Beginning of “Hustler Revolution?” Nah

12 Sep

Ruto and Raila(1)

A netter got carried away and posted this following Nyoro arrest:

This might be the beginning of hustler revolution. The state has all over sudden made Nyoro a National figure and voice of the Kikuyu Nation.

My response:

Brother Migosi you are wrong on both counts.

First, if amassing wealth through corruption and using the same money to bulldoze your way into the presidency is your idea of a revolution, then my brother we need to meet up and I share with you a bit of our own country’s history and others where true revolutions have occurred.

To say the least, we have never had a revolution, even Mau Mau does not qualify as a revolution, so, to say this is the beginning of a “hustler revolution” can only be hyperbole as you couldn’t possibly mean Ruto is prepared to take power by all means, including violence.

Even then, it would be an attempted revolution as his ass will be picked up and thrown to the Hague where he will rot in jail.

So, please let’s not talk about revolutions in Kenya as we’re way past that and, fyi, BBI is designed to make sure that is permanently the case going forward.

Second, Nyoro is only a hero to a few of you who celebrate engaging in the kind of divisive, confrontational and hate based politics. A vast majority of the country says NO; we don’t care for that kind of politics and none other than Uhuru himself has said it won’t be tolerated therefore it won’t happen, even from Nyoro himself who was freed on conditions he stays away from that kind of politics and he wisely agreed.


Actually that was the best marketing for team Tanga Tanga. Ndindi may not have made it in 22 but now he will be another Ichungwa. No opponent. They have build a paper tiger into a lion. Ndindi is smiling all the way to the ballot box. You will see Waiguru and Sabina slow down.

Ruto Blogger No.3

My brother Omwenga,

We sure need to meet we have a discussion in the events going on in our Country.
I remember in 2010 one of the sitting senator from western known to both of us mentioned that even Uhuru can be president.

I differed with him and we left it at that. These days when we meet in Nairobi he reminds me of the discussion and have little to say .
We live in a changing world.
Ask Khaguli and Askofu to show up ,we can have an ugali summit.
I am told Swahili village is open again.
How about that being the venue, Wams can moderate if we go overboard.


All you need to remember is that no Kenyan ever supported by SO has won the presidency. If he said Ruto will win, I would take another shot at it and confirm that Raila or another person will win. What do you call it in Ekugusii? Kikuyu it is githemengu. Not sure what word it is in Swahili but close in English is bad women. He will say his candidate won but elections were stolen. Wait to hear of Ruto stealing in 22. Let a flashback

92 SO backed Jaramogi. He lost badly
97, he backed Rao. Lost badly
02, he backed Nyachae. He lost badly
07, he backed Rao. Lost but not badly
13, he backed Rao. He lost
17, he was with Rao. He lost

In 2022, and mark my word, SO will back Rao and he will lose. Should Rao not run, whoever SO will back will not make it. Please keep this last paragraph somewhere for reference the way you kept the word of the senator.


You know SO is going to refute this.

Omwenga has maintained that his candidate in the 2007,2013 and 2017 won but got robbed of victory. A mock swearing in ceremony was performed in favour of his candidate in 2017 but instead of getting arrested he crafted a truce deal in the name of the famous handshake.

In the US, a losing candidate fades away and never seeks nomination again.
I dont know why we have the losing candidates presenting themselves for election each season in Kenya. If a president can run two terms max by law ,why cant we enact a law limiting the number of times a person can present themselves as candidates for president? This will prevent the headache Khaguli suffers each time RAO loses in the ballot box.


True and he will again in 22 repeat the same. Even the DP lion, late Kennedy contested and lost but kept quiet. His friend John Kerry the same.

In Kenya, they are creating seats for losers sp that they dont cause chaos. BBI should just request that the constitution be changed to give loser no. 1 a seat.

I wish that happens because we can be assured of silence from noisy tricky Tiriki ingwe. He started crying in 2007 and wont stop pretty soon. He can be working as a professional mourner because he has perfected the art of mourning the loss, mourning more than the loser.

Most of us are getting tired of temper tantrums Khaguli throws even 4 to 5 years after the loss. I think Agwambo promises him appointment in Govt so he gets affected more than Rao does.

Like fellows Tirikis who carry stuff from Nairobi to Vihiga every holiday and returns the tattered beddings, furniture and clothes, Khaguli goes home with his stuff every elections, shipping ghasia only to find out that Rao has lost. He has lost lots of money since 2007. He also gives money to ODM for campaigns. Ask him why he is mad with Eliud.

If you spend your money like Khaguli and lost it every five years, you can also loss your mind. When madness of a party (ODM) falls on a solitary mind, it is not enough to say he is mad.

My response to RB1


I am tempted to create an auto reply for each time you repeat the falsehood that every presidential candidate I supported lost each time.

I know you know that’s false but you keep repeating it. Fact is for 2002, it’s true I advised and supported Nyachae. However, after doing our best to have Raila agree to support Nyachae literally to the last minute, Raila left us at Serena and walked across to Uhuru Park to declare Kibaki tosha and we knew right there and then that was the end of it, Kibaki will be our next president and he was.

In other words, the only people whose candidate lost in 2002 were those who supported Moi and his project Uhuru. I was not one of them.

I have blogged how Raila reached out to me and we became friends soon after his fall-out with Kibaki and how that was challenging to me, given my good friend and political mentor Simeon Nyachae did not see eye to eye with him.

So, fast forward and in 2007, my candidate Raila won in a landslide but was obviously rigged out by Kibaki. Anyone who doesn’t believe that fact is like Trump who prefers his own set of make-believe “facts” rather than the truth and that’s alright; the rest of the world knows what the truth is.

In 2013, neither Uhuru nor Raila garnered the 50% + 1 to become validly elected president but the contest was surprisingly close enough for Uhuru machinery to rig themselves again into power.

I am on the record going back to 2013 saying had Uhuru not stolen the election and instead gone for a run-off as was supposed to be, Uhuru would have cleanly won in the run-off.

He didn’t therefore he didn’t win.

That being the case, my candidate, Raila did NOT lose in 2013 therefore you claim that he did is FALSE.

In 2017, Raila once again won but was thuggishly rigged out; so thuggishly the Supreme Court had no choice but to nullify the elections as they rightly did.

Raila opted not to go for a run-off with Uhuru–a mistake, in my view so Uhuru was declared the winner.

So, in 2017, my candidate won in the first election but was not a candidate in the second election therefore your claim that my candidate lost is also FALSE.

In 2022, Raila will vie, win but this time get sworn in as our next president.

My response to RB3

Most of us knew Uhuru could not beat Raila in 2013 and he didn’t; he was just rigged in. Recall a few months ago none other than Ruto’s main spokesman Murkomen threatened to spill the beans how the elections were stolen in 2013.

Our response was too little, too late and besides how the elections were stolen was proven in the voluminous filing former CJ Willy Mutunga refused to have it considered and instead gave us the court’s worst decision, ever.

As for a get-together of folks in NE, that’s a good suggestion I can see it happening but I doubt it this year owing to a packed schedule for the remainder of the year but I certainly see it happening next year God willing so let’s keep it in the back-burner.

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