyanza than in the whole Mt. Kenya region. Hana support Toyota. Their hatred for Uhuru and Kahura said so is seeing rise of Ruto. Alternative onge as Luos say….no alternative.

To this I responded,

You’re dug in, so am I and the truth shall set us free: I am telling you and will keep telling you the issue in Central is NOT Uhuru, but Raila hatred. We know even Uhuru rode on that hatred to the presidency but that’s alright; he has since come to terms with reality and that is, you cannot deny people their franchise just because you must cling to power no matter what, or because some people have been programmed to hate Luos and moronically keep swearing that Raila will “NEVER” be president with the only sin he has committed is being born a Luo, and to Jaramogi, a family that has been antagonistic with Kikuyus since independence.

Fortunately, Uhuru and like minded leaders from Central, including Her Majesty Governor Anne Waiguru have shaken the ugly monkey off their backs and will now lead to a new Kenya where such hatred of a man has no place in our politics.

Notice the difference in someone like me who supports Raila, but I DO NOT HATE RUTO; in fact, I am on record saying where Ruto to be pitted against Matiang’i for the presidency, I will support Ruto!

Also, to repeat what I highlighted in a recent column, we know resistance to Raila in Central is stiff, mostly based on historic hatred but the handshake shook things and the peripherally hating folk have been jarred loose and are happily singing our tune Raila deserves his chance to serve as president he has been denied for so long and more are joining the choir.

We know we won’t get all of you [the netter is a Kikuyu]; just enough to respectably say we have done well in the region and build on that to make this a more united republic.

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