Saving the Mau Forest in Kenya is Paramount

24 Sep

Mau Forest(2)

Aljazera Mau Forest Report

Kudos to my friend Senator Ledama Olekina and other conservationists who are leading in efforts to save the Mau forest for generations to come.

This is a complex, yet a simple issue to resolve. Indeed, it would have already been resolved by now had Ruto not lied about it so much in the lead-up to 2013, a classic example of being extremely shortsighted or otherwise being driven to gain power no matter what. Worse, even when they get to power, those who are driven by this “by all means” attitude do even worse, focusing on grabbing and corruption as opposed to doing anything good to at least make up for the lies along the way.

For example, Ruto could have immediately embarked on making sure the government’s plan for the Mau he derailed back in 2013, is put back on track.

He never did so the elephant still sits in the living room, waiting for Raila and like minded to once again try but this time succeed in pushing it out.

All our leaders must act responsibly as caretakers of our country’s resources not just for the present, but for the future generations as well.

Put petty, stupid or siasa ya tumbo politics aside and do the right thing for once, if you’re not doing so already.

Let’s all support saving the Mau forest.

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