Why Is Mudavadi Lying About the Handshake?

03 Oct

Uhuru and Raila(2)

According to the Standard, Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi now claims the Handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga was born out of blackmail.

Mr Mudavadi told a gathering of Kenyans in the diaspora that some Western countries threatened to cancel visas for Opposition leaders and their associates unless they entered into a political deal.

Without disclosing the Western countries, Mudavadi said the visa bans were targeting opposition leaders, their spouses, children, and their relatives.

“The secret is that slowly visas were being cancelled. And when Visas are cancelled, they don’t just cancel yours alone. They cancel yours, that of your wife, children, and relatives,” he said.

Addressing a meeting at Muungano SDA Church in New Jersey on Tuesday evening, the ANC leader said the handshake was prescribed a condition to regain the visas

“I want you to go home knowing that I, Musalia, do not believe in cheating you. I believe in telling you the truth. So what gave birth to a handshake is personal survival rather than patriotism.”

Soon or later, Mudavadi said the country will discover the swearing-in of Raila as people’s president and the consequential circumstances were not based on patriotism, but were based on personal survival.

“I am speaking to my fellow Kenyans and I want to deliver some hard truths because, for too long, propaganda is spread and we get carried away,” Mudavadi said.

The Standard concludes its story reminding us Mudavadi and his co-principals Kalonzo Musyoka and Moses Wetang’ula were left out of the swearing in of Raila, with the ANC leader saying they were opposed to the event anyway.

Mudavadi has clearly made up a story about Uhuru and Raila’s being threatened with cancellation of their visas along with those of their relatives if they did not agree to the handshake. Had he said the two were leaned on by the West to enter into an agreement on the way forward–which I have hinted and later explicitly stated that it happened, then no one would have any qualms about that.

Instead, what Mudavadi has done is stated an untruth about threats of visa cancellation as truth. At a very basic level, all you have to know is for people like Uhuru and Raila cancellation of visas means nothing, especially where there is no legally recognized basis to cancel or deny either a visa.

Here’s the $6 dollar question: Why is Mudavadi lying about this?

The short answer is something you should surmise from the value of the question itself: $6 instead of the proverbial $60 million.

In other words, what Mudavadi is up-to, or why he is peddling this lie is inconsequential because he does not factor in the politics of 2022, from Baba’s perspective–and therefore Uhuru and Baba’s perspective pursuant to the handshake.

That being said, there are only two plausible reasons I can see why Mudavadi is doing this second attempt at political suicide:

First, Mudavadi has figured he won’t factor as a major player in the new alliance certain to emerge involving Raila and Kieleweke.

Accordingly, what Mudavadi deems apt from his ill-advised position, is to tear off and align with Ruto with his rudderless Tangatanga boat headed anywhere but State House.

It’s an ill-advised move, but Mudavadi has proven time and again he is not incapable of making such moves.

Second, it may just be the case, as in 2013, someone has misled Mudavadi to believe he can be an alternative this time to BOTH Raila and Ruto.

While theoretically possible, it’s a pipedream on his part, or a serious political miscalculation of Uhuru and Raila’s resolve on the handshake on the part of whoever else who may be misleading Mudavadi as such on that.

In the Political Eulogy of Musalia Mudavadi, a column I penned and had published by the Star on September 29, 2012 but no longer online now, I made the case why Mudavadi was making a mistake to leave Raila, who had already brought him back from the political dead. That piece was so truthfully biting, I received death threats over it.

No need to write another one other than to tell our brother Mudavadi to not make the same mistake, again. Yes, there may not be room for him as DPM but that doesn’t mean he can’t be factored in the new government structure in some other role or capacity.

But, if Mudavadi wishes to instead join Ruto as Deputy Leader of the Opposition, that seems to me going several steps backwards but that’s his prerogative.

Whatever you do, though, Mr. Mudavadi, just stick to facts instead of making them up as you have in this case.





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