Uhuru Is NOT Afraid to Appear In Central with Raila

23 Sep


“Uhuru is afraid of opposition to the handshake in his own backyard that is why he canceled a tour there with Raila and is afraid to schedule one.”

I have seen this false argument or a variation of it in social media so I decided to respond to one and I am posting here what I said in that response:

No politician; I repeat, No politician, let alone a president will EVER be “afraid” to hold a rally in his own (and some day when Her Majesty Gov Anne Waiguru is president) her own backyard. Here is why:

Even assuming the politician has performed so terribly and pissed off half of his supporters (even the worst of them will always have the other half either indifferent or staying with him or her regardless, in the US the man who his Secretary of State never denied calling a moron has a permanent support of about 35% who will never abandon him no matter what–even if he shoots and kills someone as he once bragged and unfortunately right).

So, my point it, even as much as any politician sucks, (I had a debate with my now college age children about this word they told me to lighten up as it’s not a bad word as I have always told them)–but I think this is the first and last time I’ll use it as it’s just not me; let’s just say I remain old school.

Anyway, I digress; back to the point, every politician has a core support that will never go away. Uhuru has it, Raila has it and so on.

Now, if this politician wants to hold a rally for any reason, all he or she has to do, is to mobilize and bring those supporters to any venue and just take my word for it, were Uhuru, let alone Uhuru and Raila to announce a rally this weekend anywhere in Central, you’ll see a multitude of people there unlike anything you have seen before.

And among those multitudes will be tons of armed plainclothes from various law enforcement agencies looking for hired goods bent on disrupting the event.

Uhuru’s father used to say ukileta unyokonyoko utaona, but that was a preserve for other areas, not Central.

When serikali sent a platoon to arrest Nyoro recently, Uhuru was sending the same message to everyone in Central, namely, ukileta unyokonyoko utaona cha mtema kuni.

Put another way, the president will not be cowed to not exercising his power just because of brown bag beneficiaries noisy rants or heckling no matter how loud.

In sum, Uhuru and Raila have not had the much anticipated tour of Central, not because Uhuru is “afraid” of anything, but for reasons those who know anything about these things know or should know.

I often say let me not reveal strategy but it’s okay to do so here because (a) it’s not strategy I am involved in providing and (b) it’s one that I can surmise based on what’s known and what any analyst can figure by putting 2 and 2 together:

This is why the as yet to happen tour of Central by Uhuru and Raila has not happened–but it SHALL:

The duo are waiting for BBI to be rolled out. (Okay Grammar Police: is it the duo are, or is waiting?)

Once BBI proposals are in the public domain, intelligence will be gathered as to how the public is receiving it through their elected officials.

State House operatives will then work around the clock arm-twisting, if they have to, to line up support, with emphasis being on Central where Ruto has spent enormous resources to turn the most gullible against Uhuru mostly because of the handshake.

When that process is complete, Uhuru will announce his tour of Central alongside his buddy and brother Raila.

The tour will be a smashing success and from there, the powerful couple will embark on select rallies in first, Rift Valley, then West, then Coast and then back to Central to close the deal on the referendum.

The referendum overwhelmingly passes.

We have the final pieces put together in readiness of a second rebirth of our beloved country.

It would not surprise me if passage of the referendum is timed so that promulgation happens in August much as it happened in the 2010 referendum.

Now you know.

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