IEBC Clears Mariga to Vie for Kibra;Good.

16 Sep


First, this is the outcome many of us were urging and looking out for so Mariga can go down at the polls, as opposed to owing to some technicalities, which in turn will have Ruto and his supporters whining endlessly that Okoth was rigged in after he cleanly floors Mariga and Owallo.

Second, as I noted in my previous post, the decision itself has an implication on IEBC’s status going forward. You’re going to hear Chairman Chebukati is a Ruto stooge or project himself and there will be calls to have him and Ruto loyalists sacked.

That may be the case, but it is more complicated than that and all I can say is, there is a scenario by which both Uhuru and Raila will resist calling for Chebukati’s ouster and I expect this to be the likely scenario to unfold, namely, continued mixed signal sending by Uhuru until it’s time to bring down the axe.

Meanwhile, we have a small minor issue to take care of in Kibra.

No one doubts the late Kibra MP’s brother Imram Okoth will be the winner, keeping the seat safely in ODM where it belongs.

However, Ruto is not interested in winning the seat because he knows he cannot; rather, he just wants to use the opportunity to bruise Raila and to some extent Uhuru as he continues to make the case he has what it takes to defeat both come 2022.

He doesn’t but he clearly believes he does and nothing wrong with one having a super-ego as only time and events always cut it to size. That will be the case here and the first test will not be Kibra, but the launch and successful implementation of BBI beginning with passage of its proposed referendum. #handshake, #buildingbridges, #corruptionke,

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