Mudavadi Is Not Lying, But Is Wrong Nonetheless

04 Oct

Mudavadi and Raila(2)

In Why Is Mudavadi Lying About the Handshake?, I posed the question and provided analysis as to why he is. I now scale this back to say what Mudavadi said about the handshake coming to being because of visa cancellation threats is not a lie; rather, Mudavadi reached an erroneous conclusion from what is generally known but went further than that to posit an explanation that is simply not true.

In order to understand why I am saying this, you need to read and understand what I said in Ruto Changes Tactics at Chatham House But, Will That Be Enough?

Here’s an excerpt:

So much so such that when the history books are written, it will be clear we have the handshake, yes, because of Raila’s humility and Uhuru recognition it was time, but even more importantly because of what Chatham House did or more specifically, how they brought about the outcome.

The outcome was an end by itself, rather, a means to an end.

What’s that end?

That’s where it becomes very interesting and the reason why what Ruto said at Chatham House is even more riveting: Revealing Chatham House’s hand in shaping our current and near future politics.

In other words, the roadmap having been placed on the table for everyone to follow for violence-free elections in 2022 and onwards—with a price to pay if they don’t, then one has no choice but to follow it.

Question is, how does Ruto play this hand, knowing the political axes are out to politically chop him? It’s tricky but there’s no doubt he took good notes from Chatham House and will try to follow the script.

Except in that he may find himself written off the play script by those cunning enough to do so without rattling snakes at Chatham House.

End quote.

I’ll soon elaborate on this and as it relates to NASA.

A Musing: Working practically around the clock in the lead-up to the 2017 elections, and especially right after the nullified elections, a Party of Two churned one strategy paper after another and coordinated intelligence from various sources, including Washington.

The duo constituted yours truly and someone very close to Raila and someone very close to Mudavadi as well as several ODM luminaries such that it would be easy to offer or crystalize strategy coming from any direction within the inner circles.

Neither of us were ever at the Secretariat but had someone there we liaised with as necessary. There was also a volunteer there who came from the US to help out and I must say one of the many unsung heroes and heroines in our continued quest to make our beloved Kenya a better country.

She doesn’t know but I fully intend to make sure she’s recognized and appreciated for her efforts, once we get through what we must now–and that is BBI implementation via referendum.

Meanwhile, and as it relates to my good friend I continue to closely work with, I am watching Mudavadi’s moves and curious to know which side my colleague will come down on were Mudavadi to bolt Raila again.

The principled person I am, it’s Raila through and through for me.

I believe my friend would remain with Raila as well for doing otherwise may not be in his interest–or wise, given the trajectory of things presently and to the future.

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