There Will Be A Referendum Next Year Even If BBI Team Does Not Recommend One

24 Sep

BBI Team(1)

The Star reports that BBI is planning to suggest major reforms but will avoid recommending a referendum.

My view is, take it to the bank there will be a BBI referendum.

Just because the BBI team does not recommend it does not mean there won’t be one.

On the other hand, if the BBI team does not recommend a referendum, that would be a clever move by the team.

Remember, one of the key tenets of BBI is to deal with and offer solutions to end antagonism and hatred.

The only reason they will not propose a referendum–and it’s not final that they won’t, is to maintain their neutrality and balance consistent with their mandate.

However, once they send those proposals to the president, many of their proposals will be found to be implementable only by constitutional change, therefore the president will call for either parliamentary action or a referendum.

Parliamentary action will only be called for if the president knows and is confident he has the requisite two-thirds votes in Parliament to pass the BBI bill.

Unless a proposal touches part of the constitution that can only be changed by a referendum.

In sum, a referendum is a foregone conclusion.

It’s coming and will overwhelmingly pass as proposed.

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