No; the Handshake Is NOT Shaky or Falling Apart

20 Sep


There has been an effort since yesterday to peddle the false narrative that the handshake deal between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is “shaky” or “falling apart.” The only people who would buy this lie are those who hate the fact we have the handshake blossoming and is here to stay.

Any keen observer cannot but conclude this lie is actually the Hustler’s latest Ruto talking point (RTP), following the “dynasty” RTP that miserably failed to get traction or take off because we loudly called it out to be nothing but the farce it is.

That’s not to say it is not being peddled by those who don’t know better; it is, even after Uhuru himself called it out as nonsense and–get this, Ruto agreed with him!

But the Hustler did this knowing his sycophants are and will continue to peddle it.

They are now on to this latest RTP about the handshake being shaky or falling apart.

It is NOT.

Reality is, the handshake is FIRM, and will deliver as promised, starting with BBI implementation coming soon.

Fact is, people are aghast at Uhuru and Ruto having buried their differences and misgivings for each other and shook hands for the sake of self and, more importantly, the future of our beloved country.

The people who are aghast are those who for one reason on another continue to harbor the backward belief that Raila cannot be our president principally because he is a Luo.

Those tribalists must fail because that kind of reasoning belongs in the archives, not the present or future of our beloved country.

There may be those who may also be opposed with the handshake simply because it caught them off guard, especially when they were expecting Raila to forge forward with the national resistance movement (NRM) he announced when he was sworn as the “People’s president.”

On the day Raila was being sworn as “People’s President,” which I was opposed to, it happened as I was following it live while on the road driving to pick up my daughter from school for a weekend home visit.

I rarely follow anything streaming live while driving as it’s simply not safe to do so but I made an exception here because I knew this was something unheard of and I didn’t wish to miss it live. I just turned the phone down and only listened to what was being said.

However, overcome by what I had just heard, I decided to pull over and was very saddened to tell my good friend and someone I have been on trenches promoting and defending for years, I told him it was with great sadness I parted company with him as I could not in my conscious follow him to NRM, which he vaguely announced was in the forming with what it is to be fleshed out in the days to come.

To me, it sounded like declaration of war or going to the bushes as a rebellion against Uhuru and the illegitimate government.

That could only take Kenya the Somalia and eventually the Rwanda of 1994 direction.

I could not have any of that because I am never for violence under any circumstances.

Fast forward to March 9, 2019, I like everyone else was pleasantly shocked to see the handshake between Uhuru and Raila.

It was not easy to fathom at first; rather, it took several days to process and it finally sank in several weeks later when I had time to both process and talk to people who matter about it. Everything I heard was, yes, this is a surprise, but it is real.

Even then, I had my lingering doubts as to the sincerity of, NOT Raila, but Uhuru.

Indeed, when power broker and close ally of Uhuru, David Murathe came out publicly in support of the handshake, I was even more skeptical about the handshake.

This is because I have personally interacted with Murathe in the lead-up to 2013 elections he told me things about Raila that made me doubt he could have those views reversed in the opposite direction, even with the handshake!

But there was more; Murathe even went to Luoland to declare his support of the handshake! And he has been continuing to say things I never thought could fall off his lips! Yes, God is real and He does miracles all the time.

This is one of them.

Anyway, in the midst of these lingering doubts, I created a checklist of five things I know had to happen and must happen to make this handshake and everything that follows a reality. No need to disclose what those are but suffice to say three of those 5 things have happened already.

Two remain, but they are contingent on each other, meaning, one happens, the other one must out of necessity.

I patiently wait for that to happen but all looks good.

Even going by what has happened, it’s with great confidence I know the handshake is firm, is here to stay and will deliver on what it was entered into to deliver and that is, a new Kenya where there is not destruction of property, shedding of blood and loss of lives just because of an election and, in particular, a rigged election.

This is the new Kenya we should all clamor for and so, let’s remain guard against those who would want us to remain in the old Kenya where only violence, division and hate thrive among those unable to move forward to the future.


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