Of Morons and Psychological Projection

01 Sep


I am sharing this blog I posted to a Kenyan social forum I belong but have decided to share it widely, even though mostly specific and relevant for this particular group as its point and purpose applies to all other contexts. So, here we go…

Psychological projection is a subconscious defense mechanism people employ in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions. They do so by projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else, rather than admitting to or dealing with the unwanted feelings themselves.

The Basics of Psychological Projection

This theory was developed by Sigmund Freud who noticed during sessions with patients that they would sometimes accuse others of having the same feelings they themselves were demonstrating. By so doing, the patient was better able to deal with the emotions he or she was experiencing.

No one demonstrates a better and classic example of psychological projection on the world and national stage than one Donald Trump. One can write a book just on that topic alone but let’s just say for now examples includes when during the 2016 elections, Trump started lying about Hillary Clinton’s health after she put out a tough tweet saying he was mentally deranged and could not be trusted with nuclear keys.

From then on, Trump has been projecting one thing after another to deflect accurate charges lobbed his way, most recently being when the economy started showing signs of weakening, he quickly blamed that on “fake media,” or Democrats, depending on where he was payukaring.

Other Forms of Psychological Projection

Denial – When one refuses to admit that something is real. An example would be when someone says the Punguza Mizigo is dead on arrival and the person psychologically projecting refuses to believe ditto when a respected columnist known to be a good friend and strategist for Handshake Co-Principal Raila Odinga say he is and the hapless in denial demand to see photographs as proof!

Distortion – When one changes the reality of a situation to suit needs. When Tangatanga says Raila agreed to handshake because he was given “billions” or when Governor Anne Waiguru shakes things politically in the name of Handshake and someone says she was, after all, elected on sympathy vote as revenge against Raila therefore her powerful and politically earthshaking words don’t mean anything. It’s a form of distortion that in its worst form is what is known as denial.

Repression – When one covers up feelings or emotions instead of coming to terms with them. An example would be when someone posts on PK asking for anyone who knows of any projects that need at least $10 million in funding to get in touch privately and the hapless in denial not only distort but actually flip the request altogether to falsely and shameless say it is the person posting the request who is looking for the money!

Psychological Projection on PK

Progressive Kenyans has two mental and worst forms of psychological projection. These two, are psychological tweens in their psychological projection. You have already read examples above, but there is more: Someone who lives in dilapidated, roach infested one room shack somewhere at a plantation where he manually labors all day shamelessly tries to convince his level thinking morons that the situation is the other way around, which is laughable to everyone else, especially those who know the object of this psychological projection and the beautiful golf-course community where he lives.

We know as psychoanalyst analysts tell us these psychological projection mechanisms are used to cope with feelings and emotions most of these miserable characters are unable to express or cope with and leading in that class as represented in the above examples, is other’s success.

In other words, for these miserable characters hating people who are successful in whatever regard is their way of coping with their misery. I posted “A Day in a Life of a Moron” to illustrate how dumb and stupid it is for those afflicted with this deficiency not to want to be successful so they can better cope with their misery.
How to Stop Projecting

Experts tell us most people do not realize that they have succumbed to psychological projection until it is too late. However, for those who have some sanity still left in them and wish to shake off this ailment, there are steps you can take to detect and avoid psychological projection.

You can start by examining negative relationships in your life. Who are you not getting along with in your family or life in this case social media? Try and understand where and why the animosity began. If you are unable to do this on your own because you are too far gone with your hatred and resentment, seek professional help by talking with a therapist who can help you examine these relationships more honestly and openly than you are able to do by yourself.

Once you come to terms that you are engaging in psychological projection, you will be more aware of this proclivity in future interactions. As the wise always say, try to face problems and disputes head on rather than becoming defensive. Again, the key is being able to recognize when you are using any of the above defense mechanism and others and are able to learn how to respond in a more positive manner.

So, next time you have the urge you can’t run fast enough to the nearest Internet café or library to punish some keypad in rage after reading something so truthful and factual like this and you want to immediately and breathlessly project against some innocent person who has done nothing but state facts, truth or opinion, stop and ask yourself why you are engaging in this behavior.
You will find that it is much easier to deal with the monsters in your head rather than project the negative emotions you are experiencing onto others.

Those are not my words, but the words of an expert who studies and has written a lot about this subject. Listen to them, have them replay in your head and heed them!

You do so, and you’ll be healed of this devastating ailment that is destroying you and many others to the point you’re completely useless to civil society.

Note if you heed the wise counsel and change your ways, you can apply one acceptable defense mechanism to cope with stressful events and that is humor. As is widely known and recognized, humor is an example of a positive defense mechanism that people employ to cope with stress in life. As one expert puts it, using humor in a difficult situation allows you to get your feelings out into the open and also brings pleasure to others by making them laugh.

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