BBI Will Be Implemented One Way or Another

20 Oct
BBI Team

BBI Task Force with President Uhuru Kenyatta and Handshake Co-Principal Raila Odinga

I am not responding to what is or is not in the BBI for the simple reason the report is not official and it’s not wise to waste time commenting on what is supposedly reported to be in it for that could be a trial balloon or spin.

I know at least two individuals in the BBI task force but not once have I even bothered to pry from any of them what’s in the report. Like any concerned Kenyan, however, I have shared to one of them my thoughts and that’s what the task force has been doing, namely, gathering views and input from Kenyans.

We should know any moment from now what is in the report and most of us are ready to push for implementation of the report because we know and have confidence the task force has done the needful to give us a workable and acceptable document.

Btw, it is entirely possible BBI may make proposals that sidestep the constitutional provisions for a referendum, meaning, effecting its proposals without a referendum and I can see how that can be accomplished while staying within letter and spirit of the handshake. Let me just say it involves the Supreme Court.

In 2017, I wrote a paper recommending what I called our own “Nuclear Option” following the nullification of the August presidential election, and as Raila was struggling with the question of whither to participate in the runoff or not.

I made the case he should definitely not boycott the runoff election and offered the Nuclear Option as a solution were he to participate and be rigged out yet again.

My proposal was only shared with NASA principals and a couple other individuals including Orengo and the feedback I received was very positive as to its originality and groundbreaking but in the end Raila opted to boycott the runoff election nonetheless.

It’s amazing what God allows us to see thinking outside the box during a crisis and I recall vividly how that idea came to me literally out of nowhere as I was sitting there thinking hard what we could or should do in the face of this yet again in your face rigging with no assurance the same wouldn’t be done again in the runoff and then I saw the Nuclear Option so clearly and it still remain valid and can be effected were it to be put into play after another in your face rigged elections.

Fortunately, however, we don’t have to worry about that now as BBI is designed to fix this electoral theft once and for all.

I am mentioning it here only because that option involved or required the Supreme Court to rule in its favor and I knew we had the votes for that–strictly by how the Court voted to nullify the elections, ditto this one way I see BBI implementation without a referendum. I may lay what that is in my column this weekend, if BBI is not made public before then, otherwise, we’re ready to roll with what’s in the report.

With Uhuru and Raila ready to hit the road to promote the report, and given the goodwill among all Kenyans of reason and not driven by divisive and brown bag money politics, successful implementation of the BBI report is assured.

Do your part in making that a reality or, if you’re one of those clogged with impermissible reasons to do the right thing, well, we hope you’ll join us in the celebration of our success in implementing BBI as this change is inevitable and it will benefit ALL Kenyans, whether you support the report or not.


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